Izuku and the rest of the Teen Titans were walking to Sweet Justice as they usually did after a hard week of taking down crime. Heroes were entitled to a sweet treat after they risk their lives protecting the city. And after dealing with Bakugou and a large sludge monster called Plasmus, they deserved it.

"I can't believe that living pile of goop gunked all over my hair," Zee said as she got some of the muck out of her hair.

"I'm sure that we can go to your stylist later this week," Diana said as they entered Sweet Justice.

The team noticed something was very odd in the restaurant. There was a long line of people walking up to the bar waiting to give their orders. This was a big deal.

"Wow, must be a busy day," Barbara said.

"This isn't normal. Not even in Happy Hour is this place ever crowded like this," Jessica said, as she looked at the long line of people waiting.

"Usually Barry gets everyone's orders out by now," Izuku said.

Karen looked at the front bar and saw the couple that owned Sweet Justice and decided to go get some answers. She thankfully was small enough to get through the massive crowd of people to reach the front.

"Um, excuse me, ma'am?" Karen asked.

"I'm sorry sweety, but you'll need to wait your turn like everybody else," the woman said.

"No, that's not it," Karen said. "I'm looking for Barry Allen. He works here,"

"Oh, I'm sorry, honey. He hasn't been to work all week," said the woman. "Sorry, I gotta go back to work."

Karen made her way back to the rest of the team and told them what she had heard.

"There's no way Barry wouldn't come to work," Izuku said.

"He hasn't gone to school either, something must be wrong," Jessica said.

"We should go to his home and get some answers," Diana said before the team left Sweet Justice hoping to find some answers about their friend.

According to Izuku, Barry had told him that he lived mostly by himself. However, he often hung around a man by the name of Jay Garrick and another schoolmate, a freshman by the name of Wally West. So the group decided to check out those leads first. They made their way to the registered address of Jay Garrick after Barbara pulled up some files on him.

The team were in front of an old suburban home, two floors, a porch and a nice front lawn. An elderly man wearing a red polo shirt and khaki pants was drinking lemonade on the porch.

"Ok, so from what I managed to find out about Jay Garrick is that he was a college football star that worked as a scientist in what would one day be known as STAR Labs, and married his college sweetheart," Barbara said. "Why would Barry hang out with him?"

"Isn't Barry like a science geek or something?" Kara asked.

"Yeah, maybe he decided to talk to him about his time in STAR Labs," Karen said.

"We should go ask him," Diana said as they walked up to the porch.

The team walked to the porch, and once they were close enough they noticed his face's expression. He seemed deep in thought, almost as if he was trying to solve a problem. Maybe it had to be related to Barry. Izuku cleared his throat, causing the elderly man to look up to them in curiosity.

"Mr. Garrick, sir?" Izuku asked.

"Yes, how may I help you youngsters?" Jay Garrick answered.

"We're looking for our friend, Barry," Diana said.

"How do you know Barry?" Jay asked.

"We go to the same school and he works at Sweet Justice," Jessica said.

"He hasn't been in either in days," Kara said.

"And we're worried for his well being," Zee said.

"It's a bit complicated, but, um, let me just think for a second and, um," Jay began rambling, a little too fast for a man in his seventies.

Barbara slowly reached for the glass of lemonade and while Jay was talking she splashed it at him.

In the blink of an eye, Jay moved out of the way at super speed. This of course shocked the rest of the team.

"Crap, I'm getting too old for this," said Garrick.

"That would also explain why Barry hung out with him," Kara said.

"Don't worry, sir. We're-" Diana began.

"The Titans," Jay said, finishing the sentence. "Barry told me. I'll tell you what happened."

The Titans followed the old speedster into the house. The speedster served them some lemonade before he sat down and began telling them the story.

"Barry had found some strange fluctuations in the Speed Force, the source of a speedster's power. He brought me and Wally as back up to find out what it was," Jay began. "It turned out that it was Barry's long time nemesis, Professor Zoom, AKA The Reverse Flash. He had come back to end Barry before his legacy could be cemented."

"Wait, what do you mean by 'came back'?" Izuku asked.

"Was his soul taken to the Fields of Elysium?" Diana asked.

"You mean he was… muerto," Jessica said. "Dead."

"No, and even if he was he would've found a way to cheat death. Zoom is a speedster from the 25th century. He used the mantle of The Flash to subjugate his time, but people rose up against him because of Barry's future legends," Jay continued. "Zoom decided to destroy Barry by using the Speed Force to travel back in time. He hurt Barry badly, but that set him on the path of becoming The Flash. Now he just wants to destroy Barry."

"What happened when you found him?" asked Barbara.

"What always happens when speedsters fight; a race. We chased Zoom at top speeds for what seemed like weeks, until we ran fast enough to enter the Speed Force. That was Zoom's plan all along," Jay continued. "In the blink of an eye, Zoom kicked both me and Wally out of the Speed Force. As far as I know, Zoom is the only one that knows what happened to Barry."

"What can we do to help?" Izuku asked.

"It's risky, but we find Zoom and he'll lead us to Barry," Jay said.

"Where is that clown anyway?" Kara asked.

"Where he is from originally. The 25th century," Jay answered.

Later that night, the Teen Titans, now in their respective uniforms, had followed Jay Garrick to the last place that he saw Barry. They were in the middle of Metropolis Central Park, where Wally West was waiting for them.

Wally West was a young man of around fourteen years of age. He had fair skin, and messy short red hair. He wore a yellow and red hero suit with a small red lightning bolt across a red circle, the upper part being colored yellow with the legs being colored red, his boots were yellow and his gloves were red.

Jay Garrick wore his own hero suit on. He wore a long red sleeved shirt with a large yellow lightning bolt across the shirt, blue pants, red boots, and he wore a helmet that looked like the helmet of Mercury, the Roman God.

"Well Jay, what's the plan here? And why are the Titans here?" asked Wally.

"They're friends of Barry and they want to help," Jay responded. "We'll need all the help we can get to fight Zoom."

"So, how are we going to get to the 25th century?" Supergirl asked.

Jay pulled out a small cube from his pocket. He pressed a button on it and the cube began transforming. Jay placed the cube on the ground and from the cube came a large glass sphere with a command chair in the middle.

"An old friend of mine named Rip Hunter designed this machine. It's called a Time Sphere. With this, me and Wally can take you through the Speed Force to our destination," Jay explained.

"It'll be a bit tight, but I think we can fit," Deku said.

"Let's go find Barry," Wonder Woman said.

The Teen Titans went into the Time Sphere, as uncomfortable as it was. Deku sat on the chair with Supergirl and Wonder Woman on either side of him. Jessica and Zatanna were behind him. Bumblebee had shrunken down and Batgirl sat on Deku's lap.

"We're ready," Batgirl said.

With that being said, both speedsters began running in circles around the Time Sphere. Lightning crackled around the sphere, lifting it off the ground with all the speed. Then in the blink of an eye, the Time Sphere and the two speedsters zoomed into the Speed Force. Inside the sphere, the Titans felt as though they were inside a speeding roller coaster. The only thing they could see was raging storm with lightning all around them. The air that pushed against them felt like a barrage of light punches, but just as fast as it started it stopped.

Deku and the rest of the Titans opened their eyes and couldn't believe what they saw before them. They exited the Time Sphere and stood between both Jay Garrick and Kid Flash.

"Welcome to the 25th century," Jay Garrick said.

Before the team of superheroes was what could only be described as a true city of tomorrow. Tall futuristic buildings reached high into the sky. Flying cars flew across the night sky. People wore Back to The Future style clothes and strange communicators in their ears.

"Wow, this is so cool," Supergirl said.

"Let us admire the future later, we have a mission to accomplish," Wonder Woman said.

"Wonder Woman is right, we need to find Zoom," Deku said.

"That'll be easy," Wally said. "Just follow the reverse lightning."

The Titans turned to see the several flags surrounding a tall building that branded a reverse version of the Flash's symbol.

"Wow, you weren't kidding when you said he's using Barry's legacy,"

"Let's go," Jay said before the heroes ran towards the large building.

The team drew ever closer to the entrance and found the guards at the entrance armed. The heroes wasted no time and engaged them, but something happened that they were not expecting. The guards moved at super speeds towards the heroes.

"Is everything faster in the future?" asked Batgirl dodging the laser by the skin of her teeth.

Deku called upon 8% of his quirk and Supergirl used her speed to catch up to the guards. In the blink of an eye, Deku kicked one of the guards and Supergirl punched another one in the face.

Wonder Woman blocked the laser blasts with her braces, reflecting them back at the guards but missed them due to their speed.

"It is almost like they are speedsters," Wonder Woman said.

Green Lantern created a defensive will bubble as Zatanna chanted a spell to get rid of the laser guns.

"Resal snug tlem nwod!" Zatanna chanted, causing the laser guns of the guards to turn into goop.

Once the guns were out of commission, both Jay and Kid Flash made short work of the guards. In the blink of an eye, the guards were tied up by the Lasso of Truth.

"How did these guys become so fast?" Bumblebee asked.

"I don't think they are speedsters," Deku said.

"They ain't speedsters, but something is making them go faster," Kid Flash said.

Batgirl noticed the bracelets that they were wearing and took them off of them. She examined them and spotted the electric energy coursing through it.

"Ask them what this is," Batgirl said.

"Tell us, what these bracelets are?" Wonder Woman asked holding up the lasso.

"The boss called them speed bracelets," said one of the guards. "To give us super speed."

"Must be one of Zoom's toys," Jay said.

"But I not powerful enough to rival you guys or Zoom himself," Deku said.

The heroes turned to the entrance and went on to enter it.

The heroes kept to the shadows, using Zatanna's spells to hide their presence from the cameras and the remaining guards. But that didn't stop Supergirl from punching one or two guards that got a little too close for comfort. After a short elevator ride to the top of the building they arrived at the throne room that Professor Zoom had made for himself. The two speedsters and the Titans got ready for a fight but oddly enough, The Reverse Flash was nowhere to be seen.

"Where is Zoom?" asked Wonder Woman.

"He should be here," Kid Flash said.

"Smug bastard never leaves his throne room unless he has a good reason," Jay said.

Zatanna pulled down the cloaking spell, hoping that they could see the enemy. The team began looking for clues as to the whereabouts of their enemy. But just as they were about to take another step, a yellow blur went past them, knocking them to the ground before stopping before them.

Deku looked up to see the one behind the sneak attack and was taken aback by the man before them. The man wore a full body yellow suit with red boots, red lightning bolt ears, black eyes, and on his chest was a red lightning bolt in the opposite direction than the one Barry had. This man was Professor Zoom, The Reverse Flash.

"I was expecting Jay and Kid Flash to come here looking for their missing friend, but I never expected them to bring you along," Zoom said with a slightly vibrating voice.

"Zoom," Jay said as the heroes got up to their feet.

The Reverse Flash smiled as the two speedsters and the Titans prepared for another round against him. The Titans charged at the evil speedster.

Wonder Woman threw her lasso while Green Lantern created a set of chains made of willpower. But Zoom moved faster than either attack. He grabbed hold of the Lasso of Truth and quickly tied up both Wonder Woman and Green Lantern in a split second.

Zatanna tried to slow down The Reverse Flash with a spell, but her magic being redirected at Supergirl, knocking her out. She tried to cast another spell but found her mouth shut with duct tape before being knocked out with a swift chop to the neck.

Both Jay and Kid Flash tried to take on Zoom in his own game, but for some reason he was much faster than them. Zoom dodged all the rushed attacks from both speedsters with ease. He sidestepped before punching Kid Flash and throwing him into Batgirl, knocking her out. Jay tried to throw a lightning bolt at The Reverse Flash. Zoom saw the lightning bolt coming at him and grabbed hold of it before flinging it back at the aged speedster.

Deku called upon 15% of One For All hoping to catch up to Zoom. He charged at him trying to punch him in the face, but Zoom phased through the punch. Deku's mind began thinking as to why Zoom was so powerful, but by the time a processed the question Zoom had punched him in the stomach five times.

"You must be wondering how I'm so much faster than all of you, including Jay and Wally?" Zoom asked.

Just as Zoom was talking, Bumblebee snuck up behind him. She prepared her stingers to zap him into unconsciousness. Just as she was about to fire, Zoom swatted her away with a super fast wave of his hand.

"The thought did cross my mind," Deku said as the room filled with guards.

All the guards caught the heroes and aimed their guns at the back of their heads.

"Well, if you must know. These bracelets are a little invention of mine," Zoom said, showing off the same bracelets that he and the guards wore. "By wearing these, one can obtain a small fraction of a speedster's power."

"But it isn't your power is it?" Deku asked defiantly.

"You are as sharp as the old records say," Zoom remarked. "But you're right. The power source of the bracelets is behind door number 1."

Upon Zoom's signal, the wall behind him began to rise. Behind the wall was a large machine connected to what appeared to be a large hamster wheel ramp. And inside the hamster ramp was none other than the man they were here to find.

"I give you Barry Allen, The Scarlet Speedster, The Flash. I used to think that the best thing to do was destroy him and his legacy," Zoom began explaining. "But then, an idea hit me. Why kill him when I can use him to power my rule."

Barry could only narrow his eyes at Zoom in a defiant glare.

"Just you wait Zoom," The Flash said. "When I get out of this thing, you'll be sorry."

"Oh, don't worry Barry. You won't be alone for much longer," Zoom said before snatching Kid Flash.

In a literal flash, Zoom dropped Kid Flash into the speed trap. The younger speedster quickly began running, generating even more power for the bracelets and those using them. Then The Reverse Flash grabbed hold of Jay Garrick and threw him into the hamster ramp, forcing him to run like the other two speedsters.

"Now, my power is imbued with the entire Flash legacy," Zoom said before turning to the Titans. "I will be able to move between any point in time effortlessly. Welcome to the future Titans. You'll be here a long time. I do not need you for this. Take them to the holding cells."

The Teen Titans were taken by the guards to the holding cells at gunpoint. Just as they were moving them to the cells, Wonder Woman stepped on the foot of the guard with her heel before knocking him back with a headbutt. The Titans used this chance to break free from their holdings. Bumblebee activated her stingers knocking her guard and waking Supergirl, punching both guards. Once all the guards were knocked out they gathered to make a plan.

"Alright, how do we beat a speedster like Zoom now that he's pumped full of power?" Zatanna asked, still feeling the sting of the duct tape.

"With all three Flashes powering him up, he will be hard to defeat," Wonder Woman said.

"If we were faster, then we could do something," Deku said.

That gave Bumblebee an idea.

"That's it," Bumblebee said as she began gathering the speed bracelets from the downed guards.

"Wait, Bumblebee are you thinking that-Of course," Batgirl said as she pulled out the bracelets that she had gathered from the other guards.

"What are you guys doing?" asked Deku.

"Putting Fair Play in the next round," Batgirl said before she started putting on the bracelets on the team.

"I think I know what you're saying," Supergirl said.

"But these won't be enough," Deku said. "Zoom is too fast and with his own speed being charged with three other speedsters is too much for us."

"Then let us get more of these bracelets," Wonder Woman said.

"And if not we can find another way to get the Flash family out of their mess," Jessica said.

The Titans split up. Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Supergirl, and Deku would go after the guards and get as many bracelets that they could. Bumblebee, Batgirl, and Zatanna would look for a way to free Barry and the other speedsters.

Back inside the throne room, Zoom was looking over his plans. Now that he was free of The Flash and was using him and the rest of the Flash family to power himself, nothing would stand in his way. Suddenly, four blurs knocked out all the remaining guards within the room and knocked Zoom off his throne. Zoom quickly got back to his feet with a growl.

"Who dares attack Professor Zoom?!" Zoom demanded.

"Wow, talking in the third person," Supergirl said. "Villain cliches last up to the 25th century. Who'd have thought?"

"We're here to stop you Zoom," Wonder Woman said.

"You relics think you can stop me?" Zoom asked with a laugh. "You haven't even reached your prime."

"Maybe, but we won't back down from this fight!" Deku declared, assuming a combat stance.

Zoom narrowed his eyes as the Teen Titans charged him with their new super speed. With the new super speed alongside their normal speed the heroes and the villain clashed with great speed. As the four Titans battled against the Reverse Flash, the remaining Titans moved towards the speed trap and began working on disabling it. The Flash family noticed this and began thinking of doing something of their own to bust out.

Back in the fight, Wonder Woman ran from the side to land a punch to the villain, but Zoom ducked underneath the attack and grabbed hold of thefist and threw her away. But then came in Supergirl with her new found speed and punched Zoom away. Zoom regained his footing and rushed at the daughter of Krypton, but was met with a hard green brick wall. Green Lantern had been using the speed not to make her body faster but her mind worked now three times faster and her constructs were just as durable. Just as Zoom was about to move into position he was met with a roundhouse kick to the face from Deku, using 15% of One For All.

"You won't hurt anyone else, because we are here!" Deku said as the green electricity crackled all over his body.

Zoom swiped the blood off of his mouth and smiled before he began clashing with the heroes once more.

Outside the fight Batgirl and the other other Titans were helping disabling the trap. They unplugged and put in the coding needed to let Zatanna do her thing.

"Odnu eht skcol fo eht deeps part," Zatanna chanted, causing the machine to break down slightly.

"Now, while Zoom's distracted. We can focus our speed to create a dimensional rift to move out of the trap," The Flash said.

"You'll have to hurry, Zoom is picking up the speed," Bumblebee said as she saw how the fight was going.

Back in the fight, Zoom was clashing against the Teen Titans. First he grabbed hold of Green Lantern and slammed her into a wall knocking her out. He then ran towards Supergirl. She threw several punches at the man in yellow, but his greater mastery of his abilities allowed him to phase through them. He then sntached the speed bracelets from her before using the kryptonian woman to knock back Wonder Woman.

"Did you all really thought you could beat me at my game?" Zoom asked before throwing away the bracelets.

"Maybe but we won't know until we try!" Deku said calling upon more of the power of One For All.

Deku charged at The Reverse Flash, clashing over and over again.

Inside the speed trap, the three Flashes had sped up just enough to open up the rift.

"Alright, now we only have enough time for one of us to get out," The Flash said.

Jay Garrick and Kid Flash looked at each other and smiled. Without a second thought, they pushed The Flash into the rift.

"Hey, a warning next time!" Flash said as he went into the rift.

Back outside, in the fight, Zoom was running circles around Deku, while he used his best to block the attacks with his own arms and legs. Deku punched left and right, but Zoom easily dodged the attacks, landing punches in Deku's face and stomach.

"You know, I'm actually disappointed that I have to put you down before you've reached your prime," The Reverse Flash said. "You don't know this but you've only scratched the surface of your power. No Black Whip, no Flight, and no 100% of your power." He said before kicking Deku to the bottom of his throne.

"Too bad your descendants won't even be born," Zoom said as his hand began to vibrate. "What a shame."

"Hey, Zoom!" called a voice, stopping Zoom.

The Reverse Flash turned around and saw The Scarlet Speedster standing behind him. Zoom stopped his attack and turned to face his old rival.

"What do you say? One last race?" Flash asked with a confident smile.

Zoom shot his own smile.

In the blink of an eye, both speedsters rushed at each other. With a great combination of speed and power, they began rushing all across the room. Flash punched Zoom across the face but he then kicked Barry away before rushing him once more. They exchanged blows, blocking however they were able to.

To Deku it looked just like in those old fighting animes where the two fighters appeared and reappeared only to clash. Deku couldn't help but analyse the situation, things were not going to go smoothly for The Flash. He began thinking about what to do. From what he could gather, Zoom had a big ego. Seeing himself as the greatest speedster in history, that meant that Zoom would toy with his enemies. Then an idea came to Deku.

"Barry, smarter not harder!" Deku called out with Flash only able to hear it as a whisper.

The Flash got back into the fight after receiving a headbutt by Zoom. He grabbed hold of him as they sped towards a wall. They busted out through the wall falling down through the air. Both speedsters quickly began running down the building and continued doing so until they reached the street. As soon as they landed on the street, they ran faster and faster through the streets leaving Metropolis behind.

The fields quickly changed as both speedsters ran across the globe in one race to end all races.

"My speed was always a match for yours Flash, and now I'm imbued with the speed of both your friend and your mentor," Zoom said as they ran across the Pacific Ocean towards Australia.

The two speedsters ran fast into the heart of the outback where they began fighting once more. They began running in circles as they began punching at each other. Lap after lap they dug a deeper hole where they continued running. After connecting a punch on Zoom's stomach and then being thrown on the wall of the hole they were making an idea struck Barry. He extended his hand, vibrating it at the exact heating frequency to turn the sand into glass.

Zoom decided to take another swing at Barry, but The Flash stopped on his tracks confusing Zoom. The Reverse Flash continued running until he spotted The Scarlet Speedster leaning on the crystal wall. Before he could stop, The Flash stuck out his foot. Zoom tripped and with his speed and the lack of friction of the glass, he painfully bounced and crashed to a stop before he struggled to get back to his feet.

Zoom's costume was torn and he had lost his speed bracelets. Just then, he looked up and saw The Flash standing before him.

"I'm The Flash. Speed is my game," The Flash said.

In the blink of an eye, The Flash zoomed after his enemy. With blinding speeds The Scarlet Speedster punched Zoom across the face over and over again until he was out for the count.

Some time later, the Teen Titans and the Flash family had returned to Metropolis of the 21st century after putting Zoom into custody.

"Man, I'm so glad to be back," Barry said looking around the city.

"Good to have you back, son," Jay said.

"Thanks for saving my skin back then guys," Barry said to the Titans.

"You don't need to thank us, Barry. We only did what a hero should do," Deku said.

At that moment, Barry's phone began ringing. He answered the call. It was none other than his bosses, begging him to come to Sweet Justice before they were overrun by the small army of sweet seekers.

"Woah. Gotta go guys, see you soon," Barry said before speeding towards his other heroic calling.

As the Titans each went their separate ways, Izuku couldn't help but think about what Zoom had mentioned. Was there more to One For All than he knew?