So I was going through my old stories when I found this one and thought what the hell I will try this again. all mistakes are mine ( I have no beta) idea is mine. I no own swatkats no sue me

Early one afternoon Chance Furlong with his best friend Jake Clawson were working in their shop and watching scaredy kat. Well Jake was working; chance was glued to the tv.

"Hey Chance, you want to get off your tail and help me? I'd like to get these cars done some time this year" Jake called from under the hood of a nearby car as he heard his best friend crack up laughing at something scaredy kat just did.

"ya, ya scaredy kat's over with anyways" chance said just as scaredy kat went off and kat's eye news came on. Chance ducked under the hood of the car next to jake.

"This is ann gora with kat's eye news and we are standing here with commander Feral who has just closed a deal with the enforcers of katlake city to bring on two new pilot's in an effort to curb crime here in our own mega kat city. Commander what can you tell us about the new recruits" Ann asked holding her mic up to the much taller kat.

Chance snorted "hear that jake, feral can't bring in the bad guys on his own so he had to ask for help" Chance laughed, head still under the hood. Jake got up from under the car he had been working on and walked past the tv to get a can of milk for him and chance.

"yeah feral must be getting desperate trying to one up us" jake laughed returning with two cans of milk and placing chance's can next to him and then turning back to the tv. " I'm happy to report that with the added help, megakat city won't be needing the swatkat's around anymore" feral said. The camera turned as a jet that looked similar to the blue Manx landed at enforces HQ.

"here they are now" ann said following feral over to the jet as two kat's jumped down from the cockpit removing their helmets. One was a short, slim female with white fur and long red hair, the other a taller medium build tom with chocolate fur and jet black hair that was spiky,

"I would like to introduce our new pilot and WSO, sky furlong and shawn litter" feral said pointing to the two new kats. Jake stared at the tv with a confused look as he heard chance hit his head on the hood of the car he was working on. Chance heart had stopped when he heard the name. "no way" he thougt, standing up too fast and hitting the hood of the car with his head. " ow, curd" chance yelled rubbing his head and turning to the tv. There he saw her, standing next to the chocolate colored tom who was currently talking. She looked older and her hair was longer but no denying it was her. Jake looked from the tv to his best friend and back. On the tv the tall chocolate tom with jet black hair was talking with ann as the white furred she kat stood next to him smiling shyly.

"chance who is.." jake had started to ask only to stop as an explosion happened right behind the four kats, knocking them to the ground as a ship that looked like dark kat's flew slowly over HQ. Both tom's watched as the kat's on tv stood back up. Feral immediately called for backup as sky and shawn ran back to their jet to take off after dark kat.

"let's roll" chance said running past jake to the hanger. He needed to get there and fast. Jake followed chance and wisely said nothing as chance beat him getting dressed and jumping in the turbokat, starting the system checks. Jake jumped in behind his buddy doing his own system check. " ready razor" t-bone asked as the jet lowered to the runway. " roger t-bone" Razor replied while debating with himself if he should ask chance who the she kat was. Jake knew chances parents had died years ago and as far as he knew chance had no siblings, or none he ever talked about as the two had very rarely talked about life before the enforcers. Jake mulled the question in his mind. "ok buddy we are clear for takeoff" t-bone informed him. "roger" razor replied deciding to ask the question on his mind. "t-bone, buddy can I ask who is the she kat with the same last name as you" jake asked while bracing himself for the take off. As chance waited for the ramp light to turn green he let out a deep sigh. "yeah buddy you can ask and she is my little sister" chance replied just as the light turned green and the turbo kat roared down the runway and up into the skies. Jake couldn't help but be shocked.

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