10th November 1963 - Leroy Jethro Gibbs born to Jackson and Ann Gibbs

29th September 1966 - Jennifer Nicole Shepard was born to Jasper and Grace Shepard

23rd October 1982 - Jenny and Jethro meet

17th March 1983 - Jethro ships out

27th April 1990 - Jasper Shepard found dead

20th May 1990 - Kelly Ann Gibbs born to Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Shannon Fielding

5th June 1993 - Kelly's Accident

1st July 1993 - Jethro starts working at NCIS

15th October 1994 - Jenny starts working at NCIS

23rd October 1999 - Jenny and Jethro get married

24th May 2005 - Kate is killed,

25th May 2005 - Jenny starts as director

27th May 2005 – Kate's funeral.

1st September 2005 - Jenny is kidnapped

October 1999

Jenny and Jethro are in the Paris field office's MTAC on a video conference with Director Tom Morrow.

Tom: "well done, you've both done a good job, you both now have two weeks downtime before returning back stateside, I will see you both when you return",

Jenny and Jethro: "thank you sir goodbye".

With that they then walked out of office hand in hand, it was early evening and was dusky as they started to walk along the Parisian streets,

Jethro turned to Jenny and said "hey Jen lets go up the Eiffel tower",

Jenny replied "yes ok why though",

Jethro replied "I thought we could do some of the normal couple stuff without the mission hanging over us",

Instead of answering him Jenny just leant up and kissed him, they walked along till they reached the Eiffel tower and Jethro lead her up to the top.

Jenny was looking out at the view which was made more beautiful by the night sky and said "wow Jethro this view is beautiful",

he wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his head on her shoulder and said "not as beautiful as you though which is why", he unwrapped his arms got down on one knee and pulled out a ring box which he opened to reveal a simple silver ring with 3 diamonds on, grabbed her left hand and said "I know I don't say it enough but I love you so Jennifer Nicole Shepard will you marry me?".

Jenny was shocked she had tears rolling down her face and said "yes, a million times yes",

Jethro removed the ring from the box and slid it onto her ring finger before standing up and kissing her passionately when they couldn't breathe they pulled apart and he whispered: "I love you forever and always".

She whispered back "I love you forever and always too" with that they made their way back to the hotel room.

When they arrived in there room he pushed her against the door and kissed her and began kissing across her jaw and down her neck and to behind her ear where she moaned, he then trailed kisses back up before recapturing her lips, they then engaged in a round of lovemaking once they had finished they were laid cuddled together.

Jethro said "Jen would you want to get married in Paris or would you prefer to wait till we got back to dc",

Jenny looked up and said, "Would you really want to get married here before we go back?"

Jethro just smiled and said "I would do anything as long as your happy, so how about the 23rd October",

Jenny looked shocked and said "Jethro that's two days away, we won't get everything done by then, why that date though",

Jethro replied, "we will go get the rings tomorrow, then you can get a dress and ill sort everything else out, I promise if you want to get married then, it will all be ready, I picked that date as it was the same date we meet 17 years ago".

Jenny just smiled and replied "I'd love to Jethro and I can't believe you remembered that" and with that, she passionately kissed him.

On the morning of 23rd October Jenny was getting nervous but couldn't stop smiling she was marrying Jethro and couldn't wait she wore a simple strapless floor length dress with gems across the top and wore white heals with gems on, she put simple makeup on and left her hair down and curly and placed a tiara in she had a bouquet of pink roses. Jethro wore his black suit with a red tie and he had a single pink rose. The time had come to leave and when they got out the front Jenny noticed that Jethro had paid for a horse-drawn carriage to take them to their wedding.

She looked up and went "Jethro",

But he cut her off and went "shh Jen only the best for you",

she leaned up and kissed him he then helped her in before sitting next to her they arrived at the small chapel to see the photographer waiting she took photos of them arriving, of Jethro and Jenny and also some single shots before they entered the church Jenny waited in the foyer of the church while Jethro went and stood at the altar.

Soon the wedding march started and Jenny made her way down the aisle when she reached him.

He took both of her hands and said: "you look beautiful Jen".

The minister said, "We are here today to join Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Jennifer Nicole Shepard in marriage in front of the witnesses here, the couple have written their own vowels Leroy you will start".

Jethro looked at Jenny and said "Jenny I may not say it much but I love you with all my heart forever and always, I want to spend the rest of my life with you as my wife, and I promise I will love you forever and always and to always cherish you and protect you and be faithful to you, and to be there in sickness and in health and through the good and bad".

Jenny kept looking at Jethro with tears in her eyes and said "Jethro, I may not say it much either but I love you with all my heart forever and always, I want to spend the rest of my life with you as my husband, and I promise I will love you forever and always and to always cherish you and protect you and be faithful to you, and be there in sickness and in health and through the good and the bad".

The minister said "do you Leroy Jethro Gibbs take Jennifer Nicole Shepard to be your lawfully wedded wife",

Jethro replied "I do",

The minister said" do you, Jennifer Nicole Shepard, take Leroy Jethro Gibbs to be your lawfully wedded husband",

Jenny replied, "I do".

The minister then said, "Have you got the rings".

Jethro pulled them out and handed them to him, both rings were plain silver bands but inside was inscribed " J forever and always J x".

The minister handed Jenny's ring to him and said "I want you to repeat after me while putting the ring on her 'with this ring I wed thee' ",

Jethro while placing Jenny's ring on her ring finger said: "with this ring, I wed thee".

The minister handed Jethro's ring to Jenny and said "I want you to repeat after me while putting the ring on him 'with this ring I wed thee' ",

Jenny while placingJethro's ring on his ring finger said: "with this ring, I wed thee".

The minister said, "I now pronounce you husband and wife you may now kiss the bride."

Jethro kissed Jenny passionately and they went and signed the wedding register and the minister handed them their marriage certificate and they walked down the aisle to the front of the church and out the front, the photographer who had been taken photos all the way through took some of them walking out hand in hand and some of them stood in front of the church and one of them stood kissing in front of the church and getting back in to the horse-drawn carriage, she also met them at the Eiffel Tower and took a few in front of it, before they went back to the hotel.

When they got to the hotel room the radio was on and the song; still the one by Shania Twain was on.

Jenny said, "Jethro come on let's have our first dance as husband and wife".

Jethro nodded and took her in his arms while they danced to the song, they listened to the lyrics and found the song really related to them,

Once they finished dancing they rang Jethro's dad Jackson and their daughter Kelly and told them they were married both were happy for them, they then made love for the first time as husband and wife.

Two days later they were back walking the streets of Paris, towards the photography studio to pick up their wedding album, once they collected this they went back to their hotel room and sat looking through them the album was a beautiful white album with lace edging and inscribed on the front was Mr and Mrs Gibbs 23rd October 1999 "forever and always".

Jenny turned to him and said "Jethro the albums beautiful and I think our day was perfect and some of the shots she got, we didn't even know that she did",

Jethro replied "I wanted a beautiful album for the photos of me and my beautiful wife being married, your right our day was perfect I love you forever and always, and I will do anything I can to make you happy"

Jenny just said "I love you forever and always" then kissed him passionately

Less than a week later she left him with a dear John letter on the plane while waiting for a connecting flight back to dc, saying she loved him and Kelly and that she still wanted to stay married to him but needed to do this as it was best for her she also said that she will still wear her rings but that if he wanted to divorce her she would agree to make him happy and Tom Morrow would know where she was. Jethro although heartbroken he was glad she took her rings with her and would still wear them so he kept his on as well. He never filed for divorce as he knew she would come back into his and Kelly's life.

25th May 2005


Tom Morrow said "he's your problem now Director" and with that, he left,

Jenny stood up and said "hello Jethro",

Jethro was shocked but happy and said "Jen",

She replied with "shall we skip the 'you haven't changed a bit' bull",

Jethro replied with "why start lying to each other now Jen" he then noticed her wedding rings still on her as she tucked her hair behind her ear and he whispered "you still kept them on then",

Jenny whispered back "forever and always",

He smiled at her and showed his ring which he still wore while whispering "forever and always ".

They made their way out of MTAC talking about the current case he called her "Jen",

She replied "Special Agent Gibbs on the job it will be ma'am or Director Shepard",

He said "what about off the job",

She replied "there will be no off the job", but her right eye twitched as she was lying and they both knew it.

Jethro replied "that's a shame I missed you, Jen",

She replied, "Shall we continue this in private".