Fire Emblem Fates: Gamer of Grima

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Chapter 5

(Kamui POV)

I gave a small (or rather a big one if my siblings asked) yawn that slightly showed off my sharper than average canines. I then gave a small stretch as I blinked my eyes to fully awaken. I've always been a heavy sleeper, but I guess the thoughts (just thinking of that had me blushing) that I was thinking last night gave me enough of a reason to fall asleep and wake up early. I'm just glad I didn't need the… cold touch from Flora and Felicia to help this time.

I could only shiver (in both remembrance and the cold) at the thought.

Knowing that I should meet up with Mark in a bit, I quickly did my morning routine of making my bed, taking a small morning bath, brushing my teeth, and getting outfitted in my armor (Jakob always tends to get everything in order no matter what time of day…).

Finally, I headed down to eat a small bit of breakfast that consisted of eggs and bacon. I couldn't eat too much as I knew Nohr had little food to begin with and as such, we needed to eat as little (but enough) as possible to save it all and make it last.

I then decided to look for Mark. After a while of searching, I couldn't really find him, but thankfully, Jakob was nearby.

"Jakob!" I called out to him.

"Ah! Milady, yes. How may I help you?" He said with a ready-to-serve smile. I could only shake my head at his usual Butler's antics.

"I'm looking for Mark. Have you perchance seen him?" I asked.

Jakob's expression changed to a thoughtful one and he replied, "I believe he was headed to the Training Grounds in order to, in his words, sharpen his skills, Milady." He replied.

I nodded at this and said, "Thanks Jakob. I appreciate your help." He nodded as I quickly headed towards the Training Grounds. I made sure to quickly grab a Training Sword just to be ready ahead of time.

(Mark POV)

Ever since I woke up this morning, I have had the urge to train. I have had a lot to think about, and strangely, training allowed me to think about it all. I knew Severa before? Along with everyone else in the Awakening Timeline? But how?!

"Would you just shut up Fleshling?! I'm trying to sleep here! And your incessant babbling has been keeping me awake!" Grima rudely interrupted my thoughts.

'Its kinda hard to do that.' I responded back mentally. 'Especially when I've been given quite the bombshell of information! According to Selena, I was found next to Robin herself, sharing exactly the same thing: Amnesia. Kinda like I have right now...again.'

"Well just quit whining about it! There's a lot more to you than meets the eye. I'll admit that much. Hell, for all I know, this probably isn't the second time you've gotten amnesia!"

Well, that's a scary thought. But before I could think about it more, I heard someone call out my name.

"Heyyyy! Mark!" The familiar voice of Kamui shouted out to me. I turned towards her as she leaned down a bit to catch her breath.

"Hm?" I hummed. "What's up Kamui?" I asked.

After finally catching her breath enough to speak, she said, "I heard you were training out here and was wondering if you'd like a sparring partner?" She asked me with a shining, wide grin with a faint blush on her cheeks.

"Oh? Sure why not?" I replied. "As they say, it takes two to tango, meaning it's a lot better to have a sparring partner than to be alone. It's kind of hard to hit something you can't see after all."

Kamui nodded. "Alright! So how should we-"

Before Kamui could propose on how we should start, another familiar voice caught our attention, unknowingly interrupting us.

"Big sister! Mark!" We both turned (Kamui had an adorable pout on her face, but I decided not to point it out for her sake) to see none other than Nohr's sweet little cinnamon bun, Princess Elise, a literal Light in a Kingdom of Darkness.

"Hm?" Kamui wondered aloud with a tilt of the head. "What's wrong Elise?"

"Oh! Nothing really, but I thought that seeing as you've yet to apologize to Father, Mark and I could come with you to lend a supporting hand." Elise smiled while holding both arms behind her back in an innocent fashion.

I blinked for a moment, speechless. "Eh?!"

Kamui was somewhat the same but more normal in reaction. "Ummm...I don't know Elise. Should we really bother him in the morning?"

Elise gave a pout while putting her hands on her hips, trying to look mature (keyword, trying). "But, Big sis! If you don't attempt to apologize now, who knows how long again until you would have another chance to do so? Plus, Father can stay angry for a loooong time! You wouldn't want to have him angry at you forever would you?"

An angry Garon was actually the least of our worries, but I wisely kept my mouth zipped.

Kamui pondered on the idea for a little longer and then finally gave in. Elise did have a point after all, and Kamui could hardly ever say no to her Little sister, especially when she brings out her secret weapon, those dreaded puppy dog eyes.

"I guess you're right, Elise." Kamui sighed out. "But we'll need to be smart when we approach him this early. I also don't want you to make him more upset than he might already be, so let me-"

Elise didn't let Kamui finish and instead gave one of her spinning glomp-hugs to Kamui which then turned into her grabbing both her and my hand (how did she DO THAT?! I was only a few feet away at least) and practically dragged us out of the Training Grounds and to the Throne Room's entrance. This girl had some strength! I just hope she doesn't have strength bigger than Camilla's when she's older… Gotta get my head out of that gutter now! If she heard that, Camilla would tease me non-stop even more than usual!

{{Throne Room Entrance}}

After Elise finally stopped dragging the both of us, we had already been at the giant doors of the throne room.

"All right, Kamui, Let's go in there together with Mark. I'll help as much as possible. This is our Father we're talking about. He has to forgive you, right?" Elise says, overflowing with optimism.

"Thanks, Elise. I hope you're right." Kamui gave up and agreed with her.

"All right. Deep breath, and… here we go. Father! We have something we need to talk to you about!" Elise shouted through the door.

Instead of an answer, we got an ominous laughter coming through the door.

"Father?" Kamui said, creeped out by the laugh

Kamui wasn't the only one creeped out, me and Elise were creeped out as well. "It sounds like he's with someone… Maybe we should come back later." she said.

Unfortunately, before we could even take a single step away, Garon said, "Hrmph! Who's there?"

"Oh! Sorry to bother you, Father…" was Elise's response

"Yes, we apologize if this isn't a good time." Kamui said nervously.

"What do you two want?" said Garon, not liking that he was interrupted.

Elise was the one to respond first "Father, we're here to apologize. Right, Kamui?"

Kamui managed to not stutter. "Yes, that's right. I'm sorry for questioning you."

"You may enter." came the creepy voice of Garon

Once we got permission, we entered the throne room, and I immediately felt like I was being watched…I hope it isn't him

"Kamui… You disobeyed a direct order from me. Ordinarily you would not still be alive." Garon said gravely.

"I understand…" Kamui said sadly…if he even tries to hurt her, he will be in a world of pain.

"No! Father, I can explain-" Elise tried to say.

"Silence! As you are my child, Kamui, I will grant you some leeway. I have something in mind for you. A mission. If you complete this task successfully, I will pardon your crime in full." Garon said, but I could tell he has an ulterior motive.

"Really?!" Kamui said excitedly. "What sort of mission?"

Garon gained a creepy smile… "There is an abandoned fortress perched on the Hoshidan border. I wish to know if the building there remains serviceable. You are to travel to the site and inspect the premises. No battle will be required. Do you understand? I won't tolerate being disappointed twice…"

"Yes, Father. It shall be done." Kamui said dutifully.

On the way out of the throne room though, I could have sworn that Garon had his eyes on my back, or more specifically, the back of the hand I keep covered…

After receiving our Mission (it's just as much my mission as it is hers), Kamui decided to talk about it to her siblings.

Camilla hugged the both of us (why me? I swore I saw her giving me a strange look back at the fortress), worried. "Darling, are you sure you're going to be OK out there? I don't like this…"

"Of course! Please don't worry. It's just an abandoned fort." Kamui said.

"And she said it, great, now there will actually be a fight, good job Kamui." I said sarcastically (yet I knew there would be a battle there), causing everyone to laugh, and for Kamui to cutely pout.

Leo, after stopping his laughter, said, "Joking aside, you're acting rather casual about all this, Kamui. It isn't like Father to be so forgiving…"

"Huh? What do you mean, Leo?" Kamui said with a confused tilt of her head.

"That's enough, Leo! Don't be so worried all the time, sheesh. And don't even try to scare Kamui before her first mission!" Elise scolded Leo, which is rather funny to see.

After she said that, Elise slapped Leo in the face…that's gonna leave a mark…annnnnnd I accidentally made a pun with my name, but nobody (except for Grima, who is currently banging his head against a wall he conjured because of the pun) heard me because I didn't say it out loud

"Hey! That's not necessary." Leo said, putting his hand where Elise slapped.

Camilla, after laughing at Leo's predicament, said, "I suppose I'll just have to come along. That way I know Kamui will be safe."

"I'm afraid that's not possible."

And like the Snake he is, Iago appears without warning right behind me. It took everything I had to not only not jump up like a cat (something that amused Grima to no end), but to also to not shiver at the sight of him.

"Why ever not, Iago?" Camilla said, already planning ways to murder him without anyone knowing.

Iago just smirks and says, "Lady Camilla, King Garon intends this expedition to be a test of sorts. As his top advisor, I have been entrusted with coordinating this mission. He would like to know whether Princess Kamui is worthy… After all, she IS a part of the royal lineage. Therefore, your assistance would simply muddy the results."

"Understood. Camilla, I need to do this all by myself. Surely you understand." Kamui said, believing every lie this snake says, even if its just to keep her mask's appearance up

"Not all by yourself, Kamui." Garon said, appearing behind Kamui

Kamui jumped and said "Father! I didn't see you there."

"Rest assured, I don't intend to send you out there completely defenseless.'' ugh, while I do hate him, he does at least care, even if it's only a ploy to get Kamui over to Hoshido.

After Garon said that, the loose cannon known as Hans walked in.

"…Milady." Hans says simply.

"This is Hans. He is a veteran warrior and will ensure no trouble befalls you." Garon said with a smirk, and then left the room.

"Thank you, Father." Kamui said, bowing.

"Hmm…" Xander hummed, I caught his eye and nodded at him, letting him know we were thinking the same thing.

"I'd be wary of that man if I were you, Kamui…" Xander started.

"Why do you say that?" Kamui asked.

"He's a criminal. A murderer and scoundrel. I arrested him myself, years ago. Father seems to think he's rehabilitated, but I'm not so sure. That said, he is a formidable soldier." Xander said with a frown.

"I see." Kamui said simply, in a thinking pose.

"I have to agree with Xander on this one Kamui, this guy's bad news, it wouldn't surprise me if he started a fight with Hoshido on purpose." I said, offering the advice of a Tactician.

"Mark speaks the truth Darling, it's more than likely that fool Hans may try something that gets you into a fight anyway, so I suggest you bring Jacob, Mark, and Gunter with you." Camilla said to Kamui.

"And should the worst happen and he does start the fight, we shall intervene if it looks like things are about to go from bad to worse." said Leo, smirking.

"Thank you very much, though hopefully it won't come to that." Kamui says with that radiant smile of hers.

And now, we make our way to the Bottomless Canyon! We are finally heading to Hoshido!

{{Unknown Location}}

"Did you expect this to happen, Naga?" Anankos said, raising his eyebrow.

"I did not know about this Anankos, losing his memory was a surprise, especially since I thought he wouldnt lose it anymore than twice, but the fact that apparently Mark's children appeared from the future, really paints a bad picture." Naga says in a worried tone.

"You're worried that another "Future Past" has happened." Anankos stated.

Naga nodded. "Yes, though we have no way of knowing if this is Grima's fault or not, what worries me more, however, is the shadow that cast the forbidden spell, he is not of this time, he should be in the far future, but I do not know who he is yet."

"If he is from the far future, then my other half may have something to do with it." Anankos said.

"Ah yes, that's right, given you have enough power, you can apparently go to different dimensions." Naga stated.

"Yes, but for now, what should we do? Well, what should you do, I can't do anything but watch." Anankos said, sighing.

"I shall try to find a place where I can talk to Mark, and figure out a way to help from there, there's only so long a Divine Dragon can go without taking action after all." Said Naga, in a rare moment of feeling smug.

Anankos just grumbles.



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