The Whispering Woods

Drabble- Most chapters will be under 800 words

Summary: They say the Crescent Hill Woods whisper to some and scream at others. Even in your dreams. Welcome to Forks, Washington. Home of the Spartans and Stay Out of the Whispering Woods.

Chapter One

The only stoplight in the tiny town of Forks, Washington takes exactly one minute and fifteen seconds to change from red to green. It glowed a blood red; a strange film on the glass had formed the night Bella Swan's life changed forever.

At the light, a girl lit up a blunt, knowing if she got caught smoking and driving, she'd come to regret it later. It didn't matter much to her. It wasn't like there was anything to do in town other than school. The engine of her Challenger, a hand-me-down of her cousin's, purred under the hood.

It was off.

Her dad's usual mechanic, Jacob Black, couldn't adjust a timing belt right, let alone get her motor running.

Pun fucking intended.

Bella exhaled slowly, coughing hard a few times. Fucking hell, she thought. A painful stitch on her side reminded her of the bruises there. A damn tree root had come up out of nowhere as she hiked the day before.

If her dad found out she'd been anywhere near Crescent Hill again, he'd have her under lock and key to save her from herself. Apparently, she needed constant saving.


It didn't matter. He and others like him would never understand; the haunted hills called to her. Whispering words and promises of a better life. They called her to the same place where her mother once loved to walk along the misty creek, wet rocks, and mossy knolls.

Called her to the place that stole her mother and never let her go.

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