Good Love Lingers On

Writing Desk's Raven

Full Summary:

This girl's always had a rough life. She wasn't born into the best family - a cruel Hydra agent for a mother and some rogue shape-shifter for a father. But she takes what she can get from life, and if that means she does every little thing Hydra tells her to do, or face their wrathful punishment, she'll do it. If that means she's kidnapped from a Hydra base in Siberia, she'll stick with her kidnapper for the ride. And if it means she gains a new family, hell, she'd settle for just a friend or two. Things are always changing, though. How could they not, for a girl whose very blood sings for change? But maybe, just maybe, she can hold on to the good in her life this time. After all, good love lingers on.

Teaser Quote:

Phoebe took a step closer to him, lifting herself onto the tips of her toes, and slid her fingers through the belt loops of his jeans. She leaned in to whisper in his ear, "The bad guys will still be there in an hour or two, Spiderman."

He stared at her, eyes wide, as she settled back down to her normal height, smiling mischievously at him. "You- you- you-" He kept repeating the word, like a broken record.

"Yes." She said teasingly. "Me."

That seemed to break him out of his stupor. "You know." He said.

"I do." She answered.

**Credit for Title goes to ARCHIS, I got the name for this fic while scrolling through my iTunes library, just after I wrote most of the summary. (ARCHIS only has, like, five songs, you should go check them out, they're pretty good. Dia Frampton, of course, has an amazing voice, and I love her.)**

Hey, y'all! I'm trying this new thing called writing as I go, and in chronological (for the most part) order. With the More Than What You May Think series (actually my first fanfiction ever, which is why it's so terrible), I'd written all of that before I posted it the first time, and I posted each story all at once. That was a couple years ago, three or so, at this point. When I created this account, I moved them over with me, but with an updating schedule, because why not. I'm gonna try things a little differently with this story, but I can't promise it'll go well. I should have good amounts of time for writing, though, given that it's summer now and I don't have to worry about senior year until summer starts back up again.

So, hey, drop a review and let me know what you think about this story idea! I've had it for awhile now, and I've fleshed out a good amount of plans and written a couple scenes here and there, now all I've gotta do is actually write the damn thing. Hope y'all enjoy.