The embers rained down like unholy snowflakes. A small girl stood in a daze as she stared in disbelief at her once beautiful and peaceful town now engulfed in an inferno. With a face smeared black with the ash of her cherished belongings and loved ones, a stripe of vague white trailed down each cheek from the river of tears which poured from her eyes. Hell had come to visit her town. Hell, or rather, one of it's masters; Storm Dragon Veldora.

A trail of rubble following in his path, Veldora stomped to the town center, towering over the miniscule buildings by comparison. A glow of green and purple built in his throat, a signal to any unfortunate to witness that the end was about to come. And just as he was about to unleash his wrath, the glow started to subside. Something had caught his attention. Veldora turned to face whatever it was that was picking up on his [Magic Perception].

An intense amount of power to be sure, but nothing he hadn't faced, and crushed, before. A confident smile formed in the corner of his scaly mouth.

At the edge of the town the "Hero of Humanity" walked calmly down the boulevard leading deeper into the fiery chaos, the mighty oaks which once lined the road now mere cinders, hollow shadows of their former glory. The surrounding flames whipped and licked at the ivory-white cape which draped neatly across the shoulders, a flash of sky blue in the lining with each step also revealed the gold hilt of an impressive curved blade, also adorned in blue trimming attached at the hip. Pearl white boots tread through the fires which wilted away underneath as though afraid to even dare singe this person, this Hero, this girl. And although they wore an ivory mask with a simple tribal design concealing the entirety of their face it did nothing to hide the fact that they were an incredible beauty that any girl would kill for and any man would die for.

As she approached the target before her, she reached with a gloved hand to take her sword from its gold trimmed sheath. Again, the ominous green glow grew in Veldora's mouth, waiting in eager anticipation. Spitting out a green fireball, he tested his opponent. As the orb grew closer, The Hero fully unsheathed her curved blade and swatted the fire away as though it were an incoming bug.

"Hmm," he thought with a smirk, "this should be fun."

Launching herself into the air at Veldora, The Hero jumped with enough height and velocity that one might be forgiven for thinking she could fly. The truth of the matter is that she could, but there was no need for that right now.

Approaching Veldora's snout, the surrounding air felt noticeably hotter and incredibly dense with magicules emanating in Veldora's aura. The Katana in her right hand began to glow with the magic she infused into it, reaching back and swinging clean at Veldora, she attempted to go for his eyes to blind him. But Veldora wasn't so foolish as to let that happen, with a great roar he unleashed a boom of magicule energy, blowing back The Hero and further decimating all in his immediate surroundings.

Landing elegantly on the ground on a single foot, The Hero again launched herself to Veldora. This time at his feet, then climbing with great speed around him, swinging and swiping at any vulnerable points she could find, as few as there were.

"You think to defeat me?" Veldora taunted, "You can do no more harm to me than a squirrel would do a tree, moving like that. Give me your best shot!" His great wings spread out wide and with an impressive flap of them caused a set of twin tornadoes, again blowing The Hero away from her target.

"As you wish" a quiet, calm voice came from behind the mask. Bringing both hands to the hilt of her Katana, she readied herself in her stance. Again the blue glow grew in her blade until it fully engulfed it into a beautiful cyan flame.

"[Certain Severance]" She said, activating her skill. Swinging her Katana threw a blade of energy towards Veldora. Had it been any other opponent would have surely resulted in decapitation, but Veldora was not only enormous and strong, he was incredibly agile. As the attack approached directly for his head, he quickly maneuvered out of the way, catching but a little of the attack, leaving a small, but deep, scratch on the side of his neck.

"It's been a while since I felt pain." He said with an obvious smirk showing he was genuinely impressed, "But if that's all you have to give, then I'm going to put an end to this. Now." Readying himself, his magicule aura grew denser to the point where it was clearly visible to the naked, untrained eye, a fire of majestic purple engulfed him. Again the green energy built up on his throat, this time would be no mere spitball but an explosion which could easily wipe a large country off the face of the map.

The Hero stood firmly in front of Veldora, the red gemstone in her necklace shimmered with the energy she focused into it. Clutching it tightly in one hand, and outstretching another towards Veldora, she whispered an incantation. At the end of the incantation, just before Veldora was about to unleash his attack, she drew a calm breath and finished it with the words

"[Endless Prison]"

Ruby ropes of red energy burst from her hand to ensnare Veldora, wrapping around his jawl to prevent his attack from escaping. But that was not the extent of her attack. The ropes melted into a faint pink gel which morphed around and encased Veldora in liquid crystal. The purple fires of his immense aura were slowly being suffocated into the case of crystalline energy which was the [Endless Prison] and no matter what Veldora did, he could not break through.

"Well… that's a little uncalled for, don't you think?" He said.

The Hero walked over to the girl with face smeared black with ash, one of the lucky ones to have survived, she was near the edge of town hiding behind 2 particularly sturdy rocks. Wiping her face with her white glove she comforted her

"It's okay now, you're safe." she said. Eyes swelling with tears once more, the girl once again let out her fear and sadness.

"Do you know where your parents are?" The Hero asked. The girl shook her head, pointing an accusing finger at Veldora. "That's okay, I'll take you somewhere safe. But first, let's put up a little memorial for them."

Grabbing two large stones, she placed one on each of the sturdy rocks the girl had hidden behind.

"These rocks are your mother and father. Just as they once protected you, these rocks did also. Come, let us go." she said, taking the young girl in her arms. Carrying the girl to safety, they left the two rocks behind, which to anyone who didn't know might be mistaken for something else.

Over the next decades, the crystal structure grew and formed itself into a magnificent mountain, with Veldora at the heart of it's cave. And though he could not escape it himself, Veldora's aura seeped into the surroundings, feeding it with magicule energy bringing life to the once barren waste that he himself had torched to the ground.




"So…she was that cute, huh?" Satoru asked, joking at this titan's expense.

"What are you talking about? Don't be spouting such nonsense!" Veldora retorted

"You didn't deny it~" Satoru teased.

[Message from the writer: This part is almost entirely written by me. Of course I took inspiration from the Anime, but there was practically nothing of the sort referring to this battle in the light novels, beyond that The Hero was beautiful, and the 2 attacks she used. Sorry for the shortness, but that was to make up from the lengthiness and the amount of talking in the previous one. Next chapter is back to following the light novels!]