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--------------- Chapter 4-------------------

"Don't you look handsome." Katerina remarked as she straighten Wolfe's bow tie collar. The dog pokemon smiled in a doggy like manner as Katerina stood up and walked over the her mirror. A simple white gown tonight. Even though the occasion was extremely formal she was never one for the high class fancy dresses. You know the type, the one with those designs of pearls, diamonds, ect. She twisted her face a little. Now that she thought about it, she down right hated them just like she hated heels. They were so uncomfortable. "I miss my jeans and runners already" she remarked.

Just then her head felt light and the room started to spin and Katerina stumbled. She flung her arm our and grabbed the wall for support. Groaning, she closed her eyes and lightly rubbed her temples. She had been in bed ever since she had been found at the beach but had developed a fever from the accident and it still hadn't gone away. 'No matter' she thought. 'I'll make my appearance then...' she nodded to herself.

"I'm tired of being lost in the darkness" she whispered. She gave a sharp whistle for her K-9 companion (and regretted it when her head started to pound) and exited her room to head straight for the main ballroom where the banquette was just beginning to get under way. Tonight would be the last night of this.


Suits and ties, fancy dresses, shimmering jewelry and plenty of noses held high into the hair. The sight made Lugia sick to his stomach. He wasn't missing out on much in the high collar nose-in-the-air set. It kind of made him glad he was a pokemon. The only real reason he ever really stayed human for such an amount of time was because of the hostess of this event.

He sat at a table along with Mewtwo, both decked in suits of black. They're other table guests were wondering about exploring the place. Zapdos was off at the buffet, tasting anything and everything he could reach that looked remotely eatable, Moltres was standing among the crowd, a glass of champaign in hand, watching the humans like a paranoid mistress, waiting for someone to come from behind and jump her.

And Articuno... well...

Lugia turned towards a gathering of people in the room, all chattering and laughing like fools, drunk off wine and merriness, and smack in the middle of it all was a silver haired female having the time of her life. Basically Articuno was being Articuno. Always the sucker for attention and wanting to be center spotlight.

"Someone's a pro." Mewtwo remarked, looking Articuno's way.

"It's unnerving really. Almost makes me wonder."

Mewtwo smirked, "You mean if she hasn't done this before?"

Lugia nodded.

"Would you be surprised if she had?"

Lugia sighed and shook his head. "To be truthful. No I wouldn't. I'd actually see her doing it quite easily."

"You won't hear an argument from me."

The two men sat there and continued to survey the on-goings, both unaware of the older man not far off behind them, looking at them, but one in particular.

"There is no possible way... is there?" Lawrence asked himself and started making his way over towards the men.

Articuno grinned as she saw her sister death glare various humans. She excused herself from the ring of boys and men that had gathered around her, promising them of her return before she squeezed out and strolled over towards Moltres. Moltres jumped when she felt an arm wrap around her shoulders, subsequently spilling a small amount of her drink to the floor. She looked over next to her in shock to see a silver haired female in a shimmering blue dress.

The woman smiled her her, "Sister, you enjoy attention as much as I do so stop standing out here looking like a paranoid freak of nature."

Moltres nearly did a double take as she stuttered "Ar-articuno? What are you doing here?"

"Later" the girl said and pushed her out more into the crowd and caused her to bumped into two people.

"I'm sorry!" she apologized quickly and the two people to turn around smiled at her. Moltres nearly did fainted. She recognized these people. One was a young man, dressed in suit and tie, with black hair, brown eyes and a pikachu on his shoulder, the other was a woman, dressed in a shimmering silver dress, with a flower in her long orange hair. It couldn't have been...

"That's alright, no harm done." The young man said.

"Yes, knowing my fiancé it was probably his fault anyway" the young woman joked lightly.

"Misty" the young man said with a slight embraced look on his features.

The young woman grinned, "Ash don't argue with me, when you know I'm usually right." Misty said. Ash sighed. Moltres just smiled. Just then she felt herself jerked forward and a presence bounded up behind her.

"Hi there, is my unsocial sister actually socializing?" the silver haired girl asked.

Ash laughed, "I guess you could say we bumped into each other," Ash said, "and your name is?"

"Aurora, I'm sure my sister has introduced herself to you to, no?"

"Well actually..." Ash said and both Misty and Ash looked at Moltres.

"Mollie, you can call me Mollie" the woman said and then glanced at her sister suspiciously. "Aurora, are you drunk?"

"That's a work in progress. I'm going to see what our nosey little brother is up to." Articuno said and fled the scene.

Moltres sighed, "That girl is going to be the death of me."

"I hear that," Misty replied and Moltres looked at the girl, "I have 3 of them and both are exactly like that."

"Finally, I found someone who can sympathize" Moltres said and smiled at Misty.

Mewtwo and Luke were blinking at what had just occurred between the two sisters. "She's done this before" they both said in unison.

"And who would you be referring to?" a voice asked and both men turned to see Lawrence take a spare seat down at the table. Both Lugia and Lawrence exchanged a moment a of silence between then before Lawrence leaned back against his seat. "Luke" he acknowledged.

"Lawrence" Lugia acknowledged back.

"She's been waiting for you, you know."

Lugia sighed and frowned slightly "I know."

Lawrence scowled slightly, "Why are you here?"

Mewtwo blinked as he watched the exchange between the two. This must've been 'daddy dearest' from what he could tell by the reactions and he seemed to be the only one that recognized Lugia in his human form on sight.

Lugia's face turned serious and his voice became solid like stone "I need to talk to you, Lawrence, and I'm glad I got to see you before your daughter. Katerina's in danger and she doesn't even know it."

Lawrence's eyes widened slightly and then he looked around. "This isn't the place to talk about this, come on" Lawrence instructed and got up from his chair, Lugia getting up from his as well. Mewtwo was about to get up when Lugia looked at him, "Can you keep an eye on the others while I talk with Lawrence, I shouldn't be long. I just want to inform him of what is going on." Mewtwo nodded and remained in his seat and watched the two leave the ballroom.

Mewtwo sighed and leaned back against his chair. The silence didn't last before Lugia's seat was occupied by Zapdos with several plates full of food. Mewtwo blinked. "Hungry much?"

"Hey, for worthless pieces of flesh, they sure know how to eat!" Zapdos said before digging into his food.

Articuno sat down across from Mewtwo and looked at her brother in slight disgust. "Oh now that is just wrong." Zapdos looked up at her, eyes wide as if he had just realized she was there. Custard dripped down from his mouth and down his chin. "Real precious Zack" the girl said referring to him by is human name and shook her head in disbelief and took a sip of her drink. "Yeah I'm going to need something stronger come night's end." Zapdos shrugged it off and resumed shoveling. Mewtwo chuckled and reached over to steal a sweet treat. His hand was quickly slapped away by the boy.

"Mine!" Zapdos said, "Go get your own."

"He can't," Articuno said, "You stole them all you pig" and she snatched a mini eclair from her brother and popped it into her mouth to chew on it thoughtfully.

Mewtwo looked over at Articuno. "Where's your sister?" he asked.

Articuno swallowed her treat and chased it down with more wine before answering in perfect seriousness "Trying something new to her. It's called socializing" and she pointed to a random table where Moltres was seen sitting and talking to several gym leaders as well as Ash and Misty. "Where's the boy?"

"Talking with daddy dearest."

"Oh" Articuno seemed slightly astonished at this. Just then the lights dimmed slightly and applause began to start around the room. The legendary pokemon looked up to see a young woman take the stage.

Mewtwo whistled, "damn, time has been good to her."

Articuno grinned and looked up at Katerina.

Katerina smiled at everyone and began her speech for the night. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming out and supporting this worthy cause. As of right now we have raised just over 40 thousand dollars, but the night is still young and more and more of your gracious donations are coming in."

Articuno observed the girl on the stage. Something wasn't settling right in the pit of her stomach and she knew that it was not the wine or the mini eclair.

Outside, in the recesses of the halls of the house, Lawrence and Luke were talking. The young man had just finished explaining what was going on and what had happened so far. Lawrence sighed for a moment, trying to take all of this in.

"So there is no gray area in this argument" Lawrence said.

Lugia shook his head "I'm afraid not. The others are either so conceded they refuse to actually see past their own egos, or they are so loyal to Ho-oh that they will follow him into death if he wishes that. So it is basically black and white as you said. No gray areas. Thankfully I have 3 companions that have been able to see it that way and are on my side."

"Pokemon as well then."

Lugia nodded. "Yes, The first is Mewtwo, he is going by the name Matthew in his human guise. He was the one that helped me the first time around. Then you have me, then you have-"

"Articuno?" Lawrence asked.

Lugia looked at him in slight shock, "yes, but how did you know?"

"I had my suspicions about the girl, and Katerina has always made it a habit to visit Ice Isle more than once a week. It would explain so much."

"Lawrence?" Lugia asked, wanting him to elaborate.

"Not now, the important thing is you have told me and now I can watch her better. Is this what you came here for, to tell us this news?" Lugia shook his head and let his face fall slightly. Lawrence sighed, "I see. Ever since you left she has been suffering a deep depression that I have not been, as of yet, been able to snap her out of. I can tell you know that this situation isn't going to help, especially if she thinks exactly what I am about the circumstances your appearance here now."

"I'm sorry" Lugia said.

"I'm not the one you should be apologizing to Lugia, and you know that better than I" Katerina's father stated as he looked at the young man. Lugia's shoulders drooped slightly and his gaze fell to the floor, A hand fell to his shoulder and he looked up at Lawrence. The older man looked at him and gave a slight grin, "I'm counting on you to protect my daughter Lugia."

Lugia smiled, "It's Luke now Lawrence, and I will not be leaving her side," Lugia made direct contact with the human, "even after everything is said and done."

Lawrence returned the smile with a genuine one of his own, "Well that is a blessing to hear," he said, "Welcome back Luke."

"Thank yo-" just then the sound of applause was heard from the main ballroom and the two men looked at one another.

"I believe there is someone that has been waiting a very long time to see you again."

"I know" Lugia said and started on his way back towards the ballroom.


Katerina made a hasty exit from the stage but she was not able to get past those that wanted to have a chat with her. Lugia walked back into the ballroom and took the last of the 4 seats at his table. "So what did I miss?"

"Your basic 'thanks for coming and giving me all your money' speech, other than that, nothing much except for 'Zack' stuffing his face and 'Mollie' actually being social." Articuno answered.

'Where you able to talk to Lawrence?" Mewtwo asked.

Lugia nodded, "Yeah I was, he knows what's going on and about you two," Lugia looked at Articuno then, "Me and you, talk, later. Got that?"

Articuno nodded, "Sure but what about?"

"I think you might already know 'what about'." Luke said with a slight warning glare. Articuno looked the other way to avoid his gaze.

"Yeah I thought as much."

She blinked then looked at him casually. "I have done nothing but come here, watch your hide and have a little fun. Does that make me a bad person?"

"You're not even human" Luke pointed out.

Articuno smirked, "And neither are you but if you were a better boy friend you would've noticed your girlfriend making a beeline for the kitchen and in a bit of a state to."

Lugia blinked, looked up towards the kitchen and sure enough he caught a glimpse of the girl in question running out. "Strange" he remarked and went to follow.

Articuno held a smug look on her face and Zapdos just shook his head and went back to eating. Mewtwo studied Articuno for a moment and waited until Zapdos got up to get himself some more food. He leaned forward in seat and looked at the girl, meanwhile Articuno was starring into her wine glass as if wondering what it would look like if it had liquid in it.

"You've done this before." Mewtwo said to her and she looked up and blinked at him as she reached for the wine bottle. She poured herself another glass and decided to look placid... or it could've been the alcohol, but as she took a sip of her wine, she grinned and answered in a rather carefree voice "I may have dabbled in human affairs"

Mewtwo looked shocked. "When!"

Articuno paused as if to give it some real thought, but she smiled and with a light chuckle she shrugged her shoulders.

"Couldn't tell you" she grinned.

Mewtwo groaned. Girls.


She had made a hasty retreat down to the beach and down to the wharf. She thought that she would be personally able to handle all those people. She had been planning this for months and in her heart she knew she was looking forward to it but - "Who am I kidding" Katerina spoke.

She knew the truth abut herself. "It's all the damn bird's fault" she muttered. Ever since he left she could not get over him. She had been a fool to let him go when he wanted to stay with her so willingly. She tried searching for him again but she never found him, even with her father's help. Finally she resolved to just burying herself in her studies to forget. As a result she surpassed her classmates and graduated earlier with top honors. But when all the work was done there was nothing left to occupy her mind and she fell into depression again. Her father insisted she get help and she had gone to get that help but that had been proving fruitless. She had even tried dating again, but most guys she had gone out with had their own agendas. They either wanted her money or they wanted in her pants and all she wanted was love and respect and a shoulder to lean on. Giving up on that, she decided to start her charity bit for the used and abused pokemon, and disabled trainers.

The only ever able to get close to one girl and she had become her best friend next to wolfe. The two would go bar hopping, shopping, movies, they even did a little traveling together, and it had been a big help on Katerina's mind. She had ended up trusting and confiding in the girl, so much so, that she had told her about Luke, although failing to mention who he truly was. Her friend had been surprisingly supportive about it and the two had been inseparable since. Katerina had even taken her to articuno's nest to show her the bird and where she disappeared to at least twice a week. Unfortunately the bird hadn't been there but her friend still believed her and said maybe next time.

"I'm going to owe her an explanation for this one." Katerina muttered. Despite the friendship, she was still depressed and she knew it. She had tried to get help in so many forms and yet nothing worked. Katerina had just finally come to the conclusion that she wasn't met to be happy.

She looked into the water. "All I have to do is step off the dock and breath in" she muttered as if almost in a trance.

High in the sky the moon was turning a blood red and reflected down onto the water. None of this mattered to Kat, the world was going to fade away soon and so were the cold realities of it. She looked over the edge and moved her foot to take that step when a sudden tendril of water shot up from the ocean and wrapped itself around Katerina's foot and effectively yanked her down into the water. Shock over came her body and everything seemed to freeze for her as she came face to face with two burning red eyes, sharp white fangs snarling at her and a mighty beast of blue and violet.

'Scuicune?' She thought to herself as she looked at the mad animal before her. More tendrils of water slicked forth from around the pokemon and wrapped themselves around Katrina's neck, wrists and feet. It was then that the girl came out of her shock and she felt the tendrils begin to choke her. Suddenly she changed her mind and she she felt the need to breath in oxygen. She began to struggle against the pokemon's magic when it spoke a single word into her mind.

"Die!" it echoed with such overwhelming hatred that it paralyzed her body and she face water rush into her lungs. She felt her body burn and she started struggling even hard to escape the beasts grasps.

'But did you want to end it?' he mind chided.

'No I change my mind! I don't want to die!'

'but why?' her mind asked her. 'No one will miss you, is this fight really worth while?'

"YES!" Katerina yelled into the water depths before she felt her body go weak and her mind became hazy and she started to black out. As she slipped into surrender, she just barely heard something that sounded like a splash.


He was leaning over her sopping wet but he didn't care. His hands where pressed hard to her chest trying to force the water out and every few pumps, he'd breathing into her, giving her AR and trying his damn hardest to resuscitate her.

"Come on! Breath!" Luke yelled and he connected the heel of his palms to her chest again, this time a little to hard for his liking but that had been a good thing. The limp body below him started to make a sound and soon started coughing up lung-fulls of water. Luke's felt his heart leap in his own chest. She was alive. Her body started convulsing as the air reached her and sobs began to wrack her throat. Gently he gathered her up and held her close to him and rocking occasionally. What a scare that had been.

He had gotten there just in time. He had left the mansion and was walking around the outside after he was told Katerina had gone out for some air. His first thought was the docks and he had just gotten to the clearing where he could get a good view when he saw a splash and something go under. He bolted for the docks and saw Suicune attacking Katerina and he had jumps in after her and attacked the water dog pokemon and was able to bring her up. Now he was holding her shivering form and he looked out at the Sea. Standing some yards from them, on the surface of the water, was Suicune watching them, wanting to strike.

Luke glared and a soft silver aura surrounded him as he spoke in a low deadly voice. "Get away."

Knowing it's fight was lost at this point, Suicune turned and fled, not needing another direct hit like it had received the first time when Luke had first showed up on the scene.

Luke looked down at the girl shivering in his arms as she began to come to. Her emerald eyes stared wide at him and he felt one of her soft hands begin to move. He gently took it and held it to his cheek and he gave her a small smile. "Didn't they ever teach you to swim with a buddy?"

"I'm dead. I know it." Katerina choked.

Luke shook his head "no, but damn killed me with the scare of my life." and he held her tightly and kissed her forehead. "You have a fever."

Katerina just nodded and Lugia tried to think of when it might have happened, and as if she had read his mind she muttered "had it since the boat crash. It hasn't gotten better yet." Lugia nodded and brushed her wet bangs out of her face.

The two just sat their in the silence of one another, still recovering from the shock of the near drowning. Little did Lugia know how sick the girl really was. After the pregnant pause Katerina asked "Why did you come back?"

"I had always planned to come back, but I wasn't ready yet. there was still things that needed to be done."

Katerina grinned. "Guess your timing was right then," she sighed, "Any later and I wouldn't have been here."

"What do you..." He paused to think about it for a moment when it became clear. He looked down at her in shock while she just looked like she was about to pass out again. She was sicker than he thought.

"I waited for. I waited a long time. I tried to get over you, I tried to get help" her voice cracked and tears started to stream down her face.

"Shh, I know. and you don't know how sorry I am that I didn't come to you earlier, but I promise you this much" and he looked into her face with conviction, "I'm not going anywhere and you have no say in it this time."

"I don't think I want to have one." Katerina admitted quietly and buried her face into his stomach.

Barely took notice to anything around him as he concentrated solely on the girl her held. She was going to have to dry off and go to bed. Gently he was able to bring himself to his feet and pick the girl up in his arms and started back for the mansion.

It hadn't even been a moment when he heard the roar of helicopter engines up above. He looked up to see several of the large beasts zooming past before the roof of the mansion suddenly exploded. Squinting, Lugia was able to make out the big red R on the side of the choppers.

"Well isn't this just grand." he sighed.

Back in the ballroom people had been dancing and dinning until the roof was suddenly turned into splinters and people in black started descending from the helicopters.

"It' Team Rocket!" Someone in the crowd shouted ad the notorious villains landed on the main stage with guns, packs and various other equipment on their person.

"Prepare for trouble, and Make it double!"

"To Infect th-"

Mewtwo and the Three legendary siblings all blinked. Articuno, Zapdos and Mewtwo were still sitting at their table while Moltres was still seated with the Ketchum couple and some gym leaders.

The rockets where doing their introduction and the pokemon didn't really know what to think.

"How the heck are they still around?" Mewtwo muttered casually and leaned back on one of his arms.

"Are they someone we should be concerned with?"

Mewtwo shook his head. "No, I've had my dealing with them before as a pokemon but that's about it. They aren't much of a threat."

"Oh" Zapdos shrugged then and went back to feeding his face.

"We are Team Rocket and we are here for your pokemon and the Legendary Pokemon Lugia!"

At that moment the three of them all chocked on something, either air, food or wine. Articuno grinned then and got up from her seat.

"What have you been smoking? There's no Lugia here" Ash said, as if unable to believe it himself.

"Don't under estimate us boy! We have reliable sources telling us that Lugia is here, and while we are at it we will capture all your pokemon for the boss." The grunt said.

Finally Lawrence got up and had his say. "There is no Lugia here and you can't take these people's pokemon. This is a charity event! Leave, all of you now!"

"Oh, a charity event? Then we will graciously take not only the pokemon but the cash as well for the charitable cause of Team Rocket!"

"No! You can't! My daughter worked to hard for this."

"Sorry pops!" the grunt grinned but was interrupted with a small bit of laughter. The grunt looked to see a young lady standing off to the side of the stage laughing.

"What the hell is Aurora doing?" Moltres asked.

Articuno, who had made her way to the stage, was up there laughing merrily at the rockets. She then applauded them. "Bravo, bravo!" she quirked, "You know, for a second there I actually thought you were serious."

"How dare you talk to Team Rocket like that you insolent wench!" The grunt growled.

"Oh please, you have to be joking. I mean, look around you," and Articuno waved her hand to indicate around the room, "this place is full of gym leaders, masters and high ranked trainers from all over the globe. People who spend a good portion of their day not only training but kicking people's sorry butts time and time again. Now you come in here with maybe 10 or 15 of you dressed in clown costumes and expect to not only take that 100 or more-so people in here down but steal their pokemon as well. Oh now that is a laugh! So you see, you can't be serious, only entertainment!" Articuno smiled.

The rocket grunts all looked at her like she had just smoked something. "Well teach you for mocking us!" the lead grunt barked.

"Is that so?" articuno's smile turned into something devilish.

"Rockets! Attack her!"


Lugia had run back into the mansion with Kat an had placed her in a separate room, far from the chaos.

"You should be safe here" he whispered to her, but she was already fast asleep, completely oblivious to the world around her. Outside the room he had hid her in, he heard the footsteps of may people going past. More Rockets? Lugia wondered to himself. He stayed put until the footfalls vanished, then positive that nothing would harm her, he made a break for the ballroom. "I have to make sure everyone is okay. I know that was Team Rockets Helicopters I saw, they might scare the others into turning back and fleeing, and-" Lugia made a sharp turn and soon from himself starring into the ballroom only with an absolute dumbfounded look on his face.

Ice was everywhere.

It covered the floors, the doors and the ceiling to. The ballroom was empty minus his friends and lawrence who were all up on stage in the midst of what looked to be human shaped ice sculptures. Lugia made his way up the the stage and was able to get a better extent of the damage. One large ice pillar on the stage shot up through the roof and branched off to incase the several choppers in ice. Lugia blinked. "sweet jesus' he muttered and looked at Mewtwo. "What the hell happened here?"

"Articuno, that's what happened" Mewtwo answered blatantly. Lugia looked over at the girl in question who was leaning up against Lawrence as she rubbed her temples and Lawrence steadied her. Mewtwo sighed and went on, "Team Rocket decided to crash the party and made threats about stealing some pokemon and capturing you, but we will get to that later. Articuno, in her all drunken wisdom decided to mock them. We were able to get everyone out before the genius here let off a Sheer-Cold attack. Hence what you see now."

Articuno groaned. "I need a drink."

"NO MORE!" Mewtwo, Zapdos and Moltres yelled at her.

Lugia scowled slightly at her. "Articuno, you are drunk"

"I think someone belongs in bed." Lawrence said.

Articuno gave Lugia a frustrated look at that moment. "Hey! I'm not drunk! I'm Sotally Tober! ... wait... that didn't come out right."

The others chuckled. "Go to bed!" Lugia said.

Lawrence looked at Lugia, "Were you able to find Katerina?"

Lugia nodded, "Yeah, but Suicune was making an attempt on her life when I found her. She's all right but she needs some sleep. I'll talk to her in the morning about everything. She at least knows that I'm not going anywhere though. I hide her in one of the rooms until everything blew over."

Lawrence nodded. "Then in that case. We'll take the two to their rooms then come back and take care of the guests."

Lugia nodded "Alright."


Oh boy.. Lugia has got some explaining to do... and so has articuno.