"I dunno, Woody," said Jessie, holding up Woody's newly sutured arm over her head and examining it closely. "You sure it'll hold?"

"'Course it will," said Woody, pulling his arm away from her and putting his fists against his hips. "Andy only tied it off, what, five times."

Jessie shrugged. "If you say so." Then their attention was called across the desk when they heard a woman laughing over the unmistakable panting of an overly-excited Bullseye.

"Hey there, lil' guy," Bo was saying as Bullseye jumped up to lick her face, his tail wagging rapidly. Buzz was standing by her, and his eyes widened as Bullseye went back and forth between giving him and Bo that treatment. Bo was a little more endeared by it.

"I know, we didn't get to be properly acquainted when everybody got home last night, did we?" Bullseye started nuzzling his head against her as she scratched his mane.

"Bullseye," Jessie called as she ran over to calm him down, Woody trailing behind a bit slower.. She managed to get a hold of Bullseye's head and pull him back a little ways. "Sorry 'bout that. We're both just so hoppin' excited to be here, ain't we?" She nudged his head in so he would face her, and they smiled at each other as she scratched the sides of his face, his tail slowing to a steady swing back and forth.

"Oh, that's alright," said Bo. "He's a sweet little fella."

"He sure is," said Woody, now standing on the other side of him and stroking his mane. Bullseye craned his neck back and started licking his hand.

"You know, Woody, it's not very gentlemanly of you not to introduce me to your friends here," said Bo with mock reproach.

"Oh! Uh," said Woody, rubbing the back of his neck. "Of course. Sorry -"

"Kiddin', sweetie," she said, rolling her eyes and holding out her hand for Jessie to shake. "I'm Bo Peep."

"Jessie," she replied, shaking Bo's hand vigorously and using her own free hand to tip up her hat. "Pleasure to meet'cha!"

"The pleasure's all mine."

"Wait - 'sweetie?'" Jessie said. She gasped, and her tone became a bit too mischievous for Woody's liking. "Woody, is this your lady friend?" She let go of the handshake and held her hand up to her face as if telling a secret.

"Uhhh, y-yeah," he said, taken aback. "If you wanna use those terms, sure."

"Oo-ooh," said Jessie, her voice instantly a few octaves higher as she let go of the handshake. She dropped her voice back down when she addressed Bo again, as if she'd just as quickly switched to discussing business. "You know he's ticklish?"

"I know," Bo said with a smile and nod. "You're right to try n' keep me informed, though. Thank you."

Woody rolled his eyes, but his matching smile gave him away.

"Any time," said Jessie, and out of the corner of her eye she saw a figure of brightly colored plastic rocking slightly front to back on his feet, perhaps not even cognizant of it. She turned to face him, seeing that his mouth was pressed firmly shut.

"Howdy, spaceman," she said with a smirk. "Thanks again for all your help last night!"

"It's - ahem - it's no trouble at all," said Buzz as though he had to force the words out, then caught himself before he reverted back to the same expression and tried to relax his face a bit more. "You can just call me Buzz, though."

Jessie nodded, and the other two shared a brief sideways glance at each other, Bo raising an eyebrow slightly.

"Would'ja believe these two started out hating each other?"

"No way," said Jessie. "Well, alright, I guess I can see it." She chuckled and glanced Buzz's way to see that he now looked fairly worried.

"Oh, no," she said, waving her hand as if trying to shoo off any misunderstanding. "Not like that. I get why Woody might be unsure of ya, that's all. All the bells n' whistles." She gestured to the row of buttons on his chest. "But hey, he came around, huh?" She nudged his shoulder with her elbow, and his helmet swished closed, giving them both a small jolt.

"Oh - didn't even know that was a button," she said with a laugh.

The conversation was cut short when they all heard Andy bounding up the stairs and yelling, "Just a second, Mom! I'll be right there!"

They all got back in their places: Buzz and Woody lying still on the desk, Bo back at her lamp on the other side, and Bullseye and Jessie on the bed, which they reached with a rather impressive leap from the desk on Bullseye's part, Jessie riding on his back.

Andy made quick business of throwing a few odds and ends in his backpack and marking the bottoms of Jessie's and Bullseye's shoes before double-checking that Woody's arm was securely stitched on. Once the family was out of the house, Buzz stood up and brushed himself off, all too quickly zoning out when his eyes wandered toward Andy's bed and the rather exuberant redhead standing there. His thoughts were broken, though, when a voice rang in his ear, Bo having managed to sneak up to his side while he was distracted.

"She's somethin', isn't she?"

Buzz shook his head, taking a second to process what Bo was saying. "I - what?"

"Oh, come on," Bo said knowingly. "You were practically swooning back there, think we couldn't tell?"

"That is not - I wasn't -" He trailed off when he saw Bo smirking in a way that said she wasn't buying. He sighed and conceded, "I just think she's very...bright."

"Bright, huh?"


"Buzz -"

"And she looks -" He paused, trying to find phrasing that might make it sound like he wasn't already long gone for the new girl. He'd be kidding himself, sure, but for now he could at least try to maintain a facade of composure around her. "She has nice hair."

"Nice hair," Bo repeated.


"So go tell 'er," she said, nodding toward the bed.


"Yeah," she said with a shrug. "Even if you're gonna deny being so thoroughly smitten, people like compliments. And shouldn't we be makin' her feel more welcome here, anyway?"

"'Course we should," said Woody, now strolling toward them and just starting to catch what they were saying. "What's he s'posed to be tellin' her, exactly?"

"That he's head-over-jetpack for her," said Bo.

Woody's eyes went wide and he glanced back and forth between the other two, mouth agape. It soon turned into a smile, though, as he and Bo shared a scheming look.

"That so?" he said, crossing his arms. "So go talk to her."

"I was going to," Buzz said defensively.

"So go," Bo said with a chuckle, using the straight end of her staff to open his helmet.

"Alright," he said, starting down from the desk by the knobs on the drawers. "I'm going. Happy now?"

"Sure am, space ranger," said Woody.

Once Buzz was out of earshot, Bo shook her head and said, "Helpless, the both of you."

"Hey, I wasn't -"

"Were too," she said, and it was enough to get him to stop arguing.