''You Little Bastard how dare you just dump me in a trash can like that!''

Steve Wanted To Pull The Triger But What He Said Was True
he would be surrounded by police if they actually caught him killing someone
but he couldent resist either way he lost its die or spend the rest of your life in prison

he let out a whisper and said


he pulled the triger

but he didnt die the gun didnt have any ammo

he put the gun back in his pocket and ran for it


Steve ran outside and punched someone and got them off there freeway bike he jumped on and drove like hell up the road
arnold had orderd some of his gang members to hunt down steve

'' oh shit''
steve calle d as he saw 3 red banshees follow him and he could tell that those were Arnolds guys

'' There Better Be One There God Dammit AAHHHH YEAH''

steve pulled out a spare grenade from a job Arnold made him do

''goodbye pricks ''

steve threw back the grenade and drove away as the banshees exploded

later that night tommy is in his mansion watching the news

reporter: yes we have footage of 3 veichles chasing a man on a bike we also edited the video and saw this look as he grabs the explosive from his right pocket and throws there where at least 6 people in those cars this man is wanted for murder although the only info police have on him is his name Steven skinner

''Oh shit this guy could be a threat''

he picked up the remote and switched off the tv he walked out of the mansion and got into his white infernus


A Prison convoy holding the gta3 (or supposed to be) thug was being transfered in little havana heading for ocean beach

until some haitions came to release a freind being transfered

they unlocked the back doors and held up guns to the cops

fido went out and beat up a police officer while he wasent looking and got the keys he unlocked the hand cuffs and hijacked a pg 600

To Be Continued

Tell Me What You Think About This Chapter Sorry I Didnt Right Much But its better than the last chapter