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Once upon a time, there was young, black-haired boy with thick glasses by the name of Kousei Arima. It all started when he was a little boy, when his mother, Saki's friend, Hiroko Seto found something special in the boy when he recreated a song called "Idiot Husband"/"Hubby is a Dummy" that Hiroko played, much to the frustration of his father, Takahiko.

From there, the little Kousei cultivated himself into one of the best piano players in his school. Unfortunately, one side effect of him honing his talents is that he became much more distant between his old friends Ryouta Watari and Tsubaki Sawabe, who were athletes that played soccer and softball, respectively.

While Kousei's mother, Saki was a very loving mother, she also was, at the same time, an utter perfectionist who demanded nothing better than to have his son be the best. She had trained him to become almost like a machine when he played the piano.

As a result of this, Saki and Kousei shared a rather bipolar relationship, beating him for even the most minor of mistakes. They would get along one day and be like cats and dogs viciously fighting the next. She was just cruelly abusive towards him on such days like that, and her words were as cold as ice.

Around the time Kousei was seven, Saki became terminally ill. Things reached a breaking point one day, when the seven-year old Kousei entered a competition and performed very well. Saki had come from the hospital to watch him, but she was not satisfied with his performance, because she had felt he had not played the score the way it was written.

Saki took out her anger on the little Kousei, and this led to the wheelchair-bound Saki's friend Hiroko intervening with Saki to stop.

Little Kousei was scared to death and started sobbing; he had been beaten so badly, he needed some medical attention. Hiroko was NOT having any of Saki's borderline-evil attitude. Hiroko successfully stopped Saki from beating her son further. Saki had beaten her own son pretty badly.

When it was all said and done, an angry Kousei said "I wish you'd just die, mom! I'll never play the piano again!" Of course, while Kousei would continue to play the piano, his wish of having his mother die ultimately came true, much to his surprise and shock, as she died shortly after this incident.

Saki's death deeply affected Kousei, and he regretted ever for wishing such a horrible wish on his mother, in spite of their Jekyll-and-Hyde relationship. Of course, his mother's disease was hereditary, so at this time his condition was diagnosed as anemia, when your iron levels drop and make you eventually pass out, something that Kousei himself would not know he would have for a long while. However, it would turn out to be something much worse...

Saki's death had also affected Kousei as well, as shortly after the incident and her death, he stopped playing the piano altogether for a couple years; the incident had made him tone deaf, and it really did a real number on his skills.

Also compounding his problems was that he had become very distant with his friends. But even with this, almost seven years after Saki's death, and with Kousei now being 15, music could never leave Kousei's life. He will listen to music through a music player and write musical notes on a music sheet. That's all he could do during school.

One day, however, Kousei found himself on a path that would eventually lead him towards his whole musical skills coming back to him again. Tsubaki Sawabe was now a softball player, and Ryota Watari played soccer.

Kousei was minding his own business when a softball that was hit by Tsubaki landed in the music room and knocked Kousei out cold. This led to Kousei and Tsubaki cleaning up the room, but they were reprimanded by the school's vice principal. After that was done, they stopped for some ice cream, and Watari received a text from a girl and rushed off to meet the mystery girl, leaving Kousei and Tsubaki out in the cold, figuratively speaking. Another day passed, and Kousei met up with Tsubaki and Ryouta at a park, and the two of them showed up late. While walking around a park, Kousei could hear a melodica playing "Pazu's Fanfare" from the movie Laputa: The Castle in the Sky. Who was playing it? Why, it was a beautiful, petite blond-haired girl, who was with three other kids cheerfully spectating and subsequently joining in her playing of the song with their own instruments.

Kousei became enchanted by this beautiful girl's music, and unbeknown to her, a gust of wind flew in their direction, and this sent the girl's skirt flying, and Kousei inadvertently took a picture of her with the skirt up.

This led to the girl becoming enraged over the photo, and she had also noticed that Kousei had her leggings in his hands, believing that he intentionally grabbed them, leading to her confusing him for a sick teenaged pervert, and comically thrashed him again over the leggings, even though what Kousei did was unintentional.

"You damn pervert, you took my leggings, and you took a picture with my skirt up pushed by the wind!" Thankfully for Kousei, Tsubaki and Watari came onto the scene just as the girl tried to strangle Kousei with her recorder. Tsubaki then introduced the mystery blond girl. Her name was Kaori Miyazono. She later apologized for Kousei for beating him up like that, because she thought that he took her compromising picture intentionally, when it wasn't.

After all that, Kaori realized she had to be over at Towa Hall to be at the violin competition going on there. It was at that point that Kaori specified to Kousei she was a violinist. Kousei turned down her invitation to be at Towa Hall, but Kaori dragged him in against his will.

As she performed at the hall for the violin competition, she, for some unearthly reason, decided to leave her accompanist behind, an action to which the judges disqualified her, because they deemed she tried to make the set piece her own.

However, this didn't stop Kaori from receiving a standing ovation for her captivating performance, and what saved Kaori was that the audience really enjoyed what she had put forth in her performance and was chosen as the audience choice to go through the next round. Kaori's face was saved... at least for now.

Now, when a free-spirited violinist meets a piano player who is just about tone-deaf and pretty much stuck in his own bubble, what do you think the results will be when that girl wants to make the boy her accompanist?

Well, you get the pianist turning down the violinist for that role at every possible turn. In the few days that had passed since Kousei Arima, our pianist, met our violinist, Kaori Miyazono, he turned down just about EVERY offer Kaori put forth.

After a while, it got the point where she taped up numerous copies of score of Saint Saëns' Rondo Capriccioso, which is what Kaori chose to have them perform at the upcoming competition. Tsubaki Sawabe even hit a softball in Kousei's direction that landed in the music room, just badgering him to play the composition.

Kousei was shocked to discover that his book had the sheet music attached to the pages. It wasn't until a few moments later that it was actually Tsubaki that changed the wallpaper to the sheet music. Kaori was clearly at her wit's end. Kousei was still stuck in his uptight ways, and he STILL wouldn't budge. When the two encountered each other on a rooftop, she explained why Kaori played the violin.

She said she wanted everyone to remember her for her music, and that she and her music would be in their hearts forever. Up to this point, Kousei had turned down just about every offer from Kaori to be her accompanist. Kaori was getting desperate.

She started crying, feeling like her heart was being torn apart. She also said that she was about to lose heart as she sobbed. That did it. For Kousei, after so much thinking and rejecting Kaori, he finally gave in and agreed to make Kaori his accompanist.

That's when she stopped crying, and all was finally right in her world. It wasn't until a little bit later that the two conspirators who wanted Kaori to be Kousei's accompanist, Watari and Tsubaki showed up, still attempting to force him to do just that, when they didn't realize Kousei had finally accepted Kaori's offer.

Kousei then started studying the sheet music for the performance. Having finally struck an alliance with the once monotone and rigid Kousei, Kaori finally became all happy again.