Author's Notes: Last chapter in the story. I remember being real sad when I wrote this, because it was the end of something I'd worked really hard on. To date this is the second longest story I've written, only topped by a Sirius/James fic I wrote for Harry Potter. I'm really proud of this story, even though it has flaws. But I think part of why I like it is because it does have them. It's not perfect, but I think it's great. I hope you do, too. Please leave me a review letting me know what you thought :)

"...Do you think he'll be all right?"

"He demorphed in time. Somehow. Didn't you say he passed out, Marco?"

"Yeah, he did. But while I was knocking Hork-Bajir away, I guess he managed to demorph."


A collection of voices. I had faint ideas of who they were.

"Not really, if you think about it, Cassie. Jake's done it. Rachel's done it. With those ants crawling all over her?"

"Tobias is right. I did it."

I shifted and groaned out a little. I hadn't opened my eyes yet, though.

"I think he's coming to." I identified that as Cassie speaking. "Hand me the washcloth."

I felt something warm resting on my forehead. Must have been the washcloth.

"Harvey?" I knew that was Marco. I turned my head in his direction and opened my eyes just a little. Yeah, it was him. "Are you okay?"

I tried to sit up, but my head was spinning. So I just put myself down again. "Y-Yeah. I think so."

I saw Marco reach forward and wrap his arms around me. I had strength, but just not a whole lot. I'd just woken up. But, I did manage to return the hug. I didn't care if any of the others saw. I was just happy I was here.

Then he whispered into my ear, "It's okay. They already know. They know everything."

"I suspected all along," Rachel said. She gave me one of her infamous grins.

When Marco pulled back, I felt myself waking up. I finally sat up, my arms falling into my lap.

"I think they all figured it out when I went ballistic on the Hork-Bajir," he said sheepishly.

"And screaming 'You did not just kill Harvey, you son of a bitch,' helped too," Tobias offered. He was in his human morph.

We all laughed some.

"We care about you, but obviously Marco does just a little bit more." That was Cassie.

I didn't know where I was. It was kind of like a shack, and there was a computer, couch (I was sitting on it) and a television.

"We're in Ax's shack," Jake confirmed for me.

"Where is he?" I asked.

"He's off getting something to eat."

"It's dark out," I observed. No one said anything about how acute and smart I was (sarcastically, I mean) because of what I'd been through. I appreciated it.

Marco looked at his watch. "It's about one in the morning."

"How did I demorph?" I asked.

"None of us really know," Jake told me. "It's happened with us before. But Marco said you had a giant gash that you wouldn't demorph and heal."

"I was doing okay," I said in my defense. "I just got distracted."

"Well, next time listen to Marco. I can't lose a soldier."

I nodded. "Sorry, Jake."

"You hear that?" Marco said, mock serious. "You better listen to me next time."

"One of the only times that Marco is right," Rachel said. "The world is just wrong when Marco's right."

"Oh be quiet, Rachel," Marco said, rolling his eyes. "You're just mad because I killed more Hork-Bajir than you did."

She looked like she was about to say something, but she just shook her head, deciding against it.

I moved my legs and Marco took a seat beside me. Instead of him curling up to me, this time it was me curling up to him. It felt nice not having to worry about the others. I wondered if they knew about Jake and Tobias.

"Aw, where's a camera when you need one?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah, and now you can't complain about women dumping you, Marco. You've got Harvey. Be happy." That was Rachel.

Marco suddenly started talking in one of those kiddy-like voices as he pulled me close to him. "I'm perfectly happy. I couldn't ask for anything more."

"Happy to hear that," I said with a light laugh. "And on a more serious note...What happened? How did I get back here?"

"That was beyond hard," Jake admitted. "Marco thought you died, and his thought-speak was roaring through our heads, so we thought you died, too. But when he realized you had demorphed, we knew you were still alive. DNA repair and all. You were just unconscious."

"Yeah, that was the easy part." Cassie. "The hard part was keeping the Hork-Bajir from seeing you. Marco managed to hide you in the bathroom nearby when the flow of Hork-Bajir stopped. Luckily you didn't demorph until about the time the last few arrived. One did see you, but he's...not gonna live to tell the tale."

"So I was in a bathroom, passed out?" I asked.

"Yeah." Now Tobias spoke. "We knew Visser Three was going to be coming, so there was no real easy way to get you out. We put our identities on the line getting you out of that building."

"How'd you get me out?"

Nobody said anything for a minute.

I pressed the question again. "How'd you guys get me out?"

"We threw you out a window," Marco said nervously.

"What! You threw me out a window?!"

"Well, if it's any consolation, it was really dark and no one noticed the gorilla catch you. After I demorphed and everyone else did, we managed to catch the night bus."

"But I was passed out."

Rachel chuckled. "We convinced the bus driver you got drunk."

An annoyed look grew on my face. "Oh thanks. Just wait until that info hits one of my family members."

"The bus driver didn't say anything. We told him we'd just got out of a party and someone slipped something in your drink. So it wasn't really your fault."


"Yeah, 'oh'."

"Thanks, you guys," I said softly. "I really appreciate it."

"You better not do something like that again," Jake said. "'re welcome."

"Yeah, you're welcome," Tobias said.

"We figured that you could just rest here tonight," Marco said.

"I think I can handle that. As long as I get the couch." I let one of my arms snake around Marco's waist.

"Do you want me to stay with you?" he asked.

"If he does, I'm going," Rachel said. "I gotta go anyways. Mom's probably not fooled by the pillows in my bed."

"I should go too," Cassie said.

Jake stretched his arms. "We all should. Well, except for Marco, if he's staying here. Are you?"

He nodded. "Yeah. Tell Ax that if you see him."

"Don't do anything with him around," Jake ordered. "Because I'm sure he wouldn't understand."

"It'd be stupid of us to think that Andalites know nothing of homosexuality," Cassie stated. "I mean...we can't be the only species with it."

"I wouldn't doubt it," Tobias agreed. "Ax can't be that dumb."

"Well, let's just get going," Rachel yawned. "I'm missing out on my beauty sleep."

"Have fun you two," Jake said.

"Don't do anything we wouldn't do," Rachel said with a snicker. "Because Ax will tell on you."

Marco raised a brow and then nuzzled the side of my head. "We won't."

I smiled softly. I really didn't know what to say. As Jake, Cassie, Rachel, and Tobias made their way to the door, I gave Marco a kiss. It was short, but loving. I was appreciative. Even though I knew that my life would never be the same because of that day that happened just a month or so ago, I didn't know how I would be able to go back and live it when this whole thing was over. Would it ever be over?

One can only hope.

Will the Yeerks ever make a choice and leave Earth? Will the Andalites make a choice and get to Earth faster?

It's all about choices, isn't it?