A/N 1: A year has passed between the events of Sonic X and this fanfic. Also, if you're wondering why Cosmo's alive, Master Emerald.

A/N 2: Also, of note, Tails has legally got his name changed from "Miles Prower" to "Tails the Fox"

It was a normal day in Mobius City. The populace is going about their normal day, and Sonic and friends are relaxing. However, trouble is about to hit. Dr Eggman's base descends from the clouds and starts attacking the city.

At the same time, emergency alarms go off, and most of Sonic and the gang race off towards the headquarters that had been established in the aftermath of the Metarex invasion. However, when Sonic arrived at the Rabbit's house to pick up Tails, there was an argument going on.

"Absolutely not, any of you," Vanilla said at Tails, Cream and Cosmo. Tails replied "I'm the only pilot they have, I have to go"

"Hey Vanilla, how about this? The five of you come to the base, but Cream and Cosmo remain at the base" Sonic asked, to which Vanilla replied "What about Tails? He and Cosmo are only nine, they should not be getting involved in this"

"Vanilla, we've been over this a dozen times. Tails' is the only pilot we have, and he is amazing, even at such a young age. And you know that Cream and Cosmo are just going to worry about him, so, how about we all head to the base together? Then Cream and Cosmo will be closer to the action, while not actually being part of it, As for Tails, unfortunately, he has to go, unless we find another pilot" Sonic replied, tired of this argument.

"Alright, but I have to go with them," Vanilla said, to which Sonic replied "Sure, you can come to the base with them", to which Vanilla nodded.

Soon, everyone was at the base.

"Sir, why are they here?" a soldier asked, pointing to Vanilla, Cream and Cosmo, to which Sonic replied "They're here on my request, they're friends and family"

"Right," the soldier said.

"I'm just here because of my adopted son, he's always part of these battles," Vanilla said.

"Alright, follow me. Sonic, Tails, the meeting's about to begin. We've been waiting for you" the Soldier said. Vanilla nodded, then said "Be careful Tails"

"I will," Tails said as he and Sonic headed for the meeting room.

Soon, they arrive and find everyone waiting for them.

"Ah, Sonic, Tails, finally," another Soldier said as Sonic and Tails took their seats.

"Let me guess, Dr Eggman is attacking again?" Blaze asked, to which the Soldier replied "We're sending troops to counter the Eggbots, but your mission is to destroy the weapons on the base, then capturing Dr Eggman"

"Then we'll do that" Sonic replied. Everyone else acknowledged, The Soldier then said "Now, quickly, get to the plane, the sooner you get over to Eggman's base the better", and at this, Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Blaze and Rouge all head for the hangar.

When they arrive at the hanger, they find a large ship, big enough to fit all of them comfortably. Scrambling onboard, Tails takes the controls, and they head out.

"Something's not right, I can sense it," Silver said, and his concern was mirrored in his teammates.

As Tails races the ship towards Mobius City, the troops arrived in Mobius city. Soon, however, they discover that there are almost no Eggbots in the city. Not only that, but Eggman's ship was just hovering there, not attacking.

"Headquarters send a message to Sonic and the others, they're flying straight into a trap," a soldier said, alarmed.

"Affirmative" the tower replied.

As Sonic and the other head for Eggman's base, the message about this being a trap comes through. However, this comes too late, and, as Tails tried to turn the ship around, Dr Eggman fires off a Tractor Beam, and it caught the ship.

"Shit!" Tails said as he tried to pull the ship away.

"Now that we have them trapped, Egg Bots, charge in and destroy the ship!" Eggman called, and a huge swarm of Egg Bots charge for the ship.

"Shadow, Knuckles, we've got to free the ship," Sonic said, and both Shadow and Knuckles acknowledged.

"Be careful, please Sonic?" Amy said, and Sonic said, "I will", the three of them then got into the craft, and headed for the base. Meanwhile, Amy, Silver, Rouge and Blaze notice the attacking Egg Bots that are swarming the ship.

"Get the guns, let's do it!" Blaze said, and when Amy and Rouge grab guns to fire on the Egg Bots, while Silver and Blaze use their powers to destroy the Egg Bots.

At the same time, Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles arrive on Eggman's base. They smash a few Egg Bots that were waiting for them, upon landing, however, several guns fire on them from the tower on top of which held the Tractor Beam, forcing Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles to hide behind nearby pillars.

"Right. Now then, I'm sensing Traps waiting for us" Shadow said. He then generated several orbs of Chaos Energy and rolled them across the ground, triggering a bunch of mines that had been laid just underneath the path. Once they were triggered, Sonic jumped out, whirled up, and shot a Blue Energy bolt at the guns on the tower, and disable them.

"How did you do that?" Knuckles asked as he smashed two Eggbots to bits with his fists, to which Sonic replied "I needed something to counter Shadow's Chaos Control, and this is what I've gone with"

"Interesting, now let's go," Shadow said, and the three of them charge at the tower, dodging attacks from Eggbots and other minions.

While Sonic and the others are fighting their way across Eggman's base, the Eggbots continue to attack the ship. Amy, Rogue and Blaze shoot at them, while Silver casts a shield over the entrance to the hanger of the ship to protect them.

"Keep fighting, we have to hold on" Tails called from the cockpit.

"We're trying, there's a lot of them though," Silver replied.

Back to the base, Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles arrive at the base of the tower. Shadow senses more traps, and he disables the traps using his Chaos Control. The three of them then ascend the tower and reach the tractor beam. However, as soon as they tried to attack the Tractor Beam, they're blown away by a shield around the Tractor Beam.

'Ouch, now what?" Sonic asked, to which Knuckles replied "I'll enter the tower, and find a way to destroy the shield. Hold out by taking down the Eggbots until I get back", an at this, Knuckles heads down the tower, while both Shadow and Sonic start taking down the Eggbots.

Back on the ship, the Eggbots eventually smash Silver's shield, and in the few seconds that it takes Silver to replace the shield, Blaze is shot in the knee and Rouge is grazed in the arm.

"Blaze! are you OK?" Silver asked, to which Blaze replied, "I'm fine, focus on shielding the ship", to which Silver nodded.

At the same time, back on Eggman's base, Sonic and Shadow continued to smash the Eggbots as Knuckles rampaged through the tower, and a huge series of explosions rang out through the tower and triggering the removal of the Shield Generator. And when Knuckles returned, Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles destroy the tractor beam.

Inside the base, Dr Eggman decides to retreat, and his base starts rising into the sky. At the same time, the Eggbots retreat.

On the ship, Tails finally manages to start pulling away from Dr Eggman's base.

"We'd better get out of here," Sonic said. Shadow and Knuckles nod and they race towards their transport and start heading back towards the ship.

As they return, however, a secret weapon of Dr Eggman's base is revealed. A powerful beam of energy is shot at the ship, and while it only clips the transport, it scores a direct hit on the ship. The damage from the explosion was not immediately obvious outside, but it was inside where the damage was done.

Inside the ship, the beam hit the ship, and Amy was blasted out of the ship. At the same time, Blaze was also caught in the explosion, and it took Silver grabbing Blaze to stop her from also plummeting out of the ship. Silver also tried to capture Amy but missed as she plummeted towards the forest below. Silver and Rouge managed to pull Blaze back up onto the ship, but she was in a bad way. Badly burned, and unconscious, Silver immediately pulled her to the infirmary, and, with Rouge's help started trying to stabilise the condition of the love of his life.

Sonic, meanwhile, saw the blast hit the ship and saw Amy get blasted out of the ship.

"NO!" Sonic yelled, and he tried to jump out of the transport to race after Amy but was briefly stopped by Shadow.

"Sonic, stop!" Shadow said, but Sonic was so panicked and angry that powerful energy suddenly surged through him, and, suddenly, a powerful aura, tinged pink, burst out of Sonic, blowing Shadow away. Sonic raced out of the transport, rolled into a ball, and raced towards the forest floor, where he landed safely. He then started looking around at very high speed for his love, Amy.

Meanwhile, the ship made it back to base, but Tails couldn't control the landing of the ship, and it crash-landed, snapping the controls out of his hands and breaking his Left Wrist.

"FUCK!" Tails said, holding his wrist and falling to the ground in pain. He was guided out of the ship by Rouge.

Silver, meanwhile, was waiting for the soldiers, who arrived shortly afterwards, and he accompanied the soldiers as they rushed Blaze by helicopter to the Royal Mobius Hospital. Meanwhile, Vanilla let out an exasperated sigh as she saw Tails being guided to the ambulance by Rouge, holding his wrist.

"What am I going to do with you Tails?" Vanilla said as she walked up to and embraced Tails.

"Well, that'll teach me to let go of the controls if we're about to crash" Tails replied, embracing his adopted mom. Vanilla then said "We have to take you to the hospital to get your wrist checked"

"It's broken, almost certainly" Tails admitted, and once Vanilla broke the embrace with him, he climbed into the ambulance. Just as Tails departed, Knuckles and Shadow arrived back. Shadow forestalled Vanilla's question.

"Sonic leapt from the transport just after Amy fell, he had a strange aura around him," Shadow said, and Rouge replied "If there's anybody who might be able to save Amy, it'll be Sonic"

"We'd better head for the hospital, to make sure everyone's OK" Shadow said, and when Rouge nodded, Rouge entered the car, while Shadow raced for the hospital.

Meanwhile, Amy has survived her crash through the forest, and her impact with the forest floor. Sonic very quickly found her, barely alive on the forest floor. Checking her pulse, he finds one, but it's weak. Gently bringing Amy up onto his back, he raced towards the Royal Mobius Hospital.