Chapter 3: Dinner Meeting

"Your father wants to invite me for dinner in your home" Jonathan said as he looked at Weiss who only nodded in reply.

"Yes he told me that since I was spending so much time with you he wants to try to get to know you" Weiss said.

It has been four months since Jonathan and Weiss has met each other and six months since the fall of Beacon. During those four months Jonathan and Weiss had begun to spend a lot of time together weather it was going out doing some activtes and flat out doing some training had fought Jonathan using his gauntlets the passion and it is a pretty huge difference from when he uses luck and pluck as a main source of combat.

Jonathan was pretty powerful and efficient in hand to hand combat especially when he uses his hamon. Weiss could barely keep up with Jonathan when it came to hand to hand combat he was just so strong and he pretty quick for a guy his size so whenever they fought when he is using his gauntlets Jonathan for the most part always wins.

But that's not even the insane part the insane part is when Jonathan lands a couple of hits he actually holding back against Weiss. If Jonathan didn't hold back their no doubt he could have cause Weiss to run out aura quickly and to have cause some serious damage to her in the long no doubt that for Weiss Jonathan is just as strong if not more stronger then Yang is and the crazy thing is he can get even stronger. Without doubt for Weiss Jonathan Joestar would be a force to be reckon with in the future.

That was one of things Weiss loved about Jonathan his overwhelming strength, his kindness and overall being a perfect gentleman. Weiss would admit that she did found Jonathan attractive when she first saw him. But over the last couple of months as time pass by she can safely say that she has started to gain feelings for Jonathan. How could she not he is really her only bright spot ever since she got back home and he made her feel more at ease then she as ever been. Yes Weiss owes Jonathan a lot witch is why she was worried a bit about him properly meeting her father. Weiss would hope the dinner would turn out somewhat decent.

"I see well who am I to turn down a invitation this might turn out to be a interesting experience" Jonathan said.

"Jojo" Weiss said as she had a worried look on her face.

Jonathan gently placed a hand on Weiss's shoulder.

"Weiss you don't have to worry I'm sure that everything will be alright as long as we are with each other everything should be alright" Jonathan said.

Weiss let out a small smile no matter what sort of problems she had Jonathan always had the presence to put her at ease he was exactly like Ruby in that regard. There would be no doubt that if the two would meet each other no doubt they would be great friends.

"Alight Jojo if you say everything is going to be alright then I believe you we should call it quits for today" Weiss said.

"Agreed I believe we did more then enough training now I have to prepare for a hopefully a lovely dinner with your family" Jonathan said.

"Just don't expect my mother to be there" Weiss said in a bitter like tone.

Jonathan frowned at that statement he had ask Weiss about her mother and while it was a touche subject Weiss did explain for the most part what happened to her and how basically her father had drove her mother into becoming a alcoholic and she ignored everything around her including her kids.

When Jonathan heard that he despised Jacques even more how could he use and treat his wife liked that.A husband should always be more loving and caring towards their wife and Jacques only used her to get into the family. Jonathan could hardly blame Weiss mother in that regard but still its no excuse to completely ignore your daughters and everything around him.

Still as much as Jonathan despise the man he couldn't turn down his invite for dinner because of a few reasons. One he wants to be more supportive for Weiss and two he wanted to be in his somewhat good side because over time Jonathan had started to develope feelings for Weiss and hopefully he would be ok with him asking his daughter to be his girlfriend soon. Not like Weiss exactly needs his expression since she pretty much a grown woman up to this point. But the last thing Jonathan needs is to get into a fued with Jacques Schnee.

"I know Weiss" Jonathan said as he gave Weiss a sympathetic look.

"Come on I'll help you pack up and Danny and I will escort you towards your ride" Jonathan said as Danny walked up to his master and tagged his tail happily at him and Weiss.

"Thank you Jojo" Weiss said as she let out a small smile.

After that moment Jonathan had helped Weiss put up the dust she brought into her suitcase and she put Myrtenaster back into the suitcase as well. Weiss was packed Jonathan had carried her suitcase and he along with Weiss and Danny made their way towards the front gates of the house

The limo had arrived and Jonathan opened the trunk and he put the suitcase inside the trunk once he did that he closed the trunk and he went up to Weiss who was waiting for them so that they can say their goodbyes at least for now.

"So I guess I will see you in dinner then Jojo" Weiss said to the young Joestar.

"You most certainly will any idea on what I should wear?" Jonathan asked with a smile on his face.

Weiss was thinking and wanted to say that Jonathan would look good in anything he wears instead she said.

"You should probably wear a blue suit that would be my recommendation" Weiss said.

"I understand I'll see you later tonight" Jonathan said.

Weiss smiled and said "yeah you will goodbye Jojo".

Weiss had petted Danny and she went inside the limo and once she was inside the limo drove off leaving only Jonathan and Danny at the front gate. Jonathan sigh a bit as he looked at Danny and smiled and the master and pet then went back into the mansion. Jonathan figured he could at least get a few hours of rest in before he picks out his suit. So once he went back inside Jonathan went back into his room and put his weapons.

He then got into his bed and laid down and slowly closed his eyes as he let sleep consumed him for a few hours. But as he was sleeping Jonathan had dreamt of a certain white hair Schnee that he started to develop feelings for he dreamt of him and Weiss becoming a couple and doing all sorts of activates together as a couple to eventually getting married with a few kids in order words Jonathan was really dreaming about having a family with Weiss.

"Weiss" Jonathan mumble in his sleep as he had a small smile on his face as he was dreaming about the girl he admires and have genuine feelings for.

After a couple of hours Jonathan woke up and he looked at the time and he looked to see that it was night has fallen early even though it was a bit hard to tell if you look at the skies of Atlas since the sky kind of be grayish and dark due to the cold weather and it always be snowing.

Jonathan had about an hour or so until his dinner meeting with the Schnee family so he got up from his bed and he started to go to his closet and started to pick what suit he should wear. It took some time but Jonathan had found a suit that he wanted to wear. Once he did Jonathan then went into the bathroom to take a shower and once he did he started to get dress.

Once he got dressed Jonathan looked himself in the mirror the young Joestar was wearing a regular blue suit with a red tie and he was wearing black dress shoes. Once Jonathan was finish looking himself on the mirror he left his room and he started to leave his he did that and was about to head out Jonathan looked and saw his father walking up to him.

"Jojo where are you going?" George asked his son.

"Ah my apologises father I should have told you this earlier but Weiss father had invited me for dinner and I was just about to head over to their home right now" Jonathan said.

George didn't say anything for a moment but he looked at his son and nodded "I understand Jojo just be careful there no telling what Jacques will do so please be on your guard" Geogre said.

"I know father" Jonathan said.

"Jojo I can tell you are quite fond of Weiss Schnee" George said.

Jonathan was about to say something but George put his hand up to stop him from speaking.

"You don't have to hide it Jojo I can tell how much you love and care about her every time you mention about her and what you two do ever since you first met actually reminds me on how I met your mother and how we eventually started dating" George said.

"You and mother?" Jonathan said he knew that his father didn't like to mention his mother too much because it brought back painful memories of the accident and Jonathan could tell how much he really misses her. Although his father wouldn't outright say it but Jonathan knows for a fact that the reason his father didn't get into another relationship and stayed single was because out of respect for his mother and he probably couldn't fall in love with anybody else besides her.

"Yes although the difference was that your mother was a huntress back in the day and I wasn't since I didn't really want or had no interest in becoming a huntsman but your mother was something else indeed I have to say from what you describe Weiss and what she is like she kind of reminds me of Mary" George said.

"Really" Jonathan ask.

George nodded "Mary displayed a since of confidence and she always set high expectations on herself and she always had a sense of self independence but at the end she was always kind and really wanted to help and save as many people as she can as a huntress I guess you inherited her kindness Jojo" George said as he smiled at his son.

"Father" Jonathan said.

"Jojo you know I will always support you in what you do no matter what and if you really do want to be with then you have my blessing besides it would be quite interesting to talk and meet with her you should really invite her for dinner one day" George said.

Jonathan smiled at his father "I will thank you father" Jonathan said.

Geogre nodded "now then I believe that its time for you go Jojo off you go now" George said.

Jonathan nodded and smile "goodbye father I'll see you when I get home" he said after that Jonathan had exited out of the house and he looked and saw that a limo was parked in front of the Joestar manor and Jonathan was greeted by the driver who opened the door for him.

Jonathan thanked the driver and got inside the limo and once he did the driver went into the front of the limo into the driver seat and he started to drive off towards its destination witch was the Schnee residence. It didn't take that long for long for Jonathan to reach the Schnee residence and he had to admit the place was pretty impressive to say the least and it was even bigger then his own home but that's not surprising considering the Schnee family is more then likely is the powerful family in all of Remnant.

When Jonathan had reach the front door of the Schnee residence he looked and saw that the door was opening and when the door was fully opened Jonathan saw that the person who opened the door was man who had a orange mustache and he was mostly bald but he had hair on the back of his head. He was wearing a blue vest a black tie and white dress shirt along with black dress pants and black dress shoes.

"Ah you must me Joestar good evening sir my name is Klein the head family butler" the man now know as Klein said as he bowed to the Joestar heir.

Jonathan had heard about Klein from Weiss in fact Weiss mentions Klein a lot to Jonathan because he practically raised and took care of her for all if her life. In other words Klein was the father figure that Weiss ever had instead of her own.

Also Jonathan was made aware of Klien's...mood swings by Weiss but none the less he smiled and politely bowed back at the butler.

"Its a pleasure to meet you Klein Weiss told me all about you she holds you in high regards" Jonathan said.

Klein smiled "I do appreciate that holds me in high regards that actually makes me really happy now then sir Joestar why don't you come in" Klein said as he went to the side and allowed Jonathan to come in to the mansion.

"Thank you Klein" Jonathan said as he entered the Schnee home once he did Klein closed the door.

"Dinner will be ready shortly in the mean time why don't I take you to room so you two can spend time together" Klein said.

"Of course thank you Klein" Jonathan said after that Klein had lead Jonathan to Weiss room and as he was walking through the Schnee residence Jonathan could feel the dread and coldness of this place it doesn't feel very welcoming compared to his own home and it almost feels like a prison.

Jonathan frowned he not sure if he could have handle the hardships Weiss faced but she had managed to stay strong and walk down a path that was independent on what her father wanted to do and that even made Jonathan love and admire Weiss even more that's why after dinner over he was going to confess his feelings towards her.

Once Jonathan and Klein reach the door witch he assumed was Weiss room Klein had started to walk away.

"I will alert you and when dinner is ready in the meantime I will alert Master Jacques of your arrival " Klein said.

Jonathan nodded his thanks to Klein as the butler left the area Jonathan then turned towards the door and he knocked on a second or two later the door opened and Weiss looked and saw that it was Jonathan and safe to say she was really happy to see him.

"Jojo you made it!" Weiss said as she hugged Jonathan and the young Joestar looked down at Weiss and smiled.

"Of course though it seems that I arrived here a bit too early" Jonathan said jokingly as he chuckled a bit.

Weiss separated herself from Jonathan and smiled at him "I don't care I'm just glad your here well come in" Weiss said as she said that Jonathan entered the room and Weiss closed the door.

"So this is your room Weiss its quite lovely" Jonathan said as he looked around the room and Weiss walked and sat down on the bed.

"I guess I bet your room is just as impressive Jojo" Weiss said as Jomathan went right up to her.

"That's right you never seen or been into my room before I guess I will have to show you it and maybe the rest of my home" Jonathan said.

"Do you mind?" Jonathan asked as he gesture to Weiss if he could sit on her bed.

"No go right ahead" Weiss said as Jonathan sat next to her.

"So what were you doing in here anyway Weiss" Jonathan asked.

"Training for the most part I think I almost got the summoning down pack and its all thanks to you Jojo us training together has really made me stronger" Weiss said.

"I felt the same way Weiss I felt like I gotten stronger thanks to your guidance if I may can I ask you something?" Jonathan ask.

"Go ahead" Weiss said.

"Weiss I know your not happy here even you told me that why is it that you haven't starting looking for your team?" Jonathan asked.

Weiss sigh "Jojo you and I both know my father would stop me from leaving Atlas and I don't even know where they are and with the CCT down I can't contact them and ask to see where they are plus I bet they are dealing with their own issues at the moment so I want to give them their space" she said.

Jonathan frowned a bit "Weiss they are your team despite what you four are going through I bet they would be happy to see you and you guys can work everything out I know you will" Jonathan said.

"Your so much like Ruby Jojo you really have a way with words" Weiss said with a smile on her face

"I'll take that as a compliment" Jonathan said as both of them laugh a bit.

Jonathan had a point she really wanted to see her team or her sister Winter again but she has no idea where to even look for them plus there the fact that a part of her is hesitant because she really didn't want to leave Jonathan behind as Weiss had begun to love and care about the young Joestar heir a lot these past four months.

After that moment Jonathan and Weiss begun to talk more for a couple of more minutes until they heard a knock on Weiss's door. The door opened up and Klien had walked into the room and address Jonathan and Weiss.

"Pardon my intrusion , but dinner is ready" Klein said.

"Thank you Klein we will be right there" Weiss said as Klien bowed as he closed the door.

Weiss turned to look at Jonathan "well are you ready to meet my so call family" Weiss said as she use quotation signs on the word family.

"Yes hopefully things will go smoothly" Jonathan said as he sat up from the bed and he offered his hand for Weiss and Weiss smiled as she grabbed his hand and got up from her . had let go of Weiss hand much to her displeasure and he went to the side and bowed.

"Would you mind leading me to your dining room I would very much appreciate it " Jonathan said as Weiss chuckled a bit.

"Not at all the pleasure would be all mind now come along we can't keep my "brilliant" father and my "loveable" brother waiting now can we" Weiss said.

"No because that would be rude of us especially since I'm a guess" Jonathan said as he chuckled right back at Weiss.

After that both Jonathan and Weiss had both left the room and Weiss had lead Jonathan towards the Schnee family dining room and it only took hardly no time at all. When they had both arrived at the dining room witch was very impressive itself Jonathan looked and saw two figures sitting down at a large table one was a teenager who looked to be around the same age as himself so he was about sixteen. He had white hair that was neatly comb and he was wearing a blue vest a white dress shirt. Jonathan couldn't see what kind of pants he was wearing but it didn't take him long to realize that this was Weiss's younger brother Whitley.

The one that was sitting on the far end of the table Jonathan recognize all too well he has seen him in a few events but he never actually interacted with him. He was a middle age man with white hair that was slick back and he had a white mustache and far as Jonathan could tell it looked like he was wearing a baby blue suit. Jonathan knew who this man was this was Jacques Schnee Weiss father.

Jonathan looked and saw that the food was already on the table while at the same time both Jacques and Whitley took notice of Jonathan and Weiss's arrival.

"Ah so your Jonathan George's son please have a seat I hope my daughter wasn't trobluing you" Jacques said.

Weiss narrowed her eyes but Jonathan smiled as both he and Weiss had sat right next to each other across from Whitley and to the right of Jacques who was sitting at the middle of the table

"Not at all sir in fact your daughter was very helpful in keeping me company" Jonathan said he then looked turn to look at Whitley.

"You must be Whitley it is a pleasure to meet you as well" Jonathan said.

Whitley smiled but it was more of a fake smile then anything else "the pleasure is all mine Jonathan hopefully we will get along just fine" Whitley said.

Jonathan somehow doubts that but he needed to be nice to them just so he could be with Weiss "yes I hope so as well" Jonathan said.

"Now then why don't we eat we can talk a little bit later" Jacques said.

After he said that everyone had started eating their food witch looked like Salmon to Jonathan it was actually pretty good. The mood around dinner was tense to say the least nobody was exactly speaking to one another and Jonathan could sense their was no togetherness with this family at all and that was all because of Jacques and he could see how much Whitley was spoiled and how much his father influenced him just by this dinner alone Jonathan can see why Winter went to the military and why Weiss left home in the first place.

As they were almost finished Jacques spoke up as he looked at Jonathan.

"So tell me Jonathan what is it that you want to do in the future no doubt that you want to take over your fathers business eventually?" Jacques asked. Weiss looked at Jonathan as she was waiting to see how would he respond.

"Well that is one of my goals is take over my father work once I inherited the company but my other goal is to be huntsman" Jonathan said.

Whitley raised his eyebrows and Jacques narrowed his eyes a bit "a huntsman you say and may I ask why" Jacques said.

"Because I want to help people sir plain and simple and not only that I want to help to get rid of people who cause harms to others so that what happen at Beacon won't happen ever again and I have to say that in a way I look up to your daughter because of her skills as a huntress" Jonathan said as he looked at Weiss and smiled.

"Jojo" Weiss thought.

"I see well I'm afraid that Weiss won't have time to be a huntress since she going to be focusing on running the Schnee Dust Company" Jacques said.

"Why Weiss is more then capable of running the Schnee Dust Company and being huntress" Jonathan said as he narrowed her eyes.

"Because its a waste of time she should have stayed home instead of having a having a little rebellion wasting everyone time" Jacques said.

Wasting everyone time the nerve of him his daughter was risking her life fighting for the greater good and he says its a waste of time!. Weiss looked at Jonathan and she knew that if Jonathan would say anything more things could get ugly.

Weiss put her hand on Jonathan lap and Jonathan widen his eyes a bit and he knew that Weiss wanted him to stop him before he does something he regrets.

Jonathan sighed "I understand sir if you excuse its getting late I should hurry and return home thank you for the meal" Jonathan said as he stood up. Weiss stood up as well.

""Father do you mind if I escort Jonathan out" Weiss said as she held herself to not say Jonathan nickname.

"No of course not go right ahead it was a pleasure meeting you Jonathan please give your father my regards" Jacques said.

"Of course and it was nice meeting you and Whitley as well goodbye" Jonathan said as Weiss followed him.

After about a couple of minutes the duo was outside of the Schnee residence "Jojo are you alright I'm sorry about my father" Weiss started to say.

Jonathan turn to look at Weiss "no Weiss you have nothing to apologize for its just the nerve of him saying that you becoming a huntress was just a waste of time, you risking your life to help people and wanting to change your family image was a waste of time I never dislike anybody I had in my entire life!" Jonathan yelled.

"I know Jojo and thank you for defending me really but it would have been pointless to continue if you did there a chance that father might limit or worse prevent me from seeing you and that's the last thing I want" Weiss said.

Jonathan then grab Weiss's hand surprising her "Jojo" Weiss said.

"I don't care try all he wants but nothing he will say will ever keep us apart I swear it on my life as a gentleman" Jonathan said as Weiss gasp in surprise at Jonathan determination.

"Weiss I always admired you from afar especially when I saw you at the Vytal tournament and these past four months I got to know you I began to realize how strong beautiful and determine you are help people as a huntress and in restoring your family honor I couldn't help but slowly fall in love with you. Weiss you mean a lot to me and help me grow and develop as a person so would like to have the pleasure of being my girlfriend?" Jonathan asked.

"Jojo" Weiss said she then smiled as she reached up and put a hand on his face.

"Jojo you are so kind brave thoughtful and such of gentleman you have given me a sense of freedom I haven't had sense Beacon. I thought you was attractive but I kept my guard up in case you were putting on a act but I can tell that wasn't the case the more I spent time with you and over time I did wanted us to be something more then close friends and well I would have to be really awful to turn somebody who spilled their heart out when I actually feel the same way" Weiss said.

"Weiss does that mean" Jonathan said.

"Yes Jojo I will be your girlfriend" Weiss said.

"Oh Weiss" Jonathan said after Jonathan said that the two of them lean their heads forward and Weiss had to almost get on her tip toes as she gave Jonathan her first kiss and it was the best kiss ever in her eyes. After a few minutes the two of them pulled apart as the limo arrived.

"Well that's my ride I guess I'll see you tomorrow Weiss" Jonathan said to his new girlfriend.

"Oh you definitely will Jojo but until then please take care if yourself" Weiss said.

"I will" Jonathan said as he went and stole Weiss's second kiss of the night after that the couple separated from each other and Jonathan had walked and went inside of the limo and once he did the limo drove off from the Schnee residence and with both Jonathan and Weiss thinking the dinner meeting wasn't so bad after all.

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