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The man's blue eyes glowed faintly in the dark as his mouth opened. Out came a few verses that left Gothi stumped.

"The Prince is here,

The end is near.

The world will fall,

Chaos to all.

The King will now choose,

This decision they will use.

New worlds arising,

To the eyes of the upcoming.

Emerald green and icy blue,

Soon to reunite,

Soon to rule."

The glowing blue eyes faded away as it revealed calm blue once more. Looking towards the right, he saw his old friend Gothi staring at him, a half confused half amused expression on her face.

"What's wrong?"

'Nothing, just that the end is beginning.' came the scribbled words on the ground with Gothi's staff.

The man raised an eyebrow before turning his gaze back to the slowly setting sun.


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