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For this story, please suspend your disbelief enough to accept that the Bewilderbeast evoked a Submaripper to swim underneath either Berserker Island or Defender of the Wing Island and they now are connected.

Dagur smiled as he put the wedding ring on Mala's finger. She returned the look as she put one on his and they kissed one another, romantically. Their friends cheered as they were united into marriage. "Congratulations, Brother. We're really happy for you." Hiccup said, giving the Berserker a pat on the shoulder. Dagur brought him into a bear hug and Fishlegs came over, "You didn't look nervous at all, Dagur. Were you?" The new king shook his head, "Not one bit, Fishy. There was no reason to be. Our union shall be blessed by Odin." Dagur said, dramatically.

Meanwhile, Astrid and Heather were giving their congratulations to Mala. "Thank you, friends." The new chieftess stated, "I am most glad that you all introduced me to my king, Astrid Hofferson." The warrior smiled, "It's nothing. Honestly, I'm still a bit surprised that you two are in love." Mala laughed, "Very much so. I have never felt the way I do about anyone else with whom I have come in contact." Ruffnut came over with an ornery air, "Yeah, Sister, but watch out 'cause he is still deranged, after all."

Astrid pushed her and Heather gave Ruff a death glare. Turning to Mala, Heather said, "Ignore her. We normally do. My brother loves you a lot, Mala. He might never be the most sane person you'll meet, but he'll make sure you're safe. I'll promise you that." Mala smiled, gratefully.

Tuffnut went over to Dagur, "So, chief and king now, huh?" The man puffed out his chest, proudly, "Yep. Do you know how powerful our alliance will be?" Tuff thought and shrugged, "Nope. Rarely do, but aren't you worried about all the stress? I mean, you gotta make sure the Berserkers are fine-not even talking about Heather being new to the lifestyle-the Defenders are fine, and that Mala still, you know, wants to be with you." Dagur looked at him, calmly, "I know how to lead people and so does Mala. We'll work together to figure out how to combine our knowledge to best service our, now combined, people. And, as for her wanting to be with me, we love each other more than you could imagine. We'll figure things out when hard times come."

Tuffnut gave an unamused shrug and Snotlout joined, "And they will come, my friend, they will come." Fishlegs frowned, "What are you talking about now? Can't it end with Tuff?" "Nope." Snotlout said, "Dagur, my man, you have a horrible temper. Mala's a classy lady, I mean, look at her first choice." he went into a pose. "Your point being?" Dagur questioned, annoyed, "My point is that you've got a lot of baggage and Mala just might not have the upper body strength to carry everyone."

The Berserker's face twitched and Hiccup had had enough, "Okay, both of you, go." he said, firmly. Tuffnut and Snotlout left, "Don't listen to them. You'll be fine." Hiccup insisted and Dagur gave a weak smile. There was a feast that night and everyone left, content.

Mala and Dagur finally had some time alone. She caressed his face and he held her, closely. She loved how she felt in his arms and he loved how her touch felt. "I love you, Malapoo." he told her. "And I you, Dagur the Deranged." she said, in her royal way. They went to bed and fell asleep after a while.

Mala kept thinking about what Ruffnut had said. "I know about his past, but also his present. He's a different man now. Dangerous still? Yes, but only to our enemies and that is incredibly attractive." she thought. Unbeknownst to her, Dagur was on the opposite side of the bed, thinking also.

"She's so used to order and properness. Can I provide that? I can keep her safe, but will she be happy?" he wondered, unhappily. Neither slept that night, but greeted the other, jovially, the subsequent morning.

"Morning, Love." the said, in unison and rose. They got ready for the day and met up for breakfast. Dagur made fixed meat and Mala fixed the sweet treat. They walked around their kingdom and Throk called to them. "My Queen and King, the Great Protector has become ill. I fear that he might not be able to eat enough lava to prevent our destruction." The couple looked at each other and went to the dragon.