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Summary: When the demon fox is sealed, the fourth Hokage wanted the child to be a hero of the village but the same child was an outcaste before he even started living. An outsider asks for sanctuary one day and asks to take care of the youth. The man is called Ranma.

Chapter 1

A man was running for his life in a forest. He had speed on his side as well as several techniques to save himself. If he had done something wrong he would have simply surrendered but he knew his camping in a forest could not be against the law. The men had called him a missing nin and when he asked what that was, they attacked. They had headband of metallic structure with a symbole of some sort. He had seen old ninja movies where they whore those but nothing really surprised him anymore. So he did what he thought best in a situation where you don't want to kill people. You run until you think of something.

He cursed the old woman and her mirror for the 15 th time in the same week. She wanted to get it from Happosai and sent her son-in-law to do it for her. The old pervert had already used a teak when Ranma touched the Nabban mirror reconstituted. Now Because of the various mistakes made by the pervert. Instead of going to the past, he had ended up in this different world.

This chase had a good side to it. Those ninjas with masks had a lot of good techniques that he could duplicate. Another good thing about this world was the loss of his cursed for which was a good riddance. Most of the techniques the ninjas had used on him were catalogued and he wanted it to end. Tired and hungry he unsealed the Umi-sen-ken, the sea of a thousand fists, and cloaked himself to get to the nearest agglomeration.

It was easy to get to the nearest group of homes has the ki put out by every individual in a large group was easily located. He ran the way he detected this village or town and found the gates of the Konoha. He uncloaked himself in the forest and approached the gate.

"Oi, open up will ya! I've been looking for a place to sleep all night and I want ta find a hotel or something like that!"

"What's your name and where are you from?" replied a female sentry.

"I'm Saotome Ranma, I come from nowhere really. I've been in the woods since I could walk. The place I stayed the longest was Nerima and that was the fault of my old man. Can I go up, I'm tired of shouting."

"If you can.jump."

The second Ranma had heard the 'if' he had taken to the air and landed in front of the guard.

Hikari was a chunin, she had been given guard duty until she could take command of a patrol of gennin. She was now confronted to an unknown, a man who bore no identification of a ninja and yet could jump up the wall. He may have been a missing nin or an invader but she was a female teenager. A young chunin and inexperienced, she had only one thought.

'He is CUTE'


"I'm a martial artist, a master of a school of Kempo called the Saotome Anything Goes Martial Arts. I have been trained in it since before I could even walk. My pops got me into the woods ta train me harder and I can do things that make whatever those weird ninjas did out there weak when I put my mind into it."

"An intruder!" She pointed her kunai to his throat and he lifted his hands in the air."

"What is it with everyone here, won't anybody listen!"

"The ninjas chasing you were a patrol of which village, are you a missing nin? Tell me all you know."

A man walked in on the scene, he was older and from the perspective of Ranma he was one of the strongest auras here.


She didn't drop her guard but it was kind of stupid to keep a man with a kunai when your kunai was missing.

"You the mayor or something old man, I really need to talk to someone who won't attack on sight."

"I'm the Hokage, leader of the Konoha, if you and Hikari would follow me I believe we may be able to do something. Give her back her kunai please."

"But my guard duty?"

The Hokage shrugged and gestured towards the street.

"Shift over in 30 seconds, Tenchi is coming this way already. Please follow me."

Ranma handed the bladed weapon to the Kunoichi and followed the old man with his guardian in tow. She was a little miffed at the way he was treating the Hokage. When they got to his house, Ranma related his whole story to the aged leader of the village.

"So you are of another world you say."

"Yes, I'm stuck here too unless you know a gizmo that can get me back home."

"Sorry" The hokage shook his head "I know of no way or items with that power that could do so unless it is a forbidden technique, and even then the user of the technique would most probably die if they tried. Dimentionnal travel usually ends that way."

Ranma sighed and bowed his head.

"I better find a place to live then, this place doesn't look that bad but I believe I may not be that welcomed."

He looked at Hikari who still held a weapon, this time it was a Kodachi still in it's sheath.

"Don't mind Hikari, she takes her task seriously and she probably thinks of herself as my bodyguard right now." The Hokage chuckled "I believe you may be able to stay here if you live with a ninja of chunin level for a six months of probation. If you wish to become a ninja of the village it could be arranged for you to be tutored in the ways of the village. Then with a little training you'd be up to par with the chunin."

Ranma smiled as the offer appealed to him, if he was to live in this world he would need to get an occupation and ninja was near enough to martial artist for him to consider it.

"I think I'll take your offer, where am I gonna stay?"

"Well I was."

"I'm volunteering for this Hokage-sama!"

"I was thinking of sending him with the Uchiha family but.very well, he's under your jurisdiction chunin Akira, He is to be given full freedom and you have to give him a overview of life in Konoha. Until the six months are over all of your missions are suspended unless he comes with you."

"That won't be a problem, I'm the best and fighting is my game."

The Hokage evaluated him a second, he felt the unbelievable chakra in him, very well contained and mastered. It was on a level of mastery only seen in a kage or one of those 'three ninjas'. He nooded and looked at Ranma again. The teen had felt the probe and let it be.

"What you felt was the tip of the iceberg. The story's too long to tell in one shot. I'll come back if ya want to hear it all."

"Very well, you may leave and participate in missions as an onlooker, your training is far above the one of the others until you get full ninja approval."

"Better than nothing I suppose, let's get going shall we."

"Yes, follow me."

They took to the rooftops for her house. She was one of those orphaned during the attack of the fox demon, she was considered a genius by some, being a chunin so young and getting closer to the jounin level. She lived alone and Ranma didn't ask why yet. They spent their time from then on getting to know one another. They spent the entirety of their time together while Ranma learned what little he didn't know which wasn't veryt much. In a week he had his ninja certificate and genin level until the next exam where he'd be given a special solo licence since he didn't have a team. Then came the missions where he didn't take his background role very well. He had the habit of taking every challenge head on and got himself a job as a tutor for chakra control and applications when he wasn't on missions. In the six months of his probation and the passage to chunin level, he became the talk of the village which also meant Hikari was the talk of the town since he lived with her. He continued training and improving, his reluctances to hit girls was beaten out of him with great force and she improved as much as he did. They ended up as members of the anbu, the elite ninjas of the village. A year later, Saotome Ranma and Akira Hikari were married another two years after that, they had a daughter they called Moegi.

It was that same year Ranma encountered the 4 years old Naruto who was in the process of pulling a prank.

"Hey kid! What are you doing?"

"I'm gonna make a hole on this wall and make adults pay to peep on the women bathing here!"

"That's nice, now what's your name and the ones of your parents?"

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto and I'm all alone."

He said it like he was proud but Ranma could hear the sadness there.

"That's sad kid, your parents must have died in the attack of the nine tails demon fox. Who takes care of you? You're a little young not to have a care giver"

"I have one, she just doesn't care, no one does. They won't acknowledge my existence!"

"Well kid, I acknowledge you but peeking in the women isn't a good idea. If you want people to know you for yourself you should become stronger. Maybe the strongest of them all."

Naruto was looking at the stranger now, he didn't act the same way the others did and he didn't turn away from him like he was some sort of decease. He was acknowledged!

"How can I do that mister?"

"There's no shortcut to becoming stronger, you need to work for it. To train and study." Here Ranma shuddered in unison with Naruto. "Even if you don't like it."

"I'll do that mister, thanks for the tip. What's your name?"

"I'm Ranma, Saotome Ranma. Well, see ya Naruto. Take care."

Ranma knew the kid followed him, he didn't really mind since he was probably just curious. He got home and kissed his wife who was on a leave for duty.

"You were followed dear. Who did it this time? Asuka? Sakura or was it one of the young kunoichi of the academy."

"Well, it's an orphan who was trying to play a prank at the bath house. He's called Naruto."

His wife froze a second at the name. She sighed and dragged her ignorant husband who didn't know better inside and told him about the seal.

"You mean he's the.and it's forbidden to talk about it."

"Yes, the demon is countained inside him but he doesn't know. He has a caretaker but they can't stand to stay with him."

"You don't think like that do you dear?"

"I.I'm sorry Ranma but.even if I feel kind of sorry for him the fox did kill my parents and.it's hard not to think that it's the kid who.countains the beast.I'm sorry."

"Hey! Don't worry about this! As long as you don't want to kill him or nothing it's okay. You know what? He's still around, I'll get him to spend supper with us and you'll see he isn't a demon."

For some reason the supper went quite well. Naruto was fascinated with Moegi when she decided she wanted some attention and the little laughed at his antics. Even Hikari couldn't help but like the hyperactive child with facial features of a fox. At the end of the supper she was ready to adopt the boy as her own.

Naruto was about to leave after the greatest night of his life when Ranma stopped him.

"Leaving already kid?"

"Yeah, I'm late for curfew again and I'm expecting a punishment for it again."

"Well, I've got a proposition for you."

"Eh, what is it mister?"

"You see, my wife told me your caretakers up until now don't want to stay am I right?"

"Yeah, they just don't care so they leave the second they can."

"Well, how about you live with us. My wife seems to have taken a liking to you and Moegi would need a big brother to protect her from the boys when she gets older. I also like you a lot. You remind me of myself sometimes. I want to train you in my family martial art. So what do you say?"

Naruto had stars in his eyes, he would have a family, a father and mother figure as well as a little sister to protect. He started sobbing and could only nod and hug his new father.

The next day it was a surprised Hokage that made Uzumaki Naruto into Saotome Naruto. It was a good but unexpected surprise.

From then on, Naruto trained with Ranma and Hikari when they were at his disposition. He took care of Moegi from time to time and had a joyous childhood without forgetting his goal: to become the best of the best. He started going to school and got to know a teacher there who had been in his mother's genin team. Iruka sensei became his fourth favourite person in the world after his family. Most people still shunned him for an unknown reason. Which takes us to the ninja academy where he finaly was in his terminal class. All of the teachers except Iruka-sensei gave him barely passing marks in classes. His father said they were simply unfair because they didn't understand him. He was unlucky the final exam was different. It would be a show of skill in front of the whole teachers board. It was his third try and he was perfect each time and they still put him off for administrative reasons.

He didn't complain too much though. He wanted to see Sakura-chan in class even if Sasuke had to be there.

Thus, on the next to last day of school, Naruto was in high spirits as he left his house.

He sat down at his usual place and waited for Sakura to come in. He was right next to Hinata. Sakura looked around the room when she got in. Ino was sitting there, right next to Sasuke.

'Damn Ino pig! I'm stuck next to Naruto now!'

For some reason, the blonde ninja was on her bad side. He wasn't that bad but something about him just seemed off. He couldn't be that bad but when the teachers corrected him on his jutsu he was almost as good as Sasuke and still got dead last. She sat next to him and ignored his beckoning. She stared at the back of Sasuke's head dreamily. Naruto looked between the two for a second. Then at the female population of the class who were imitating her except for Hinata who was staring at him with her face as flushed as usual. He tapped on Sasuke's shoulder and looked at him in the eyes.

A staring contest insued until Chouji decided he wanted to get rid of his snack. It ended up hitting Naruto on his head and he lost his equilibrium. He reacted by instinct. His weight shifted, his hands moved to take support for his movement and he gave a boost to insure he would not end up in a compromising position. He ended up clinging to the seiling above the eyes of his amazed classmates. Ranma came in and sat at the teacher's desk.

"Naruto, get down from there. You know it's hell to clean up."

"Hai sensei, it was an accident."

He got back to his place while most students looked at him.

"Now children, I am here as a substitute to Iruka-sensei for the day. I am Saotome Ranma but call me sensei. We will be working on sparing today. We all go outside for a workout."

The class was abuzz now, they were rarely fighting for training. Only when they studied taijutsu and the substitute was talking about one of the favourite activities of most of the class. They followed to the sparring ring out of the school where Ranma called them one after another.

"I'll be the opponent of the first match, then we'll do a tournament. All techniques and jutsu are permitted unless it is mortal. Be aware you will most likely not beat me."

The matches started and the students got their buts kicked thoroughly. Ranma seemed to follow the order of grades except for Naruto who was being ignored. Kiba was the one who lasted the longest with his dog helping him. Ranma got them out of the ring in 30 seconds instead of the usual 15. Then came Shikamaru who almost beat him with his shadow manipulation technique but he was the one closer to the rim of the ring and fell off first. Then Ranma called Sasuke before Naruto which, the ladies agreed, was wrong.

"Sensei, Sasuke is the best of the class, you seem to be following the listing by grades and yet you call him before Naruto, why is that?"

"I have my reasons but you'll see miss Ino. Sasuke, front and center. Naruto, you're the referee for this match."

"Hai sensei! Are you both ready?...BEGIN!"

Sasuke moved as fast as he could, he had studied his quarry the whole time but to fight against him was different then he had anticipated. He seemed to go faster then against the others. He had not once used a jutsu and yet he was winning against them one after another. This man was probably an anbu or something. Sasuke unleashed his technique.

"Katon Housenka no Jutsu!"

It hit Ranma head on but when the flames dispersed Ranma was sucking the heat out of the air with his soul of ice technique. He then blurred and pushed Sasuke out of the combat arena.

"Very good Mr. Uchiha. You have a powerfull technique there but you must use it well like the others you most likely know. It was a good try but the mistake you made was to believe it was enough to take me down, had you moved after releasing the technique you would have lasted a couple of seconds longer. You did a good job though."

Sasuke acknowledged the comment and replayed the whole fight in his head play by play in a flash.

"Alright, Naruto. Your turn to get your but handed to you son."

"You know very well I'll win oyagi, just make sure to give them a good show."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that son. Miss Haruno, If you'd please be the judge. This match is until submission or unconsciousness. Leaving the ring willingly or not is an abandon."


Sasuke looked at the ring once again, both fighters seemed to stick to taijutsu with only the basic Kawarimi being used with constancy. They punched, kicked blocked in a frenzy of movements. Ranma was the first one to land a solid blow that sent Naruto flying. He seized the border of the ringside without touching the ground and flew back into the teacher to get back to it in earnest. Naruto was the first one to call a serious jutsu.

"Kanashibari no jutsu!"

Ranma countered the advanced technique with the same cry. They both cancelled each other and went back to hitting each other until the stepped to the edge of the ring, Naruto breathing hard and Ranma sweating lightly. 30 seconds into the fight and Naruto had done more then the others.

"Lets finish this now Naruto! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"


They gathered their ki in their hands. Forming balls of energy and sent them forward. Naruto was sent back from the resulting wind while Ranma stayed standing.

Naruto was the only one who had stayed up 45 seconds. Sasuke had done a 30 seconds.

"I believe you had restraints about Naruto Miss Ino. I had a good reason to keep him last. Saotome Naruto is my son and he is my student as well. Like many of you receive training from their family. Had we fought first thing it would have been unjust for all of you since he knows my basic fighting style. Also, he lasted longer than all of you not because he is better but because he does this dayly."

"Hey! I'll have you know I'm as good as they come!"

Naruto didn't know it but he was in a rather dangerous position. He had landed on Sakura and didn't know he was laying on her.

"Get off me Naruto, then take your punishment like a man and die."

"Sa.Sakura-chan.it's an accident and errr."

He tried to get up but took support on the wrong place. Sakura's left breast. Both of them froze as the inner Sakura screamed for bloody murder, the outer Sakura did exactly the same as Naruto unknowingly used the crouch of the wild tiger to hope to survive the second he was off her. Ranma couldn't help but chuckle a little bit in the background. He reminded him of himself at 16 with Akane before he ended up in this world. Hikari was better with her temper but he didn't dare think about the consequences if he ever thought about another woman.

Naruto was getting beaten up but was saved by his father.

We'll begin our tournament now. Miss Haruno you're up against Miss Hyuga in the first round.

The matches started but the tournament was interrupted by the end of the classes. Ranma stopped the ongoing fight between Hinata and Ino before it started and simply left.

"So.that was your father Naruto?"

Sakura was talking to him.

"Yeah, he adopted me when I was young. Why?"

"Then if you can fight that way, why did you flunk out three times Naruto?"

"I don't know, except for Iruka-sensei they treat me harshly and barely give me passing grades when I do the techniques perfectly. It's like everyone."

She looked at him questioningly. His battle had aroused some interrogations within her. Naruto wasn't as cool as Sasuke but he was still as strong as him. Or maybe even stronger. If he held back like they most likely all did. Ther was no sense in giving too much information to the other just in case they had to fight.

"Everyone looks at me weirdly, they try to do like I don't exist but I do! That's why I train hard to become stronger and be the next Hokage. I'll make sure everyone in the village knows Saotome Naruto!"

She realized he was somewhat right. People on the street changed walkway when he passed sometimes, some went as far as to tell him to stay away. She realized that the children did the same as he had played by himself most of the time except when his little sister, Moegi and her friends arrived. From then on he had been surrounded by the younger classmen in school had always been around him and bullies inexplicably went around the group to stay in the back.

'No, not inexplicably, Naruto didn't tolerate them and they ran from him all the time for some reason.'

She had been saved by him once when people still teased her about her forehead. He had walked by going to his training and simply said "Run now!" which was immediately obeyed. Those guys never made it to the genin level and were most likely scrubbing some floor somewhere in the village now. It was at that moment that he became her unofficial bodyguard. It seemed that every time someone was teasing her he would know and appear to stop them. It was when Ino gave her the ribbon she wears and they stopped teasing her that he stopped appearing. He did see her but he simply said hello and left. Then started her crush on Sasuke and she completely forgot about Naruto until he ended up in her classes in the Ninja Academy despite him being older. She had thought he was sort of stupid but now she understood a part of it. He was ignored by most people. Adults and children included, for a stupid and unknown reason.

"Hey Naruto! How about you walk with me home?"

He turned around after he took his pack and looked at her with his eyes opened instead of their normal lines.


Ino was thinking that Sakura had a screw loose while she walked away with Shikamaru in tow. Hinata sighed as he left and did the same while Sasuke decided to follow him to see the training sessions between Naruto and Ranma.

When they left the school, Sakura really understood what Naruto meant. People were pointing at him and some of them pointed at her. A trio of children ran their way. One of them had a long scarf while all three of them had goggles like Naruto. The girl with the twin pigtails jumped into Naruto's arms. Sakura recognised Moegi at the first look. She was just as hyper as her brother and the second eldest child of the Saotome.

"Oni-chan, is she your girlfriend?"


"No Moegi-chan, this is Sakura. You remember the girl who was teased because they were dumber then her."

"Yeah, now I remember! She's the one you have a crush on."

At this point Naruto blushed a bit and turned to Sakura.

"He he he, the kids these days, they have such weird ideas!"

"But you're the one who Murgleelelel!"

He whispered in her ear a second only to look at Sakura.

"She's such a kidder that sister of mine, come on, your parents will be waiting for you!"

He almost ran away from his sister and her friends dragging Sakura by the hand. There was nothing behind it but it gave people the wrong idea.

"Slow down Naruto! I don't know what makes you run from your sister but slow down a little!"

"Oups! Sorry Sakura-chan, my sister is sort of annoying. She's persuaded I have a girlfriend and when she saw us walking together she just assumed we were.well, here we are. I'll see you tomorrow before the test alright?"

"Okay, see ya Naruto."

She went inside to find her parents looking at her.


"What were you doing with this boy Sakura?"

Her mother was obviously displeased with this particular frequentation. Just like the other adults.

'I'll get some answers here'

"We are in the same classes and he's nice, why, is there something I should know about him?"

Now her parents were nervous, neither of them were know to be particularly strong ninjas. Her father was a tactical mastermind and her mother a mountain of knowledge but they were administrative ninjas. Chunin because they had the brains for it. In normal settings they may have been able to hide their surprise and their knowledge but Sakura had inherited their combined mental capabilities and knew what to look for when she needed to know something.

"Maybe there is but we cannot tell you, even telling you we can't could be against the rule of silence. Just try to stay away from him."

Her father was the fastest to regain his footing and he left the room to not be subjected to an interrogation.

"Dear, please, your father is right. This boy is not a good frequentation. You could have a better choice in a boyfriend."

Sakura laughed, hard and long. Her mother was looking at her but when she calmed down she explained.

"Sorry to disappoint you okasan but he's just a classmate, not my boyfriend. He's nice enough but not that nice."

'Hell Ya! Only Sasuke is nice enough!'

Inner Sakura manifested herself with conviction.

"I suppose.well, you're almost old enough to go on missions so I guess I can trust you about that."

"Thanks Okasan! I'm going to study a while."

We return to Naruto.

Once he had passed a couple of blocks, Naruto stopped and turned to the nearest tree.

"Oi, Sasuke, get down from there. If you wanted to walk with us you should have said it!"

Sasuke was surprised again by Naruto. The dead last of the class was able to sense him with accuracy. He jumped down from his position and walked up to the blonde.

"You wanted to see how I train right?"

"I'm curious, yes. You're better then your grades tell."

"Thanks, follow me then. With Sakura here I couldn't take to the roofs."

They ran across the rooftops towards the Saotome home. The copy of the Tendo home and dojo made by Ranma came into view.

Before they even reached the compound Naruto jumped into the air and engaged Ranma in combat. Sasuke was once again witness of a battle but this time Naruto pushed himself harder while Ranma-sensei held back to build up more skills and make the lesson more worthwhile. It took ten minutes for the fight to escalate to using Jutsus. They used high level skills to try to incapacitate the other only to counter one another. The battle ended when Ranma pushed a pressure point that paralised Naruto.

"So, I see you followed Naruto here Sasuke. Want to have another go at it?"

Sasuke grinned. He understood he was out of his league by a lot but it was one of the best ways to improve. He didn't give warning when he attacked. Ranma was prepared and sparing resumed. They fought for about ten minutes until Ranma finished it with the same paralysing point.

"Well, now you know the pressure point at least. If not more."

He released the point and was immediately attacked by Naruto. This time it was Ranma who ended up paralysed. A smiling Naruto freed Sasuke who attacked Naruto in the same fashion. For some reason, he really wanted to beat this blonde into a pulp. He reached the same pressure point and grinned when both of the Soatome were stuck in a particularly painfull position.

"I seem to have won."

"Good job both of you, now free us Sasuke. My wife will kill me if I'm late."

Ranma was right, the sun was about to set and the training session had taken a full hour. He found the nerve cluster to release the block and got ready to leave.

"Hey kid? How about you come and train with us again someday. Naruto needs a sparing partner at his level."

Sasuke grinned as he left. It was unexpected to find a good opponent in Naruto but he wouldn't argue if he could get closer to his goal.

'Someday, I'll be strong enough to kill you brother.'

Diner that night was a quiet affair. Even the three younger Saotome were silent sensing that something important would happen this night. Hikari took the dishes and when Naruto moved to help her as he usually did Ranma stopped him.

"Not tonight son, we are going in the woods to have a little talk. We need some privacy for that."

An hour later they stood in a clearing in the forest. It was where Ranma had used the Umi-sen-ken to escape the hunter-nin all those years ago. He dropped into the lotus position and was followed by Naruto.

"Son, tomorrow you'll pass your test and become a genin. Had the teacher not been Iruka I would have talked to the Hokage about it but he'll judge you justly. After that you'll be going on missions."

"Alright! Finally! I'll be a ninja!"

"Yes son but that was not the reason we had to talk."

"What was it then Oyagi?"

Ranma sighed. He had informed the Hokage of his intentions and the man reluctantly accepted what he was about to do. He told him the whole unaltered thruth about him.

"So, I'm carrying the fox demon or am I the fox demon? Did you just take pity on me or maybe you were ordered to take me in?"

"None of that son. You carry the seal and yes, maybe you also carry the fox demon but you are surely not a demon. A demon would have destroyed those in it's way. You protect others by using strength but you never killed or even maimed anyone. When I met you, I didn't even know about the demon inside of you. I did feel kind of sorry because no one cared but if I hadn't I would have been lower then the one who knew yet did nothing. Hikari adopted you in full knowledge that the demon is sealed inside of you son. She doesn't love you any less. Never assume you are a demon or people who help you have pity for you all the time. You were a kid back then. Tomorrow you'll be a man. However, unless you absolutely need to say it, never tell anyone what I told you tonight. There is a rule in the village, a cruel and useless rule to me but it's better then the alternative. The fourth, when he sealed away the demon, wanted you to be seen as a hero of the village. The grieving villagers saw you as the demon itself instead as the one who saved them. This belief made them ignore your existence. I had to fight to get you into the academy and almost decided to train you at home for a year and send you to the exam with the Hokage as withness. Their behaviour also passed down to their children as they thought of you as someone to be ignored."

"I see.so I that's why they all."

"Don't worry son, you are still you. Whatever they think is wrong, you are being slowly acknowledged. I saw it today. There's Hinata who seems to be quite interested in you, there's Sakura even if she shouts at you she still acknowledges your existence. Then there's Sasuke, he may not have done so before but he does now. Your whole family does as well. Your sister and brothers look up to you as a model. Your mother and I are proud of you Naruto. You are Saotome Naruto! Not some dumb demon of death and destruction! You may want to think about all this but remember that we love you son."

Naruto was crying, it was only tears, not sobs but there was a lot to think about. He took a minute to calm down enough to regain his bearings and thought. Ranma had left the scene but that was normal for him. Naruto got up and turned around as he felt someone behind him. He caught the Shuriken thrown at him and took a battle stance. The large Throwing star was held low and he awaited the next move of his invisible foe. He caught a second object thrown at him.

"Well well well! I stole that scroll and learned nothing of it. If you're the one to hold it when the chunins come you'll be blamed demon fox! I'll be in the clear!"

Naruto threw the shuriken at the precise position of the voice and made it fall to the ground. He then saw one of his teachers, Mizuki-sensei, on the ground. It's at the moment he was about to fight him that Iruka-sensei made his appearance.

"Naruto! I saw the whole thing! I'll hold him off while you run. Now go!"

Naruto saw the validity of such an action. Mizuki was weaker then Iruka and the scroll would be safer from his hands. He also decided to get a little extra from this exercise and read the first series of seal to the shadow techniques.

"Kage bunshin.nice trick and easily done too. I wonder if I'd have time to read a second one...Kage shuriken, I know that one already.Goguoukaiin no jutsu.nice one if you're affected by the Goguoufuiin no jutsu.Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu now that's more like it. Lets see now.hard but not impossible."

He stopped running and rolled the scroll back into it's proper form.

'I'll just wait here for Iruka-sensei to come back.'

He waited for a while only for the injured Iruka and the grinning Mizuki to start fighting right next to him. He hid in the shadows to wait for an opportunity.

"Well Iruka, protecting the fox demon I see, even after he killed your parents too. What a shame you helped him escape, now you won't get to see tomorrow. They'll all believe he did it to spite his family and the village and blame Ranma and you for your attitude. You're finished Iruka. But before I send you to hell, tell me why you protected that murdering demon."

"Unlike you, I saw he wasn't the nine tails. He is Saotome Naruto, a ninja of the Konoha who is also one of my best students. He may be acting in a foolish matter sometimes but he's more of a ninja then you'll ever be."

"Nice words Iruka, too bad they're your last. DIEEEEEE!"

An impact on the ground cut him off and a kick to the chin sent him back. The dust dispersed to reveal a pissed Naruto.

"You won't touch a hair on Iruka-sensei or I'll kill you."

"Oh well, I'll have to kill you first then. I'll even give you an edge, hit me first."

Naruto took the position of a seal he had never practiced. His chakra exploded outwards and he sent a battle cry.


Hundreds of copies of Naruto appeared around the now scared Mizuki.

"Well then, come on Mizuki! You won't? Then here I come!"

The scene being too violently gratuitous it will not be described.

Let it be said that a severely hurt Mizaki laying on the ground was unconscious. He was tied up and being dragged to town by Naruto. Iruka was laying half his weight on his student to walk as they tried to reach another member of the patrol. It was Ranma who found them.

"Hey! Iruka, found the thief?"

"Yes, he was trying to frame Naruto!"

He took the other arm of Iruka and the trio went back to town.

End chapter 1

This is a major OOC but this is an alterverse. Sakura's supportance and eventual acceptance of Naruto is faster because of the past and Sasuke actually respects him for his strength. Naruto is more serious about school but I had to make him go back three classes or he'd be with another team entirely. Ranma isn't a major character but his arrival and his family are primordial to the story as there will be other dimensional travelers in this story. C&C are welcomed but flames are not if they are not constructive. The grammar is bad but that is normal Je suis Qu├ębecois d'origine, I talk French as my mother language and English as my second so it looks bad but I'm actually one of the best in school. Next chapter out when I'll have time and feel like it.