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AN1: Fairy Tail 100 Year quest 109 was released May 31/22 and YES it does show the canon explanation of what Laxus Dragon Lacrima is. My story and explanation were released like over a year before that so obvious I had no idea. Naruto's teacher will not be that Thunder Dragon King so Laxus and his Lightning Dragon Slayer magic will not be connected to that Dragon King. (Although I will point out that God Serena ALSO has a Lightning dragon Lacrima. Just saying.

Yes I know the AN has born reposted but I know people will claim I intentionally changing canon to make Naruto 'special' hence why I will just repost the top one for awhile (so people can see I am explaining a plot point).

Fairy Tail 100 Year quest 115 was released. It showed that God Serena survived and the last three of his Dragon Lacrima-Diamond(stone), Flash(Light), dark (unnamed) along with his established other 5-Lightning (thunder), Cavern (Earth), Purgatory (Fire), Sea King (Water), Gale (wind).

For context in this story God Serena will have refined organ (heart) of the Lightning Dragon King (like Laxus did have in canon) and scales/bones from the other Dragons. Hence his Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic will be in general more effective then Laxus but less than Naruto's (as Serena will have a refined organ rather then just some leftover scales enchanted.) And just because Serena and Kirin (the 5th dragon slayer) have their magic from the "Lightning Dragon King" does not mean that Naruto own (through first generation) Lightning Dragon Slayer magic is inferior (a dragon does not need to be king to be strong after all).

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AN1: Happy New Years everyone! 2024 lets go! I know I didn't post as much I am sure everyone wanted but I did what I could. Hopefully this year turns out good! This chapter is smaller but its more a "downtime" chapter now that Edolas is over and I need some things before Tenrou Island (which is literally an era changing arc). So yeah shorter but I feel that these chapters will be better when Naruto isn't dealing with guild endangering events.

To be honest I started this to be Mira and Naruto focused chapter but then I wanted to have Lisanna address her changing feelings and I thought someone like Kinana (who is younger and not her siblings) would work as someone who could talk or rather listen to what Lisanna had to say.

Chapter 63Kinana and Lisanna feelings?

If Naruto was being honest with himself. Mira's smile might be the most beautiful thing he ever experienced. The beautiful model seemed to be even more kind and sweet towards him since he revealed what happened with him and the two Lisanna's.

After their adventures in Edolas and Naruto revealing the truth including his unintended kiss with Edolas Wendy, life had returned more or less back to normal at Fairy Tail. Well as normal as a guild like Fairy Tail could be.

Naruto noticed that Lisanna appeared to have dropped the 'brother' honorific to his name since he told her about how he saved her in the past.

'Hmmm. Lisanna-chan calling me 'kun feels kinda weird. Did I somehow push her back a few steps in our friendship? Is it better to be called 'kun' or 'Nii' for someone who isn't your blood relative? Hmm I guess since I never had an older brother I don't really know what is the norm. Although she does blush more when I look her way now. Hmm…?' Naruto thought as he sat next to Mira who sat right next to him on the bench.

Naruto glanced at Lisanna who was at the bar with Kinana talking in hushed tones about something he couldn't quite hear.

'Weird usually Mira-chan has a whole crowd of people who want to sit next to her but today she is sitting next to me. Even more weird our table is empty except us.' Naruto thought as he put a hand on his chin in wonder.

Naruto did not see or sense the demonic like magic aura Mira was leaking out which got even the men who was interested in her like Wakaba to keep a healthy distance.

'As much as its fun to try to look down Mira-chan dress I like myself alive and intact more.' Wakaba thought to himself nervously with a pout of envy.

Mira was currently wearing a beautiful white dress that had a notable neckline with her usual flowery bracelets on her wrists. She wore fairly causal blue sandals that exposed her toenails which happened to be a bright red as if she was putting extra effort into her appearance.

Mira's head was a more inch from Naruto's shoulder as she hummed and smiled beautiful at Naruto who was grinning sheepishly. Naruto was resisting blushing as her warm body was pressed against him.

'Dammit! I am stronger than this! Just because Mira-chan's sweet vanilla scent is right there and her long beautiful hair is in reaching distance doesn't mean I am will grab her and take her right here and now!' Naruto raged to himself mentally.

The tailed beasts inside him smirked with Matatabi looking ready to purr at Naruto's mental thoughts and urges towards the beautiful white-haired model.

Mira looked up at Naruto with a sweet smile but unseen to Naruto she had the smallest smirk at Erza and Lucy who were at the table behind Naruto. The two busty females were glaring at Mira who seemed to have once again gotten closer to Naruto without really doing anything.

'Damn it! I love Mira-san but why does her natural beauty have to be well so beautiful! She is just sitting next to Naruto and it already seems like Naruto is holding himself back from kissing her!' Lucy raged out as despite not doubting her own beauty and good looks she could admit next to Mira she was lacking somewhat.

Meanwhile Erza was gritting her teeth as she stared at the smirk her old rival was giving her. Erza could almost hear Mira whispering 'Erza-chan. I am here and you are there in regards to Naruto-kun feelings. Hehe hehe.' Which for some reason annoyed Erza although she didn't know why. It was almost a taunt to show that Mira was much closer to the blonde both in physical proximity and emotional closeness.

Cana was just smirking all the while out the corner of her eyes as she drank another barrel seemingling just for the heck of out.

'Ah our blonde hero is getting affection from the white-haired model. Seems like a great novel mater that is happening right in front of my eyes.' Cana mused with a happy grin.

"Kinana -chan?" Lisanna asked the violet-coloured waitress who tilted her head. AN2:

"Yes Lisanna-san?" Kinana asked politely as she wiped downed a couple of mugs with Lisanna helping out her fellow guild member.

Lisanna smiled brightly as she waved her off.

"Lisanna is fine. I am friends with everyone in the guild so 'san' sounds weird to me." Lisanna assured Kinana who blinked

Kinana smiled showing she was content with the lack of a more formal honorific as she clapped her hands with Lisanna smiling warmly at her.

"Alright Lisanna-chan! What did you want to talk to? Is it something that you can't talk to Elfman-san or Mira-san with?" Kinana asked with a head tilt wondering why the older white haired was asking her for advice instead of her siblings.

Lisanna blushed as she rubbed her head and started to play with her hands like a schoolgirl admitting her feelings for a guy she liked.

"I love Mira-Nee and Elfman-Nii-chan but I can't really talk to them about this. I feel you Kinana-chan would keep whatever said between us right?" Lisanna admitted softly looking expectantly at Kinana who blinked but nodded slowly.

'Hmm… This is certainly different but a good different. I don't really remember anything from before Fairy Tail but I am really happy this place has people like Naruto-san and Lisanna-chan who are so helpful and kind!' Kinana thought to herself as a smile creeped on her face when she thought of Naruto. The man who for no apparent reason besides being nice helped get her a job and even helped make her living space rather spacious all things considered.

"Of course Lisanna-chan! I think we are friends and if you are need someone to talk to get something off your back I am your girl!" Kinanna assured her with a thumbs up.

Lisanna giggled in amusement as she covered her lips with her right hand but nodded.

"Okay…. What do you do when someone you thought was like your brother turns out isn't your btother and you…. Like him? Like 'like him' in a way a girlfriend would like a boyfriend?" Lisanna asked fumbling with her words and blushing putting her hands over her cheeks in embarrassment.

"Uh…. Okay I was not expecting that…" Kinanna admitted as she was bit wide eyed at seeing the cheerful Lisanna acting rather embarrassed and nervous.

Kinana put a hand over her chin before she grew serious as she stared Lisanna directly in the eyes gazing deep into her blue eyes with her green eyes.

"Just to be clear. Its not Elfman-san right? I mean I personally don't have anything against that but its not something I would want to discuss with you either." Kinana asked flatly crossing her arms.

Lisanna blush vanished as her face grew green and she looked ready to puke.

"Of course, it's not Elfman-Nii! Gross! I meant like a brother not my actual older brother!" Lisanna whispered harshly as Kinana raised her hands in surrender.

"Sorry I was just connecting the dots. I thought if you couldn't talk to Elfman-san or Mira-san it was because it was that kind of romantic interest." Kinana stated as Lisanna glared but nodded.

"Hmmm…. Is it Natsu-san? People around here especially Wakaba-san and Macao-san have told me stories about close you were when you were kids?" Kinana suggested after adopting a thinking pose.

Lisanna took a moment as she looked to be in deep through before she shook her head.

"No. Its not Natsu." Lisanna assured her before she took a deep sigh.

"I jokingly told him that Happy was our egg we raised together we would be wife and husband but he never really got it. It became more a running joke as we grew up before I realized that it wasn't what either of us would want. We were two different people and despite us caring about each other greatly as childhood friends it wasn't a romantic thing for either of us." Lisanna explained as she had a look of longing before a smile appeared on her face.

"I realize now that I would rather support Natsu as his friend and family then try to force a relationship onto him. It wouldn't be right or happy for us to make a relationship work just because we thought it was the way it had to be. I would rather cheer him on in a fight rather than expect him to move into a home with me in the future." Lisanna declared with true sincerity making Kinana looked impressed.

The younger girl nodded before she looked around before focusing on Naruto. She saw Lisanna blush slightly when she looked at him from the corner of her eyes. Kinana put a hand on her chin in realization.

"Ah. You are talking about Naruto-kun huh. Hehe he seems like the kind of guy anyone could be friends with or fall in love with." Kinana remarked with the honorific showing despite their short time in the guild together Kinana already considered herself rather close with Naruto.

Lisanna turned scarlet as she raised her hands in front of her face for protection as she looked around to make sure nobody heard Kinana. Luckily for the duo everyone in the guild was too far busy to pay much if any attention to the two barmaids of Fairy Tail.

"Who said it was Naruto-kun?! I didn't say his name or anything!" Lisanna squeaked as her face and cheeks were an interesting shade of red to the amusement.

'Huh she is either in denial or genuinely believes nobody elese has noticed her changed to Naruto-kun.' Kianna mused before a smile appeared on her face.

'Let's push her and see what happens. Will she still be in denial or fight back?' Kinana thought deviously with a mental version of herself smiling evilly and her eyes were wide with glee.

"Oh? So not Naruto-kun then? You wouldn't mind if someone like Lucy-san or Cana-san asked him out right? Or if Erza-san kissed him in front of the guild right?" Kinana asked innocently putting a finger under her chin in a thinking pose as she looked at Lisanna out the corner of her eyes intently.

Lisanna started to turn wide eyed as she glanced at the drinking Cana and the fuming Lucy sitting in the guild.

'Them too?!' Lisanna thought in envy as their chest size far bigger than her and it hurt in particular as Lucy was the same age as her and already had comparable breasts to beauties like Erza and Mira.

"What gave you that idea?!" Lisanna squeaked as she unsuccessful tried to hide her fear of the real possibility of those women asking out Naruto.

Kinana tilted her head keeping up the innocent act as she tapped her lips with her fingers several times.

"Oh? If you are not interested in Naruto-kun as a possible boyfriend I am not sure why him dating other women should be an issue. He is still single and if you really see him as a brother like Elfman-san you should be okay and respect whatever choices he makes for his own dating life. He seems like the kind of guy who would respect your dating choices in return." Kinana remarked with a sly smile and her one eye winking in amusement.

Lisanna started to pout as she crossed her arms as she started to imagine Cana and Lucy along with Erza and Mira looking adoringly at a charmed Naruto.

"Naruto. You can come back to my place for a drink or anything else you want to do like my bedroom?" Cana purred with a wink.

Cana wore her signature look but kept leaning forward and shifting slightly allowing her large breasts to sway.

"Nonsense. Naruto should train with me as we are both S-class wizards and part of that training is what to do when a man and women become intimate." Erza stated firmly but had a minor blush.

She seemed to defy the idea this was some sort of training by wearing a very small red shirt that exposed a large amount of her abundant breasts/cleavage and her arms. The shirt didn't even cover her well toned stomach and clung to her developed hips and small waist. She had the tiniest and tightest yellow shorts that seemed to cling to her hips and her well developed behind. She ended the outfit with black heels that exposed her red toenail polish. AN3:

"Geez Erza-san! If anyone is going to be Naruto's first its me! I and Naruto are on the same team and I do owe him a lot! If my chastity and heart is what it takes to pay back Naruto I will be then willing to pay the price!" Lucy declared with her eyes full of determination but her blush and playing with her fingers showed how nervous she was.

Lucy was wearing a modified version of her outfit she wore when she came to Fairy Tail. A white and blue shirt and blue miniskirt but it was notable rather skimpier than the outfit she wore coming to Fairy Tail. The white and blue shirt was notably much smaller with a nice large hole exposing her massive cleavage and instead of covering her stomach it was small enough to expose her belly and stomach. The mini skirt started to her hips and ended at her lower thighs with the skirt constantly swaying as if to tease it could flutter and expose her panties underneath. She completed the outfit with a pair of red high heels that contrasted her light blue nail polish.

"Now everyone please hold a second. I am the one closest to Naruto-kun so I am the only one who deserves to take Naruto-kun's virginity at the cost of my chastity. I am beloved by thousands of people across all of Fiore so its only right that someone as popular as me should be Naruto-kun's lover. He can and will be the only man to touch me while other men can only dream of kissing me or me getting on my back or knees for them to pleasure themselves." Mira stated cheerfully but with a demonic aura showing how serious she was.

Mira was being the most daring seemingly deciding to skip the pretense of wearing something 'normal' or 'casual' and go for something that would seduce men at the first glance. Mira was wearing a rather sensual bikini top and bottom along with a pair of red heels. Mira had decided to add in some mature red earrings in the shape of hearts that dangled to her shoulders to contrast her bright but determined blue eyes and framed her beautiful face. Her Bikini top was a hot red bikini that exposed vast amounts of her creamy and mouth-watering cleavage with her breasts bouncing in their tight confines. The bikini itself was strapless in the front and had a golden ring that had hooks that seemed to be trying to pop out. He hook looked so easy to open that simple hand could unhook them and make Fiore's most popular breasts bounce freely without restraint. Her wide hips and slim waist were shown freely along with her well toned stomach as her bikini bottom was a matching set of blue bikini that had strings that looked like they could be untied at her hips and covered little more then a few inches below her crotch. Her long legs looked like they went on her miles with her high heels making her legs look longer and her ass more firm. She even added in some pink lipstick and nail polish to her fingers and her toes to add another layer of maturity. Mira's Fairy Tail guild mark which would normally not be a sensual thing except it was on her lower left thigh. It was usually hidden in her long dresses but in her bikini it was proudly shown on her model type thighs.

"So what do you think Naruto-kun? I usually don't dress this daring even when I am posing for Sorcerer Weekly and never let them lay a hand on me or touch me in any way. My virtue and heart is yours if you only reach out and take it Naruto-kun." Mira purred as she batted her eyes and winked innocently with her hand on one of her hips and the other playing with her long strands of white hair.

Lisanna started to drop her head in depression as she started to realize her possible competition in just the guild itself as she didn't know if the charm that brought so many women in Fairy Tail to him would draw other women outside the guild. Lisanna had an urge to stroke her own guild mark for comfort except it was on her thigh like her older sister.

"So you realize that Naruto-kun has a lot of admirers huh? I can think of at least Cana-san, Lucy-san, Mira-san, Erza-san and I think even little Wendy-chan might have a crush on him." Kinana mused with a thoughtful expression as Lisanna blinked.

"Wait Wendy?! She is a child! There is no way she could be thinking of Naruto-kun in that way!" Lisanna declared seemingly accepting the other women or at least not denying that possibility.

Kinana smirked slightly before she shrugged.

"It might be a crush on a hot older guy but hey I am only a tad older than Wendy-chan is and I think I have a crush on Naruto-kun." Kinana noted shamelessly as she continued to wipe glass bottles as if she hadn't declared her feelings out loud to Lisanna.

Lisanna jaw dropped as she looked Kinana in the eyes trying to find a hint of a lie.

"You too?! You barely know him!" Lisanna tried to state in denial shaking her head and putting her hands out in front of her.

Kinana smiled softly at her as she put a hand over her small petite chest or rather her heart.

"It might end up being anything as I am still rather young and its possible, I could grow out of it but at this moment just being around him makes my heart throb and sing. Maybe its just gratefulness for what he has done for me like giving me a home and a job but he seems like the ideal guy. He is strong, courageous, kind and treats everyone like he is their friend even someone as ordinary as me." Kinana admitted her feelings freely as she glanced at Naruto with a look of adoration before she blinked and went back to a normal kind expression. AN4:

"Kinana-chan…." Lisanna gasped completely shocked at Kinana rather open admission as she placed a hand over her own heart.

"However, I won't push him for anything. It will be a few years at least before he can see him as anything besides a cute younger friend anyways so I am content just watching him from afar and wishing him happiness." Kinana stated brightly as Lisanna eyes widened.

"Kinana-chan…. Wait! What if he falls for someone in the meanwhile or rejects you when you are mature enough?" Lisanna asked desperately with her eyes focused solely on Kinana who blinked.

"Hmmm… That is a real possibility." Kinana admitted as she took a thoughtful expression putting a hand on her chin and tapped her cheek with her other hand.

"If that does happen, I will still be his friend and accept his choice. I dunno if this counts as love but I feel if you truly care for someone you should be able to accept their choices even if they are not ones with you." Kinana stated seriously as she looked Lisanna in the eyes.

"You…." Lisanna gasped shocked and impressed at how mature Kinana sounded despite being a few years younger than her, and seemingly much more mature than children her age.

Kinana then winked as she gazed in the direction of Naruto as she out a hand on her hip and playfully tapped her nose.

"Or I could join Naruto-kun and whoever he is with in his bed and perhaps his heart? It's an option for your too you know." Kinana teased smiling with a wide grin and teasing wink.

Lisanna had to duck underneath the bar table to hide her panting and her face turning red that would have made Erza hair look orange in comparison. It was amusing to Kinana that steam seemed to be coming out of Lisanna hair as she lazily waved her hand over to make it dissipate.

"What are you talking about?! You make it sound like you think Naruto is going to get a harem or be a playboy of some kind and that we should just magically join him or whoever he is with like side girlfriends!" Lisanna hissed resisting screaming at the top of her lungs inside the guild hall. Lisanna face was still red with both anger and embarrassment as Kinana continued to looked amused.

"Haha! I was joking! It's nice to see you didn't say no or anything." Kinana giggled as Lisanna glared at the younger girl as Kinana giggles continued for a few seconds.

"Why would you even joke about something like that?! Naruto-kun is a nice guy! He wouldn't just string girls around in some sort of harem where the girls don't know about the other girls!" Lisanna asked angrily as Kinana tilted her head as she tapped her cheek.

"Then what about a harem where the girls know about the other girls and you all share a piece of his heart?" Kinana asked innocently as Lisanna cheeks turned bright red as she crossed her arms in anger.

"What kind of girl would be okay with being with someone who is already with another girl or other girls?" Lisanna demanded as Kinana looked amused.

'Hmm so she isn't as opposed to this idea as I thought. Or maybe she is in denial of something like this happening.' Kinana mused before she blinked.

"Like I said it was a joke. For all I know my feelings for him could change in a few years so I wouldn't want to be with him let alone part of harem at that point." Kinana stated simply as Lisanna eyes narrowed.

"Somehow you think I would be okay in a harem for Naruto-kun?" Lisanna hissed before she blushed as Kinana gave her a teasing look.

"I mean IF I had feelings for Naruto-kun of course. Not saying I do or anything. Just hypothetically of course…." Lisanna back tracked as Kinana raised an eyebrow.

"Uh huh. I see." Kinana stated drily before she took a sigh and had a look of seriousness.

"I dunno about you or anyone else to be honest. I mean there isn't a law against Polyamorous relationships in Fiore or anyone I don't think so there isn't a legal reason why Naruto-kun couldn't have a harem." Kinana mused as Lisanna face grew sour. AN5:

"If Naruto-kun wanted a harem of course." Kinana added seeing the indignant look on Lisanna's face.

"Who knows he might settle down with one girl in the end or maybe he will be someone like Natsu-san and just consider all of us his guild family." Kinana added thoughtfully.

Lisanna looked troubled at that as she bit her lip.

'I don't know if I would want to be with Naruto-kun if its part a harem of other girls especially if Mira-Nee is part of it. That would pretty weird for both of us to be part of a relationship with the same guy…' Lisanna thought to herself with a blush. AN6:

Despite herself she mentally thought of surprising Naruto on his birthday next to a homemade cake but the kicker was she and Mira were on their knees with blush in nothing but skimpy bikinis.

'Happy birthday Naruto-kun. Please be gentle with us we haven't done anything like this before.' Lisanna and Mira would chant with a healthy blush and panting of embarrassment.

Lisanna face turned red again as she held her cheeks in embarrassment. Kinanna grin didn't help matters as she looked smugly and slyly at the older girl with a smirk.

"You just thought of a dirty thought about Naruto-kun and perhaps the idea of a harem huh?" Kinana teased before she turned thoughtful.

"Although I can't blame you or anything. I will say objectively there is A LOT of beautiful women in our guild and I am abit surprised with how many women shown an interest in Naruto-kun he hasn't at least jumped or dated one of them by now." Kinana commented as Lisanna eyes went wild. AN7:

"Kinana! How can you speak of things like that?!" Lisanna gasped in shock at how lewd Kinana was sounding to her. Lisanna even checked around to make sure nobody was listening in.

Luckily for the pair the pair at the bar were the least interesting pair with every group or individual in the guild much more interested in themselves or their own groups. Even Cana was more focused on her huge barrel and watching the drama of Naruto with Mira to notice Lisanna or Kinana. She had much better things to watch then two girls behind the counter or at least till her barrel was empty.

"Haha I might be younger than you but it seems like you are the one who is less mature or perhaps more innocent in things like this!" Kinana joked with a giggle as Lisanna scowled which came out more like a cute pout.

"Sorry sorry. I didn't mean to tease. Its just to talk fun and nice to someone like this. I honestly don't think I had times like this before I came to Fairy Tail." Kinana admitted sheepishly as Lisanna smiled giving the younger girl a short but warm hug which was happily returned.

'Matter of fact I don't really remember anything before I came to Fairy Tail? Did I have a past?' Kinana thought with a far-off look as if she was trying to remember things from long ago. She shook her head deciding it was not important.

"Sheesh you might be younger than me but you sometimes can be more of a smart aleck then Cana-san." Lisanna remarked after pulling away with a cute pout making Kinana smile before Kinana got curious as she looked over at Mira who was not so subtly leaning against Naruto's arm much to the annoyance of Lucy and Erza who were glaring at the gorgeous model.

"Say Lisanna-chan if you don't mind can I ask you something that is not about Naruto-kun?" Kinana asked as Lisanna briefly blushed at the mention of Naruto's name.

Lisanna then nodded looking curiously at the younger girl.

"Yes? Ask me anything!" Lisanna told her cheerfully looking interested when Kinana looked around to make sure nobody was looking.

"Don't take this wrong way but why is Mira-san single?" Kinana whispered as Lisanna blinked several times as she didn't know what Kinana said.

"Uh what? Can you repeat that again?" Lisanna asked rather gobstopped at the random question.

Kinana took a deep breath as she pulled out a copy of Sorcerer Weekly with Mirajane in a white bikini sitting with her hands over her knees winking and giving a peace sign.

Lisanna face grew sour when she saw her beloved older sister on the cover of a magazine that she knew men typically only brought to look at her sister before she sighed.

"So, you read the magazines too Kinana-chan? Aren't you abit too young to be going after my sister too?" Lisanna stated flatly with a face so dry Kinana swore that she could soak up a bucket of water by putting her face in it.

Kinana rolled her eyes as she flipped through the magazines showing that Naruto Uzumaki was currently Fiore "number one bachelor" of Fiore according to polls by Sorcerer Weekly. AN8:

"I know most people buy these for the center folds but there are other articles in this magazine besides the center fold and bikini spreads." Kinana retorted but did nod her head.

"Like its honestly abit confusing for me how Mira-san is still single when she could probably date any person in Fiore. Is it because she thinks she is too good for anyone or is it more that she doesn't like the fact that most guys know her body before they know her personally?" Kinana asked with a head tilt.

Lisanna did an 'ah' motion with her mouth before she put a hand on her chin as she looked over at her sister with a sad expression.

"Mira-Nee loves everyone here as her family but Naruto-kun is probably the only one who truly understands how she feels. Their pasts are so similar its kinda scary that they both didn't turn to darkness and hate." Lisanna noted with her eyes sad and a sigh.

"Huh past?" Kinana asked with a serious expression as Lisanna blinked before she tapped a finger against her cheek in realization.

"Ah right. You came to the guild after Naruto-kun told the guild about his past and Mira-Nee doesn't typically talk about her past unless asked about it. Here is what happened." Lisanna explained as Kinana eyes were wide.

After the explanation Kinana looked ready to cry but Lisanna took her into a warm hug that she returned happily.

"Wow. I didn't think people could be so cruel and judgemental especially towards children who didn't have any choice in what happened to them." Kinana whispered in shock as Lisanna numbly nodded as well.

"Its not just that Naruto-kun suffered like Mira-Nee. Its that Naruto-kun chose to be better and change the world instead of hate it. He managed to change a world of hate into one of understanding and he has been doing the same thing since he came to Fairy Tail or maybe since he got to Earthland in the first place. He is someone you can trust to have your back no matter what and there is just something that just draws people to him without even trying." Lisanna admitted softly with a warm smile that seemed to light up her entire face.

Kinana smiled but then turned her head with a sly smile.

"Plus, it doesn't hurt Naruto-kun has a handsome face right?" Kinana asked cheerfully as she seemed to blush but her smirk implied it might have been for dramatic effect.

Lisanna face turned scarlet as she crossed her arms but didn't deny her statement.

"….. Fine maybe I like Naruto-kun in that way…. Its just so confusing!" Lisanna admitted as she stared down at her feet and played with her hands as she constantly shifted left to right showing her nervousness.

Kinana smiled studying her for a moment.

"Ah! Naruto-kun is your first kind of love in a romantic sense, right? Not that I can talk as I don't even know how romance is suppose to feel like." Kinana admitted rubbing her head in embarrassment as Lisanna back at her with a small smile.

"For awhile when we were kids, I used to joke Natsu and I would get married and Happy was our 'baby' as we raised him together when he was just an egg." Lisanna admitted making Kinana blink.

"However, despite staying close we kinda grew in a way where Natsu became essentially another brother to me and I am sure he considers me a sister he never had. We grew up together after all." Lisanna continued with a look of contentment before she tilted her head towards Naruto.

"I honestly since Naruto-kun saved me 2 years ago I knew he was my saviour and I thought that meant he would be like Natsu and a brother towards me. Plus, I saw Mira-Nee growing closer to him and if she married Naruto-kun then he would be my brother in-law and that made me happy." Lisanna acknowledged with a nod before a small blush appeared on her cheeks.

"Then the stuff in Edolas happened and he seemed so worried when he came back and checked up on me first. I felt my heart beating out of my chest and I didn't know why and I was so confused. I didn't understand why being held by my 'brother' would make my heart start pounding like this when Elfman-Nii ot Natsu hugged me. Then he told me what happened to other me and explained what really happened two years ago. I felt such gratitude but more then that I felt like I wanted to be by his side in a way I couldn't explain." Lisanna finished as Kinana smiled and clapped her hands together.

"Aw! That is so sweet! Don't worry! I don't think Naruto-kun would hide if he was in a relationship from the guild so anyone has a chance to be with him eventually. We just have to wait and see what happens." Kinana squealed as Lisanna smiled.

"Okay. For now, I will just have to be the best me I can be and maybe someday Naruto-kun will notice me as someone he can see as girlfriend." Lisanna pledged with a look of determination.

Kinana nodded before she winked and shifted her eyebrows with a grin.

"Who knows maybe Naruto-kun will get a harem later and then my solution of you joining and maybe even me in a few years will work out?" Kinana suggested with a teasing smile.

"Kinana-chan!" Lisanna squeaked with a bright blush at the idea of 'sharing' the man she loved especially as it would probably include at least a few of her guild mates who wanted Naruto as well.

Kinana just giggled as she wiped the rest of the glasses while Lisanna tried to control her blush by breathing hard.

AN2: For people who are wondering why Naruto or even the Dragon Slayers don't or can't seem to listen in… They are not actively trying to. Its not like they have super hearing all the time and listening on every conversation in the guild at all times. If they are not interested or not actively focusing then conversations like this won't be heard.

AN3: This is her runner outfit from chapter 51 but with heels instead of runners. Remember this is Lisanna imagination/nightmare.

AN4: the manga cover page states she is 20 by the 7-year gap hence she must be about 13 before it. Hence, she is slightly older than Wendy but a few years younger then Lucy and Lisanna who are 17.

AN5: It's unclear if it would ever be brought up in canon but here there isn't anything that states monogamy is the only way to have relationships in Earthland.

AN6: Yes, I know Lisanna is acting OOC in this chapter but she just realized she might be in love with Naruto and her hormones and feelings are going wild. She isn't seriously thinking of being in THAT kind of relationship with Naruto and Mira but its hard for her not to imagine something when Kinana slyly brings it up.

AN7: This is a slight callback to the fans of this fic who wonder why Naruto isn't just jumping every girl he meets. Kinana means it as a joke but the characters themselves note that its weird Naruto is single with all the attentions he gets. SO please stop asking in my reviews 'why isn't Naruto in a relationship with X?' or 'When does the harem start?'.

AN8: Remember in chapter 52 Jason did do an interview with Naruto no matter how brief and in chapter 29 where he was popular enough in Magnolia where people wanted to give him free stuff just out of sincere gratitude?