Fairy Tail's Six Paths Sage Jinchuuriki

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Fairy Tail. Naruto is owned by Masashi Kishimoto and Fairy Tail is owned by Hiro Mashima respectively. Certain elements of this story were inspired by other Naruto/Fairy Tail crossovers.

Summary: This Naruto has all the power of Post War Naruto (Six Paths Sage Mode, Truth Seeking Orb, etc) along with the ability to use certain jutsu from all 5 elements (due to training after unlocking Six Paths Sage Mode) and the ability to use magic. Naruto brought to another world begins his life anew in Earthland where he may find love and a new place to belong.

Warning Naruto will be OP (will not nerf him but he wont actively be in every fight especially if he can only win by doing tons of collateral damage) Will be harem (of Fairy Tail universe girls as Naruto wont have his other friends in Earthland).

For tailed beast talking it will be Bolded.

Chapter 1 Beginning of a Tale

Naruto Uzumaki the current jinchuuriki of Kurama the Kyubi and all 8 other Tailed Beasts was considered the strongest ninja of his time. His former rival Sasuke Uchiha tied with him while Naruto held back and was exhausted from continued fights during the 4th Great Ninja War. After the War Killer Bee decided to split Gyuki chakra in half and sent half inside Naruto along with the toher tailed beasts choosing to be sealed in their mutual jinchuuriki. This was due to their own words "'o protect the Sage of Six paths legacy'. This along with the return of Kurama's Yang Chakra made Naruto something of a "New Six Paths Jinchuuriki" as he had the power of all nine Tailed Beasts inside of him along with half of the Hagomoro chakra mixed with his own.

Kurama had claimed to Naruto despite not having the Rinnegan, Naruto was for all purposes the true "Next Six Paths" due to having the same philosophy as his creator and the power to back it up. Naruto had spent a year after the war learning several jutsu from each of the 5 main elements which he had an affinity for due to unlocking Six Paths Sage Mode. He also learned how to use the Flying Rajin from the 4th Hokage and 2nd Hokage notes despite mostly using it for long distances or to escape with his allies. His speed in his various modes were noted to be comparable or surpassing the raw speed of the Flying Rajin.

One day Hagomoro appeared to Naruto in a dream.

"Old Man Six Paths?! How are you here? I thought Kakashi-sensei said your disappeared when I fought Sasuke!" Naruto said in surprise as he waved his hand in front of Hagomoro expecting it to pass through him. Hagomoro swatted his hand away much to Naruto's surprise.

"The chakra left inside Madara's Juubi jinchuuriki body did indeed fade away but you and Sasuke still have half of my chakra inside of you so I am still able to manifest inside your heart." Hagomoro explained as Naruto looked skeptical.

"Not that I don't mind talking to you as who can say they got to talk to the Sage of Six Paths himself Dattebayo!" Naruto said with a nervous tick much to Hagomoro's amusement. "But why are you here?" Naruto asked looking Hagomoro in the eye.

"Naruto it is time for you to learn of your destiny." Hagomoro said with a kind smile seeing the confused look on Naruto's face.

"Destiny? I thought I helped saved the ninja world from your mother and helped ninjas get along?" Naruto asked with a head tilt.

"Yes, that indeed was your destiny here but you have a calling somewhere else." Hagomoro explained as Naruto's eyes narrowed.

"Wait it makes it sound like I have to leave the Leaf?!" Naruto exclaimed in anger.

"Yes, and not just the Leaf but the Elemental Nations altogether as this place you need to save is in another dimension altogether." Hagomoro said with a sigh seeing Naruto's furious expression.

"If its in a new dimension make Sasuke do it! He has the Rinnegan that can travel through dimensions like your mother could! Or if you need to me do it have Sasuke pick me up so I can travel between the two worlds whenever I want!" Naruto shouted in annoyance as Hagomoro gave a look of sympathy.

"Forgive me. I should not have said "dimension" and implied it could be travelled at will. Rather this new place is a different 'plane of existence altogether' so it will be a one way trip only I can send you. Once you get there, there is no turning back. I do not know what will happen to your soul when you die so it could really mean the end of your time here if you choose to go." Hagomoro explained bluntly choosing to be honest for Naruto's impossible choice.

Naruto frowned and spoke "What about the tailed beasts? What will happen to them if I choose to go to this new world?" Naruto asked with a serious look.

Before Hagomoro could speak Kurama manifested in the dream "We will go wherever you go since we are inside of you Naruto." Kurama spoke as Naruto beamed at his lefe long partner.

"What about the rest of you guys? What do you think I should do?" Naruto asked as the other tailed beasts appeared in the dream.

"I don't care what you do as long as I get to show why Tanukis are better than Foxes hehe." Shukakka chortled as Nartuto and Kurama sweatdropped.

"Naruto-kun I will support whatever actions you choose to do. In this new world you might find some new friends and perhaps a mate or two?" Matatabi suggested with a feline grin as Naruto face turned crimson as he sputtered in response. Kurama and Hagomoro chuckled in good fun.

Isobu and Saiken were content inside Naruto so they didn't give much of an opinon. Son stated he would go anywhere as long as Naruto didn't let himself grow weaker in times of peace. Kokuo stated his powers were Naruto's since he proved himself during the war. Chomei cheerfully exclaimed with him sealed isndie of Naruto they were lucky making Naruto laugh.

Gyui explained due the way the seal worked regardless of what happened to Bee or Naruto he would respawn at full strength wherever his siblings were so he was interested in the new world.

Naruto closed his eyes and thought carefully and when he opened them he looked resolute. Before he could talk Hagomoro raised a hand and said "I know you are wondering about your friends here and the chakra inside Sasuke has already told him about the situation. Sasuke's message is 'Knowing Naruto he will go where he can help others so I will tell everyone to send their regards.'" Hagomoro claimed as Naruto gave a dry smile in response.

"I guess he knows me well. Alright I will go to this new place!" Naruto declared as the tailed beasts sent a cheer in agreement. "What do I need to know about this place and the problem it has?" Naruto asked.

"This new place is called Earthland with the country you will be landing on called Fiore. The land is filled with an energy called Ethanano which is similar to the natural energy here but instead of charka sustaining their bodies mages have magic. Don't worry about the little things but in the new land you will have all your powers and memories but I will de-age abit so you will have time to adapt to the new powers tou be given. Look out for Agnologia and Zeref." Hagomoro explained quickly as he started during rapid hand motions with his staff creating a portal. The portal glowed as in started to pull in Naruto and in the real world his body started to disappear.

"Wait Old man Six paths! How young will I be and who do I look for?!" Naruto yelled as he started to get sucked into the portal.

"Look for Mavis Vermillion!" Hagomoro yelled as Naruto cursed before he disappeared.

"That was mean Old man not telling him everything." Kurama said with disappointment.

"The portal could only stay open so long anyways I am sure Naruto won't mind going through teen years again." Hagomoro said with a smile as the tailed beasts disappeared in puff of smokes to their seals inside Naruto body.


"Thank you Hagomoro for our saviour. He looks like a real trouble maker when he growing and a real heartbreaker when he is all mature again teehee." Mavis Vermillion said with a giggle as she picked up a sleeping 12-year-old Naruto Uzumaki. Mavis was a young-looking, blond-haired woman with wavy long hair, a white dress and pink and noticeable no shoes. She had large green eyes, peach colored skin and sing like ornaments in her hair.

Thus the era of the Naruto Uzumaki future Hokage was over but the beginning of Naruto Uzumaki the Magic Ninja was about to begin! The year was X787, 7 years before Lucy Heartfillia would join Fairy Tail.

AN2: I know people want Reading Fox Scroll, Kingdom Hearts 3 Aftermath or possibly my GoT story to be updated but like all writers I CHOOSE what I want to write! I choose deaging him 7 years so he would the same age as Mira and Erza when he joins Fairy Tail. Plus it gives time from a timeskip for when he gets new powers off screen. He will NOT be nerfed and insanely powerful but like I said will not one-shot everyone or be involved in every event since he has his own things he wants to do.

Honestly my first Naruto/Fairy Tail story that is not a reading so be kind ok? I know right but I am just typing as I think honestly.

When do you want him to join? Same time as Lucy or a later time? (latest would be just before Tenrou Island)

Any ideas for ships for Naruto? Will eb a harem and I choose if a girl be accepted or not. Can be from any guild but most choices will be more popular girls like Lucy, Mira, Brandish etc. Girls like Cana, Juvia, Bisca etc will prob not be with Naruto since I feel they have canon ships. Mavis is hanging on the fence as she is an adult and Naruto isn't a child in his mind.

This was not Beta-ed just me writing and looking it myself! Short chapter cant promise long ones.