The arrival of Blaze

Dreamland, around 12:00 midnight.

Down in the country, a farmer and his flock of sheep were resting up after a hard day's work on
the farm. The farmer was sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden there was a tremendous crash.
BOOM! the whole ground and house started to shake and the farmer was roused out of his sleep.
"What happened!" he said as he ran out to see what had happened. On the ground, in a huge
crater, was a starship that looked exactly like the one Kirby was in when he first came to Dream
Land, but it was a dark black color with a red racing stripe down the front. " What the..." the
farmer started to say but his words were cut short when the top opened up and a small figure
came out. This figure looked almost exactly like Kirby, except he was a dark blue color, had a red
bandana, a white Mohawk , and he was carrying a small, thin sword. The farmer was about to see
if the strange person was all right, but before he could say anything, the person calmly walked
away. The farmer was left puzzled at what had just happened. Meanwhile, the mysterious figure
had reached Cappytown. As he looked over the small town and at King Dedede's castle, he said
"Kirby... I have finally arived"
To be continued...