Chapter one: Runaways

Rose Dewitt Bukater stared at the mirror depressive. It was the moment that she never wanted

After her Jack, her beloved Jack died, she hid so Cal and Ruth wouldn't find her. But her tries wasn't successful.

"Oh Rose!" Ruth screamed when she saw Rose in the Carpathia. She run to her amd took Rose's face in her hands. "I'm so glad that you're alive!" she said. "We can start again. You're marrying Cal and all will be alright" she said.

"No Mother! Don't you understand? I hate Cal! I hate First Class life!" Rose shouted. Some passengers looked at them and Ruth nodded politely.

"You're embarrassing us. Stop this immediately and come back to Cal. Remember the situation we are?" Ruth hissed.

"Yeah. I would prefer to live as a Third Class. I hate First Class and I'll always hate it" Rose answered bravely.

"Of course" Ruth said sarcastically. "Who would want the luxury, the nice dresses, the expensive jewelry? Stop being a fool and come back"

"No!" Rose shouted.

"Rose Dewitt Bukater you're coming back with us. This is a request" Ruth said sternly.

Before Rose could answer, she heard a voice.


She turned and saw the disgusting face of Caledon Hockley. She hated him with all her heart. She wanted so badly to spit them both in their faces and run.

"Thank God you're safe. Well done, Ruth. Look at you, you must be freezing! Let's get you inside" Cal said. He patted her on the cheek and drived her to First Class. The rooms were comfortable and they were maids cleaning. Rose's face fall. Trudy, poor Trudy, she was sank in the freezing waters.

"We'll get married in one and week. The ship docks tomorrow. We'll get immediately the train in Philadelphia. Ruth will have time to order the bridesmaids gowns. What color?" Cal asked.

"Lavender" Rose said. Ruth glared at Rose.

"Of course not lavender. It's a awful color. I'll order a yellow color" Ruth said.

Rose sighed. She knew that there was not any reason to fight.

When the ship docked, Rose tried to run away but Ruth and Cal were following her around. So she couldn't.

They took the train to Philadelphia and it was time for the wedding. The worst part of her life. She was sure that suicide would be the end of her life.

Rose was wearing a very expensive wedding dress with a veil ajd expensive jewelry. She wore the Heart of the Ocean since Cal found it in her pocket, her engagement ring, and expensive bracelets. She was also wearing a tiara with small diamonds. She absolutely hated it. She would prefer to marry Jack without even wearing a wedding dress of marrying Cal.

Rose took a big breath holding the bouquet of daisies. She wanted lilies but her mother again insisted. Was all that up to her mother?

When she started walking down the aisle, they started playing a soft music. All around her gasped lovingly as they saw the bride walking down the aisle. Rose thought that her father would not let her to marry Cal if she didn't want. Mathew Dewitt Bukater was always a good man. He wasn't like Caledon Hockley, Nathan Hockley, Benjamin Guggenheim and all the others. He was the kind of father that Jack would be.

Cal kissed Rose's hand and Rose stand besides him. She wasn't hearing what the pastor was saying. She wanted to imagine Jack besides her, kissing his soft lips and spend the rest of her life with him.

Rose jumped when she heard her name.

"Do you, Rose Adeline Dewitt Bukater, take Caledon Hockley, to obey him, never cheat on him and love him until death separates you?"

Bastard. He didn't say the same in Cal.

A voice rang in her head.

"Make each day count"


The word escaped her lips before she could understand. All gasped horrified. Cal glared deadly at her while Ruth stand up horrified.

"Forgive her, she is too emotional and she wanted to say yes" Ruth laughed.

"No Mother. I wanted to say no. That's enough. It's time to do something that I want" Rose said brave. The guests gasped again. She threw the veil, the tiara and the bouquet of flowers and run outside.

"Rose! Rose come back here!" Ruth screamed.

"What the hell just happened?" Cal exclaimed angrily.

Rose ran to the room and locked the door. She heard Ruth's screams.

Rose opened the closet and found her brown suitcase. She threw inside four dresses, her money, some things all women need. She glanced at the door. Ruth was knocking very loudly. Rose knew that it was matter of time until a maid or Cal come and unlock the door.

Rose opened the window and with the help of a tree she fall down. She hitted her knee a little. She was glad that she changed her wedding dress in a more comfortable one.

Rose run as quickly as she could to the train station. She had to go somewhere. But where?

"Have you ever been to Wisconsin?"

"One train to Chippewa Falls please" Rose said.

"You better hurry Miss. It leaves in three minutes" a kind man said. Rose nodded thankfully and ran to the train.

She let a sigh of relief when the train started. No Ruth, no Cal anymore. It was time to leave the life she always wanted.

A/N. I just read a story by spikessweetgirl75 about the Boston Dawsons and I started a story like this. I DIDN'T COPY OR ANYTHING. It'll be completely different, with Ruth, Cal, Jack everything. So please, don't say that I have copied of her because I didn't. Please.