Reposting Guy's Notes -

0. This was not my story as REPEATEDLY told. It belongs to MISSANNTHROPIC. For more of her work please scour the internet as I haven't been able to contact her ever since I have read her story here. I suspect a story purge was involved in her account being dormant for a while.

1. The story is completely reposted.

2. The issue regarding chapter 55 and chapter 56 being the same has been addressed and updated. There is no new Chapter 56 it is just similar to 57, the story is complete and continues on to 58. There is no missing chapter or if there is, it isn't in the file that i downloaded.

3. This account will be closed as I have asked for the admins to take it down. Anybody interested in reading the story can download it to their devices on fanfiction app. It is my understanding that it stays on the device even after it has been deleted from the servers here.

4. Considering how slow the response from the fanfic admins has been i.e. to say none at all, don't expect the account to be closed anytime soon.

That is all.