I refuse to write a disclaimer because this is a FANFICTION site. This is a writing exercise. Please critique.
"The End"

My angel - do you know what misery you bring? Have you the slightest idea of the madness you instill on your surroundings, including yourself? You are wretched, as angels seem to be. Even in the Bible they must preface their news with "Do not be afraid."

Oh, but I am afraid. I am weakened, drained, dependant. I rely on you to breathe, yet I can never seem to grasp enough air - you - when I invade your life. It's some labyrinth you've built yourself. Fitting, too. I can't seem to leave you, no matter how much I crave light.

You should know by now that I'm a greedy creature. I want it all, yet I want nothing. I want your voice - the one that settles and unsettles me like a cruel adult taunting a child with something she can never play with. I want to cease. I never want to hear anything but hiss in your eyes; the gust in your lips; the waltz, the segadilla, the wheezing in your hands.

There is one taboo that must be upheld - one rule that you must adhere to. Alas, I am a fool, for you are lawless.

Kiss me in staccato. Breathe me in arpeggio. But never - never - come into contact with me. I shall surely unravel before your pleading eyes.

Perhaps I should believe you have done me a great service by killing me. It was like some overload of light that you dealt me. You are not infinite darkness as you proclaim to be. You are a myopia of angelic sadness that I cannot comprehend. The mere fact that you can even penetrate me with your 'music' calls for us to be a grave disaster more than anything.

You touched me, and my heart disappeared. Did you steal it? You are so very pathetic - as was I. You are twice as impoverished as you were when you were born. Some genius.

I can't feel anymore - no, I can't hear. You disowned me. I followed my new master like a graceful puppy. You knew it was the end your whole existence. The end. The end. I told you of what madness you bear. There is no graceful puppy.