Chapter 19: Divsions and Reflections,

Jonathan quickly walked up to Ozpin who was still in control of Oscar body as he helped him up, the Joestar heir knew that it must have been painful for the immortal warrior to relive the old memories of his past thousands of years ago.

"Professor are you ok?" Jonathan asked Ozpin and he looked and saw that Ozpin has tears falling down from his face.

"I" Ozpin started to say but Yang interrupted her.

"You guys heard that right, there was so much that you haven't told us how could you think that was ok" Yang angrily said causing Jonathan to narrow his eyes.

"Yang, thats enough Ozpin had his reasons from keeping this from us have you forgotten what you just saw the things he had to go through" Jonathan said.

"Your actually on his side Jojo maybe you didn't see that Salem was immortal and he didn't tell us and your actually on his side" Yang said to Jonathan.

"For good reason your lashing out on with something he had no control over he didn't want any of this and yet he took the chance to see if he can change Salem mind but once that failed he still continued to keep fighting hoping to unity humanity together" Jonathan said as he raised his voice defending Ozpin causing Yang to growl.

Before Yang could say anything Ruby looked at Ozpin and asked him a question.

"Professor what is your plan to defeat Salem?" Ruby asked the immortal hero.

"I...don't have one" Ozpin said as he put his head down after he said that Qrow and went up to punch Ozpin but Jonathan with his speed went up in front of Ozpin and blocked Qrow punch with his hand.

"Move kid!" Qrow growled at Jonathan.

"I will not, Qrow I know that your upset but you need to calm down there is no reason for you to attack Ozpin given the state he is in, also may I remind you that your attacking Oscar as well" Jonathan said as he glared at Qrow but Qrow didn't look convinced.

"I mean it Qrow calm down" Jonathan said as he squeezed Qrow fist causing the experience hunter to cry out in pain before he took a step back.

Qrow glared at Jonathan before grabbing his wrist and turning his sights on Ozpin.

"No one wanted me, I was cursed I gave my life to you because you gave me a place in this world I thought I was finally doing some good" Qrow said.

Jonathan frowned he knew just from seeing Qrow and base on his personality that he was mostly the loner type and prefers to keep his distance he had heard from Ruby that it was due to his semblance misfortune. He believed that he was able to do some good despite his semblance only to find out in his eyes they were fighting an impossible battle. But Jonathan believes that Qrow efforts weren't for nothing he is actually doing some good they just need to find a way to stop Salem.

"But you are" Ozpin said to Qrow.

"Meeting you was the worst luck of my life" Qrow said.

"How can you say that to the man that has helped you" Jonathan yelled at Qrow.

"No...Mr. Joestar maybe Qrow was right...thank you" Ozpin said to Jonathan as his eyes glowed and Oscar was back in control.

"Oscar your back" Jonathan said as he looked and saw that Oscar blinked a bit.

"What happened?" Ruby asked the young teenage boy.

"He gone" Oscar said.

"That bastard tell him we're not done yet!" Yang angrily said.

"No this is different he's gone it's like he locked himself deep inside my head...our head ugh I hate this I want it to stop" Oscar said.

"He just left us" Weiss said.

"What are we going to do now?" Blake said, Yang merely grunted in anger.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Jonathan yelled.

"We don't really have time to argue like this right now, it's going to be dark soon and everyone of us is bringing out a lot of negativity which will draw out more Grimm...I saw a trail nearby which means that it could lead us to somewhere maybe a nearby town" Jonathan said.

"Jojo" Yang started to say but Jonathan glare shut her up she never seen Jonathan with a displeased look on his face before he usually would have a kind and gentle look on his face.

"I said we don't have time for this I know that your upset but if we don't get out of this cold we are going to die so we need to move now" Jonathan said in a tone that left no rooms for arguments and the group had some guilty looks on their faces knowing that Jonathan was right and also that at the same time maybe they were a bit harsh on Ozpin after hearing Jonathan words.

"Well I'm glad that at least one of you is making some sense around here" Maria said as she looked at Jonathan and nodded in approval.

"Jojo is right come one" Ruby said as the others were gathering their things and once Weiss was finishing getting her stuff she went up to Jonathan.

"Jojo" Weiss said as she looked at her boyfriend.

"I'm sorry Weiss but I need some time to think" Jonathan said as he walked away from Weiss causing Weiss to gasp a bit before having a sad look on her face.

Ruby then went up to Oscar and handed him Ozpin cane and Oscar slowly took it.

"I'm just going to be another one of his lives aren't I?" Oscar asked Ruby.

"Of course not, you're your own person" Ruby said to the young teenager.

"Don't lie to him Ruby we're better then that" Qrow said as he took a drink from his flask as he walked away and Oscar merely grab the cane and was starting to walk away and Ruby merely looked down at the ground in sadness before she started to walk away feeling a sense of hopelessness since the fall of Beacon.

Meanwhile we go to back to Cinder currently the servant of Salem was sitting in a dining room upstairs at Dio's place, it was around nightime and Dio decided to close up his bar early because he decided to try to talk to Cinder to get to know her and to also see where her head at. The two were sitting across from each other at te dining room table and Dio had prepared he and Cinder some food, some stake and salad.

Cinder narrowed her eyes at Dio "well were you able to find Ruby and her friends or not?" Cinder asked the blonde.

"Oh my right off the bat and your already asking about the group your searching for, it seems somebody is impatient" Dio said as he chuckled a bit.

Cinder growled "I don't have time for your games Dio, you better have the information I need or-" Cinder started to say but Dio stopped her.

"Or you what kill me you and I both know I'm the best chance at finding the group your looking for besides it's not like you can kill me anyway" Dio said as he smirked a bit.

"Aren't we confident do you actually think you have a chance against me" Cinder said as her eyes started to glow.

"Hmph of course with my power none can oppose me but we are not here to fight I want to use this chance to get to know each other, now then I have a feeling that your working under someone, someone that is powerful but I want to know is your goal and why go after Ruby Rose and her friends?" Dio asked Cinder as he took a piece from his stake and ate it.

Cinder frowned she knew that Dio is looking for information why else would he ask her these questions as much as she wants to kill him, she needs him right now to find Ruby and her friends not to mention his words from earlier kept ranging in her head.

Cinder sighed as she decided she might as well humor him.

"They more importantly Ruby are a threat not only to my master but only to me and my ambitions" Cinder said.

"Oh and those ambitions are?" Dio asked as he took a sip of his wine.

"Power of course I want everybody to fear me just because of my power...I will never be such a weak and helpless girl ever again" Cinder said.

"Ah I see I guess we are quite similar in that regard all the more reason we should team up" Dio said with a smirk base on Cinder answer he could guess that like she had a troublesome childhood and must have been abused a lot and decided that she was going to take what she desired the most and their wasn't anything that will get in her way.

"I also want power over the years I had gained a great recognition in the underworld but I have greater ambitions and I believe your group can aid me in my goals" Dio said.

Cinder thought about it she could team up with Dio he could be useful in her plans to kill Ruby but she knows she can't fully trust Dio because she knew that he has his own interest in mind.

"I'll tell you what Dio as long as you give me the information on Ruby and her friends I believe that we can partner up with each other" Cinder said.

"Excellent do not worry Cinder you will have the information your seeking you should use this time to rest and recover your strength" Dio said.

Cinder hated it but Dio was right after loosing to Raven she needed to rest and recover and use this time to plan her next course of action, at least she has gotten a potential "ally" out of Dio. Cinder then continued to eat her food along with Dio and Dio while eating smirked to himself.

"All according to plan, I know Cinder doesn't trust me fully but that's ok I will keep her and her group close and when the time comes I will end her and her group because after all only I Dio has the right to rule Remnant and no one will stand in my way especially with the power of my semblance" Dio thought as he knew that he was on his way in reaching his goals.

We go back to Ruby, Jonathan and the others were walking through the snow with Jonathan out in the front.

Qrow sighed "it doesn't look like it's going to let up" the huntsman said.

"Yes our aura can protect us for only so long if we don't find somewhere to stay for the night soon we are going to freeze to death" Jonathan simply said.

"I just want to get this stupid relic to Atlas" Blake said.

"Lets hope we don't have to walk all the way there" Weiss said to Blake.

"I thought trails let somewhere" Yang said to Maria.

"Do you have nothing to do then harass a defenseless old lady" Maria said to Yang.

"Everyone quite do you hear that" Ruby said to everyone Jonathan did hear something and the group turned walked and looked and saw a small and abandoned small like town and Jonathan and the others looked at the sign and it was called Brunswick Farms.

"Well at least one good thing happened today" Blake said.

"Yes but from the looks of it this town looks abandoned" Jonathan said.

"Yeah are you sure we can stay in a place like this?" Weiss said.

"Well it's better then staying out here" Ruby said to the couple.

"Come on we can all use some rest" Qrow said as the group had went into the farm like town to get out of the town and hopefully plan their next course of action.

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