Chapter 4

"My name is Blaze, and the reason I know Kirby is because he is my little brother".

"WHAT!" Tiff exclaimed "I didn't know Kirby had a brother!". "Well, you see" Blaze explained

"He was just a little guy when I left to become a star warrior, so it's not surprising that he might

not remember that much about me".

"Why are you here?" Tiff asked inquisitively. "Well you see" Blaze said "I've been getting reports

of monsters invading this town that were strangely familiar to the ones me and my fellow warriors

battled back a long time ago, in fact, the monster I defeated was like one I beat before". "Well we

have had some monster attacks before" Tiff said " but they were mostly ones the king had ordered

from Nightmare Enterprises".

At the mention of this name, Blaze suddenly grew very angry. "N.M.E" he growled softly as he

clenched his sword tightly in his hand. "What's your problem?" Tiff asked as she looked at Blaze.

"N.M.E is the one who threatened us back in the early days" Blaze said fiercely "he sent monster

after monster to try to destroy us, but we managed to destroy his headquarters and then he just

disappeared after that, but when all the other warriors returned home, I decided to keep traveling

because I was sure that he was still out there somewhere".

Just then Tuff poked his head out of the door " hey guys, Kirby's woken up". As they headed into

the room they didn't notice King Dedede and Escargoon standing behind a wall. "So our little

pink friend has a brother" Escargoon said sinisterly.

"Hm" King Dedede said "we may need to see a certain salesman for a way to deal with these


As he sat down in his throne, he pressed a button which caused a giant screen to lower from the

ceiling. On the screen, the familiar face of the Nightmare Enterprises salesman appeared and

smiled " hey there triple-D, what can I do fo you?". "Well, for one thing" Dedede said " I need

you to get me a monster to deal with Kirby and his mysterious brother". "Did you say brother?"

the salesman said looking a bit surprised at what he had just heard

"Yeah" Dedede said "So can you help me out?" he said. "Well I do have something special, but it

is kind of expensive". "I DON"T CARE!" Dedede yelled " just send it over right away". "OK" the

salesman said "here are the element brothers Flame and Freeze" as he spoke the machine charged

up and two monsters appeared.

One had a metal head kind of like a stove top which had a flame on the top and he had a metal

chest plate with a flame on it and he was wearing a red suit with two flaming guns on the hands.

The other one was dressed in a light green Eskimo suit and had a circle on his chest with a

snowflake on it.

(A/N: yes I know I am copying fireman and iceman from Megaman: NT warrior)

"Finally I will be rid of that annoying pest forever!" Dedede said as he cackled madly. Escargoon

just shrugged his shoulders, it wasn't THAT funny.


Tiff, Tuff, and Blaze were gathered around the bed as Kirby started to slowly open his eyes.

"Whoa, I feel like a mac truck hit me" he said groggily. Then he looked and saw Blaze "BRO!" he

said as he Hugged Blaze tight "Yeah bro" he said "it's great to see you too"

Just then the door exploded open and Flame and Freeze stood in the door way and snickered

"hello Kirby, It's time for you and your brother to die".

To be Continued.....