Lincoln walked through cubicles, he heard them whisper most of them about how rare it was to see the snow fox in the office. Lincoln opened the door to his boss and the man who trained. The man had crow black hair and a scare on his throat. Lincoln spoke to man in a casual way that had no sign of fear or respect. "the drug trade was stopped." He gave the man a USB with marked with 'papers done' on it. "Sir i hope my next mission doesn't involve twenty men, guns and a crocodile!" His boss laughed and pressed a button that closed the door behind Lincoln once that was done Lincoln grabbed a chair and sat down "Simon, i almost lost my freaking head! Litrally a machete, five inches from my neck! You're lucky most of them forget to turn their safeties off !"

Simon took the USB and put it in his computer looking through the files "yea sorry about that, how's skippy by the way ?" He voice was a deep robotic tone you can bet it was caused by the scare on his throat. Lincoln sighed and it went into flash back, explaining what happened.

Lincoln and Skippy a brunette were driving a boat through a river. "Zat vas inzane right Lincoln? Vat luck thoze idiots forkot zee zafety!" Lincoln pointed his gun at Skippies head "Zis isn't funny, friend" Skippy raised his hands.

"That time you ordered three drinks there was something off" Skippy gulped. "I remember something during my undercover training, that some European countries show their thump with the other two fingers instead of showing their ring finger and the fact you couldn't read when we were looking through the documents in Austria, you said didn't understand it because it was Austrian, which is impossible since Austrian is a dialect, not a language."

Skippy sighed. "Good job, now what are you going-" Gun shot was hear and the birds sleeping flew.

Simon grabbed the bridge of his nose "he-" He always had lincoln work with the international agents because you never knew when slip up.

Lincoln sighed with a hint of sadness "let's just say he was playing for two teams and to think I worked with him for almost 2 years" Simon offered him a shot of whiskey.

Lincoln drank it sucked the air through his teeth as stung like knifes. "it's a shame when your friend tricks you like that, at least you weren't at the receiving end." Lincoln nodded and Simon refilled the glass

Lincoln "I feel like a failure sometimes." Simon chuckled "i work for this place! Who do we work for again?" He asked.

Simon Shrugged. "Who ever pays the best Lincoln, luckily most of the times it's the Government." He drank a glass.

Lincoln sighed "better then, you know who. They betrayed me and I'm happy if i never see them again! Nothing could make me forgive them!" Simon used all his mental training (or he just imangined something sad) to keep himself from laughing.

Simon gives Lincoln a envelope with his next mission as Lincoln opened it, his eyes widened and then came a glare and finally a roaring laughter from Simon "The Fate is a bitch!" Lincoln looked at a picture of a fourteen year old Lisa Loud, it looked like she finally bought a comb.

"Tell me this is a protection mission and she has to be kept in a safe house or i have to steal her research." Simon drank a glass of whiskey and shakes his head meaning 'nope' "body guarding? This is kind mission are for newly promoted apprentices and i bet i can't change anything right?" Simon nodded finishing his drink. "But I don't have to speak with any of her family members right?" Simon nodded. "Ok sir i hope to see you soon and give you a punch." He left the room with a few of the new agents trying to listing on them "new kids ! Keep up the good work ! Because You. Will. Miss. This!" He left the building, went into his car and slammed his head on the steering wheel.

A hour a later.

Lincoln drove to the institute " So you're the new guy huh ?" Lincoln didn't answer, mostly because he was impressed how far she achieved over the years. She was the leading researcher of this institute, cured three diseases and created a AI algorithm that didn't want to destroy humanity after being activated. "I hope you're less idiotic then the last person your agency sent me, they flirted with one of my sisters and got a punch to the 'special area' he was lucky it wasn't Lynn, she never takes her cleats off."

Lincoln sighed because he was forced to tell his name and if he didn't he would most likely degraded "my name is Lincoln loud ma'am and i will be your bodyguard." He looked at lisa and she was just frozen, with a shocked expression on her face "oh please tell me you're going go to a meeting." Lincoln pulled her nose waking her up from this frozen/shocked state.

Lisa had a million questions when she came back to reality. "LINCOLN ! Where were you and " Lincoln closed a window between the front and back seat and it slowly came down when Lisa calmed down "I know what we did Lincoln, but please tell me what happened? Clyde and your group of companions said you were working for the government but i never thought you were working for-"

Lincoln interrupted even saying the name would bring in paper work "yea yea, i was recruited by them after your family disowned me. Remember? Im bad luck." Lisa looked at ground saddened how idiotic she was. "So do i have any nieces or nephews? Cause as far as i know, pop pop and they're my only family." Lisa continued feeling her regret crawl through her spine.

Lisa snapped out of it before sighing about the fact she let her emotions get the better of her. "what about you? Did you have any kids..." Lincoln stayed silent gripping the steering wheel tightly. "I presume your silence is a definite no ?" He nodded trying to keep all his frustrations down "Lori has two offspring, Leni adopted a child after she became a world famous designer and luna had a child, we still don't know who the father is but she and sam are raising her." Lincoln nodded. "tell the truth Lincoln did you have a child ?"

Lincoln thought for fes second how to say it in the most eloquent way possible "why would i tell a stranger about my personal life ?" She understood why he was acting like this.

Lisa chuckled " At least i know you have a kid."

Lincoln chuckled trying his best to keep his rage inside, a voice his head told him. "don't say a thing" while a second voice told. "give her a warning." He decided to listen to the second. "tell someone and i will make sure you will never be able to hold a beaker again." Lincoln said it in such a casual ton it actually frightened Lisa a bit. He stopped the car in front of the house "here we go" he put a hat on and sunglasses and put on a really convincing wig.

Lisa was a bit confused "why are you ?" Lincoln hushed her. "I get it, you will only speak with me cause you are forced by your contract right?" Lincoln nodded and went outside opened the door for her. "Nice to see you're still a gentleman." He groaned "come on, i bet dad made his famous lynnsagna." She stepped out of the car, lincoln kept himself from drooling; no matter what, lynn sr made the best meals. "warning lily took your room and almost everyone has their own rooms now. Mom and dad turned some rooms to their studies and one to a guest room where you will be." She opened the door to a 8 year old boy with white hair boy jumping that her "there's my favorite male sibling" Lincoln sighed and left the two. (NOT BECAUSE HE WAS JELOUS!)

The boy looked at the man leaving the house "who was that lisa ?"

Lisa "someone filled with regret link." She said as Lincoln placed his head on the steering wheel. "And a lot of suppressed rage." She as Lincoln drove off.

Link just looked "I like him." he said looking at Lincoln.

AUTHOR NOTE: Rewrite because nuuo thanks dude I read the first words and I'm gonna be honest i was about to throw up, I can accept how horrible it was. also there might be a new chapter. 12 jul 2020.