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Dragon Island, Grand Line.

An island of medium size, with warm temperatures and good climate basically all year. These things and more make Dragon Island a very good place to settle down and have a calm life.

The name 'Dragon Island' come from an ancient legend.

The legend said that long ago a Dragon that had the power to rule over lightning used the island as his dwelling place, because of the Dragon being present many hazards and disasters ended up being avoided by the island. This constant show of power of the Dragon made the island dwellers see him as some type of Divine Guardian or Protector.

Their respect for the Dragon made them consider the act of going to the heart of the island, where the nest of the Dragon was, something forbidden that should be avoided at all costs!

With the passage of time however this legend became almost forgotten by the new generations of the island, with many treating the Dragon legend as just some sort of story created by their ancestors. Still, to this day many will not go even near the heart of the island where the dragon nest was, all that do say they feel watched by something they can't see or hear.

What the inhabitants of this place don't know, is that on this island the new journey of one lost soul will begin anew.

A journey that will surely shake the world.





Life sure can be surprising, this is something that I have come to learn after I died.

In one moment there I was, walking back home one afternoon after my first day on my new job. I was nineteen and that was my first real full-time job, so I was very happy and feeling good about myself. A calm job at a book store in a very respected commercial district of the city, really good stuff.

My normal life was really good at that moment, so good that apparently some type of cosmic force out there decided it was a good moment to screw me up.

There wasn't a single car in sight when I took my first step to cross the street, but as soon I was halfway across a car appeared out of nowhere.

Some would say it was one of those street racing cars, but to me it was more akin to a carriage from hell.

The envoy from the one below didn't even give me a second to properly react to the situation, and before I could realize I was already flying down the street. After bouncing a little, as just being hit by a car and send flying wasn't enough, I laid there with my eyes open while seeing the envoy running away as if nothing out of normal had just happened.

My body lost all its warmth and my vision started to darken.

All that I could really do at that moment was curse whatever wretched cosmic force out there decided to send that envoy from hell at me.

Really, what an unjust death.

But then after being engulfed by darkness, I discovered that just as there's a force out there that doesn't like me, there's apparently another one that actually does.

After spending God knows how much time floating across the dark void, that I think was the limbo, I started to feel a tug where my legs were supposed to be. It started lightly, but it soon grew in strength. Out of nowhere light came and engulfed the darkness of the void, a sense of weakness overcame me.

Which was good! Because it showed that I had a body again.

With air touching my face I tried to gulp it down as if some type of rare delicacy, which I totally considering being after my time inside the void. I wanted to shout out in happiness for being alive, but when I opened my mouth something that I was not expecting came out instead.

"Ungh! Ungh!"

A baby cry

"Ah! It's a boy!"

I could not fully open my eyes so I could not see much, but with the little I could, I saw the face of a woman with white flowing hair, blue eyes, soft skin, and a loving smile.

"My little boy"

Said the woman to me in a caring voice that I only heard coming from my mother.

At first I didn't understood what was happening, my face probably was quite a sight as I felt gears turning inside my head.

Remembering the void of darkness that I just escaped and my death put a crazy idea in my mind. This crazy idea, with the fact that now I felt my body being way smaller than I remember it, along the smiling woman before me made me realize what was happening.

'I had reincarnated!'




The first few months of my new life had been a little tougher than what I had initially thought they would be.

That was probably because my past life was still fresh in my mind, I still could not come to terms with the fact that everything I knew was gone!

To be completely honest, each time that I thought about my past life and everyone lost I would cry sorrowfully like the baby I now was. Especially when I recalled the mother I lost, at those moments I would really cry.

Luckily for me every time that I cried my new mother would come to my rescue and comfort me.

"What's wrong honey? Why are you crying?"

"Hey, look at mommy, mommy will get you a cookie"

"Do you want to go out with mommy?"

"Look at the toy that mommy got you"

I could not understand what she was saying, but I could feel the loving care that emanated from her, the same love and care that my first mother would have for me. The same worry at seeing me sad, the same happiness at seeing me smile... in other words the same everything.

If not for the fact she had white angelical hair I would have long assumed she was my mother from my first life.

Only a few months later when I saw her crying in sorrow because of my never-fading depressed mood that I had finally came to realize and accept this one crucial fact.

My past life was gone!

I could not return to my previous life, and neither see my first mother, and that would fill me with sadness. But my new life mother was here with me, and she cares about me, she love's me, her son.

Although I could never forget the nineteen years that I lived on Earth, I should just accept that my last life was already gone and walk forward towards the future.

"My past life had ended, but my new life is just beginning!"