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The flight home was quite as each cat was lost in his own thoughts. TBone going over everything in his mind from before his sister left to the long years apart and now her reappearance in his life. He wanted nothing more than to talk to her but would she even want to talk to him? She came back to megakat city without calling him or even writing a letter! What did that mean? Should he go see her first? What if she wanted nothing to do with him? He let out a long sigh as the junkyard came into view. How was he going to handle all this?

Behind him razor was lost in his own thoughts. He was going over everything he thought he knew about his partner. Jake remembered training with chance and later getting paired up. He didn't remember anything about chance having a sibling. Chance had never talked about it or his family really. Jake only knew about his parents because it was a open case and he had heard about it from another gunner who's dad was a detective when they died. The details were murky at best. Chance's dad had also been an enforcer but for the drug and special crimes unit. His mother was a Sunday school teacher and home maker. His father had been deep in a case when he came home one afternoon and shot and killed his wife then himself though the paper's said there was evidence of foul play but they didn't know who else was involved. Leaving the case open and unsolved. He knew chance hadn't been home at the time but he hadn't pushed for more details once they were partnered up as he felt it was none of his dam business and chance never talked about it. In fact neither of them had talked about their families. Chance hadn't really asked outside of wondering if he had siblings, which he didn't, and he hadn't really wanted to explain his parents for a number of reasons. The first being that while his parents loved him very much, they never wanted to have kits and he had been an accident. Once his parents found out they decided to try their best to raise him. He didn't have a bad childhood at all but he knew his parents had no clue what they were doing and struggled greatly. They both had come from large well to do families and felt no need to bring more lives into the world. So they traveled the world and spent time with each other. They had been careful but his mom had still ended up pregnant. They had moved back to megakat city and did all they could for him but most of the time it was over kill. He had wanted to grow up normal like his class mates, not in a big house with fancy clothing and all that. His parents did their best and he loved them more than anything but he knew they had been relieved when he graduated and joined the enforcers. He still talked to them when he could but they had gone back to their travel's and came home for important holidays. He didn't mind it though he had wished for a sibling to hang out with. After being paired with chance he felt like he had the big brother he always wanted and they truly acted like brothers. He had been happy even while working in the junkyard but this new info through him for a loop.

Tbone started landing protocol and hit the button to open the secret hatch to their underground base. Once inside the old tunnel he slowed the jet until it was stopped on the tarmac and ready to be lifted to the higher level of the base. Once lifted the cockpit slide back and they both jumped from the jet walking over to their locker's to change. Neither one felt like talking right that moment and so changed in silence and heading up to their "home" once in the kitchen with the hatch closed and hidden behind them jake turned to his best friend. He didn't know how to start this conversation but knew it needed to be started. Chance just looked at him before sighing.

Hey grab us some milk will ya" chance asked going to sit at the table. Jake turned to the fridge and got two can's out, opening them both as her walked to the table and placed one in front of chance before taking a seat. He let a few moments pass before he decided it was going to be up to him to start this talk.

"so, you have a sister" he said raising an eyebrow at his buddy. Chance gave him a small smile before sighing again

"yeah, she's my younger sister and I haven't seen her in five years" chance began looking down at his can of milk.

"so what happen five years ago" jake asked

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