"Who are you?" Amy asked, to which Silver replied "I'm Silver, a friend of Sonic's. And this is Blaze, my girlfriend"

"Right, nice to meet you, Silver, and Blaze" Amy replied. The nurse gave Silver and Blaze the thumbs up, then added "I advise you keep this up, and, soon, Amy should remember everything"

"Alright" Blaze replied.

Even once Amy had left her coma, she still spent most of her time asleep. During the times where she was awake, however, Shadow and the others introduced themselves to her, and she was slowly able to remember everyone in turn. Meanwhile, Sonic remained by her side, keeping an eye on her. During one of those awake periods, while the Nurse was there, she asked "Can I please go to the toilet?" to which the Nurse replied "Sure". Both Sonic and the Nurse assisted Amy, and she was very surprised to see how uncoordinated she was, and that she really needed Sonic and the Nurse to support her, while a second Nurse wheeled the drip around.

With the improvement Amy had gone through over the last twenty-four hours, the Nurse walked into Amy's ward, and said "We've made a decision. Given your improvement of the last twenty-four hours Amy, we've decided to move you from the intensive care unit to the high-dependency unit.

Here, she still spent most of her time asleep. One time she became lucid, however, Sonic asked: "Do you know where you are Amy?"

"Uh, Mobius City, I think" Amy replied as she turned to Sonic, who nodded in confirmation. Sonic then asked: "Where specifically are you?"

"Hospital" Amy replied almost immediately. Sonic then asked "Do you know why you're in a hospital?", but when he asked that, she shook her head.

"Dr Eggman" Sonic replied. Amy sighed, then said, "What did he do?"

"He shot the ship we were on, and you were knocked from the ship" Sonic replied, to which Amy said "Ooooooohhhhh shit, no wonder I'm hurting all over. How am I alive?"

"Because of this" Sonic said, and he showed off the new power-up to Amy that he had shown to everyone else.

"Wow, how did you get this power-up?" Amy asked, to which Sonic replied "To save your life of course'

"Awww, Sonic, you do love me," Amy said, to which Sonic replied "It was my love for you that triggered this power-up", and at this, they gently, but warmly, kiss.

Despite the progress she had made, Amy was suffering from post-traumatic confusion. Although she remembered that she and Sonic were now lovers, her memory was otherwise that of a goldfish, about five seconds.

"So, how is the weather today?" Amy asked, to which Silver replied "Cloudy, still fairly warm"

"OK. How is everyone else?" Amy asked, to which Blaze replied "Tails is recovering well, we're all doing much better, especially seeing that you're recovering so well"

"Nice" Amy replied, but then the conversation started again. One other major thing was that Amy was always delighted when her 2nd favourite food, Sausage Rolls, arrived for lunch. (Her favourite, Soft-Serve Ice Cream, wasn't allowed in the hospital).

"Sausage Rolls, my favourite that I can have here, how did you know?" Amy exclaimed, even though she had ordered it herself from the menu.

Due to the almighty amount of pain Amy was in, she was given morphine, along with a cocktail of other drugs to help with other issues. Slowly, and despite her clinical confusion, she was able to piece bits and pieces of her life back together.

Two weeks after her near-death experience, the doctors appeared at Amy's bedside and announced that they had agreed to transfer her by air ambulance to a local hospital, closer to home which specialised in neurology, so a specialist neurosurgeon can take over her care.

When Amy and Sonic agreed to it, they headed out. Over the next few days, specialist neurosurgeon Raymond the Hedgehog listened to everything Amy said. She was frustrated, she wanted to go home and snuggle with Sonic, but she knew that her mind was so messed up that the doctors wouldn't let her, especially when asked about what town she was in, she had no idea.

"Remember everyone, your brain is not simply a tool for consideration and mental calculation; it also drives every minuscule action. And right now, her brain exhausts easily, so she needs to sleep as much as possible" the Nurse said. Although Sonic stayed with her every night, he could sense that Amy was going to go stir-crazy if she stayed there for much longer. From his discussions with the Nurse and Raymond, Sonic knew that patience and rest were keys to Amy's recovery.

Just over three weeks after the incident, Sonic got an idea.

"Hey, we've got to get Amy out of here, she's going stir-crazy. She needs absolute peace and quiet, and as much time to sleep as possible, but we need to get her somewhere to avoid the media, she's not coping with being a prisoner here" Sonic said to Raymond.

"So, what do we do?" Raymond asked. The Nurse then got an idea.

"Is there somewhere, well away from the city, where Amy can finish her recovery?" she asked, to which Rouge replied, "I have a retreat in the woods about fifty kays out of the city, how about we head there?"

"Alright. Now, how to get Amy out there without all the media attention. The last thing we need right now is a seizure from all of those flashing lights"

"I have an idea for that" Vanilla replied.

That idea turned out to be a multi-pronged smuggle of Amy out of the hospital. Shadow and Knuckles left the hospital first and got the media to follow them, as they had what seemed to be Amy hiding under a sheet between them. By the time the media realised it wasn't actually Amy, but Blaze wearing a Hedgehog wig, Sonic, Amy and Rouge had snuck out. They arrived at a rendezvous point, where they met up with Vanilla, Tails, Cream and Cosmo.

When they arrived, the next step of the healing process for Amy began. All sorts of emotions bombarded her. Anger, Sadness, Fear, especially at the responsibility of looking after Tails, Cream and Cosmo when they were left with her, frustration, but, slowly, she improved. Over the course of the following six weeks, she recovered bit by bit. And after a number of tests, and three months of recovery, Amy was able to return home.

For Amy, Blaze, and Sonic, returning home didn't feel the same. For all three, what had happened to them on that fateful day three months ago meant that, as they walked through the rooms of their houses, this was the first time they had met themselves. For Blaze, this was the first time she had been in a place she could remember since she was burned. For Sonic, this was the first time he had been in a place he could remember since the events of that fateful day, even though he hadn't been hurt much by it. And for Amy, this was the first time she had been in a place she could remember since she had damaged her brain. All three of them knew, however, that while where they lived was the same, they wouldn't be. Amy and Sonic found each other, while Blaze found Silver, and they embraced. Amy and Blaze didn't need to tell Sonic and Silver why they were sad, they knew. Especially for Amy, she had come to rely on Sonic as she relied on air and water: He was her refuge, shield and strength. For Sonic, the strength showed by Amy reinforced his own strength, which led to an incredible cycle. They had made it this far and they were definitely going to carry on.

Although Amy was back to "normal" after about a year, truth be told, Amy never fully recovered. Although, after a bit over a year, she was no longer scared of strangers, and could go a full day without a nap, one or two things had been permanently affected. Interestingly, she was no longer constantly fangirling over Sonic, and now, seemed more mature, although she did develop a fear of flying, though, with Sonic and his friends around, she was OK. With Sonic, he was more protective of Amy, though not to any detrimental levels. He was also much more affectionate towards her, feeling now that it was OK to actually show his love for her. Blaze and Silver hooked up themselves soon afterwards, and they were quite as lovey-dovey as Sonic and Amy were at times.

For Sonic, it had taught him one thing. Although his fear of losing Amy was justified, he knew, that she was strong enough, with his support, to get through anything. Coming back from a near-death experience like she did here, was a testament to that. Also, Sonic swore that Dr Eggman would pay DEARLY for what he had done.