Prologue Updated: July 14, 2007



Gentle waves sloshed against the shore of a small private harbor as the unusually bright light of a full moon cascaded down onto the ocean giving the illusion of the stars in the water instead of their rightful place in the heavens above.

No boats where abound to the little dock, but instead a figure masked in his own silhouette stood at the end, looking up toward a grassy field to where the beach connected. Their, bathed in the moon's soft glow stood a figure of beauty. None the likes of anyone on the face of the planet had ever seen. Loss strands of long flowing auburn hair was tossed gently in the warm sea breeze. The rest held back into a ponytail, swayed ever so slightly.

Emerald green eyes sparkling brighter than the stars themselves, skin so soft and and white that it seemed to glow. Coming to her feet with the grace that could make even a princess blush, a full figure on a young woman was bared beneath white shear robes, making it almost see throw in the moonlit night. Blown easily in the gentle winds, the white cloth trailed behind her as she made her way down to the solemn little dock.

Bare feet made contact with wood as the young woman kept coming forth to the shadowed figure; her emerald eyes never once leaving where the strangers eyes should be. What other's could not see, she could. A pure soul, kind and gentle. Innocence beyond words and a love so strong that not even distance and time could break it's tender threads binding the souls.

As the young woman was finally within reach she suddenly rushed herself into his awaiting arms and hide her face in his chest for only a moment before a gentle guiding hand raised her face ever so slowly upward and brushed his lips softy against hers. He drew her into a sweet soft kiss. The warmth of his breath washed down her face and over her shoulders, his embrace so warm and welcoming on her velvet soft skin. How she longed for this moment, this very time to suddenly stop and they could be like this forever.

Finally their lips broke and she looked up into the shadowed face. She raised a hand to gently stroke his cheek.

A single tear fell from her eyes.

"I missed you so much" she chocked out, her voice barely above a whisper.

The figure, in turn, cupped her chin in his hand. His thumb running across her soft white cheek. Drawing his head down for another loving kiss, the figures were so encased in one another's embrace, that they failed to notice the blue moon start to turn ruby red. The ocean reflecting the new moon's color looked like that of a sea of blood. The stars almost seemed to fizzle out and vanish from the heavens. The winds began to suddenly whip up and become colder and harsher. The waves grew and started pounding the dock and sandy beach shore.

The two young lovers turned to see what was going on, this time the red moonlight was finally able to reveal the figure clutching the young woman in his arms. A tall well built figure, lean and trim dressed in an orange track suit. A black shirt clinging tightly to his chest and his jacket tied to his waist. Short blonde hair whipping wildly in the wind, barely revealing his deep blue eyes full of concern.

Still holding one another, they looked around themselves in worry. What was happening?

Suddenly without warning, the sea in a fit of rage, burst upwards towards the sky swallowing the young couple. The strength of the vortex unbelievably strong, it literally ripped the young couple apart and then fell back into it's murky red depths, taking only the girl with it and leaving the distraught boy on the docks as though nothing happened.

Grasped by an unknown force, the young woman struggled to reach the surface. To get to the life giving air that her burning lungs were now beginning to beg for. Struggling and flaying in the grip of this deadly darkness, she tried to get to the surface again once more. This time the darkness gained a hold of her very throat and began a strong tightening grip around her. Choking her out of her senses and dragging her further down into the red water's depths, she willed herself to get free of this mysterious killer. Try as she might, it was useless. Her eyes caught the sight of her lover above crying out down onto the water's surface. His face growing less visible by the second. But through the waters she could see the tears cascading down his face on into the water. And then came the anguished scream of his voice.


A scream escaping her mouth, a young woman sat up suddenly. A cold sweat clung to her shivering form as did her night gown and satin bed sheets. Looking around in a slight panic, she realized that she was back in her own bedroom and very much alive. Apart from being badly shaken up, she was fine.

Dark purple eyes stared at the young lady in worry and concern from a fluffy figure lying at the foot of the bed. A slight whimper sounded, catching her attention, she looked at the gray and black pokemon.

"Oh, I'm sorry Wolfe. Did I wake you? I didn't mean to. Sorry boy." She spoke gently to the Mightyena that looked at her. Falling back into her pillows, she let out a sigh. "I had that dream again." She muttered as she looked up into the darkness of her room again.

The pokemon, in his mistresses favor, slowly crawled up next to the young woman's side and nosing her hand, he encouraged her to pet him. Being not only a comfort to his mistress but to the pokemon as well. It wagged it's tail slightly, half closing his eyes in content as the woman scratched his ear.

"What am I going to do… I can't keep living like this." She asked herself, knowing full well that her Mightyena, Wolfe, did not have the answer nor if he did, would be able to tell her.

She looked up at the ceiling for another moment or two in silence before she muttered "can't sleep." In a sudden and swift motion she removed the sheets from her body and drew herself from her bed. Her night robes, the very same in her dream, flowed behind her as she walked steadily towards the room balcony. She swung the glass paneled doors wide open. Pausing to take in the fresh sea air that lapped at her form. Exhaling, she stepped outside to overlook the world of the night.

Wolfe, from his spot on the bed, watched keenly as his mistress stepped outside, then heaving himself to his paws, he jumped down from the bed onto the cold marble floor. His paws making a soft patting sound as he made his way over to the balcony doors and stopped slightly to see his mistress sitting in a white wicker chair as she had one arm on the railing with her head leaning into her hand. Her emerald eyes staring out onto the ocean landscape. The moon's reflection off the sea's calm ripples gave the calling effect of solitude the young woman sought. Wolfe approached his mistress and sat down in front of her. He looked up at her with curious yet concerned violet eyes before leaning over and giving her other hand that rested neatly in her lap, a small lick.

Katerina jumped as she was drawn from her deep thought and looked down at Wolfe. She smiled and scratched the wolf type pokemon's face with both hands. "Oh Wolfe. It seems like everyday I am living on a hopeless dream. Do you think he'll ever come back?"

Wolfe gave a half contented groan and a woof as Katerina hit just the right spot. He leaned more into the good feeling not wanting to stop… when it did. He looked up at Katerina. Her eyes filled with sorrow, hurt and pain. "Four long years Wolfe. Do you think he even still remembers me? or if he did… do you think he still might love me?"

Wolfe cocked his head slightly to Katerina's words. He had seen her suffering, Been through three of those torturous years with her. Not a day went by when she did not wish for 'him'. The pain she had went through, the sleepless nights, sheltering herself from lower class society, and pointless journeys to soothe her soul and regain peace of mind.

Though Wolfe was thankful in a way. Had it not been for on particular outings she may not had found him. Laying by the side of the road suffering from starvation and a lame right front paw. Katerina took pity on the sorrowful creature and had nursed it back to health. Once she saw him fit enough, she gave him a chance to be released back into the wild but he didn't go. He refused and went as far as following Katerina all the way back to her home in the orange Islands. Giving in, Katerina welcomed him with open arms. Living the upper class life, pampered, and loved; Wolfe did not come to Katerina just because he saw a good thing. No… he saw her pain and because she had healed him, Wolfe hoped that he could heal her. And ever so slowly he was.

He got her out of the house. He got her to socialize once more and from time to time engage in an exciting pokemon battle. Her father, Lawrence the 3rd helped in many ways as well. He introduced her into some hobbies and advanced her musical interest. Now a beautiful young twenty year old lady of class and high society. Yet still as the fourth year approached, Katerina still longed to be with him once more and even Wolfe himself knew that this was a wound the time could only heal… even if it was agonizingly slow.

"Wolfe… do you believe he may still love me?"

The Mightyena looked at Katerina solemnly before raising up on his haunches and laying a puppyish kiss on her cheek. Katerina giggled lightly and threw her arms around his fluffy neck. "I know you love me, Wolfe"

Wolfe gave a small yip before backing out of his mistress's grasp and began prancing happily in place as Katerina pushed herself out of her chair to her feet. Stretching and giving a slight yawn before looking back down at Wolfe, she smiled. "Ready to go back to bed boy?"

Wolfe barked, his tail wagging slightly. "Shh, you'll wake up the whole island. I'll keep the doors open tonight. It's rather stuffy." Katerina muttered as she started back inside. Before Wolfe started to follow, he looked out over the ocean and sighed. His very look on his face asking the question he wished to speak. "Why…"

Katerina had taken no more than a few steps back in when the moonlight seemed to shift and hit a large canvas at on the far wall to her right. She paused to look at it. Taking up nearly all the wall, the canvas betrayed large painted seascape and amongst jumping the rolling waves was a creature of gorgeous physique. White and deep blue markings covered it.

Katerina stared at the painting thoughtfully as a small smile came to her lips. "I do miss you… Lugia"

"LUGIA!" The sharp deep bark Ho-oh rang out over the cavern inside Lightning Island. "How could you force such a sin upon yourself as to become human!"

A meeting of all the Legendary Pokemon had been called at lightning island. Apparently a rumor had been spread that one of their own kind had changed himself into a human and gone around in the humans world, interacting with them. The stories had all said that one pokemon had done it. Lugia, And in attempts to save their dignity, The legendaries had called Lugia to a questioning about these rumors in hopes that they would find them false. Little did they know how true these rumors actually where. Especially when Lugia arrived… in human form.

"It's an insult to us all!" Suicune growled.

The Cavern in Lightning island was much like that of a human based court room. Several separate rock perches surrounded the room in a semi circle where the legendaries sat to look down upon the accused who stood before them in the center of the room. This day… ALL of them where there. Entie, Raikou and Suicune. Articuno, Moltres And Zapdos. Mew, Mewtwo and Celebi. And the Ho-oh. the supreme in the legendary authorities.

"It's not so bad. You should try it sometime." Lugia mocked with a smirk at the water pokemon. Suicune growled.

"How could you bring yourself down by living like those ignorant humans. Those lower life forms should be purged off this planet after the years of torment."

"Torment?" Lugia questioned.

"Capturing us."

"Stripping us of our freedom!"

"Enslaving us"

"Making us fight for their our amusement."

"Destroying us."

"Or creating us." the group around Lugia finished.

"And all in the name of what!" Ho-oh demanded. "For a so called title! A 'Pokemon Master' Big deal. We should destroy them all. Especially after one certain human has destroyed and corrupted one of our own!" Ho-oh accused.

Instantly Lugia went on the defensive. "You leave her out of this! She did nothing to harm any of you nor myself. If anything she he"

"SILENCE!" Ho-oh roared. Lugia scowled at the Leader of the legendaries but stayed silent. "Lugia, you shame the name of pokemon coming to us in such a wretched form and expecting us to give you pity and mercy."

Lugia chuckled and smirked. "I don't want your pity nor did I ask for any mercy you foolish bird. I came because I was summoned here, that's all" Lugia said ridiculing the fire bird.

"Very well." Ho-oh growled. "You are hear by exiled until further notice. As for that human child you supposedly loved, we will see to that she is never heard from again nor will you see her again."

"You leave Katerina out of this." Lugia hissed.

"This matter is settled, you have no say in this. Now be gone you traitor!" Ho-oh said.

Lugia growled as he turned and started to walk away. Had he stopped to look behind him he would've seen Ho-oh open his sharp beak and fire begin to flicker. Then quickly taking his aim, Ho-oh spued the flames and the 'human' giving no warning of his intentions or the on coming attack.

Lugia paused, turned around and raised his hand. The sweeping flames over came the figure but was quickly transformed into harmless steam and a whirling vortex of water shot up from the flames, dousing the fire attack with ease and smacked Ho-oh across the face, leaving him slightly drenched. "Don't test me with second rate attacks Ho-oh. I'm not ignorant as you would like to think." Lugia said and left.

"This meeting is adjourned." Ho-oh grumbled. Taking his chance, Mewtwo teleported out of the cavern and right next Lugia as he continued to walk out.

"What are you going to do now?" Mewtwo spoke into Lugia's mind.

"Go to Katerina. Ho-oh is an extremely vengeful pokemon and he will stop at nothing to see that Katerina is destroyed. I won't let that happen." Lugia said.

"But you've been exiled!" Mewtwo said.

Lugia grinned. "Which is all the better. What Ho-oh does not realize is that I can now protect Katerina much better than what I could before. Perhaps even…"

Mewtwo looked at the pokemon-turned-human who held a distant look on his face. No doubt he was thinking of the young girl he had loved so much and 'probably still does' mewtwo thought lastly.

"Mewtwo?" Lugia's voice interrupted the pokemon's thoughts. He looked at Lugia in acknowledgment. "Do you think she still loves me?"

"It's been four years, My friend. The only way to find out is to ask her before Ho-oh does the inevitable."

Lugia's look turned cold and hard. "I won't let that happen. She's innocent in all of this, and I will not let innocent blood spill because of Ho-oh's vengeance and jealousy."

"Jealousy?" Mewtwo questioned.

The duo had finally reached outside, and with a bright flash, Lugia transformed back into his true self and took to the skies. "Yes, Ho-oh is nearly second rate to me. You know that as well as I do. He is not a nearly as powerful, and that's what makes him spite me so much."

"Then challenge him and take his place!" Mewtwo said.

"I would but the others would rebel, knowing what they do know."

"What stopped you from taking the rank earlier, before you knew Katerina." Mewtwo asked.

Lugia looked at Mewtwo. "I was seriously considering it but self doubt got in the way. That, and I could never be leader of the Legendary pokemon. It's to much work, I would have no free time and my life would be nothing but a pain."

"Is it not already a pain now?" Mewtwo pointed out.

"There are two kinds of pain my friend. The type you get from the stress of the world and the type you get in your heart. I've been suffering from the latter. Besides, even if she does no longer share the feelings I still hold for her, I will still protect her from that monster. Ho-oh."

Mewtwo looked into the eye of his friend, Through it he saw determination, trust, willingness and love. Mewtwo did not even have to put thought into what he was going to say next. "And I shall help you."

Lugia looked over at Mewtwo for a moment. The shock and realization of his words only stunned him for a second before he looked forward into the distance and replied. "Thank you… my friend."

To Be Continued…