Fire Emblem Fates: Gamer of Grima

Chapter 4

P.O.V Selena

'Ugh…' I thought to myself. It seems it's just one thing after another with us Future Kids huh? First, we kill an evil dragon wanting to destroy all of humanity, and now? A dragon asks us for help to save his kingdom AND his kid? What's next? Will I finally be able to find Mark in all this insanity like HE said?! He DID vanish back then in a burst of light when we defeated Grima.. And plus...well, he was a good person back when I knew him...Great. Now I'm daydreaming like mother used to! Gawds.

Anyway, myself, along with my two friends since childhood, Inigo/Laslow, and Owain/Odin, were watching our mutual friendly dragon's kid (at least the good spirit side of him) walk into the arena along with her butler and...wait… IS THAT MARK?!

I soon began to tremble, small tears leaking from my eyes. Odin, ever the observant one, noticed and asked me, "Hey Selena? Are you alright?"

I could only smile slightly (which made both Odin's and Laslow's jaws drop) and replied, "I am Odin...because we've finally found him!"

Laslow looked closer at my smile and then to the person I mentioned. "Are you saying that's...Mark?!"

"SHHH! Quiet Laslow!" I berated him. "We don't want anyone to overhear!"

"Ah...of course Selena… haha." Laslow grinned sheepishly.

" guys must enjoy doing this to me…" I muttered.

Regardless of their less than subtle ways of speaking, I truly was happy. Aside from him getting much taller, he looks just like he did before. I'll need to try and find a way to speak to Mark later when I have the chance. Knowing him, he and Kamui will pass this, no sweat!

"It does make sense though, you only make that smile when you're around Mark." Laslow teased with a smirk.

I blushed in response. "Dammit all, Laslow! JUST. SHUT. UP!" I put my red face in my hands, completely embarrassed.

Odin and Laslow then had the audacity to laugh. I could only mutter to myself that I'd get them back later. Perhaps if they ever find someone of their own…

Out of the corner of my eye though, I noticed them shiver as if hearing my thoughts; I grinned. Mission accomplished!

Odin then asked, "Umm...Selena? You weren't thinking ill of us were you?"

I could only respond sweetly, but deadly, "Oh? What gave you THAT idea, Odin?" I gave him a dark smile and he had enough sense to shut his mouth; same with Laslow. Yup, looks like I still got it!

"Ahem, anyway…" Laslow began, "Perhaps we should change subjects for now, just in case we're being watched by that Iago."

I could only groan at that guy's name. "UGH! Don't get me started on him. He's such a coward and sucks up to Garon like some weird fanboy. Blegh!" I shuddered at that mental image. Seeing Laslow and Odin shudder as well, I can assume they thought the same.

"What about your guys' thoughts on this 'test' of the King's?" Odin asked.

"I've no doubt that something will go wrong." Laslow said with his arms crossed. "As we all know, Kamui has been quite sheltered and so she doesn't really know the harsh reality that war can bring."

I nodded. "Yea… if she were there when we faced Grima back in the future, maybe she'd understand better, but then again, she wasn't there was she? Anyway, guess we can only hope things may go better for everyone."

Both of my friends nodded at this.

"Oh hey," Odin said, "looks like they're gonna start." Myself, Odin, and Laslow decide to save our conversation for another time. We all then focused on the three about to battle the Hoshidans. My eyes however were more focused on Mark. I could only wonder how he'd handle this? After all, he wasn't much of a fighter last time we all saw one another. Though now that I think about it, he WAS younger than Ricken by at least two years, meaning he probably hasn't had as much practice as he does now, but still he trained using swords and magic. Regardless, I was eager to see if he's improved…

What caught my eye about him though, is that he is older than when I last saw him, he looks about my age now...Now I'm curious.

...Also, I have sensed it in him before when I first met him, due to a certain 'power' I gained in my childhood, I'm sure that the power within him has grown stronger thanks to a certain dragon I thought we had killed...

P.O.V Mark

As soon as Garon made the kill call, I noticed that Kamui was starting to look nervous again, so I decided to comfort her, "Are you alright?" I asked her.

Kamui blinked, snapping out of her trance, but still shaking. "Huh? Oh, I guess I'm just a little nervous; this is my first battle with someone other than Xander after all." She said somewhat shakily. "And then Father tells me that I have to kill them? I'm not sure if I can do that."

I decided to tell Kamui what I believed was currently on my mind. "Uh, Kamui, I know that you won't like it, but I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to kill at least one person so that your father won't be displeased with me." I say, ignoring the slight pull from the nearby dragon vein. Kamui, after hearing that, nodded reluctantly, granting me permission.

Jakob then chose that moment to butt in and be the reminder of reality, "Um...I hate to interrupt you two, but you DO know that there are Hoshidan Samurai on their way?!" He then threw a dagger that nearly scratched my cheek, but was in fact aimed at a katana that would've sliced off an ear if he didn't deflect it with his dagger in time.

"Thanks for the assist Jakob! Now, let's do this Kamui!" I say, then I came across the other Hoshidan samurai.

Jakob then said, "Time to take out the trash!" Throwing a dagger at high speeds, the dagger hit the nearest Samurai and had him actually impact the wall; hurt, unconscious but not dead. "Oh, excuse me." Jakob bowed in a somewhat mocking manner.

Kamui sensed something, and went off towards the center of the arena.

The Hoshidan that I encountered slashed at me with his katana, which I expertly dodged using instincts I didn't know I had. I then counter attacked him by using the dark magic Flux, which was not in the weapon triangle here, so I was curious at how it would work, and I spun with a flash on my arm…clear signs of a critical hit. "That's checkmate!" I say, not expecting the line either, yet I didn't know why I said it.

In one hit, the Samurai went down, then I saw something mildly disturbing appear in front of me.

{{{Sacrifice the defeated enemies' life?}}}

Yes: +100EXP

No: +50EXP

I decided to consult Grima on what this is all about, when I do this in battle, not even a second passes. It's as if time has temporarily stopped...I feel like I know that line from somewhere, but I cant for the life of me remember what, stupid amniesia. Grima appeared directly behind me, looking exactly like me, like before. 'What's this all mean Grima?'

Grima gave an irritated snort and also what sounded like a disappointed sigh. "I would think it's obvious, Fleshling. Should you take his life, you'll in what you call Layman's Terms, be offering him up as a sacrifice to me. Now before you whine about this, there are some pros to this. You will not only get stronger, but also gain experience faster than usual for a limited time afterwards. There are no cons either, I don't get any stronger from this unless you chose for me to become so. Also, know that this can ONLY happen on anyone who does not eventually join that princess you're so fond of. Those special "prisoners" from those "paralogues" that you've experienced once before cannot be killed like that unless the princess decides against capturing them." Grima said. 'Not that you'd remember any of that.'Grima thought.

As much as I hate to admit it, Grima had a point, I had to kill him, even if I didn't want to. Muttering a quiet apology, I quickly finished him off. Startlingly, he vanished in a plume of purple smoke, and got absorbed by me. Though for some reason, after I quietly said my apology and killed the guy, I thought I heard someone from the stands softly saying something about me, but I couldn't tell who, or what they said. I then began to glow with a dark aura after I absorbed the smoke and it gave me a level up notification shortly after.

You Have Leveled Up!

HP: 21 (+1)

Strength: 6 (+0)

Magic: 8 (+0)

Skill: 6 (+0)

Speed: 5 (+0)

Luck: 2 (+2)

Defence: 5 (+0)

Resistance: 4 (+1)

Congratulations! Fell Dragon Form Unlocked!

Current limit: 3 uses per battle

'Eh? Fell Dragon Form?' I thought curiously.

"It allows you to access a miniature version of my draconic form with a Dragonstone. However, it is very powerful and somewhat hard to control at this time. In this form, you temporarily unlock Ignis, along with gaining higher defense and resistance. When it says 3 uses, it means that that is the current limit in which you can use it in battle, and should you dare try and go beyond that, there's a small chance you'll start losing control and pay the price…with your mind, the odds of which increase the more you use it after your battle limit." Grima explained. 'There's also a lesser variant, but I wont get into that right now. Besides, it's entirely situational, I can't use it unless Mark is close to dying while we have enough Dark energy from sacrifices or other means.' Grima thought the last part to himself. 'And then there's the fact that if he uses it enough without losing control, he would eventually be able to use it as many times as he wants in battle, but I'm not going to be the one to tell him that'

'I...I see.' I thought to myself. 'I guess that mainly means that I would slowly go insane right?'

"Hmph. Yes, you'd basically be no better than that "King of the Lost Kingdom." Grima snorts.

Before I could question what the Fell Dragon meant, a call from Jakob snapped me out of my thought process.

"Erm….excuse me Mark?! I could use some assistance! And I am not one to usually ask for such very often!" Jakob was dealing with Kaze, and they seemed to be evenly matched for the most part. Kaze was simply faster; kinda like the wind.

"You DO realize that's what his name means in his language you fool?!" Grima shouted unamused at my unintentional pun.

I smirked, 'Who said I didn't know?' I thought while moving to help Jakob

"Grrr...your puns will be the death of me one day Fleshling…" Grima muttered in what I believe was embarrassment.

He says that, but I feel like I won't be the only one annoying him with puns in the future, though I don't know why, or even who will do that.

Somewhere, a certain blonde girl sneezed. And elsewhere, another certain mostly blond girl sneezed.

I was snapped out of my reverie when for some reason, both a dagger and shuriken were suddenly thrown at me. I dodged away in a flashy way, back handsprings into a backflip, knowing full well that they weren't going to hit me anyway. I looked at the two responsible, and both Jakob AND Kaze seemed sheepish. Both pointed at the other in what was obviously a blame game. Though I could tell that Kaze was impressed with my performance.

"He did it." They both said in unison. I rolled my eyes, and approached Kaze so we could get this over with.

I decided to say something, "How do you even know about me, and who is 'her,?" I questioned with a serious look.

Kaze just stared at me, no emotions at all, and responded with, "If you manage to find me back in Hoshido after meeting 'her', perhaps I will tell you what I know." Kaze whispered.

Jakob then decided to speak. "Um, are we not still fighting, Mark? I believe we still need to defeat him and help Milady, Kamui."

I looked at where Kamui is, and it seems she was just about to defeat Rinkah. "She looks like she doesn't need help, but you're right Jakob, let's just get to the point." I made a pun while being serious, but nobody noticed.

"Understood." Jakob nodded in agreement. Not even deining to acknowledge the pun.

I then used Flux on Kaze, and wouldn't you know it, my arm flashed, while I smirked, it would only do so much due to his high RES. "For Lady Kamui!"

Jakob decided to add in, "You are EXCUSED!" Both of our criticals merged and Kaze was defeated.

"I' sorry I failed you…" Kaze whispered quietly to himself. He then looked at me, "We shall meet again, Mark."

That's when Garon interrupted us, "Don't just stand there you fools." He said in a deathly calm, yet dark tone. "Kill them already!"

We quickly found out why he said that. Kamui had finally taken out Rinkah, and was celebrating her victory, even if it was a little premature.

Kamui immediately stopped her premature celebration and looked to her 'father' in shock. "But Father," she began, "They're beaten?"

Garon did NOT take this well. "Are you defying an order from me, Kamui?! I made an order and you will follow it! After all...your precious retainer knows how to execute a proper kill. Don't you, Mark? Now do as I command Kamui. Or perhaps I was wrong to let you out of the Northern Fortress after all..." He then grinned savagely at the two of us, wondering what we'd do. I saw a slight movement from Kaze, I understand why, he knows where she was kept now.

Already knowing that I had to do that, Kamui knew she should at least fake being shocked, so she wouldn't arouse any suspicion.

Before we could do anything else, however, a tree appeared around them, taking their life energy and knocking them all out, while making it look like they were killed.

Garon was a tad bit surprised at this intrusion and looked towards Leo who had Brynhildr in hand, his free hand aglow with mystical energy.

"Hmph. What's the meaning of this Leo?" Garon boomed out questionably.

Leo simply gave a small smirk to hide his fear and replied, "Father, forgive me, but Kamui is just too softhearted and she let her emotions blind her. Therefore, I decided to take care of things in her stead. Please forgive her. I am certain she won't falter next time." Leo then gave the both of us a subtle wink.

Garon gave another thoughtful hum and then shook his head. "Very well. But next time, I expect results and NO interference. I shall dwell on this matter in my Throne Room. You're all dismissed!" He then stomped away in a commanding way while giving Kamui and I an expectant look. I could almost see some maniacal, and powerful otherworldly presence show in his eyes, probably because of the similar presence of Grima within me, but when I blinked and opened them again, they were gone along with the King of Nohr himself.

Kamui rushed to Leo and angrily said, "Leo! How could you?! They were already beaten! There was no reason to execute them!"

Leo put up a hand to silence her and smiled knowingly. He then noticed that I was looking at him as well, aware of what he truly did "Agreed dear sister. Now hush. If you really must know, Xander and your retainer can fill you in. But later when there are no eyes or ears." He nodded to both Xander and I.

Xander nodded back and then gave a small sign to me that I recognized as a small thumbs up. He then said to the lone guardsman who was in charge of the prisoners. "Guard. I would examine the prisoners' belongings. Take their bodies to my private quarters. There. I will dispose of them myself." He commanded, leaving no room for an argument.

"Um...Yes Lord Xander!" the guardsman stuttered in slight fear and hesitation, but still doing as told. He then took Rinkah and Kaze, then ordered a couple more Nohrian Fighters to take them up while bringing their belongings as was ordered.

After they left, we all decided we should leave too. "Come on Kamui, we should probably leave as well, lest your father finds you still here." As I finished, I could notice her give a slight shiver at the thought of that. She didn't want to irk Garon further than she already had.

As we left, the three gazes I had noticed earlier started to stealthily follow us. Whoever they are, they apparently wish to talk, I just hope that they're friendly enough. Although, I could have sworn that one of them somehow seemed very familiar due to the presence they gave off.

(((Selena/Severa POV)))

As Mark and Kamui left, I decided that it would be almost time to confront him. I was already aware of Grimas' presence within him before I even met him, but the others were not aware just yet, they missed the slight show of power, due to them focusing on Kamui. From what I noticed about Mark, aside from obvious stuff, is that he got even MORE flashy than the last time I saw him. I motioned to Odin and Laslow to follow. While we walked, we talked about the battle that occurred in case there were any eavesdroppers whilst signing our real thoughts to one another in Ylissean Sign Language. A top priority to learn back when we were in a dark and dire future.

"Well now, I must admit, that was quite unexpected." I said. (What do you guys REALLY think about that fight?)

"Indeed! T'was a marvelous bout!" Odin nodded. (Although it was mostly expected, Garon was off a bit more so than usual…)

"I couldn't agree more, Odin. Still, I admit that Garon has gotten a lot sterner than before." (I know, Odin. He seemed to be focused on if he could see something we didn't. Not only that, he was very observant of Kamui as well. Just like HE warned us.)

I could only give a small groan in exasperation. For capable fighters and friends of mine, they really needed to work on their magical signature sensing. For crying out loud, one of them currently IS a mage! Although, in a way, it's not their fault they don't know, I'm really the only one who CAN sense Grima's power. But even so, they should have at least paid attention! I stopped them from talking and signed to them to be quiet and let me explain what they did not know. Also, not to freak out either. They nodded and I took the lead and signed. (I'm honestly not surprised you haven't figured it out yet you two. If you had focused on Mark as I did, you would know that a certain...Fell Fiend resides within).

I could immediately feel the tension in the air and before they could either shout or gods forbid, blow our freakin' cover, I shushed them loudly, pulled them in a nearby crack in the wall and signed faster than I ever have before. I needed to make things clear while being firm in my stance and belief. (Listen here, I know what you're thinking, but it's not like that, There's only a small fragment of that cursed dragon within him, but something tells me he can handle it. After all, it seems that he's even had it before we officially saw him today, possibly, and most likely, before we even met him back at Ylisse. Doesn't that make you think and wonder? Maybe he's like Aunty Robin, only he has more...control?) I hypothesized, settling them down and making them think.

Odin then interrupted. (Wait, wait, wait! Hold on a minute! How could you even know something like this anyway Sev?)

I rolled my eyes and then replied. (Because if you can't recall, there was another reason why I kept my distance from Mother. It's because Grima killed her right. In. Front. Of. ME! I wept and Grima laughed. As he did, his very laughter drenched me in his unholy power. It made me more sensitive and able to detect him and his forces a lot better than before. I feel like another change happened to me as well, but I have yet to find out what. How did you think I always knew each time his forces were near our campsites or refugee sites?!) I finished with a small frown as they gaped at me, too stunned to even speak.

Eventually, Laslow was the first to break the non-existent silence. (I see now. You're right. Sorry about that. We didn't mean to offend you Sev.)

I rolled my eyes and then noticed that Kamui and Mark entered the room they were each assigned to. Before they could completely disappear, I shushed both Laslow and Odin and motioned for them to keep quiet. I then dragged them out when they were being too slow, and waited for Kamui to be out of sight. Once she was. I took a deep breath, and unable to hold in my enthusiasm any longer, banged on Mark's door loudly.

"HEY! OPEN UP IN THERE!" I shouted, whilst Odin and Laslow shook their heads. They knew that even though I was smart, and the smartest of the three of us at that, I could still easily be the most reckless as well.

The door then opened, and a face peeked out, Mark's face!

Now that I get a closer look at him, he's definitely matured quite a lot since I last saw him, just where was he anyway?

(((Mark's P.O.V)))

Five Minutes earlier

After we left the arena, Kamui decided to start asking me about what happened.

She then cleared her throat as my attention then shifted to her. She gave me a long piercing look and I couldn't help but flinch slightly under the pressure I felt from her gaze.

She then gave a small sigh and asked, "Mark...What was all that about?"

"I can't really say much right now. We never know who might be listening; plus we should wait for Xander. Still, do you really think your brother would kill without reason?" I whispered.

Kamui took in a deep breath and then mumbled something in a small whisper.

I was confused and so decided to say, "Um...can you repeat that?"

She took one more deep breath and gathered her courage, finally speaking what was on her mind. "Mark, can you keep a secret?" Her eyes pleaded with me to say yes.

I was taken aback for a quick second, then deadpanned at her; no words were necessary, and Kamui blushed knowing what my gaze back at her meant.

She sighed and said, "Right...forget I asked that part." She then had some small glimmer in her eyes, as if she was reminiscing on something. "The truth is Mark, I'm not as naive as my siblings believe I am. I may not know much on how the world works, but even from within the tower I was at, I could hear the whispers of what occurred in Nohr. Both the good and bad." She paused and then continued, "I heard once that just because a starving man was hungry and stole a small loaf of bread from the Royal Castle, he was immediately executed for his 'offense'. And it was commanded by Garon." She then looked at me again. "Do you know who carried it out?"

Somewhat surprised that she didn't call Garon her father, I was unable to answer.

Kamui took another breath, but this time, I could see tears falling from her eyes. "It wasn't Leo, but Big Brother Xander…" she sniffled and explained. "I knew why he did it. It was because Garon commanded it. The reason why I was so upset though is WAS IT NECESSARY in the first place?! He was no assassin or mere thief, he was only a poor and starving man." She then took a more deep breath than the first few, but with a small shuddering sigh in the mix.

"It turns out, he was actually the former son of a high class Noble of Nohr's Royal Court that has served Garon and all who came before him for generations. He was kicked out due to being 'too nice' for Nohr and his constant interactions with the commoners." Tears began to fall once more.

"I then asked Xander why. What his excuse was… And what I heard, made me think more in depth about the whole world… Do you know what he said and I learned?"

Before I could utter a reply, she continued once more, "Xander said this, word for word: 'Sometimes one must be sacrificed for the good of many'. I then decided I had no choice but to put up a facade of naivety. I didn't want to look at my siblings in such a way nor did I wish to feel as such; for years, I hid myself behind a mask; it shattered but only until you came. I felt I could trust you more about this than anything else. So thank you, Mark… Do you feel any different about me? Please respond…"

After a moment I did respond with, "Now why would I look at you any differently? What I see is a lonely but strong young woman who is very much in need of support, both physical and emotional, so if you ever need a shoulder to lean on, I'll be happy to lend it." Although I was a little surprised to find out about all of that, she basically hid her emotions, like in the Conquest path, but much earlier. Still I don't think that path will be taken… It would also explain the huge emotional mess she was in near the end.

By the time we finished talking, we finally arrived at my room in no time at all.

Kamui then wiped her tears and bid me goodnight, but not before giving me a grateful hug. I also may have felt a small peck on the forehead, but I was probably imagining that.

Kamui POV

After saying good night to Mark, I gave a small blush at how I actually gave him a KISS on the forehead. I didn't know I could actually be so bold. Though, I think he didn't realize that happened, as I saw no further reaction after I did so. I had to sigh a bit at that.

I then decided to hide in the shadows. I had sensed three heartbeats earlier with my enhanced hearing. Two were relatively normal, but the other I could easily identify due to it being very similar to how mine beats when I'm with Mark. Her smell was similar to his as well, but not exactly identical; there WERE similarities though.

Suddenly, I had to suppress a pained wince when I suddenly heard an excited shout. I knew that Mark was now having quite an interesting conversation now with those three I sensed.

Although my ears protested, I made sure to strain my ears in order to listen as well as I could.

Mark POV

The first thing that happened after I sat down, was a shout, and someone knocking on my door.


For some reason, they sound rather eager, so I, rather shyly, opened the door, and peeked out at three people whose presence I felt earlier. I think I heard Grima mumble something along the lines of "Oh great, it's THEM." The girl's face lit up like a Christmas Tree upon seeing me...I wonder what that's about.

"Umm, hi?" I spoke. It was strange, I'm not normally this shy.

The girl stared at me a little longer then asked, "Mark...can I come in? It's been a very long time…"

"Umm, sure? Although, I'm afraid to say that I have no recollection of who you are, due to me recently losing most of my memories (I heard her mumble something about a 'just like Aunty Robin').

She gave a small sigh and said, "Sorry, I was comparing you to someone I knew. My name is Selena, but you may know me by another name. Think if you can. Do you remember the other name I go by at least?"

After thinking long and hard for a moment, something did come up, but it was incomplete, "Sev? Sorry but I can't seem to remember your full name…" I looked down, a little bit ashamed of myself.

To my surprise, she gave me a smile. "Ha. That's more than enough. You tended to call me that a lot more than just plain ol' Severa." She hinted that last part which must've been her full name.

She then continued. "It's a long story, but if you allow me in, I'll share with you everything." She then gave a sly and flirtatious wink. Her two other comrades gave a small groan at her flirting.

After thinking about it, I decided there was no harm in letting them in, so I let the three of them in, though for some reason, Sev looked a little bit disappointed than before, I wonder why?

Kamui POV

As Mark closed the door where the other three headed into, I couldn't help but think deeply. It seems there was a lot more to Mark than I first thought. Especially seeing as Selena, my big sister's retainer knew him. Speaking of...I also blushed a cherry red. If this meant what I think it did, could it be possible for me to...share Mark?! I had a crush on him and apparently, so did Selena… Maybe this could work! It does seem similar to that one romantic novel Camilla has. Especially seeing as I may have snuck it away for my own...guilty pleasures. I blushed again and decided I needed to go and take a bath. Still...I think I'd like it if there was more than just myself and Selena. Maybe we could have one of those families like I heard some dragons once did! I might have to go searching for some other girls as

soon as I can!

To Be Continued


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