Hello and welcome to my 2nd story this one will be a rayshipping story. I've always wanted to read a good rayshipping story but any that were good were never completed and where have not been updated for years so I decided to write one myself also regarding my 1st story the next chapter will be up soon this 2nd story is actually being published sooner than I planned as a way to apologize for thew lack of updates on it I have a real job now and it leaves me pretty tired and recently I've been playing Pokemon Platinum when I'm not tired from work and watching some new anime but "No need to worry" as a certain someone would say I will be updating the other story soon so look forward to that and now on to the story


"Normal speech"

'Pokémon speech'



Rotom Phone

Ash- 19

Cynthia- 23

It was a warm sunny day in the sky's of Sinnoh perfect day for Trainers to fly through the air with their Pokémon and right now there is a Garchomp flying through the sky while carrying a certain person with long blond hair covering one of her silver eyes with a black coat and tear shaped hair pieces.

"Where are you Ash?" She thought to herself.

That person is none other than the Sinnoh Region Champion: Cynthia Shirona

Cynthia has been searching for Ash for a little over a year now. She had been watching his progress through the Pokémon League network and it was during his battle with Paul that her thoughts about him began the change and it was during her trip to Unova that she realized that she had fallen for him. Why she didn't confess to him before she left she'll never know. She was a little sad when he lost the Unova League. She later learned he had moved onto the Kalos Region to enter the league there and she knew the champions of all the regions and Diantha was a good friend of hers they met up at one of the cafes in Lumiose City to catch up and that was when she learned that Diantha has met Ash not only that but they even had battled twice. The first was interrupted by Team Rocket so they never got to finish it. The second time Cynthia was shocked to hear from her that she was close to losing to him. When she asked how she said she won only due to Ash passing out. As for how she almost lost and why Ash passed out.

"He has gotten a new power with one of his Pokémon that he couldn't handle yet." "As for what that power is I don't know yet but as for what Pokémon." "Well you'll just have to watch the Kalos League to see." was what she told her.

So she did and was in her home in Celestic Town watching the live footage on her TV. She was surprised to see that Ash hadn't shown up yet to face his first opponent. Right when he was about to be disqualified for a no show he came running in saving himself by a hair and when he announced to the whole stadium that he'll win the league in order to become a step closer to becoming a Pokémon Master she couldn't help but giggle and shook her head in amusement at his attitude.

"He never changes." She thought to herself.

Ash revealed his first Pokémon and it was a Greninja. She knows that Greninja is one of the three starter Pokémon in Kalos while his opponent had a Altaria so she knew it was going to be an interesting battle.

She thought Greninja would have a bit of a tough time against it but what happened next shocked her beyond words. His Greninja had completely transformed into a strange form. She knew it wasn't Mega Evolution due to the lack of stones both of them have, but when she looked closer she saw that it actually resembled Ash.

"What in the world is that?" Cynthia asked herself.

She then saw it defeated the Altaria and his opponent's other two Pokémon in one hit it was incredible it kinda reminded her about his Infernape's power when it uses Blaze

"So Greninja is the Pokémon that Diantha was telling me about." She thought.

It was after he won the Semifinals that she believed he could actually win the league not that she didn't believe in him before she was just worried about him losing again.

She was sad to see Ash lose in the finals after having such a close match with his opponent Alain, but was happy to see that Ash didn't let it get to him and congratulated his opponent on his victory. After coming so close to winning a league only to fall short in the end and not let it get to him shows just how much he's matured.

"That's just one of the many things to admire about him" She thought to herself with a soft smile and blush on her face

She was watching this year's Sinnoh League Semi-Final when Goodshow told her about the incident with Team Flare happening and how Ash was involved in the middle of it. She was worried for him at first but after watching him take down Team Galactic she knew he would be able to to win plus she knew Diantha was there to help and from what she heard from Goodshow Steven was there too so she had faith that Ash would be fine.

After the Team Flare crisis Ash seemingly disappeared from the public eye for over a year now, after the Sinnoh League ended she left towards Pallet Town to congratulate him for placing in 2nd in Kalos and stopping Team Flare but when she arrived no one was home the house was completely empty so she decided to ask his friend's Brock and Dawn but neither of them knew where he was and when they gave her the contact info of some of his other friends none of them knew where he was so now here she was returning home after a day of searching all over the regions for him giving up for the day.

"We're almost home now Garchomp, just a little more OK?" She asked her partner.

"Chomp!" It responded with a nod.

Then all of a sudden she felt a rush of wind fly past her as she saw only a small glimpse of what looked like a Pokémon.

"Change of plans Garchomp, quick follow and catch up to that Pokémon that just passed up." She told it.

"Gar!" It said as Cynthia ducked in a bit as it folded its arms together a bit as it sped up to mach speed.

As they chased after it but lagged behind so much that they can just barely see it so they wont get caught Cynthia noticed that they were heading into the direction of Snowpoint city.

"what's going on?" She thought to herself.

She then saw it begin to land and proceeded to do so as well.

when they both landed it she was able to see that the Pokémon she saw was actually Garchomp just like hers. Or so she thought.

This Garchomp was unlike hers was of a different color than hers it was jet black instead of dark blue and the star in its nose was red instead of yellow.

"Great work, return for now." Said a voice.

A man then jumped off the back of the Garchomp from where she was hiding she couldn't make out his face from where she was but she could tell that he was wearing long black pants, along with a grey and maroon long coat with a maroon shirt underneath, along with a red cape.

He landed right in front of the Snowpoint Temple and after returning his Garchomp he began to walk inside with Cynthia unknowingly to him following behind after she returned her own Garchomp.

As Cynthia continued to follow him she realized that they were heading down into the basement of the temple, which made Cynthia wonder why.

"What business could he possibly have inside this temple anyway much less the basement?" She thought to herself. "The only notable thing that I can think of is... NO WAY!?"

As they almost reached the basement Cynthia saw him stop right right in front of the last staircase that would take him to the bottom of the temple, this made Cynthia very confused as she hid behind one of the pillars.

"Huh, why'd he stop?" She asked herself.

It was then she saw him give a small sigh before he spoke not bothering to turn around.

"I know you're hiding there behind the pillar so how's about you come out of hiding and tell me why you're following me?" He said out loud.

Cynthia stiffed for a about a minute at the shock of being called out before she walked up to him.

"Who are you?!" She demanded. "And why are you here?!"

The man then let out a small laugh and pulled out a red hat with half a pokeball symbol and placed it on his head before he turned around to face her.

"Is that anyway to greet an old friend Cynthia?" He said with a smirk.

Cynthia was shocked beyond belief when she saw his face, aside from the dual colored red and blue eyes his messy raven black hair and the Z mark pattern on his cheeks and the signature hat was all she needed to know to know who he is.

"Ash is that really you!?" She asked him. "But if it's you than where's..."

just before she could finish she saw a small yellow mouse run up from the stairs behind him and climb up onto his shoulder, it was none other than Pikachu.

"You were saying?" Said Ash.

At that Cynthia couldn't help herself as tears began to fall from her face.

Ash and Pikachu both had confused worried look at the sight of Cynthia crying both not knowing what to do and why she's crying in the 1st place.

"Uh are you OK?" Asked Ash.

After a while Cynthia quickly dried her tears and composed herself but had a small blush on her face.

"Yeah, sorry about that it's just that after so long I finally found you." Said Cynthia with a small smile as she wiped away the rest of her tears with her hand.

Ash and Pikachu both raised an eyebrow at what she said.

"Really?" "I had no idea anybody was looking for me, how long has it been going on? Asked Ash.

Cynthia then began to blush but luckily due to the lack of light this far down the temple he couldn't see it.

"Well technically it's just been me and been going on for about more than a year now." She said.

Ash and Pikachu both nod in understanding.

"Well if you'd like to know I can tell you where I've was a year ago?" He offered.

"Where was that?" Asked Cynthia.

"Alola" He told her.

"Alola?" Asked Cynthia. "I remember Goodshow telling me how it officially started it's own league after joining the league committee."

Ash then nods with a small cocky smirk. "That's the one and you're looking at it's Champion."

Cynthia then had a small surprised look on her face. "Wow you finally won a league, that's incredible."

Ash and Pikachu both looked at each other and smiled before giving her their thanks.

"Honestly it was one of the toughest and greatest thing in my life, the battles were so much fun and so incredible I can talk all day and still not have tole you everything." "Anyway that's enough talk for now I'd like to complete the reason I came here while there's still daylight."

With that Ash turned back around and went down the flight of stairs with Cynthia right behind him after she gave a small "Wait up".

After climbing down the stairs and traversing through the room which had the floor being almost completely covered in ice which was a real pain and finally reached the center of the room, which had the Legendary Pokémon Regigigas.

"Ash you wanna explain to me exactly why you're even here in the first place aaand why the DISTORTION ARE YOU WALKING UP TO REGIGIGAS AS I'M SPEAKING TO YOU!? Said Cynthia.

Just as Cynthia said Ash was walking up to Regigigas while holding 3 Pokéballs in Pikachu jumped off his shoulder and stood right next to Cynthia.

"Good thing Brandon let me borrow these 3 for this occasion" Thought Ash as he threw the 3 Pokéballs in the air revealing the ones Regi trio.

"Regigigas!" Called out Ash. I've brought to you Regirock, Registeel, and Regice in order to wake you up, so that you'll wake up and face against me in a battle!"

Cynthia was completely speechless at Ash's challenge.

With that the ground began to shake causing an earthquake.

"What in the world is happening?!" Said Cynthia as she shut her eyes and tried to keep her balance.

after couple of minutes the earthquake stopped and Cynthia quickly recovered her balance.

"Alright Pikachu be straight with me, Which Thunderbolt, which Thunderbolt was it that officially made Ash lose his mind? Asked Cynthia .

Pikachu hoped on her shoulder and didn't answer and instead pointed a finger at where Ash was.

"Hm?"She said as she looked at where Ash is or at least where he was.

Both Cynthia AND Pikachu were stunned to see both Ash and Regigigas where gone and a large pit hole in place where they were with the 3 Regi's surrounding it in the form of a triangle.

Ash was standing on one side of what looked like an ancient battlefield while Regigigas was on the other.

"Gigas." It said to him.

"I see I understand what you're trying to tell me." Ash said with a smile.

Regigigas then position itself on it's side of the filed while Ash did the same.

"This will be a 1 on 1 Pokémon battle against the challenger Ash Ketchum and Regigigas, The Colossal Pokémon!" The battle will be over when either side is unable to battle!" Declared Ash. "Do you accept?!"

Ash knew there was no need to announce this like it was an official battle since it obviously wasn't but he felt like it would fit the scene.

Regigigas answered by beeping in Morse Code.

"I'll take that as a yes then." Ash said. "Greninja I choose you!"

Ash threw a Pokéball and out came his Greninja

"Greninja!" It said with a serious face.

"Battle Begin!" Said Ash.

Regigigas started out by using Rock Polish.

"Gren?" It said.

"No not yet." Said Ash.

Regigigas proceeded to use Power-Up-Punch.

"Now dodge." Said Ash.

Greninja quickly moved to the left effectively dodging the attack.

"GAAS!" Regigigas said as it got it's act together.

Ash in turned smiled. "Good now let's get serious." Greninja you ready?"


"Gekkouga, motto motto tsuyoku ikouzo!"

Greninja then enveloped itself in a veil of water before dispersing it into a giant shuriken on it's back completing it's transformation.

Regigigas used the same attack again.

"Tsubame Gaeshi!" Said Ash.


Greninja then dodged the attack as it's fists began to glow white before landing a hit right in it's center momentarily stunning it, but that was all they needed to attack again.

"Tsujigiri!" Said Ash

Greninja then created two kunais' made out of water with the top part covered in purple energy before landing another hit the Regi this time on it's right leg causing it to kneel.

"Kage Bushin!"

Greninja then began to multiply itself into many many copies way too much to count as it began to run in circles around Regigigas.

"Kkouga!" "Kkouga!" "Kkouga!" "Kkouga!"

Regigigas then got back up on it's feet as it saw the many Greninjas circling around it as it then slammed both of it's fists as it used Stone Edge as it destroyed many of the copies around it.

"Gekkouga!" "Motto motto motto hayaku!" Cried out Ash.


The Stone Edge was destroying every copy of Greninja there was as Greninja quickly dodged each and every one that would hit it untill in order to dodge on more it jumped into the air.

Regigigas saw this as an opportunity and used another Rock Polish and zoomed straight up to Greninja as it punched it into the ground with a combined Power-Up-Punch and Superpower attack.

"GAAAARGH!" Cried Ash in Pain as he knelt down after having felt the same pain as Greninja.

"Ima." He thought as he then spoke out loud. "GEKKOUGA!"

Then out from the giant rubble came many copies of Greninja as well as the original as they now stood in the air surrounding Regigigas.

"Gekkouga, Mizu Shuriken!" Ash said as he stood up and raised his arm up in the air.

Greninja then grabbed the Shuriken on it's back as it began to grow more powerful as well in size as it's red fins began to glow,


Greninja then threw the ginormous shuriken at Regigigas who tried to catch it with it's hands but was overwhelmed by it's power as sent flying back as an explosion occurred.

Meanwhile Cynthia and Pikachu were investigating the giant hole Ash and Regigigas fell through as they crouched and looked down to see if they could see anything.

"I can't see thing do you think Ash is alright Pikachu?" Asked Cynthia as she couldn't help and be worried for Ash's safety.

"Pika pika." Said Pikachu as it it shrugged it's shoulder's.

Cynthia then got up and stood straight as she took a few steps back.

"Well guess there's only one way to find out for sure." Said Cynthia.

"Pika?" Asked Pikachu.

"We jump." She said simply.

"PIKA!?" It asked her with and looked at her as if she was crazy.

Cynthia then ran forward and jumped into the giant hole with Pikachu screaming the whole way down.

After falling for what seemed like a while Cynthia was able to safely and successfully land on her feet as she landed and began to look around her surrounding as she saw what looked like a huge ancient battlefield and she saw that it was damaged.
"Incredible, did you have any idea that this was here Pikachu?" Asked Cynthia in wonder and disbelief.

"Pikaa." Said Pikachu as it was looking around the room with the same expression as Cynthia.

"Ikouze!" They heard a voice echo through the area.

They instantly went to the source of the voice and saw that it was Ash battling Regigigas, it was then Cynthia saw Greninja create a giant shuriken and she was able to feel the power that was coming from it as it threw it.

"Holy..." Started Cynthia.

"...Kachu!" Finished Pikachu.

After the attack hit Regigigas an explosion occurred surrounding everyone in smoke.

After the smoke cleared Regigigas was still standing but with almost no strength left as Ash gave a victorious smirk to the Regi as Greninja landed and reverted back to normal with noticeable damage on it and Ash.

"I win." was all he said to it.

Regigigas gave what looked like a nod as it began to fall backwards.

Ash was quick to notice as he quickly grabbed Heavy Ball from his back pocket and threw it.

"Go, Heavy Ball!"

The ball made contact before Regigigas fell completely on it's back as it was enveloped in a red light and entered the ball as it then fell down and began to shake as everyone counted how many times it did.

"One." Thought Ash.

"Two." Thought Cynthia.

"Pika." Thought Pikachu.


The ball stopped shaking as it signified the capture.

Ash then walked forward to the ball and picked it up before throwing it in the air and catching it as he shrunk it.

"The Colossal Pokémon, Regigigas, Pokédex no. 486 capture complete." He said as he put the ball in his pocket.

Just then a staircase appeared out of a flash of light that led back to the Snowpoint Temple. With that Ash began to walk towards the staircase with his hands in his pocket when Cynthia suddenly appeared in front of him with her arms stretched out blocking the stairs as she looked at him with a serious look on her face as Pikachu hopped onto his shoulder from hers.

"You're in my way Cynthia." Ash told her with a neutral look on his face.

"Not until you tell me what you're planning to do with Regigigas and why you caught it in the first place." She said to him seriously.

"That's none of your concern" Ash said.

"I won't let you leave until you tell me!" Said Cynthia.

"Oh?" "And what if I don't?" He asked her.

"If you don't then I'll force you to tell me!" She said to him.

Ash then gave her an amused smile.

"And how do you plan to do that? He asked.

"I challenge you to a battle, if I win you'll tell me what you're planning!" Challenged Cynthia.

"I accept, just don't cry when I mop the floor with you." Said Ash as he went and walked to one side of the battlefield.

"I think you're forgetting that I'm the Sinnoh champ, I won't lose so easily." She told him as she went on the other side.

"Oh don't worry you will." Said Ash. "Will a simple 3 on 3 battle work?" "I really don't want to stay here any longer than necessary."

"Fine by me." Said Cynthia.

"Alright then bring it on." Said Ash with a confident smirk.

"I hope you're ready cause here I come!" Said Cynthia.

What exactly is Ash planning to do with Regigigas? Who will be the winner of the battle? Will it be Ash? Or will it be Cynthia? Find out next time.