Miyamoto looked over herself in the mirror as Kiki and Tiffany the bridesmaids and fellow rockets, made the final touches on her wedding dress. Great care was being taken to hide her three month pregnancy she wanted the wedding to be the focus of today not the bun in the oven.

"Oh Miya I can't believe your getting married" Kiki squealed.
"You always had a crush on Jack now look at you, after today he'll be you'll be wife and husband!" added a squealing Tiffany.
Miyamoto blushed and gave a light smile to her friends.
The two girls applied makeup to the nervous Miyamoto. Lipstick, eye shadow etc.
(I'm sure you girls reading this can imagine something)

"Hey Miyamoto couldn't me and Tiffany chose our bridesmaids dress's?" Asked Kiki as she applied blush.
"Because Kiki the bride has to look better then the bridesmaid's its tradition" Tiffany answered.
"Miya you and Jack picked out any names yet?"asked Tiffiany.
"Well If its a girl we decided on the name Jessica or Jessie for short. If its a boy which I know its not dispite! what Jack thinks, we agreed that IF its a boy we'll name him Edward.
Kiki scoffed at the idea, "What about Domino? thats a g ood name"
Miyamoto laughed. "When you have a kid feel free to name her Domino"
"I will"
Miyamoto felt quite overwhelmed she was geting married she was pregnant, who new what the future held.
Kiki noticed the look of dread on Miyamoto's face.
"You ok Miya?" she asked.
"I'm fine just nervous" she replyed uncertain. "can I really do this.." she thought.
Tiffiany put her arm on her shoulder. "Hey buck up I bet Jacks not nervous "

{Meanwhile in another room}
Jack looked over himself in the mirror. He looked over the tuxedo he had rented. Alex his best man and fellow rocket of thestood next to him.
"Dam I'm nervous what if I screw up?" Jack said.
Alex shrugged. "Don't be I bet Miyamoto isn't nervous"
"I guess your right" Jack answered.

"I still say your crazy Jack geting married like this"
"I love her Alex, and were having a kid makes sense to get married" Jack answered as he adjusted his tie.
"Are you marrying her because you love her or because she's pregnant?" question Alex. Jack become very annoyed at that question.
"What's with you Alex I thought you'd be happy for me like Brian was"
"Brian was only happy because he thought he'd be best man"
"You won the coin toss" Jack laughed.
Alex also laughed. "And boy was Brian pist when you made him chief Usher"
Jack shrugged, "There wasn't a job left I don't think he'd of liked the job of ring bearer like what I gave Giovanni"
"But seriously would you still be marrying Miyamoto if she wasn't pregnant?"
Jack sighed.
"I planned on asking her to marry me someday but certainty not this soon. When we found out she had become pregnant she was afraid I would leave her I had to convince her that I'd always be there for her."
Alex smiled at him. "Any ways as I was saying your crazy getting married like this no bachelor party!"
Jack and Alex left the dressing room and went to take there place at the alter and wait for Miyamoto. All of team rocket was there for the wedding, over the years the members had grown from the six original who were Jack, Miyamoto, Alex, Brian, Kiki, and Tiffany, to over a hundred. The first six being known for the Rocket Triad for the first three teams created by Madam Boss. Madam Boss had been self elected to conduct the ceremony

The music started the out from the doors came Miyamoto followed by her bridesmaids, Kiki and Tiffany and a flower girl. "No turning back" Jack though to himself as he watched his wife to be approach.
Miyamoto looked to Jacks face threw the vale.
"Good he's nervous now I feel better"
Soon she arrived at the alter steps.
"Dearly beloved we are gathered here to day" the boss spoke.
Tiffany and Kiki hugged "Oh its so beautiful" they cried tears of joy runing down there cheeks.
"To bear witness the union of Jack Akin and Miyamoto Musashi, a union of love and protection they have preparied their own vows let us sit back and listen" the boss proclaimed.
Giovanni sighed from his postion as ring bearer and whispered to himself.
"oh dear god why must mother drone on like this"
Madam Boss went on for about five minutes before the time to say their vow's arrived.

Miyamoto gulped. A thousand thoughts raced threw her head two of which were"this is it after today I'll be Miyamoto Akin, and in six months a mother"
She pulled away any last bits of fear and doubt and prepared to recite her vow.
"I Miyamoto, will stand by your side in both sickness and in health. I shall shoulder your burdens as you shoulder mine. I shall unite myself with you in harmony of body, mind and soul. And I shall remain with you always, as your wife." with that Miyamoto placed the ring on Jacks finger.

Jack looked down into her eyes, filled with love and affection.
"I Jack, will stand by your side in both sickness and in health. I shall shoulder your burdens as youshoulder mine. I shall unite myself with you in harmoney of body, mind and soul. And I shall remain with you always, as your husband." with that Jack placed the ring on Miyamoto's finger.

"If there is anyone who can show good reason why these to should not be wed, speak now or forever more hold your peace"

One Que. the ballroom doors burst open and there stood tall Muscled man and I mean big biceps the size of your head Bruno wannabe big. He took a deep breath and was about to scream his protest when a dart hit the side of his neck and he fell over. Brian looked to his left and right and pocketed his blow gun inside his red Ushers uniform. The man now clearly seen as Miyamoto's older brother was dragged away.

Jack and Miyamoto turned back to the boss.
"And now by the power invested in me by being leader of Team Rocket I now pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride"

Jack pulled back the vale, and they kissed deeply. The crowd cheered. As Miyamoto and her husband, left the building. She threw the bouquet all the girls dashed after it.
Kiki sighed. "How is it that throwing the bouquet turns women into savage animals?"
"ITS MINE!" screamed Tiffany as she trampled one girl in order to reach it.
"NO its mine" yelled another who tripped Tiffany and jumped to grab the approaching flowers. All the hands struggling for it knocked it away and right into the hands of Kiki.
"Figures" she muttered.

Jack and Miyamoto stepped into the red convertible. The gave each other a kiss as Jack started the car. Together the drove off into the sunset. The "Just married" sign on the back of the car.