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Chapter one: The Chosen Ones

Mondo was walking down the hallways to his locker with two of his friends, Joey and Peter.

"Come on Mondo, don't tell us you don't have a hard time trying to handle her temper?" laughed Peter.

Mondo shrugged as if it was no big deal and quickly turned the corner to his locker. "Hey, you guys want to play a game of basketball? We could invite Eric and Andrew to play as well," suggested Mondo, since he didn't want to start on his homework yet.

"Sure, as long as Kyle's on my team," smiled Joey, knowing just how well Kyle played. Mondo was one of the best, but knowing him, he'd rather be with the loser's team.

"Fine by me. It's not like I was planning to team up with him anyways," Mondo shrugged.

"Hey, I want Katie on my team then," smiled Peter with a sly smile on his face as Joey rolled his eyes. Both Mondo and Joey knew that Peter had a major crush on Katie.

"Yeah, sure," said Mondo as he got his things from his locker and quickly locked it.

"Hey, aren't you going to invite your girlfriend?" asked Joey slyly.

"SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!!!" yelled Mondo angrily.

"Cool it, we know she isn't. She's only your dream girlfriend," Peter laughed.

"Whatever," said Mondo while rolling his eyes.

They quickly found their other friends and met at the basketball court, not knowing that Mondo wouldn't have time to play a game anyways.

"Pass it over here Peter!" yelled Mondo as he ran toward the hoop. Peter quickly passed it to him and he scored another goal for the team.

"All right Mondo!" yelled Katie cheerfully. She always had team spirit on her side. Just then, a large vacuum looking thing sucked Mondo up into the sky.

"What is with that guy? Every time we're in the middle of something, he just disappears," sighed Joey.

Mondo looked around the base where the professor was and found Rockna on the couch watching T.V.

"Rockna? Why are we here? I mean why was I sent back here? Is there a monster item call or something?" asked Mondo in confusion.

"What do you mean Mondo? There wasn't even a monster alert," said Rockna as she turned off the television.

"Let's go check anyways. I got here, might as well go right? Hey, where's the professor?" asked Mondo.

"I think he's in the lab trying to create something. Why don't we just go without him this time?" asked Rockna as Mondo nodded his head in agreement.

They didn't even need to go onto the ship to get to Mon world. The professor had created a new way of entering, with the help of Beginner. Both Mondo and Rockna had a necklace that automatically transported them to Mon world, and all they had to do was think about where they wanted to go and they would be there.

In no time, they were back in the Mon world, where they hadn't visited in at least 4 years, and things had changed.

"What happened here?" asked Rockna in shock.

"I don't know Rockna, but it isn't good," said Mondo as he looked around the forest, or at least what was left of it. There was not a single tree with leaves left and everything building was burnt to the ground. How could this have happened?

"Let's go check it out," said Mondo as he started to run further into the bare forest. Rockna followed behind him, when all of a sudden there was a little whisper that caught Rockna's ears.

"Mondo! Wait! I hear something," said Rockna as she ran over to a fallen house and slowly dug away the bits and pieces of rocks and finally found a body.

"What is it Rockna?" asked Mondo as he reached her and saw the body. "Here, let me help," said Mondo as he helped pulled the body out. It was a girl.

"Thank you, I was in there for weeks now, and no one has come," said the girl. She had long blond hair and sapphire blue eyes and was about the same height as Rockna. She was scratched up and her white dress was slightly torn. There was a cut on her right arm that was wrapped up in a bandage, but the blood was bleeding through.

"It's O.K. What happened?" asked Rockna in concern.

"A new dark force has taken over Mon World. We'll never be able to live in peace again. Please, help us," pleaded the girl.

"We will, but what's you name?" asked Mondo.

"My name is Natalie. I rule over and protect the living beings of this village and forest, but then one day these horrible creatures appeared, and I couldn't do anything to stop them," said Natalie as she started to cry.

"That's alright, we'll help you and bring back all your people," said Rockna trying to calm Natalie down.

"Thank you, but I don't think you're enough. What are your names?" asked Natalie.

"My name is Rockna and this is Mondo," smiled Rockna.

"Mondo and Rockna? The Mon Colle Knights? The chosen ones?" asked Natalie in shock and gratitude.

"Well, I don't know about chosen ones, but we use to be the Mon Colle Knights," smiled Mondo. Wow, she's beautiful, thought Mondo silently.

"Please, save our world then," pleaded Natalie.

"But why are we the chosen ones?" asked Rockna in confusion.

"Long ago, there was a legend about how the Mon World would come to a mass destruction once everything was at peace. And only the chosen ones could rescue this world," Natalie tried to explain.

"But how are you so sure that we're the chosen ones?" asked Mondo.

"Because in the legend was a description of the chosen ones. It said, 'One with flaming fiery hair and with red eyes that anger blare. The other with beauty that none can compare and with the eyes that makes things fair,'" answered Natalie.

"I guess that's us Mondo," smiled Rockna.

"I guess so. Well, where should we start?" asked Mondo.

"Please, let me accompany you. The dark forces live up in the hidden valley that no one has ever been, and I know where it is. I can lead you there," said Natalie.

"Alright then," smiled Mondo.

"Wait Mondo, let's go back to our world first. We can pack up some things we might need," said Rockna.

"Good idea Rockna. You can go, I'll wait here for you," said Mondo as Rockna glared at him.

"Mondo, you lazy pig! Let's go!" yelled Rockna. Giving up, Mondo walked over to Rockna's side. Rockna quickly took out her sapphire blue pedant that was connected to a gold chain and held onto it and closed her eyes.

Mondo took out his dark red pendant that was connected to a gold chain and held it between his hands with his eyes closed. "The Earth!" yelled Mondo and Rockna as the same time as a bright green light hit them, but then it disappeared.

"What happened Mondo? Why didn't it work?" asked Rockna.

"I don't know, let's try again," said Mondo as Rockna nodded and they tried again. But nothing happened.

"Maybe it's the dark forces. I'm afraid you won't be able to return to your world until this is all over. I'm sorry," said Natalie as she wiped away a tear that had fallen from her eyes.

"That's alright, really. We'd love to help anyways," said Mondo softly as he wrapped his arms around Natalie.

"That's right," smiled Rockna in agreement as she walked over to them. Slowly, Natalie nodded and they started traveling toward the North, where the hidden valley was. On the way, Natalie started filling them in with the details.

"There are loyal servants that make up part of the dark forces. The leader of the dark forces is Chow-Bing. He's got unimaginable power. He's also a dragon. His followers are the dark dubs. And his loyal servants are the shadow-demons. The shadow-demons each rule part of the Mon world to make sire everything is in order, so beware of your surroundings. They're everywhere," Natalie warned.

"But what about the Dubs? What do they do?" asked Rockna.

"They do as the shadow-demons tell them to do and serve under Chow-Bing. They fight the war and torture those with hope, but they are nothing compared to the Shadow-Demons. The Shadow-Demons have the ability to read minds and manipulate all those that go before them, taking any shape it wants to," said Natalie as a shiver went down her spine.

"This sounds really dangerous, are you sure you're ready for this then Rockna?" asked Mondo.

Rockna gulped, "I'm not afraid Mondo. I can stand up to them and fight. Besides, we could always ask our friends in this world to help us," answered Rockna nervously.

"If they aren't already captured," said Mondo sadly. "Hey, Natalie. What are the dark forces weaknesses?" asked Mondo suddenly.

"Weaknesses? Uh… I don't know their weakness. As far as all of Mon World knows, they have no weaknesses," answered Natalie. Suddenly, Mondo felt something or someone.

"I think someone's following us. I think it's been following us for a while now," whispered Mondo to Rockna as Rockna nodded and turned around to see who it was, but no one was there.

"Mondo, are you sure?" asked Rockna.

"I was, but I'm not so sure now," said Mondo.

"What is it?" asked Natalie.

"I felt something, but then it was gone," answered Mondo.

"It's here," said Natalie all of a sudden as her eyes glowed red and she started to float upwards. "I can… I can feel it's presents. It's all… it's all happening again. No… no… NOOOOOO!!!" Natalie screamed in agony. Sudden, a chain was tied to one arm and then the other.

"NATATLIE!" yelled Mondo as he tried to jump up and reach her, but it didn't work. She just started to float higher and higher up into the sky. The last words they could hear before she disappeared from sight was, "Save Mon World, PLEASE!"

"We couldn't save her," said Mondo sadly, knowing his failure.

"Mondo, don't think like that. We'll get her back," Rockna tried reassuring him.

"How can we save Mon world if we can't even protect one girl?" asked Mondo.

"We will, trust me Mondo," said Rockna as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"You're right Rockna, we will," smiled Mondo as Rockna smiled at him.

"You won't be doing that very soon," said a sudden voice. Soon there were shadows flying everywhere and they were surrounded.

"Mondo, what do we do now?" asked Rockna.

"We'll fight our way out of this. We have to," said Mondo angrily as jumped into the air and was about to knock one of the shadow-demons out, when suddenly he stopped in his tracks and he couldn't move.

"What's happening?" asked Mondo to no one in particular. He felt a hold around his neck that was trying to choke him to death as his necklace was ripped from his neck.

Suddenly, Mondo caught a sign by the Shadow-Demon's neck. There was a line there, as if it had been injured once. It's worth a try, thought Mondo silently as pulled out his newly improved stick that he brought with him everywhere he went.

"NO! You're not going to get that chance!" yelled the Shadow-Demon as he dropped Mondo from mid air and charged up to him. But Mondo used his sharp stick and cut right into the shadow demon's neck.

"AHHH!" screamed the shadow demon as it turned into dark fumes and disappeared. All that was left of it, was it's black cloak.

"Rockna! Hit their necks! It's the only way!" yelled Mondo as he continued to fight. Rockna nodded and took out her newly improved Rockna's ribbon.

"TAKE THIS!" yelled Rockna as she hit all the shadow demons around her with one swipe of her ribbon. When the battle was over, Mondo fell onto his knees.

"Great job Rockna," he said with a sigh of relief.

"Thanks Mondo," smiled Rockna, when she realized that Mondo was cut on the arm. "Here," she said softly as she tied a pick piece of handkerchief around his arm. Mondo blushed slightly.

"Oh, thanks Rockna," he tried to smile.

"We should keep going Mondo, the sooner we get to the Hidden Valleys, the sooner we can save Mon world," said Rockna.

"Wait a second, I need to find my necklace," said Mondo as he looked around the ground and spotted his necklace. The gold chain had snapped, so Mondo decided to place it into the hole in his stick handle instead. It seemed to be shaped for the pendant anyways. But as soon as he placed it in, his stick began to glow red.

"What's going on Mondo?" asked Rockna while shielding her eyes from the blinding light.

"I don't know," Mondo managed as he covered his eyes with one arm and held onto his stick with the other. Slowly, he felt his stick turn into something else.

Finally the light disappeared and everything was back to normal. Except, that the stick that use to be in Mondo's hand, was now a gleaming silver sword. The handle was green with a simple of the wind and fire dragon on it. They were circling each other in the now round and flat pendant. And on the other side was the same thing, except it was a water and thunder dragon circling each other.

"Rockna, this is awesome!" smiled Mondo in awe as he admired his new sword.

"But how did that happen?" asked Rockna.

"I don't know, but what ever it is, it's awesome. Come on, let's go north," smiled Mondo proudly as he strapped his sword onto his back and started walking with Rockna by his side. Soon it was getting dark and they still hadn't reached the next realm yet.

"Mondo, I'm getting tired, why don't we camp out for the night?" suggested Rockna.

"O.K. Rockna, but I'm getting really hungry. What about this? You set up the fire and I'll try to find some food of some sort," said Mondo.

"O.K." smiled Rockna in agreement as she started looking for firewood.

Mondo looked around the darkness for a while as he took out his sword. There were a few trees around this area, but it still didn't make a forest.

"Man, I wish there was some light here," whispered Mondo to no one in particular. Suddenly, the blade of his sword went on fire. At first he was freaked out but then he realized it was actually helping him.

"O.K. Now I'll just have to find some food and I'll be home free," smiled Mondo as he looked around.


"There we go! That should be enough firewood. But ho am I going to start a fire," wondered Rockna as she placed the firewood down.

Slowly she picked up two sticks and started rubbing them together. I hope Mondo comes back with the food soon. I'm getting hungry, thought Rockna as she shivered slightly because of the cold.

Suddenly, Mondo appeared. "Hey Rockna, I found some fish," he smiled. Rockna was so hungry she didn't even remember that there wasn't any water around and there was no way Mondo could've found fish. Not to mention, Mondo wasn't that great of a fisher.

"Oh Mondo, you're awesome," smiled Rockna. "But I still need to get the fire going," said Rockna.

"Don't worry, let me help you," smiled Mondo as he walked over to her and put down the fishes. He took her hands between his and started rubbing the sticks together so fast that a fire started going.

"Rockna, there's something I need to tell you," started Mondo.

"What is it Mondo?" asked Rockna. Maybe he's finally going to like me for me, instead of going with some other girls, thought Rockna hopefully.

Suddenly Mondo leaned down and kissed her. Rockna was slightly surprised at first, but she slowly melted into it. His arms wrapped around her waist as she wrapped her arms around his neck. A slight chill went down Rockna's back, when suddenly, she heard Mondo's voice.

"ROCKNA!" he yelled.

"Huh?" said Rockna as she parted from Mondo and looked up at the other Mondo that was standing there, glaring at the Mondo that was next to her.

"Mondo?" thought Rockna out loud as she looked from Mondo to Mondo.

"Get away from him Rockna. He's a Shadow Demon," said Mondo angrily as Rockna got up and stared at the Mondo that was getting up as well. Slowly he grew taller and a black cloak covered him completely.

"Wait," he whispered softly as he lowered his hood. He looked human. He had dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. "My name is Michael, and I serve Chow-Bing. Rockna, come with me. I can make you strong and you can be at my side when the big battle comes," he said softly while starring at Rockna.

"Michael?" whispered Rockna in shock.

"Rockna! Get away from him. He's a Shadow Demon and he'll manipulate you. He's too dangerous," yelled Mondo angrily as he raised his sword in front of him. Michael stared at Rockna with soft and gentle eyes.

"Rockna, I won't force you. But when I first saw you, I knew I wanted you more than anything. I'd do anything for you, because I knew I loved you at the first moment I saw you. Please," whispered Michael. Those sweet stinging words slowly drifted into Rockna's ears and suddenly her eyes glowed red.

"I will go with you," she whispered. Michael smiled and put his hood back on. "Let's go then Rockna. The great lord Chow-Bing, expects your arrival very soon," Michael smirked as he took Rockna's hand and turned around, about to leave.

"No you don't!" yelled Mondo as he charged at Michael and knocked him down. "Rockna listens to no one but her own free will and heart Michael. So LEAVE HER ALONE!" yelled Mondo angrily as he tried to stab Michael's neck but Michael stopped him.

"Her weakness is love Mondo, and there's nothing you can do about it. You can not interfere," said Michael as he rolled over, and got back up.

Mondo quickly jumped back up, "NO! She's her own free will. She doesn't have to listen to you. Now give her back to me!" yelled Mondo as he tried again at Michael's neck.

"So now she's yours, is she?" asked Michael tauntingly as he dodged Mondo's attack.

"She's my friend and the only one for me. No matter what you try to do, I will always love her. Even if she doesn't know it!" yelled Mondo as one tear left his eyes.

"Great work, you were so close to making me vomit," said Michael as he rolled his eyes.

"And you stole a kiss from her, that was never supposed to be given to you!" yelled Mondo in outrage. "And for that, you will pay! Fire-sword attack!" yelled Mondo as he tried to slash into Michael's neck. But he missed. But then a beam of fire shot into Michael's neck and he started to scream in pain.

"This is not the end Mondo! She will never return to-" started Michael but he had already vanished and the only thing left of him was his black cloak. Mondo dropped to his knees, that attack seemed to have drawn all his energy from him. He slowly dragged himself toward Rockna, whom was just lying on the ground as if she was lifeless. Her eyes had lost its sparkle.

"Rockna, are you all right?" asked Mondo tiredly as he shook her slightly. But Rockna didn't answer him; she just laid still.

"Rockna?" asked Mondo as he grew in concern.

"…" Rockna didn't say anything again, she didn't even move.

"ROCKNA!" yelled Mondo as he grabbed her into his arms and dropped his sword onto the ground. "Wake up Rockna, you have to," whispered Mondo into her ears. But it was like she didn't even hear a word that came out of his mouth. "Please," whispered Mondo as another tear fell from his eyes, slowly landing onto her necklace.

Suddenly, there was a flash of blue light from Rockna's necklace and the necklace floated up into the air. It glowed a light blue and shone onto Rockna. And then it went back to normal and fell onto the ground.

"Rockna, wake up," Mondo tried once more.

"Mondo? What happened?" asked Rockna in confusion and tiredly. She then noticed the tear streams that were on his face, "What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing Rockna, nothing," Mondo smiled weakly as he let go of her and picked up his sword and her necklace. "Here Rockna," he said gently as he gave her, her necklace.

"Thanks Mondo," smiled Rockna as she placed her necklace around her neck once again.

"Your welcome," said Mondo as he turned around and grabbed the food that he had found earlier from the ground and stuck it onto a few sticks and put it by the fire.

"I couldn't really find anything, but I did find these, carrots and potatoes. If we had a pot, we could make soup, but since we don't, we'll just do this O.K.?" asked Mondo.

"Sure," smiled Rockna. "But what happened to the fishes you found?" asked Rockna.

"I didn't find any Rockna. You fell asleep so I decided to keep quite for a well. Maybe you dreamt it," Mondo lied. The fishes had disappeared, so there wasn't any other way of explaining it without telling the truth. And he just didn't want her to remember what had happened; it wouldn't have done them any good anyways.

"Oh, I see. Mondo, is there any water around here?" asked Rockna.

"No, there isn't," answered Mondo, but then he noticed the water dragon symbol on his sword and then thought about the fire one. "But maybe I can get some," said Mondo as he concentrated on his sword and Rockna looked on in confusion.

"WATER-SWORD!" yelled Mondo. Just after he yelled that, he collapsed. "Sorry, Rockna. My energy seems a bit drained. I'll get you some water tomorrow, alright?" asked Mondo.

"Sure. Here, I'll make our dinner," smiled Rockna as she took out something from her pocket.

"What's that?" asked Mondo.

"It's salt. I needed it for science class and I guess I forgot to take it out. But oh well, it's for the best anyways," smiled Rockna as she sprinkled some salt onto the vegetables.

"You know what Rockna, just eat it yourself. I think I'd rather sleep right now," said Mondo drowsily as he fell asleep almost immediately.

"Good-night Mondo," smiled Rockna as she continued to cook.

The next morning Mondo was the first to wake up. "Ahhhhh, that was a good nights sleep. I'm just glad that everything turned out O.K.," whispered Mondo as he got up. The sun was shining brightly and the few trees around them seemed replenished.

Mondo did a quick stretch and then decided he should probably try to become stronger, and the only way to do that was to practice. So he took out his sword and put it in front of him.

"Water-sword!" said Mondo quietly so that he wouldn't wake up Rockna. Suddenly, the blade of his sword had water surrounding it. This is awesome! Thought Mondo in excitement as he put down his sword and tried another one.

"Wind," said Mondo. Nothing appeared around the sword, but he felt the power of the wind blowing through his hair. "Thunder," said Mondo and then the blade of his sword glowed yellow. Awesome! Thought Mondo happily.

"Mondo, what are you talking about?" asked Rockna sleepily, without opening her eyes.

Mondo quickly strapped his sword back onto his back, "Nothing Rockna, nothing," he smiled as he walked out of the campsite and looked around. He looked around the trees to see if he could use anything to hold water, and finally he found it. He ripped a big tree leaf off a tree and then took out his sword.

"Water," he whispered. "Water attack," whispered Mondo as a rush of water went onto the leaf. Slowly he put his sword back onto his back and picked up the leaf, hoping not to spill anything. The floor around it was soaking wet.

"Rockna, wake up," said Mondo when he got back to the campsite. "I've got water for you," he smiled. Rockna slowly got up and stared at Mondo.

"But there's not water around here, you said so yourself," said Rockna.

"Well, I've got my ways," Mondo smiled slyly as Rockna took the leaf and drank some of the water and gave the rest to Mondo.

"Thanks Mondo, now let's keep going," smiled Rockna.

"Yeah, sure," he smiled as he got up and they started heading toward north again.


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