Fido was left in a prison convoy to vice city(in this one) right?
Tommy was left in vice city helpless right?

Well Someone Else is About To Take The fall

12:00 pm

The Malibu Club

Vice City

''Ok What Do You Want To Tell Me Arnold'' said a rather Masculine voice
''Ok Steve You Have Proven Yourself To Be My Best Worker, And A Great Freind...!''
''Yeah I Know''
''Well Steve The Cops Are On To Us Youv Left Far Too Many Evidence Of Our Work And Its Invaluble to our arrangements''
''What Are You Saying Arnold?''
''Your Time In Vice City Is Over''
''i wont be threatend by you Arnold.''
he pulled out a colt python and aimed it for Arnold!
''Go ahead shoot the security might be a little easy but when the cops come theyl arrest you and your past mistakes will be forgotten then buisniss will continue as usual''!

To be continued