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Heroes of Themyscira - Prologue



The Planet Krypton, not long ago

"I know you won't remember us, but we love you our son," Jor-El said as his wife Lara-El placed their infant Kal-El into the specially designed ship which would hopefully carry him away from the impending destruction of Krypton.

"Jor, I hope we did the right thing sending Kal away," Lara-El said as she watched the tiny craft whiz away from its launch pad into the wide universe.

"If Rao is merciful Kal shall survive. He is the last hope for our world." Jor-El said embracing his wife. Both of their gazes watched the small light become dimmer and dimmer until it finally faded from the sky. An instant later Krypton itself cease to exist blown to bits by a cataclysmic series of explosions.

A small Island near Themyscira, night

Two Amazons watched the fiery object crash into the sea. The larger of the pair the dark-skinned Philippus doze into the ocean to examine the strange object more closely before it rapidly submerged. A few minutes later she came to the surface a semi-naked infant covered by a thin red blanket which bore a red & yellow capital S type symbol in her arms. The child was a male as made evidenced by his uncovered lower half.

"By the gods what have you there, Philippus?" The smaller of the two Amazons named Clio who had remained onshore asked. She brushed a stray strand of blonde hair from her eyes.

"Can't you see Clio he's a baby," Philippus said.

"I know that my love. Where did he come from?" Clio said.

"Other than from the heavens I know not his origins," Philippus said now back on the beach. "We must dry and cloth him or he'll catch his death."

"Should we do so we'll be breaking the sacred law of our people. No man nor man child is to ever set foot upon Themyscira." Clio said reciting the sacred law perfectly.

"I know you are a scribe my love but sometimes your adherence to letter of the law is most irksome. I will not let this child die simply because he is the wrong gender." Philippus said. She took the crying baby back to their temporary camp which was a short distance from the beach.

Philippus and an initially reluctant Clio cared for the infant all that night and during the next several days and nights. It had been the first night of their reconnaissance mission to investigate possible infiltration from Tartarus when the strange object fell from the sky. Once five days and nights elapsed they returned to their island home with Calix as Clio insisted on naming the boy. The name Calix meant beautiful or handsome in Ancient Greek. While the pair knew their new charge would cause problems they were not quite prepared for the sheer intensity of the negative reaction they received.

Court of Queen Hippolyta on Themyscira, afternoon

"My queen you can't permit Philippus and Clio to keep this, this star child, this male star child! If it stays here it'll destroy our very way of life! What of the safety of your own infant daughter!? Does Diana mean nothing to you!?" Nubia chief political advisor to Hippolyta practically snarled.

"Calix represents no threat to any of us and you know that Nubia. He is but a mere infant." Clio said she held the swaddled Calix in her arms his strange red covering was back at her hut.

"Even the most vicious of harpies was once but a chick. He'll grow to become a monster as all men do. Mark my words. You are a fool if you think otherwise, Clio." Nubia said. The spectators voiced their approval.

"Please, my queen I have given you centuries of loyal service and asked nothing in return. I beg of you allow me and my life mate Philippus to raise this child." Clio pleaded.

"Philippus you are the Captain of my Royal Guards is raising this child as your own also your wish?" Hippolyta asked the towering Amazon.

"It is my desire to raise Calix as my child alongside Clio," Philippus said without hesitation and with conviction. She placed one of her hands reassuringly on Clio's shoulder. "My Queen if you do not approve our request we will be forced to depart from our blessed isle." A murmur of shock ran through the audience at these words.

"You truly would leave Themyscira for this man child?" Hippolyta asked with a hint of dismay.

"I would my queen," Philippus said.

"As would I, my queen," Clio said.

"I will allow you to raise this child sisters if you take full responsibility for his future actions good or ill they may be," Hippolyta said after a long pause.

"My queen you cannot!" Nubia shouted.

"Silence, you are my chief advisor but I am the queen of our people appointed by Hera herself! My word is the final one!" Hippolyta said.

"My sincerest apology my queen," Nubia said bowing her head. She backed away a few steps but for those who looked the harsh light of resentment burned behind her dark eyes.

"I have known Clio all my life. She is a wise and honorable Amazon well versed in philosophy. Philippus and at one time were to be joined together in the bond of life mate. I trust no one more than I trust her." Hippolyta said.

"Philippus, Clio do you take responsibility for future actions of the child known as Calix? Do you vow on your honor as Amazons to teach him to uphold the sacred principles of our people? To tell him that those weaker should never be exploited simply because they are weaker?" Hippolyta asked of the two Amazons before her.

"We do, my queen," Both said in unison.

"He is henceforth your responsibility. Don't make me regret this decision." Hippolyta said.

While Philippus and Clio rejoiced and the other Amazons talked among themselves no one noticed Nubia slink off. She retreated to an ancient well hidden in the forest that she had discovered decades before. There she communed with a notorious witch called Circe.

"Hippolyta never listens! She always rejects my advice out of hand!" Nubia raged.

"Patience, Nubia you simply must have patience. What is time but an inconvenience to immortals?" The purple haired image of Circe urged. "One day I'll be free and we'll teach Hippolyta a lesson in respect, together."

"That day cannot come soon enough for me," Nubia said

"Nor for I," Circe said.

"What of this man child from the stars? Might he pose a threat to our plan?" Nubia inquired in a worried tone.

"I'm sure I can deal with any star child especially a male one," Circe said with a sadistic smirk. "Cutting men down to size is my specialty." She laughed.

To Be Continued

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