Saotome Naruto

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Note: I'm thinking of concluding Saotome Naruto since Naruto isn't a Saotome anymore. I'll make a sequel called Uzumaki School of Anything Goes which would start right after it.

Chapter 10

Naruto did not only catch the large rock, he shattered it to bits and pieces. To say that Happosai stared at his adversary would be weak. The pervert took in his options and decided to take a page from Genma's book. He got to his knees and bowed to the ground.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I'll never do it again! I swear!" Happosai was bowing with his hands within his black gi. He was taking out one of his bombs just as Naruto stood out of his fighting stance.

"Get out of here pervert, and don't come back." He said seriously.

"I won't be the one to leave! Happo Dai Karin!" Happosai lit the fuse of his bomb with a burst of ki and threw it at the unprepared Naruto. The ninja reacted out of reflex with a precise slice of one of his kunai. He severed the fuse and took out one of his explosive tags that he charged with a bit of chakra. He caught the bomb in one hand and stuck the piece of paper on it. He wound back and threw the projectile at the old man.

"Nice try but I know how to counter my own technique!" Happy batted the bomb with a stick he took out 'hammer space' (theory on hammer space at the end of the fic).

"Bang!" Naruto said just as the stick made contact. The combined energies of the explosive tag and the bomb blew a crater into the ground within which Happosai laid down smoking.

The crowd of women took this opportunity to rush in and take their justified vengeance upon the pervert who had no way of escaping or defending himself. Ranko joined in on the fun but Sakura only went to Naruto.

"What was that about Naruto? I can defend myself perfectly you moron!" She slapped the back of his head just before she kissed his cheek. "It was sweet though." She then smiled at him before she turned for the locker room.

Naruto went to the boy's locker room where he saw Sasuke and Tori.

"Does either of you get girls?" He asked as he looked confused.

"If you ever do understand them THEN you'll have a problem." Tori announced.

"Why didn't his technique work anyway?"

"I dunno, what was it supposed to do?" Naruto asked.

"It was a pressure point attack." Sasuke said. "He tried to use it to make you as weak as a kitten but your weights blocked the attack." Tori looked at him amazed of his capacity to analyse.

"How did you know?" He asked to Sasuke who simply ignored him and started analysing the battle.

"Don't worry about him; he has this thing about brooding and angst for some reason." Naruto said as he shook his head. Neither he Sasuke or Tori had even broken a sweat during PE, only Happosai's irruption had made Naruto work enough to need the shower. Sasuke stood as far from the water as possible but what was to happen, happened. . .

"WATER FIGHT!" One of the guys screamed as he flung a bucket of cold water towards the Uchiha who was hard pressed from dodging the cold liquid that sprayed everywhere.

Naruto eared those words and couldn't stop himself, he had to. . .attack. His hands went through the seals of a basic water attack which sent cold but harmless bullets of water towards everyone, the fact that at least twenty were sent in Sasuke's general direction was a simple hazard, he was a casualty of war, nothing else.

While dodging the attacks of untrained people was easy, the concentrated attack Naruto sent at him had only one escape possible. Sasuke made quick seals and the water hit another student who seemed to be blending into the background. Running not being his style, Sasuke did the first thing that went through his head.

"Raiton!" He called as he prepared to shock Naruto into submission. He started to gather his chakra just when a simple water balloon hit him over the head. Sasuke-chan turned to the shocked boy whom had gotten him. His fingers were sparkling with electricity and Sasuke wasn't one to waste chakra.

"Raiken no Jutsu!" He touched the boy who had dared to get him with one finger. He fell to the ground twitching from the shock but the water had the unfortunate effect of conducting the current to everyone in the room including the female Sasuke. When everyone woke up, Naruto, Tori and Sasuke had disappeared leaving them to ponder on what had happened.

The group arrived at the dojo to find a large scale battle going on. Kodachi and her brother were there both trying to date/kill Ranma. Khu Lon was chuckling from the side lines as Shampoo and Mu Tsu rolled their eyes at the spectacle. Ukyou shook her head at the siblings' foolishness and Fey Briz jumped on her airen the moment he came into view.

Sasuke was fuming; he was female, wet and pissed when she jumped on him.

"Let go of me or I'll make you hurt." He threatened in a voice so deep Fey Briz let go of his neck, almost scared for her safety.

"You no threaten Xiang Pu's daughter! She your honoured wife!" The amazon scolded her son in law. Mu Tsu was shaking with rage but Sasuke turned to them with a look of pure scorn in his eyes.

"If she leaves me alone I won't hurt her. It's that simple." He walked away to the bathroom as Sakura went to Fey Briz's side along with Ranko. Naruto sat with the amazons at the table just as his father sent the morons into the stratosphere.

"Xiang Pu, Mu Tsu, I'd tell your daughter to take it slowly with him." He said cautiously, knowing that amazons seldom took things slow.

"He's her husband Saotome, he has to take it like a man!" Mu Tsu said.

"Sasuke has some major anger issues, to him anyone and everyone is either a nuisance or an obstacle." Naruto said as he nodded to himself for giving this piece of his wisdom.

"And he has the strength to kill your daughter." Ranma said.

"But unlike you he doesn't restrain himself when he fights does he?" The matriarch said. "Meaning his threats weren't just rubbish."

"Exactly, he would have attacked and possibly killed her." Ranma approved. He then turned to see Sasuke coming back down from the bathroom male and calmer. "The curse doesn't help him."

"Xiang Pu understand, I tell Fey Briz not to greet airen with amazon glomp attack." She said as she saw her son in law in a new light. Ranma had been a prime catch in his youth. He seldom hit women even with his strength which was by far superior to that of even her great grand-mother. Sasuke was another story, no one was truly safe from him since every one was just as likely of getting hit by him, male or female, and he did it without restraint.

"How about I get him to let some steam out dad?" Naruto asked with a very characteristic grin on his face.

"Like you did with Iruka last time? You're not even getting near Sasuke right now. Naruto." Scolded his mother remembering when she had found the academy teacher tied to the roof of the women's onsen so he could relax. To say Iruka didn't relax would be an understatement.

"Aw, mom!" He whined but decided to join in on the battle royal in the courtyard between almost every denizens of Nerima. If he couldn't prank Sasuke at least he'd get some battling. His siblings were already beating the crap out of the Kunos while he took on some creepy kid wielding a hammer.

It didn't take long for the brawl to degenerate, several people added themselves to the fight, most of them for old time's sake.

After about five minutes of pounding on random people, someone serious came around. Seeing the random acts of destruction had made Ryoga feel nostalgia, however seeing the all out brawl going on right in front of the Tendo home made him all out mad.

"SAOTOME! PREPARE TO DIE!" The fanged man screamed towards the crowd. The fight froze for a second and most protagonists left the vicinity in a hurry, who would want to be in the middle of a Hibiki vs Saotome rumble?

"Which one?" Naruto asked, getting ready to fight but Ranma jumped in front of him.

"I'm the only one he knows." Ranma said. "How about we take this somewhere else ? I wouldn't want to mess Akane's house.

"BECAUSE OF YOU I'VE SEEN HELL!" Ryoga charged and hit the place where Ranma had been standing a second before. The pigtailed man lead him towards Furikan high's soccer field followed by almost every nerimians. Ranko quickly organised the betting pool and took the names while running to her usual spot.

"Hey piggy, what makes you so mad? Is it the kids or the fact that you still can't find your way out of your own bathroom?" Ranma asked conversationally.

"YOU DISSHONOURED AKANE YOU BASTARD! THE ONLY WAY YOU'LL ATONE FOR THAT IS THROUGH DEATH!" Ryoga screamed. Ranma didn't waste time leading him through the spiral of his former finishing attack.

"As if you never had a perverted thought in your life Ryoga. You've thought plenty of times about what we did and probably worst things." Ranma told him with clear intentions.

"DIE!" Ryoga lunged with a haymaker that Ranma jumped over before he extended his legs upon the arm of his enemy. He then kicked Ryoga right in the face without much actual effect. Ranma then jumped before the lost man could counter his move.

"I have been within the deepest pits of the deepest hell Saotome." Ryoga focussed his power between his palms and quickly released the ultimate Shi-shi Hokodan. It flattened Ranma with it's mass of depression. He knew it wouldn't be enough but it would keep Ranma down a few seconds.

Ranma had to struggle to get to his feet, Ryoga had become a lot stronger.

"Nice one Ryoga, you've become quite powerful." Ranma stated with a grin.

"So have you, you honourless cur!" Ryoga growled as he prepared a second attack, this time he glowed a violent red. Ranma couldn't let him unleash that much power into a single attack, so he did what his art was all about, improvising.

"This is all the rage I've built up since you left Akane Saotome, my perfect rage attack! Kakudo Yamayujira Ha!" A stream of red ressembling the head of a boar rushed towards Ranma.

"Hyoton! Hyoken no Jutsu!" Ranma screamed as he slammed his fist onto the ground. He made his aura rise as high as he could betting his victory on his quickly thought plan.

As he had planned, the ice he created followed the natural flow of his chakra and created a spiral of ice around him. The heat of the anger attack Ryoga had released followed the corridor created between the coils of ice. However, it wasn't rising up to the air as it approached Ranma to Ryoga's immense pleasure. Ranma was plotting his next move with his few seconds of reprive until the blast hit. People had already begun a countdown, hoping for a Hiryu Shoten Ha. They got more than they were asking for.

"Hiryu Shoten Ha Revised!" Ranma called as the heated aura Ryoga had released reached him and suddenly rose up along with the characteristic corkscrew uppercut. "Hyoryujin Chuuten HA!" Ryoga realised his mistake and his upcoming defeat when a wall of wind swept him towards the sky.

Like any self respecting reporter, Yamatoshi Tojima knew that a scoop could happen at any time, the fact that he was doing the traffic report from an helicopter didn't mean much to him, only that he'd be the first one informed by the police if there was a car chase and that someone with more experience would take his footage to talk about it. He had also eared that the Nerima ward of Tokyo was restricted for it's aerial traffic for some reason. That only made him more curious.

There were rumours about the place for sure, aliens, androids, monsters from another world but he would never believe until he saw with his own eyes. But what he saw that day would never be published in any newspaper or television journal. He was flying over the Juuban district when he saw something which shouldn't be, it passed so fast he couldn't ascertain to it but he could have sworn he had just seen a pig flying from the tornado his producer didn't want any footage of. As if they would be getting better than a tornado of the highest degree of winds strengths appearing and disappearing in a year of footage, even if it came from the Nerima district.

The wind subsided quickly as the source of the heat dissipated along with Ryoga's consciousness. Ranma was still standing, fist raised from his recent attack and his body frozen in ice.

"What happened to Ryoga?" He asked as he shook the ice from his body.

"The baka got stuck by a melting chunk of ice and was sent out of the tornado in his cursed form." Akane told him as she presented him a towel.

"I hope he get's to Akari's farm or something, he might calm down if he did." Ranma said as he threw the towel over his shoulders.

"How about we get back to the dojo and you can tell us what you did to him." Ranko said as she counted her money from her winnings.

The contingent of Saotomes calmly returned to the dojo but one member of their party was thinking in a corner.

'I saw how it worked, I saw the chakra but I couldn't see how he moulded it. Why?' Sasuke thought as the sharingan receded from his pupils. 'I should have seen how they did their techniques, that's the power of the sharingan, is it that I haven't truly awakened the technique? Impossible, I could see the difference from my normal eyesight, I saw the chakra, is it that I need a higher level of awakening?'

"You won't figure it out sonny-boy." An old voice sounded from behind him. The ninja reacted on instinct and threw a kunai towards the darkness the voice came from.

"Come out, hiding in the darkness from a shinobi is the paramount of suicide." Sasuke stated as he took out another kunai from his pouch.

"Confident as well." Khu Long came out of the shadows holding the blade the Uchiha had thrown a few seconds before.

"What do you want?" Sasuke asked as sheathed his weapon.

"I was simply entertaining myself with this battle when I saw your expression. You were trying to understand the technique Ranma used." The old woman told him as she returned the kunai she was holding.

"So? It's not a crime to do so." Sasuke responded with an edge to his voice.

"No but you could never figure the secret to this particular technique, I'm surprised Ranma even learned it with his hot headed attitude." Khu Lon shook her head as she surveyed the damage made to the field.

"And you know this secret?" Sasukle asked, trying to get some light shining upon this mistery.

Khu Long started laughing in response.

"Know the secret? I'm the one who taught him that technique and I can safely assume that he'll never teach it to you" She said between peals of laughter.

"Then teach it to me!" Sasuke almost ordered, earning him a staff on his head.

"To you? Never! You clearly threatened my great great grand daughter boy, you didn't earn the right to be trained in this technique. From your set of mind, you would use it without much restraint either." The elder of the Joketsuzoku turned her back to him. "There is one thing I may teach you if you're willing to feel a lot of pain." The old woman baited as she left. Sasuke pondered on her words, if she had taught Ranma this tornado technique she may be able to teach him something interesting. His mind made up, he followed her.

At some other place, a blonde ninja was bugging his own father.

"Dad, I want to learn that technique you just did!" Naruto was enthusiastic about training, ecstatic some might even say, but Ranma was firm in his stand.

"Naruto, this technique is a Saotome clan secret." Ranma said as his single explanation.

"But I'm. . ." He stopped his phrase all of a sudden.

"Not anymore remember. You are a member of the Masabetsu Kakuto Ryu but your school isn't the Saotome school, you're not the heir to the school, you're my student in martial arts but someday you'll have your branch of the school. You have to create your own techniques or learn the ones others will teach you but this one isn't for you to learn." Ranma stated firmly. Naruto stayed stern but nodded nonetheless. He had a lot of thinking to do.

The blonde got up to leave the room they were in when Ranma called to him.

"Son! Catch!" He sent a scroll towards him. Naruto caught it with ease and stared at the worn and used scroll. "The Hokage gave it to me and said it was one of your family's technique scroll. I brought it with us in case you wanted to learn something new."

Naruto didn't say anything and got out with a large smile on his face.

Naruto locked himself in the dojo while Sakura was training with Hikari in the courtyard. Moegi and Ryoma were gone to the park with Ranko and Tori while Akane was cooking.

He reverently opened the scroll he was holding and couldn't help but imagine what his father could have looked like reading this same scroll at his age.

"Seishin no Jutsu." He read aloud as he saw the first words. The scroll was quite voluminous but it still contained only one technique written upon its surface. The basics of the technique were quite simple, it simply intended for the user to move faster than the human eye could see. It wasn't a teleportation technique in the straight sense of the term. It didn't even involve any hand seals since that would defeat the very purpose of it. It called for the highest possible form of chakra control, the ability to mould one's chakra without hand seals.

The scroll wasn't for the use of the technique but rather the series of exercises one needed to complete to be able to use the technique. Naruto immediately engraved the words in his mind and prepared for the first exercise.

Four days later, The Tendo Dojo was bustling with activity it hadn't been blessed with in many years. The whole Tendo family was there, Nabiki was constantly on her cell phone and Kasumi was trading recepies with Hikari and Nodoka while Soun was playing Shogi with Genma. Ranma was in the courtyard with Tori and Ranko, effectively correcting the mistakes in their fighting styles. Naruto was still training, perfecting the third step of his training.

The first part had actually been tree climbing and charging minute amount of chakra in the feet and legs. The second step was water walking and then the true training started. It called for Chakra to gather on one particular point of the feet, the one most difficult place to concentrate one's chakra. To train in that, Naruto was standing upon a rather pointed pole. It hurt his feet a lot since he did so without his sandals. He would know the training was perfect when he could jump in place.

Sasuke was nowhere to be found. Ranma had received a note from Khu Long saying she took over his training for a couple of days. The ninja had shrugged at that and didn't even bother to worry about what she was teaching him.

Moegi and Ryoma were taking the most profit out of the gathering by getting spoiled rotten. Akane was playing hostess for all those people but smiled anyway, It felt good for everyone to be together again.

Somewhere in a forest in the periphery of Tokyo, the sound of an explosion sounded.

"I'll have my revenge brother." The boy said as he surveyed the damage his one finger had caused, and with a little ameliorating of his technique it would be the perfect weapon, even if the woman didn't believe so.


"The Bakusai tenketsu is made to raise your endurance to damage, the technique itself is useless against humans or organic tissue." The old woman cackled. "You'd have more chance of shattering a whole mountain than killing a man with it!"

End of flashback.

"I'll make sure to take you down. . ." The sharingan appeared on Sasuke's pupils and was gone as quickly as it had appeared. The Uchiha survivor jumped to the trees and returned towards Nerima. He was eager to practice on his new skill.

"I've never seen such potential since Ranma, but I sense there might be even more hidden inside his own pupil. Too bad the affairs of the tribe call me or I'd be tempted to follow them just for the excitement." Khu Lon stated as she started her trek back home. She wasn't getting any younger and the scenery was something worth seeing.

Once the party had settled down, both Genma and Soun being too drunk to ruin anything and Ranma having sent Happosai towards another continent. The twins approached their mother.

"Mom, we'd like to talk to you." Ranko said, Tori being too proud to admit it.

"You know you can tell me anything right?" Akane answered her daughter as she motioned for them to sit in front of her.

"It's about our father, he asked us if we wanted to go with him." Tori said abruptly.

"We've decided . . . we want to go." Ranko announced. Tori just nodded at the statement to show his approbation.

"You're sure you two?" Akane asked them. "I don't want you to think of what I want, but I want the two of you to be sure of what you're saying. This is a one way trip, Ranma told me he can't duplicate the technique once he goes back." Akane announced. The twins only nodded in acceptance. Their social lives weren't that important to them and they'd get new friends as well, if Ranma and Hikari hadn't lied, as respect for their origins. "Then I guess we could ask if we could leave a little early for their village. As you know, time passes just a little faster here than it does in their world and. . .your father tends to attract trouble. I'd like to be out of here before the worst of it comes after us."

"The way I see it, the faster we leave here, the faster we'll leave Kuno behind." Tori's tone of voice easily comparable to Ranma's own brash tone.

"We should probably leave a note to grandpa or take him with us. . ." Ranko said but shook her head. "Definitely the note, we can't very well take him along for the trip unless Grampa Genma comes as well." She said imagining the tall Tendo Patriarch crying for the loss of his best friend's company.

"They are both coming along for the trip, as well as your grandma Nodoka." Akane announced.

"The panda I can understand, but why would Grandpa Soun come as well, he's too rusty to fight for real and the only things he does nowadays is cry and play Shogi. He doesn't even train anymore." Tori announced with a raised eyebrow.

"He want's to come so he can keep his friend in line." Akane said with a roll of her eyes.

"Figures. . ." the twins said in stereo.

"So, when do we leave?" Ranko asked.

"Depends on Ranma and how much your Grandma packs." Akane informed them.

"Does it mean no more school until we leave?" Tori asked hopefully.

"No, it means triple dose of training so you're both up to speed and ready to join the genin exam's next session" Ranma announced from the doorstep. "Sorry to intrude but I needed to tell you we'll be leaving tomorow." Ranma grinned. "I don't want my mom to try and take the whole house with her so I advanced the time, pretending an important mission waiting for me."

"That's alright, the only thing we really need would be the weapons and the shrine from the dojo." Akane answered Ranma.

"Mom, what about clothes, food, the important things?" Ranko asked.

"Who cares about clothes, we'll hunt for food and survive as real men should!" Tori exclaimed. Ranma gave him a slap behind the head.

"You spent too much time with your grandfather." He admonished.

"More like grandma, she wouldn't let grandpa Genma take even a step too close to Tori, just in case he tried to make him sign a contract." Ranko corrected. Ranma arched an eyebrow and then shrugged.

"We'll be leaving at sunset tomorrow in the dojo. Until then it's off limits. The technique is too dangerous to be disturbed." Ranma announced as he took a scroll from his utility belt and left the room.

For the very last time, the Tendo dojo was bustling with activity as the group of dimensional travelers readied themselves for their trip. Ranma had spent the night and a good part of the following day making a scroll for their departure. The arrival of Sasuke during the night had been rather ignored as he had simply made for his bed and slept the exhaustion his body had accumulated from being pounded by a boulder dozens of times a day. People mostly ignored him the whole day anyway. His brooding nature wasn't the best way to make friends anyway.

The time to leave the vicinity of Nerima came quickly and thus, the Saotome clan disappeared from it's original dimension.

End of chapter.

There you have it folks! Chapter 10, and it took me 6 months to write. This was an hard chapter because it not only contained battles (which I have no problem writing) but it had to take them back home. Why did I even send them there? Just for the "Sasuke-chan"! I still laugh at this every once in a while! The chunin exam is next along with the sound and all that crap. We'll soon see Jiraiya and Tsunade!

As for the fic itself, I've decided that there'll be a first arc (Saotome Naruto) and that the second part of Naruto (after the Kakashi Gaiden) will be another arc in a second fic, I'll even give you the title: Masabetsu Kakuto Uzumaki Ryu.

I still have quite a ways to go until then! I'll get to writing chapter 11 now and try to have it out in a couple of weeks. . .not months this time! (Our school council made a vote for us to go on strike so I'm not impended by school work anymore)