I told myself over and over that I had to close the book on this Edward and Bella, but I can't for some reason. I don't have enough time in my life for them, but I can't stop coming up with more to write about them. Everytime I write about Low and Jasper, my fingers want to write about Edward and Bella. It's a never ending cycle.

Little Milo is the sweetest.

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Chapter One - BM

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds." - Noah, The Notebook


Today is Milo and Mila's first day of kindergarten, and I feel so many different emotions. I want to cry because my last babies ever are leaving me for textbooks and friends, and I don' t know if my poor heart can take it.

Milo is my shy little guy, and when his little lip trembles because he doesn't want to go to school, I feel like dying. I suck back my own torturous tears and tell him how much he'll love school and that Mila will be with him the entire day.

"Don't worry," Mila says, wrapping her little arm around Milo's shoulder. "I won't leave you."

Milo nods and sniffles, and I know the second they're in that classroom, a hurricane of tears are going to pour from my eyes.

"Come here, buddy," Edward says, squatting down in front of my precious little sweetheart. "You're my brave little guy, huh?" Milo nods and wipes his nose with the back of his hand, squeezing himself between Edward's bent knees. Edward kisses his forehead. "You'll be fine, okay, and when you get home, mommy will have pizza and cupcakes just for you."

"And me," Mila interrupts, pushing herself next to Milo.

Edward grins. "And you, princess."

She kisses his cheek, and I am the luckiest person alive for being blessed with my perfect family.

Milo swallows and glances at his sister before looking up at Edward. "Do I get chocolate?"

"Whatever you want, buddy," Edward says.

"Okay," Milo finally says then his beautiful green eyes find me. "I'll miss you, mommy."

Gosh, my heart!

"I'll miss you more, baby," I say, blowing him a kiss.

Edward and I both stand and hug our babies before walking them into the school. My pretty Mila holds Milo's hand the entire way, and I love that she loves and protects him so much.

We stand at the end of the hallway until the bell rings, and my timid baby boy takes my heart with him when he finally disappears into the classroom he shares with his sister.

The second Edward wraps an arm around my shoulder and leads me away, I sniffle and sob against him, listening to his deep chuckles reverberate from his chest.

"He'll be fine, baby. Our princess has him."

"I know, fella, but it hurts. Our babies aren't babies anymore!"

He leads me to the truck and opens my door for me - my sweet fella - and I climb up, grabbing a tissue from the glove box to wipe my runny nose.

"When we get home, I'll make you feel better," Edward says, grinning sexily.

"I'm not really in the mood," I lie, sniffle, and sigh.


"Okay, you can try, fella, but I make no promises."

He chuckles, and I can't help but turn my head and smile at his beautiful face.


The house is so depressingly empty when we get home, but Edward doesn't give me time to dwell as he drags me upstairs.

He took the day off, knowing I'd need to be consoled, and my stomach flutters when he pushes me onto the bed and yanks his shirt off.

Over the years, he's added a few tattoos here and there, and gosh, he's beautiful and colorful and special.

I love him so completely, it sometimes hurts.

"Baby," Edward says, and I trail my eyes up his body until I'm staring into his darkened green ones. "Are you going to let me help you feel better?" He smiles, and I nod.

I kick my sandals off and slide up the bed. "Come on, fella. Show me what you're made of."

He snorts, and we both crack up as he climbs on top of me, shirtless and warm. "You're fucking crazy."

"You love it," I say, kissing his chin, biting his lip.

"I love you." He lifts my shirt over my head and yanks my bra down, his mouth sucking and nipping at bare flesh.

After all these years, my fella still makes me feel worshipped and loved, and I could never imagine a life without him. He makes me feel giddy and stupid, and when we're alone like this, I cherish every moment.

I sink my fingers into his hair and fall back as he trails his lips up my neck and onto my ear. "You want me, baby?"

"Yes," I breathe.

He pulls my shorts and panties down my legs, and I watch impatiently as he gets naked, his erection so thick and hard.

His lips smirk as he drags me by the ankles to the end of the bed and flips me over. "We're all alone, Bella…" His front covers my back. His teeth nip my shoulder. "I want to hear how much you like it."

Gosh, he's so sexy.

He lifts my hips, gripping gently as he slides inside of me, and I do moan because he feels so freaking perfect.

He does me fast and hard, his big hands kneading my butt cheeks as he pumps his hips.

I love the feeling of him inside me.


He kisses my cheek gently, continues to pump his hips roughly. "You're so good."

I close my eyes.

"Your ass is so pretty," he rasps, giving it a little slap, and I moan louder, then he reaches between the mattress to find my clit and gives it a delicious rub with rough fingers until I'm coming with a hoarse cry. "Fuck, baby."

Edward flips me over and shoves back inside, his lips sloppily kissing me as he works to find his own release. He's so big and strong and heavy, and I want to suffocate in his love.

I drag my fingers down his back, and he shudders before biting my lip as he comes inside me. His lips gentle little by little as he slowly slides in and out.

"I feel a little better, fella," I whisper and smile, tangling my fingers in his hair. He lifts his head and gives me a lazy sexy smile. "You need to hire someone to take over your job, so you can stay home with me everyday and make love to me."

He kisses my nose and shifts his hips. "You can just come to work with me."

I nod, kind of liking that idea. "Can I be the boss of you?"

He chuckles and pushes deeper inside me. "I want to boss you, baby."

"But what if I want to be the boss?" I smile, and he grins.

"You'll like me bossing you."

"Oh really?"

He slowly pulls out and falls onto his back next to me, his erection slippery and hard all over again. "Come here, Bella. I want you to ride me." His eyes are hooded, and I shiver and immediately climb on top of him. "Go slow, baby."

He slips inside, and I move tortuously slow, smiling when he licks his lips and grips my hips. "You like it?" I ask between broken breaths and slow glides, wanting to stay just like this all day. Forever.

"I love it."

I let my perfect husband guide me through pure bliss, and it turns out, I do like to be bossed.


Edward scares the crap out of me when he comes up behind me as I'm peeking out the front window again in search of the first big yellow bus. Ollie and Noah ride a separate high school bus. I feel like my little kiddos bus is taking forever to get here, and I am so anxious to see how their first day went.

I'm sure Mila loved it.

My heart is worried most about my precious Milo. Out of all my babies, he's been the most attached. He's a mama's boy for sure, and he melts me completely.

"Where is it?" I say aloud, snuggling into Edward's warmth.

He kisses the top of my head, squeezing me gently. "It'll be here soon. Come sit with me."

It's so hard to tell my guy no even if I really do want to wait right here until my kiddos are pouring off those bus steps.

I let Edward drag me to the couch and pull me into his lap. He kisses my nose, and I kiss his lips and run a finger across his eyebrow. "Why are you so pretty, fella?"

Gosh, and he is.

It still blows my mind that I have the best man in the world.

He grabs my wrist and kisses my fingers, smiling so damn cute. "You're the pretty one."

The loud chug of the bus makes itself known outside, and I jump off Edward's lap and rush to the door, pulling it open just as the bus doors fly open.

Mila hops down the steps in her pink frilly dress, her eyes wide. "Mommy!" She runs through the yard and into my arms, talking a mile a minute. "School is the best. I had so much fun. I can't wait to go back tomorrow. I have friends...two girls and one boy." She holds two fingers up on one hand and one finger up on the other, and she's so adorable.

I kiss her cute nose and look over her shoulder. Maddox is holding Milo's hand as they walk through the yard. Maddox grins. "Hey, mom."

I stand and hear Mila giving Edward the low down behind me. Maddox kisses my cheek. "How was school?"

"It's school." He says, grinning and shaking his head. "Nothing to brag about." Ten years old, and he's already so tall and handsome. Of course I knew he would be with a daddy like his.

I ruffle his hair and look down at my Milo. "What about you, baby? Did you have fun?" He pulls away from his brother and falls into my legs, wrapping his arms around me and squeezing.

"I like you more than school, mommy," he murmurs, and gosh, he kills me. "Do I get chocolate cupcakes now?" He pulls back and looks up at me with his soft green eyes.

"We have to wait for your brothers to get home?" When his face falls, I give in to him. My boy had a rough first day. "I'll sneak you one, okay? But don't tell anybody." I put a finger to my lips and widen my eyes.

His face lights up when Maddox says, "Sneak me one, too."

"I hear you!" Mila yells from the doorway. "And I want one, too!"

Edward chuckles, and Milo peeks around my legs, smiling and waving to his daddy but stays attached to me.

Milo and Mila are complete opposites. She's outgoing and sassy like my Low, and Milo is my shy, sensitive one. I don't know how that happened, but I wouldn't change a thing about him. He's so precious.

"Hey, dad," Maddox calls, walking away.

I run a hand through Milo's hair, waiting for him to look up at me before saying, "You ready to go in?"

He nods and grabs my hand, leading the way toward the door. Mila and Maddox are already inside, and Edward waits to give his little guy a cuddle, hefting him into his big arms. "How was it, buddy?"

"Good, daddy."

Edward kisses his forehead and then whispers loud enough for me to hear. "Mommy missed you like crazy."

Milo gives me a sweet smile over his shoulder and tells Edward, "She can come with me tomorrow," making Edward laugh all deep and husky.

Gosh, I don't know how I made such beautiful little humans.


Noah and Ollie - who both stand taller than me - shove their mouths with pizza and tell me about their first day as sophomores. It's crazy that they're 15 already.

"We didn't do much today," Noah says. "Just went over the handbook and did a pretest in math…"

"Yeah, that was easy," Ollie says.

Noah's eyes widen. "No, it wasn't. I didn't know any of that stuff."

Ollie laughs and swallows before saying, "We learned all of that last year."

Noah smiles slow and shrugs. "I don't remember anything from last year."

"You better start paying attention, babe," I cut in. "I don't want you failing out of school because you're too busy checking out all the girls."

My Noah loves the girls more than the average boy, and it drives me crazy. I think I've made Edward give him and Ollie the sex talk 500 times. Edward laughs himself stupid every time I demand he go make sure they understand about diseases and condoms and pregnancy. Max and Leo never made me worry so much, but it's because Noah is so blatantly blunt about the girls he likes.

Sometimes a mother doesn't want to know even though if I didn't know, I'd be even more crazy.

It's hard not to worry about my boys.

"Mom," Noah laughs, wrapping an arm around me. "I can't help it if all the girls want me. It's your fault, though."

"What! How is it my fault?"

"Well, it's yours and dad's fault. Look at this face…"

Ollie snorts and then smirks because he's got the same face.

"...you and dad made this face. You can't get mad if all the girls want to kiss it…"

"Stop!" I yell, laughing, and him and Ollie crack up.

Crazy boys!

Milo pushes himself between Noah and me, climbing up onto a stool. Ollie hands him a piece of pizza, and he kicks his feet and munches on pizza.

"Daddy," Mila says, and I look over to see her squeezing Edward's cheeks together. "Guess what Paul told me." She smiles and nods eagerly, and I can already tell Edward isn't going to like what's about to come out of her mouth.

Poor fella.

"Paul? What did he tell you, baby?"

"He said I was soooo pretty, and he loved my dress. Isn't it amazing? I think I'm going to marry him like you married mommy and like Low married Jasper."

I bite my lip to stop from smiling when Edward gives me wide exasperated eyes and shakes his head.

He thought Harlow killed him, well our girl Mila is about to destroy him.

"Baby," Edward says, pulling Mila between his legs. "You're not marrying Paul. You're too little to get married. Won't you stay my princess forever?" He pouts, and Mila giggles at her daddy's teasing, but little does she know, daddy isn't teasing.

"I'll always be your princess," she says, kissing his cheek lovingly. "But when I get married, I'll be a queen." Her eyes get all big, and I bust up laughing.

The front door opens and Max yells, "Anybody home?"

Milo's eyes widen, and he climbs off the stool and runs to greet his brothers, Mila running off behind him. Edward watches them go before slowly giving me those pretty green eyes. "She's not marrying that boy," Edward says, and I laugh harder.

Noah and Ollie leave the kitchen, chuckling at their crazy dad.

Edward stands and wraps his arms around me, kissing my cheeks. "It's not funny, baby. She makes my heart hurt."

"Oh fella," I grin, cupping his scruffy cheek. "She's only 5. It's just a little crush. Everyone has crushes. Didn't you have a crush on anyone when you were that age?"

He shakes his head and pecks my lips. "No. Did you?" I nod, and he yanks me closer. "Well, I'm your only crush now, baby."

Gosh, my heart.

I will never stop loving my fella.