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Two weeks later, Jenny's cuts and bruises had all healed and her shoulder was healing well enough that as long as she took it easy and did her physiotherapy on it. During this time they had all started individual and group therapy and was slowly making some progress, Jackson had gone back to Stillwater but Jasper lived closed by, and it was no like he had never been away from their lives which Jenny was happy with.

Today was exactly 11 years since Jenny Had started at NCIS, Jethro had Remembered, but so far no one else seemed to have realised, both teams had cases but were in the bullpen and so far there had been a small amount of paperwork for Jenny, it was coming up to 11:00 when Jenny with a smirk on her face snuck quietly down the stairs, Jethro spotted her and noticed the smirk and smiled at her before quickly pretending to concentrate on her work. She managed to sneak past both teams and up behind Stan, and just as it turned 11:00 put him in a headlock,

Stan jumped and shouted "what the hell"

While both teams looked to see what's going on, Jenny Laughed let him go and said "I thought I would recreate a memory from 11 years ago"

Stan grumbled, and said "seriously"

Jenny Said "Yes"

Jethro had come over and said "Still Terrorising Steve Then Shepard at least you didn't try to kill him again"

Jenny laughed and said "Always and nope I didn't think it would look any better doing it as the director as it would have had I done it on my first day"

Will Laughed and said, "Who would have thought you would have lasted this long let alone become director, hey Shep?"

Jenny Replied "Didn't think I Could Hack It"

Will Smirked and said "No I Knew You Could, Thought You Would be up on a murder charge by now,

Stan Pipes In With "What the Boss's, More Like He would have killed her especially with her attitude"

Jenny, Will and Jethro Respond Together "No Yours"

Stan Grumbled "Stop Ganging Up on Me"

Jethro Laughed And Said "You Think Were Joking I Left after You three her first day and I got home just before we put Kelly to bed and after, she went on a rant and was plotting all the ways she could do it"

Stan looked offended and said "Red! You Wound me"

Jenny Glared "And that is one of the reasons I planned it all out"

Stan Put his hands up in surrender and said "right Sorry"

Jenny head slapped him and said "Rule 6", then turned to the others and said "fun and games are over Now back to work, Jethro Lunch at 12:30 If You're free"

Jethro Nodded and they all went back to work. Luckily the managed to follow up some leads meaning he was free for lunch, and it took a further two days for both teams to break the case.

The following five days were very busy with multiple cases for both, including the case where Tim's sister Sarah, was being framed for murder and Tim Trying To solve it himself to protect Sarah, with both teams working together they managed to get it solved quickly but during this time, the teams got to know Sarah, and learnt more about Tim And Ziva's Relationship.

It was now the 22nd October And Jethro had arranged for Him and Jenny to be off until Tuesday, Cassie's Team was due to take the on-call shift this weekend, and if they were needed, Tony could lead the team as well, he had bags packed for them ready to go to the cabin, for a few days, Kelly was staying at Maddie's For What Jenny Thought Was The Weekend But Was Until after school on Tuesday.