Okay first off I feel like I should explain the last chapter. In anime a few main types of dad, the two I based Kiria off of was Joichiro from Food Wars, and Isshin Kurosaki from bleach. Joichiro because he is very private with his actual life and genuinely wants his kid to succeed in life but doesn't want to hand him anything. Isshin because; he doesn't know what to do properly, he is hundreds of years old, he doesn't know how to express himself, and he is very emotion driven. He has been mostly alone for a long time, and I will go into his backstory later

I also understand that some say I made John to girly, or child like but I like to think it was a little realistic for the situation. Put it this way; he just died unexpectedly, he will never see his original family before, he has some scattered memory of his two year old alternate orphan self with knowledge that can lead to the end of the world.

Not to mention the fact he is 21 in base knowledge, while only being 7 emotionally and physically. Just because you understand the theory does not mean you do in practice, so remembering a violent death, and the death of your parents for young you would mess most people up. And for those thinking he should emotionally be 21 I'll put it this way. What happens if you put a marathon for a biography for a guy that goes pretty much fast forward for the man's whole life, most likely a toddler, who has not developed memory yet will most likely lose interest or memory of it.

The main thing keeping from going like the dc joker is gamers mind and Kiria offering things besides training to throw himself into, yes I will through this in later into the story as an explanation.

An anime example of this is shirou emiya. Kiritsugu was in no way ready to handle a child after the fourth war, his wife died, his daughter taken from him and slowly dying and leaving his adopted kid to his enemies that would kill him without a thought. Shirou had different problems of his own; he lost his sense of self, and became mentally and spiritually warped enough to gain a reality marble. He lost him self in Kiritsugu's dream so much that he wasn't seen as human in mind anymore.

Now here is the reality of iseki anything; you lost your entire world, everything might kill you and or be completely different, and finally a lot of them have violent deaths that honestly are pretty messed up. Next in a lot of fics and some anime, usually they meet god and some, like my own, have to wait in a void for an indeterminate time first just drifting or resting. Without gamers mind being the duck tape for his psyche he would have broken, so Kiria is trying in his own way to gently mend the cracks.

There are plenty of fics, and eventually my own, where the character either needs to shut down or doesn't have gamers mind. The best example of one that I think has the most realistic psyche would be DC remastered addition as he anchors himself to his mother. But when his mom eventually dies, he snaps hard, and if I remember right he takes over a girl once, making her a copy of his mind without the gamers mind, what happens is that she goes ape shit and tells him his mental problems and lays them out to bare.

Now I'm not going to go over any of that right now, but I hope to be able to do it in the future. Instead of some filler episode.

If any of you can think of something I didn't add please tell me in the comments, I do read them, and thank you for reading this. Ps-670 words from my word count