Elsie stood in her room, looking around. It satisfied her. This blankness is wonderful. Her mind was always full when she was in the pod. And after she broke out, she remembered everything. Her mind was cluttered. She had spent the past five years trying to forget it all. She wanted to be normal. She didn't want to read into people's minds and give them exactly what they wanted. She was ready to make a game that other people could win too.

She still lived with Alex's dad. Alex was in his first year of graduate school, as were most of the others. Michael was working various odd jobs. Elsie was, of sorts, fifteen. She was in college. She was on her way to being a doctor simply because it's a good way to make money. She was planning on giving it to poor people. She knew that some people were poor because they followed their calling, so may it be called their own fault, but she had no calling and so thought she'd help out someone just trying to be true to themselves.

Elsie nolonger used her powers. All her energy was focused on keeping her friends hidden. So she did use them, but only for that. And that's no fun. But, as said, she just wanted to be normal. And now her friends were normal. They still used their powers sometimes. She didn't ask them not to do so. But they were nolonger in danger. Protecting them gave her all the joy she needed. Everything else was for someone else. EVERYone else.

Isabel's mother rejected them. She seemed afraid of her own children. She moved away as if they were gorrillas uninvited in her home. Their father acted the same as ever. Other than Alex's dad, noone else knew.

She couldn't speak for the others, but the alien phase of Elsie's life seemed to be complete. Her alien friends were safe forever. But there were still humans to save.

The work is never done.