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Summary: He was enjoying the summer working in the family business. She was enjoying the summer doing her own thing. It never felt so good being a kid in the 609.

Chapter 1 – Preview

"Hey, Beautiful Brown Eyes! Sunglasses, white top, and ripped jean shorts!" I called out, praying that she'd look my way.

Double B was strolling down the boardwalk gorgeous as ever with her two wing ladies as always. Even through the trickling in of vacationers, I could still locate her easily. Even in games. I quickly became addicted to seeing her several times a week, but my addiction was craving more.

Double B looked over at me then around her eventually pointing to herself to confirm it was she I was calling out.

"Yes, Beautiful. Come on over. I'll give you a free throw on me." With my best sexy smirk thrown her way and a wink, Double B was blushing. I curled my finger in a "come hither" motion, rendering her helpless. She walked over to my booth - sans Alice and Blondie - with an extra sway in her step, making her hips look absolutely delicious and tantalizing to grab from behind.

"What's this free throw entail, handsome?" She bent at the waist, pushing her tits together and up. Drool nearly escaped my mouth at that sight.

"Just try to throw the ball at the right spot to knock all the cans down and you can win one of our awesome prizes." I offered her one of the balls.

"Sounds easy enough." Her hand was dwarfed by the ball. She wasn't that short, maybe five foot five, but her hands were tiny. She tossed the ball up and down several times before winding up and throwing the ball dead center and knocking at the cans down, surprising me.

"Wow, Beautiful Brown Eyes, you amaze me! What prize would you like?" I asked dazed. That was surprisingly sexy watching her throw that ball.

"That big orange hamster, good sir," she said without acknowledging my name for her.

"Come on, you're like the same age as me. Edward's the name. Do I get your name since I just 'bought' you a hamster?" I needed her name and this was my opening. She was finally talking to me! I pulled her hamster down off the wall and handed it to her.

She giggled, hugging the hamster to her small frame. She skipped off to her friends without even a thank you. I frowned. I wanted more time with her. She always did this.

In the distance, she was chatting and giggling like schoolgirls with her friends. They began walking down the boardwalk, but she turned around, still hugging her hamster.


Hearing her voice brightened my day. "Yes?" I responded desperately.

"It's Bella." She smiled. "I'm twenty-two, twenty-three in September. I used to work the tram a few years ago during high school. Thanks for the hamster. I'll look for you at your regular place the next time we're here, handsome."

"Wait, what?" I blubbered. Was it possible she remembered me?

"Alice has given me the inside scoop on you, Edward," she explained. "Don't you wonder why I've shamelessly flirted and teased you?"

With a final wink, she ran lightly to catch up with Alice who was jumping up and down and Blondie who had her arms across her chest.

Before, we move on, we need to back track a little to explain my fascination with Beautiful Brown Eyes, or who I now know as Bella.

Posted: June 28, 2019

This will be drabble-ish/chapters that don't exceed 1,000 words. Fairly regular updates that will start in a few days since I am very close to finishing this.

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