Hey all, I've been saying I was going to do this for a while now so here it is, my first serious Pokémon Fanfiction, Pokémon: Storm, I hope you all enjoy it, I've had it in the works for ages now but because of personal reasons and writers block I've found myself putting it on hold along with all my other fics, but you can rest assured that I'm back in the right mindset now and that my updates will be coming faster than they have before.

Now just a quick note, I loved the Pokémon anime as a kid, and I still watch it from time to time. But now as an adult with a more serious mind, I can't help but watch the first few seasons and wince from Ash's character and personality, so yeah, expect my OC to be of a similar mindset when it comes to Ash.

I've taken some liberties with the Pokémon world, such as the trainer age now being a few years older because to me it's just a bit hard to justify sending ten-year-olds out to explore the world. Plus I eventually intend to have my OC be in relationships with some of the characters and having him and them as kids would just be wrong in my book.

Also, there is an announcement at the end of the chapter please take a read once you're done. So without further ado, here is chapter one, of my newest fanfiction.

Chapter one-

The calm before the storm

I knew something was going to happen, I just didn't know what. Last night when I went to sleep, I had been feeling strange all day. You know those kinds of feelings you get when you know something is coming you just don't know what like a storm is about to hit you can feel the pressure in the air? Well it was like that only I couldn't tell why. The sky was clear and everything seemed normal. So I went to bed thinking nothing of it. Only now I wake up and find myself looking at an unfamiliar ceiling and with a pounding headache.

With a groan I sit up not knowing where I was, but as my eyes adjusted to the light I found myself looking at things that didn't make sense. The room I was in had steel blue tiled floors with yellowish cream coloured walls. The ceiling was curved in an ark and was made of large brown tinted glass windows.

I looked to what I was lying on and found myself lying on a tanned coloured sofa. Looking around the room I could see different things, the room was filled with multiple different types of lab equipment none of which I could tell what it does.

With a groan I put my hand to my head, it was still pounding, but as I did my eyes widened as I looked at my hand. It was different, younger, looking around for a reflective surface my eyes widened as I saw my reflection in one of the glass monitors.

Before I had gone to sleep I was a twenty-two-year-old male, standing at just over six foot, but what I saw in the reflection was something I hadn't seen in years, my younger self. I didn't look much older than fifteen or sixteen and I had to blink seeing my hair again. I had apparently retained my style from back then cause I had hair just down past the base of my neck but it was held back by a hair band to keep it from going over my face, something I had used to do, before I had gotten it cut after I left high school for college. I had never let it grow that long again. I had kind of missed it.

But none of this was making any sense. Looking around I couldn't figure out where I was. Looking to the large windows I quickly move to them to see if I could spot any landmarks to figure out where I was, but my eyes widened when I got to them when I saw something I never in my life believed I'd ever seeing. Before me was a wide open grass plain with trees and ponds dotted throughout but it was what was in living there that shocked me, creatures that I had never imagined I'd see in my life, Pokémon.

I had spent my childhood watching the anime and playing the multitude of games. I had loved it growing up and outside this window, there were actual Pokémon. As far as I could see there were only those native to the Kanto region nothing past generation one of the series, but never did I imagine I'd see them.

Looking down at my hands again it suddenly dawned on me, and looking back at the room which was obviously a Lab I realised exactly where I was, Professor Oak's Laboratory in Pallet town. Somehow I had been transported to the Pokémon world, the Kanto region. I couldn't believe it.

Moving back to the sofa I sat down as I tried to think. Ok so I've been transported to the world of Pokémon, cool, nothing wrong with that. I know everything there is to know about Pokémon, or at least what I can remember. I kind of stopped following it after a certain point somewhere in black and white. I had played the games but never really gotten into the series at that point.

Now the question was. What was I going to do now? Why was I transported here, and more importantly, where was Professor Oak? He could walk in at any second and I don't know what the hell I'm going to say… well when in doubt go with the flow. I'm in this world so I may as well become a trainer. Hell I could be a champion with my knowledge, but the problem was how exactly I would do that? Last I checked the age of becoming a trainer was ten. I was a bit old even for that, but hopefully that wouldn't matter.

Now there was another problem. When exactly was I? Is this before, or after, Ash has started his journey? Is there even an Ash in this world or is this like the animated series with red and blue? God I hope not, that wasn't exactly the best series. It was alright but rushed as hell. I guess that I'll just have to wait and see about that point.

Ok, so I'll become a trainer, if it's possible, and if this is a world with Ash I'll have to think on what exactly I'm going to do. If I take a starter Pokémon from here that might mess with the timeline and Ash might not get Pikachu, or I could, but that would mess with everything. No I'll have to see about another starter I'd rather not mess with things too much until I'm sure of things… but what am I going to say about my history?

I can't exactly say I'm from another world that would just be asking for trouble, and what about when people ask about my family and parents… no it's best just to say I'm an orphan and that I never knew who my parents where. As for where I live, well I could just say I travelled on my own and was making my way here to become a trainer. Not like anyone could call me a liar, but now the question is if this is the anime canon, do I want to follow along or go off on my own? The anime was never very good in the early days and never made sense with the later stuff. So maybe I'll jump about a bit no sense going through all the slow stuff.

But as I finished thinking I heard a door open from the balcony above me before a voice sounded, "Ah good you're awake, you had me worried there for a bit."

Looking up I tried to hide my shock seeing who it was, Professor Samuel Oak. He looked practically identical to the anime series. Looking to be in his late forties, with greying hair, he wore a red short-sleeved polo shirt and light brown trousers with a white lab coat over open that went down to his knees.

'Well here goes nothing,' "Um excuse me but where am I?" I asked doing my best to act younger again, I couldn't exactly act like I was in my twenties. It would seem odd.

Oak just smiled at me, "Well my lad, you're in my research laboratory. I found you passed out on the path this morning when I went to take my morning walk. My name is Professor Samuel Oak, Pokémon professor and researcher."

I blinked at that statement, 'So that's how I got here? I was passed out outside his lab and he brought me here', I rubbed my head sheepishly, "Ah sorry about that, I guess I must have skipped breakfast this morning." I said lying through my teeth and hoping he bought it, "I was so anxious to get here to ask if it was possible to become a Pokémon trainer it completely slipped my mind. I was a little worried cause I'm a bit over the starting age."

Oak seemed to chuckle at that, "Ah say no more, my boy. I know the feeling. I sometimes get so sucked up in my research I skip two or three meals before I finally get so hungry I end up devouring a meal fit for five." He laughed before clearing his throat, "Now as for you becoming a Pokémon trainer I don't see why we can't bend the rules a little, exactly how old are you."

I chuckled, "Sorry, My name's Mason Storm, and I'm sixteen."

Oak smiled, "Ah that shouldn't be a problem then Mason, you're only a year over the starting age, but if I may ask why you didn't come when you were fifteen like all the others do?"

I blinked, 'So the starting age is fifteen here, not ten? Well it does make more sense. I never did think sending ten year old kids out to journey the world was very sensible', "Um the thing is professor, I've been travelling alone since I was young. I'm an orphan and I never knew who my folks were. I've just been travelling from place to place as I grew up. I was trying to reach here before I grew over the age but I was a little late, I only just turned sixteen a few weeks ago."

Oak seemed to frown upon hearing that, "Oh I'm sorry to hear that my boy, but it at least sounds like you've lived an exciting life." he said starting to smile a bit, "Now, how about we get you some breakfast before we get you sorted as a Pokémon trainer." he said gesturing upstairs, "Your bag is up there if you go on up I'll be right up with some breakfast for you." he smiled kindly.

I blinked, 'My bag?' I thought before standing up, "Thank you professor" I returned in kind before I started up the stairs to the room.

Opening the door my eyes widened as I saw my backpack sitting on the sofa. I recognised it immediately, it was my Code ten backpack that I had ordered a few months ago after seeing the promotion video online, talk about a good piece of kit.

I quickly made my way over to it and opened it and my eyes widened, as I looked inside. All my tech was inside, my iPad, iPod, hard drives and my MacBook Pro. I couldn't help but fist pump the air. I knew I had all my Pokémon stuff on my hard drives, so even if I didn't remember half the stuff it would be on them. Plus I'd have all my music, can't be without all that. Looking at the other stuff I noted, there was a spare change of clothes and a couple bottles of water and energy bars.

'Odd I don't remember packing them in my bag, but they're good to have if I'm going to be travelling. I'll just have to make do until I can get some cash to buy some new kit,' I thought as I quickly rolled my bag up. I didn't want anyone seeing this it could make people ask questions, 'Real world technology in the Pokémon world? Great like that won't attract attention, I'll just have to be careful with it and not let anyone see, the tech in this region isn't exactly top of the line', I finished thinking as I closed the bag up fully, at least I won't have to worry about my kit getting wet, the bag was fully waterproof so even if I did end up getting soaked somehow the stuff would stay dry.

Then the door opened and the professor came in carrying a serving tray with a box of cereal a jar of milk, bowl and spoon, "Here we go my lad," he said setting the tray down. "Now why don't you go ahead and have something to eat and I'll just fill out your information for your Pokédex, shouldn't take but a minute." He said before going over to the computer to the side of the room.

I nodded and filled the bowl. It was some kind of corn flake like cereal, I didn't really mind, food was food. I just filled the bowl and added milk before I started eating. I spent the next five minutes answering questions as I ate my breakfast as the professor typed up my information before the professor spoke again.

"Alright that should do it," he said before hitting a final button before I heard the machine beside the computed hum to life before a side slot on its front opened up and a tray came out with what I recognised as a generation one, Kanto region Pokédex, "There we are," he said lifting the Pokédex and bringing it over to me just as I set my bowl down to reach out for it taking the small device in my hand.

"That Pokédex has all your information on it. You can use it for identification and to record or check any Pokémon you come across," the professor explained as I nodded and open the Pokédex and see the front camera spin for a moment before the screen came on. A picture of me appeared on it before it shrinks on the screen and my details come up from my age, date of birth, it had my birth town listed as pallet seeing as I said I didn't know where I was born, my height and weight, all my physical descriptions that matched the picture there was of me on the screen. Seeing everything was in order, I closed it up.

"Alright then, now all that's left is for you to choose your starter Pokémon. You're in luck, I actually have a new batch of Pokémon fresh in. They were meant for a group of new trainers who should be starting their travels in about six weeks but I see no harm in letting you have one if you want." The professor offered with a hopeful smile.

I paused as I let that information sink in, 'so that probably means that Ash hasn't left pallet yet, and won't do for another six weeks, good. That means I have time', "actually professor I was hoping you might have something different, not that I have anything against the three your offering. Its just that if they already have people who'll be coming for them I don't want to take that opportunity away from them."

Oak smiled at me, "Ah I see. Yes I can understand that, and as it just so happens I do have something else. It's rather rare you see but this just might work, come with me" he said gesturing to a side room which I followed him into.

As the professor opened the door and stepped through I saw there on the table was a glass case and inside was a light blue egg with a white ring around it. I paused to look at it as the professor started explaining, "you see I got this egg from a college of mine. He theorizes that Pokémon are born from eggs and that this is one such egg. If you would do me the favour of looking after this egg I would let you have whatever Pokémon hatches out of it. After documenting it, of course, just to see a Pokémon hatch would be enough for me."

I smiled and nodded as I looked at the egg. This would be perfect, a newly hatched Pokémon would be awesome to start with. I'd be able to train it from scratch, speaking of training I wonder if the other generation moves can be learned early. I don't really see why not it would just take some working is all.

The professor clapped his hands, "Oh excellent I was hoping you'd agree. Now I have a small observation hut that you can stay in, just on the other side of the river outside. I use it for observing the wild Pokémon sometimes but I haven't had need of it in a while, but it has a heater a bed and power. So it should do just fine for you until the egg hatches. You can stay there as long as you like until you're ready to go. Seeing as you've nowhere else to stay."

I bowed to him in thanks, remembering that this world was modelled after Japanese culture, "thank you, professor"

I heard the professor laugh before he spoke, "think nothing of it Mason, my boy. You're doing me a service, it's the least I can do. Now lift the case and follow me I'll lead you to where you'll be staying"

Quickly standing up I moved to lift the case careful of the egg inside and moved to follow, picking up my bag as we left the room and headed out of the lab.

After a brisk fifteen minute walk down the road and across a small bride to the other side of the river. In a small layby area next to the river was a small wooden cabin with what looked to be a water wheel generator attached to its side with a wheel in the water. It wasn't extremely large but big enough to house two or three people comfortably.

"Here we are," the professor said as he opened the door, letting me see inside. There where two small single cots and both a stove and small iron furnace in the back connected to a water storage tank that looked to be fed into a small connected bathroom, so I'd have hot water for showers and such. There was also a small table and a couple of chairs and a fridge next to the stove, "it could do with a good sweep and dusting, but otherwise it's just fine. I hope it's alright"

I nodded, "it great, thank you, professor," I said as I walked over to the table to the side and set the egg case on it.

"That's good, why don't you get settled in. I'll be back in an hour or so with some groceries for you to keep yourself on, any preferences?" he asked smiling.

I paused for a moment, "not really, though if you could get some nice tea that would be fine."

Oak smiled, "Will do my boy, see you in a while." He said before closing the door leaving me to it.

I knelt down and looked at the small egg and smiled, "I hope you hatch soon, I can't wait to meet you this is going to be so exciting" I said before heading over to my bag and taking out my MacBook, "ok so in the meanwhile I think a refresher course in all things Pokémon is necessary," I said as I opened up my videos folder and started to watch the first season of the series on half screen while I have my note pad up to take notes and list things to check later.

Time skip- four days.

It had been four days since I woke up in the Kanto region. Though not much has changed in those four days if anything it's been stagnant as I wait for this egg to hatch. It's mid-morning right now and I'm sitting out on the porch of the watchers cabin with the egg out of its case on my lap as I wipe it down, I had seen clips of brock doing this in the anime so I figured that I should do it also in order to care for the egg while I wait.

I was waiting for professor Oak to come by, he'd been doing so regularly about two or three times a day to check in on me and the egg. I've even taken to preparing some of the tea each morning for us to share while he's here.

Each day that passed, I was getting more and more anxious. I had already refreshed my knowledge of the first generation of the series after speed watching it all in two days, and I have begun to plan out some things, but I couldn't do anything else until I knew what my egg was going to hatch into. I was sure it was either going to be a generation one or two. I was sure that the professor hadn't had any contact with the other regions yet. He hadn't mentioned them or even hinted at them in the first series but yet seemed to know of Togepi in the anime so that links in the second generation, or Johto region Pokémon as that's where Togepi came from. Though how it ended up in Kanto is a mystery to me.

I had narrowed down what it could possibly be because of the colour of the eggs' shell, but that still gave a few too many options so I was left to wait and see. As I sat there rubbing the egg I sighed. Never in my life did I ever think I'd find myself in this position but then again what kind of person would, I'd just have to make the most of it.

But then just as I was thinking that, I felt the egg wiggle in my grip. I blinked looking at it as it did it again, was this it? Then I heard the voice of professor oak calling.

"Good morning Mason, I trust everything is going fine," he called as he came walking up the path to the clearing.

I immediately looked to him, "professor come quickly, the egg, it shook," I called as the egg shook again.

The professor then quickly started over to me quickly just as the egg shook yet again, and he reached me just as it started to glow a bright white, "Oh my!" he exclaimed as we both covered our eyes to shield them from the rather bright light for the few seconds that it was, before it started to fade as the egg started to change shape.

As the light faded completely, I knew exactly what it was that was now lying in my lap. It was blue, a shade darker than the egg had been, with a small white snout with three-pronged white fins on either side of its head. It had a long blue serpent-like body covered in smooth blue skin and a white underbelly. It opened its big eyes to show its purple irises and blinked looking up at me, It was a Dratini.

"Amazing, simply astounding," Professor Oak said in a low voice still in shock, "so the egg was a Dratini egg. This proves that Pokémon do come from eggs, or at least Dratini dose. simply remarkable!"

I smiled as I looked down at the small dragon sitting on my lap before speaking in a low, gentle, voice, "Hi there"

The small dragon looked up at me with big eyes before it spoke, "Dra", I smiled back, "It's very nice to meet you, I'm Mason", "Dra! Dratini Dratini!" the small dragon cried happily. I smiled as I reached and rubbed its head.

Professor Oak laughed, "Well it seems as though you two are going to make good friends. It was rather lucky of you Mason, Dratini is a rare Pokémon. I only know of a few trainers who have them or their evolved forms. They're quite powerful when they grow older, but I can't imagine Dratini being much use in battle till its grown a bit. Maybe waiting a few weeks before you can start training would be best."

I nodded in agreement, "I agree, but for now I think a checkup is best to make sure it's healthy"

Professor Oak nodded, "good thinking my boy, come on then let's go inside." He said gesturing to the door as I stood up holding Dratini as we made our way inside.

Time skip- three weeks

It had been two weeks since Dratini had hatched, and I was laying on one of the cots in the watchers hut looking down at the sleeping dragon on my chest. In three weeks the little guy sure had grown a lot. After being born it was just under a meter in length and weighed a little under a one and a half kilograms, in two weeks it had grown drastically to just over one meter seventy and doubled its weight.

From the Pokédex app I had on my iPad that had my data on it, I could see that Dratini was near reaching the average measurements and weight for its species. It had also started to eat solid foods a couple of days ago and was now on a special blend of Poke-chow that Professor Oak was supplying me with while I learned how to make it from scratch, a skill that I had decided to learn as it would come in handy for my travels.

I knew it would be another three weeks before we would be setting out on our journey and I knew that I would have to begin Dratini's training soon. I didn't want to be going out with a baby Pokémon that wouldn't be able to battle.

To that extent I had taken to planning out a small exercise regimen for Dratini to try and strengthen him up somewhat, and prepare him for when I start him trying to learn some of his moves.

One thing that I had been thinking about for the past three weeks was Dratinis moves, and Pokémon moves in general. Given that the TMs are something only implemented in the video games, I'm thinking about how moves are actually taught and how they transfer from generation to generation. Like the first gen games and the fourth gen games, move pools had grown considerably as well as multiple type changes.

I kept thinking back to the few episodes there are in the anime, about how Pokémon were trained in certain ways to learn a move. Like people were trained to get better at things. It was clear to me that if the trainer had the right knowledge of moves and what Pokémon could learn them then it would make it so much easier, and that was where I would be at an advantage with the entire database out in front of me on my MacBook.

In generation one Dratini only learned seven moves total on its own, and then another twenty through TMs and HMs. While by the fourth generation that same move set was increased to thirteen, and then another thirty-three.

Looking at my screen I could see exactly what moves he could be taught and I was already formulating a plan of how exactly I was going to train the little guy as well as what moves I was going to teach him to give him the widest skills possible.

Looking down to Dratini I stroked his head with a smirk, 'Dratini, when I get through training you, you're going to be a powerhouse'

Timeskip- eighteen days later

I couldn't keep the grin off my face as I and Dratini lay outside in the clearing next to the river across from the watchers' hut. We had just finished with our evening training session and things were going great.

After two full weeks of regular exercise, Dratini was looking much stronger and I had decided it was time to try to see what moves Dratini already knew. I wasn't surprised when Dratini showed that it knew Wrap, leer, and Thunderwave, those were pretty basic moves.

I had started Dratini on the fourth generation move sets the day after, and for the past four days, we had been training hard to get the dragon type moves Twister and dragon rage into his move pool.

Twister had been going well, Dratini had been excited to learn and seemed to grasp it by the second day of training. Dragon rage, on the other hand, wasn't going so well. Not surprising given how powerful the move was, but I know with more training the little guy would be able to get it down with ease. For now, though we had been focusing on making twister more powerful so that we wouldn't be at a disadvantage in battle.

Things were starting to get exciting. It had only been the other day when Professor Oak had came by to visit with a surprise for me. A set of five Pokéballs, it was only three days until my journey began so he had decided to give them to me a little earlier so that I would have them before I set off. I had all five plus Dratini's Pokéball attached to my belt. It felt so surreal to have them there but I guess even after nearly six weeks in this world I still wasn't used to things.

My mind wondered as I sat up and looked out over the river as I thought of the life I had been living before this one, it seemed so boring. Five years in higher education courses to learn computing and the ins and outs of graphic design and motion design only to get out and find it next to impossible to get myself employed due to my lack of industry experience. I shook my head, who would have thought that this would have happened to me.

"Dra" Dratini's voice broke me from my thoughts as I felt him nudge my elbow with his head and I smirked.

"Sorry buddy, just lost in thought." I assured the little guy as I reached down and rubbed his head with a smirk before looking back out at the water surface, "won't be much longer, three days and we'll be heading out to begin our journey, we're going to blow them all away" I grinned

"Dra!" Dratini voiced in what I guessed was agreement, I'm still working on getting a read for the little guys' expressions and tones.

We just continued to sit there and look out over the water, the strong currents flowing gently tonight as the sun shimmered off its surface, it was rather peaceful. But as we continued to watch something seemed to make the water move against the current, in a ripple-like movement, as if something was coming up. and sure enough, something did with a small splash something broke the water's surface, a small blue ball with two eyes and a swirling circle on its front.

I had to blink for several moments before I recognised what I was looking at, A Poliwag. "Dra!" Dratini said in curiosity.

I smirked, "looks like we're about to have our first battle a little earlier than expected Dratini" I said as I stood up, watching the Poliwag closely not wanting it to get away, "you head that Poliwag, you're going to be our first opponent before our journey even begins, so how about it!" I declared to it, with a grin.

The small tadpole Pokémon eyed me and Dratini for a moment before a hard look crossed its rather cute face, an odd expression for such a cute Pokémon to have, before it literally shot out of the water and landed on the shore, "Poli" it said which I took for an acceptance to my challenge.

"Alright," I grinned and looked to Dratini, "ready to go, buddy?"

"Dra!" Was my partner's response as the small dragon Pokémon moved out in front of me to face his first opponent.

"That's the spirit, let's show this guy how hard we've been training!" I said with a grin, as I was already mentally going over Poliwag's move sets in my mind.

As I was the Poliwag decided to take the first attack and launched a spray of bubbles at Dratini and me, I smirked.

"blow those bubbles away with Twister!" I commanded and watched as Dratini raised its head up and let out a cry as energy began to flow out of it, as a light blue aura seemed to cover it. Seconds later the wind seemed to pick up and swirl instantly popping the bubbles that were coming towards us and carrying on catching the small Poliwag and throwing it sideways and into a tree just down the shore.

I smirked, "nice one Dratini, now get in there with wrap" I ordered while the smaller Pokémon was down and trying to get up.

Dratini gave a nod and rushed the small tadpole Pokémon and wrapped its length around it and began to squeeze as Poliwag let out a cry. I could see that this fight wasn't going to last much longer.

"Alright, wrap this up with thunder wave!" I called knowing that while it wasn't an attacking move I understood that even in this situation it would cause damage to a water type Pokémon like Poliwag.

Hearing my command Dratini let out a cry before electricity began to spark out from its body and hit the trapped Poliwag in its bind. Poliwag let out a cry as it was shocked and Dratini released it from its grasp, just for it to fall over, its eyes swirling as it sparked from the attack. Now was my chance.

I reached for my belt and pulled off one of my free Pokéballs and sized it up as I took a second to aim, it was harder than it looked, I threw the ball at the downed Pokémon. My aim was true and it hit its mark and opened up. Poliwag was sucked inside with a red stream of light and the Pokéball hit the ground and began to jiggle. one, two, three… and then the light went out.

I stood there watching for five seconds more before a huge grin came to my face and I jumped for joy, "we did it!"


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