I wish I owned Max but I don't nor any of the others.
A small girl who looked about 11 walked into the Crashdown.

"Hi!" Liz said. "Are you gonna order?" Her tone of voice said she was expecting something other than a yes. But the girl just stared at her.

"Are you okay?" The girl ignored her and stared as if Liz were a museum artifact.

"You're Liz," she stated.

"Yeah, I am! How did you know that?"

"I read into your soul," she said meaningfully. Liz stopped, searching the girl.

"Oh-okay, um.do you know Max?" she whispered.

"Yes!" the girl said, excited at the mention of Max. "Sorry," she said as she realized her shout had surprised Liz. "I've just never heard his name spoken before. It sounds so different in voice than in my head."

"Um.why don't we go in the back?" The girl stared with a divining look on her face and then she understood. Happy bemusement filled her as they marched to the back of the Crashdown Café, where only employees and special people were allowed. Of course, as far as her parents knew, special people didn't exist.

"Ok," said Liz, leaning in with an air of secrecy. "Can you.explain?" The girl delayed as if her brain hadn't received the message yet. She was trying to remember why secrecy was always involved. Oh, yeah, she thought as she remembered.

"Ok. I can explain," she said slowly. "But I think it would be better to wait until we are safe and everyone is here. Why don't we meet at Michael's apartment?"

Liz was a little scared. This girl knew all about them. That could be bad. But, she figured, no matter what, she'd better be nice to her.