A/N-1...This Fic was inspired by a Fic called Kurorasen but Naruto won't be completely evil like in that one. Expect Bashing but it's more natural. This is set at the Beginning of Shippuden and will a Harem pairing with Naruto. The harem is as follows Tsunade, Hinata, Anko, Sakura, Shizune, ?, ?, ? and ?[Gender bent Character].




Kuroi Yūhi

(Black Sunset)

Tsunade Senju sits at her desk and deals with the bane of all Kage. She has fair skin with honey-brown eyes and straight blonde hair that parts above her forehead. Her hair has shoulder-length bangs that frame her face and the rest reaches her lower-back. She wears a grey and sleeveless kimono blouse with a blue obi and capri pants, with strappy heeled sandals. Tsunade places her pen down with a sigh and rubs her eyes, before picking up a photo of a boy with blond hair and blue eyes but his most striking feature were three whiskers on each cheek.

"Oh Naru-kun I wish you were still here" tsunade thought. Three years have passed since naruto left on a training trip with her former teammate Jiraiya but two and half years since naruto died. Six months after leaving jiraiya returned proclaiming naruto was been captured by the Akatsuki. Tsunade collapsed the moment jiraiya had spoken but steeled herself to call an immediate council meeting. The civilian side of council cheered learning of naruto's soon to be death, while the shinobi side were indifferent. However danzo seemed stoic and unconcerned on the matter but called for her sensei's law to be repealed. Tsunade tried to protest this but both councils outvoted her and the law repealed.

"Those Bastards.. I feel like a damn figurehead now.. Using my grief for Naru-kun to slowly take power from me and poison everyone against you.. Well almost everyone" tsunade thought. She rises from her seat and grabs her green haori, heading to the roof of the tower for some fresh air. The Godaime looks up at the sunset but senses a presence and turns to a tall and hooded figure, "Hello Hokage-sama" he says. He wears dark blue cargo pants with combat boots, a long sleeve black shirt. A 3/4 length grey and hooded coat with a black glove on his right hand.

"Who are you?!" tsunade says, flaring her chakra to alert the Anbu.

"Sorry they won't be coming.. The moment you walked on the roof.. A barrier was erected to give us privacy" he says. Tsunade's eyes narrow and she clenches her fists, "Damn it.. He may be acting casual but he's completely on guard" she thought.

"So what do you want" tsunade states. The figure removes his hood and reveals short black hair with a half mask to cover the lower half of his face but his slitted blue-eyes stood out.

"Call me Menma for now.. I want to know about the Kyubi Jinchuriki" he says and tsunade freezes and her eyes flicker.

"I've been in Konoha for a few days and asked around.. Getting the same answer that he was a demon incarnate and glad he was dead" menma says but tsunade was trembling.

"Shut up!.. Naruto was a good kid and this village didn't deserve him.. He didn't deserve to captured and killed by the Akatsuki" tsunade shouts. Menma clenches his gloved fist, "So that's what that Perverted Toad told you huh" he says. Tsunade slowly nods and menma tsks with a hiss, "Well that was lie.. The truth it was Jiraiya himself and three squads of Ne" he says.

"What?!.. You're lying" tsunade shouts but menma raises his hand to his mask and slowly pulls it down, revealing dark and thick whiskers on his cheeks.

"I'm not Baa-chan because I was there" menma shouts and tsunade's eyes widen.

"Naru-kun?!" tsunade says, her voice breaking. Menma or rather naruto pulls the Shodaime necklace from his shirt, "You gave this to me after I won our bet with the Rasengan" he says. Tsunade covers her mouth as tears run down her face, "How?!.. Why?!" she says.

"The pervert is working for Danzo Shimura.. Two months after we left.. He showed his true colors.. Saying he was handing me over to Danzo to make me a weapon for him.. I thought he was joking but the three squads of Ne said otherwise" naruto says.

"How did you escape" tsunade states, trying to wrap her head around this.

"Shadow clones but Jiraiya caught up and tried to cut off Kurama" naruto starts but tsunade furrows her brow, "That's the Fox's real name.. He sent a surge of chakra through the seal to fry the seals Jiraiya put on me" he adds. Tsunade sees naruto's eyes flicker in rage and sorrow, "He sacrificed himself for me but his sacrifice was not in vain.. By doing this.. He made me the new Kyubi" he says, revealing nine white fox tails and black fox ears on his head.

"Because of this I was able to escape Jiraiya's grasp" naruto says but tsunade slams into him with a tight hug. Naruto was taller than her and her forehead touches his chin, "Naru-kun I'm so sorry" she whispers.

"Its not your fault Baa-chan" naruto says and tsunade pulls back.

"But why did Jiraiya wait another four months to come back" tsunade says.

"He was searching for me and was cooking up a story for Danzo" naruto states. Tsunade bites her nail with an angered look, "Then that explains why that one eye Bastard was so confident that day" she states.

"I bet and he's been harassing you too" naruto says and tsunade scoffs.

"I've become practically a figurehead.. Danzo and his cronies have poisoned the village.. Repealing Sensei's law was the start" tsunade explains.

"How did my fellow rookies take it" naruto asks. Tsunade folds her arms with a look up to the sky, "Only Hinata and Sakura still honor your memory.. Along with Shizune.. Anko.. Neko.. Hana and Tsume Inuzuka.. The rest despise you" she explains.

"Konohamaru and his friends" naruto asks and tsunade sighs.

"They were driven to Hate you by Asuma.. Kurenai and those crones" tsunade replies. Naruto runs his fingers through his hair, "I see.. Then its makes this easier" he says, walking towards the railing.

"What easier" tsunade asks. Naruto reaches into his right cargo pocket and hands her a small book, "Read it.. After I escaped Jiraiya.. Kurama brought me to Uzushio" he says. Tsunade opens the book and starts to read, "How did you know to go there" she asks.

"Apparently Mom and Dad left fragments of their souls imprinted on the seal to help me control Kurama's power" naruto replies, shocking tsunade.

"I was needless to say shocked and angry but got over it.. I told them what happened and they were pissed.. Then they went through my memories and they trained me in my mindscape until their chakra ran out.. I learned Everything they knew" naruto states. Tsunade's eyes slowly widen as naruto smirks, "You're looking at not only the second coming to the Kyubi no Yoko but the Yellow-Flash" he says.

"Those stupid Idiots" tsunade starts but a shocked gasp escapes her lips and slips into a shout of rage.

"That fucking cripple.. He and those two went behind Sensei's back and sold out Uzushio" tsunade shouts.

"Danzo feared Uzushio's power" naruto says and tsunade shuts the book.

"He's a Xenophobic Bastard" tsunade snaps.

"Indeed and judging by what you said.. He maneuvering to finally take the hat from you" naruto says.

"Then what do you propose we do" tsunade states. Naruto slips a lollipop into his mouth with a smirk, "Gather everyone.. You trust.. I have a plan" he says and hands her a familiar tri-prong kunai.

"Use that when you gather everyone.. I'll be there in a flash" naruto says and vanishes in a white flash. Tsunade clutches the kunai and quickly turns on her heels to gather her only allies.

-One Hour Later-

Tsunade sat at desk as everyone gathers into her office, "What is this about Tsunade-sama" shizune says. Tsunade places the tri-prong kunai on the desk, "I've learned certain things that have shaken me to the core and shaken my resolve in remaining Hokage" she states, shocking everyone.

"Tsunade-sama are you serious?!" anko shouts. Tsunade tosses the kunai into the ceiling and a white flash fills the room. Naruto lands with his hood on and a large scroll on his back, causing everyone to prepare to attack and hinata uses her Byakugan.

"Stand down" tsunade shouts. However hinata gasps and her eyes widen, "N-naru-to-kun" she sputters, shocking everyone.

"Hinata.. Naruto died" sakura states. Naruto removes his hood with a tilt of his head, "Hinata's eyes were always perceptive.. Dattebayo" he says.

"That's impossible.. Jiraiya-sama said Naruto was captured and killed by the Akatsuki" tsume states.

"It wouldn't be impossible Mom.. Jiraiya-sama didn't return with a body" hana says.

"Agreed and his scent matches the boy but even more fox like than before" kuromaru comments but anko titters with a kunai.

"I can taste his sweet blood and tell ya for sure" anko says. Naruto sighs with a look, "I'd rather you didn't" he says.

"Naruto" sakura starts and naruto turns, only to punched right in the stomach. Naruto's eyes bulge and he collaspes to his knees as sakura shakes her fist, "Naru-baka" she says, tears forming.

"I-I deserve that and I'll explain.. Is this everyone" naruto says, staggering to his feet.

"Yes.. Anyone else could already be compromised" tsunade states, stifling a laugh.

"What do you mean Tsunade-sama" shizune asks.

"Everyone else has been poisoned by Danzo's propaganda against me as the Kyubi Jinchuriki or rather former" naruto says. Everyone becomes sullen with sadden looks, "What do you mean former" hana asks. Naruto retells what he told tsunade and reveals his fox features, causing the girls to squeal except anko, yugao and tsume.

"Heh like an alpha" the feral woman comments and anko titters.

"S-so fluffy" hinata, shizune and sakura say, grabbing his tails. Hana coughs with a sigh but a blush on her cheeks, "Anyway why did you want all of us here" she asks. Naruto pulls his tails free with a shake and dispels them, "Simple.. You're all going to die" he says and the room goes silent.

"WHAT?!" everyone shouts. Naruto raises his hands in surrender, "What I mean is I'm going to fake your deaths.. Allowing all of you to escape.. However if you choose not to go.. I'll erase your memories of these moments" he says.

"Why do we have to leave Naruto-kun" hinata asks.

"Well because sooner or later Danzo will finally make a move on Baa-chan to become Hokage" naruto starts but sighs, "Besides haven't your father.. Fellow Rookies.. Fellow Jonin and villagers become cold towards to you all" he adds.

"He's right.. The village has always had it out for me but now with you dead.. Its been shifting back to me" anko comments.

"My Anbu team is starting to question my Loyalty" yugao says, removing her mask.

"Father even branded me" hinata says, moving her bangs. Naruto clenches his fist, "So what say you all" he says.

"My family is slowly moving me out of the pack.. So I'm in" hana says.

"I agree with my pup.. Kiba has become more vocal to oust me as clan head and the elders are agreeing" tsume states.

"Konoha has never liked me.. So what the hell" anko states. Yugao stares at her mask but looks to tsunade, "I serve the Hokage and Where she goes I will follow" she says. Hinata stares at naruto with poking of fingers, "N-naru-to-kun.. I-I want to go with you" she says.

"Thank you all.. Now do you have everything.. We can't risk waiting.. I'll have some clones to see the fallout.. I know this is a lot to digest but we need to leave" naruto says. Naruto makes four clones, "Ok hold hands" he says, grasping tsunade's shoulder. Naruto raises a half ram sign, "Cover my scent and blow yourselves up" he says and all three nod. The group vanishes in a white flash, "Lets get to work" one says.


The night was quiet for village of Konoha but it was broken as the Hokage tower explodes. Anbu and shinobi rush to the tower to battle the blaze as civilians flee in terror. However the blaze was strong and took hours to put out but over half the building burned. Danzo and his fellow elders arrive at the scene, "What happened" danzo says.

"The tower exploded in fireball.. We believe Hokage-sama may have been inside" one Anbu named wolf. Danzo grips his cane, "I see.. Keep searching" he says.

"Could Tsunade have been inside" koharu states and homura adjusts his glasses.

"This could be an opportunity" danzo says. Morning soon came and the blaze was put out, forcing the council to meet at Anbu HQ.

"Do we know what happened" shikaku asks.

"Preliminary reports said the explosion was instant" inoichi says, holding back his tears.

"Do we know who was there besides Hokage-sama" shikaku states. Homura adjusts his glasses with a false concerned look, "Personnel records show Shizune Kato.. Tsume and Hana Inuzuka with their Nin-ken.. Anko Mitarashi.. Anbu Neko.. Sakura Haruno and Hinata Hyuga.. " he reports.

"Ha good riddance.. They're demon lovers especially my niece" achika haruno comments, flicking her strawberry blonde hair.

"Be that as it may.. We have loss three Hokage in sixteen years.. We need long-term stability or the other nations will prey upon us" hiashi states, not concerned about his daughter.

"Then I nominate Danzo as Rokudaime" homura states and the council murmurs.

"I second the nomination" koharu adds. The council slowly murmur again but raise their hands in agreement, "Then I accept your nomination as Rokudaime" danzo states.

"I'll contact Daimyo-sama with our decision and announce it the village" homura states and the council trickles out, leaving the three elders.

"If we knew who committed this act.. I'd thank them" koharu comments.

"I would not.. The Scroll of Sealing was in the tower.. All that knowledge lost" danzo states and grips his cane, "Contact Orochimaru.. Its time the Uchiha and wayward Sannin to come home" he adds and both nod.

-Uzushiogakure Ruins-

Naruto and his cohorts appear among the ruins and all of them were looking queasy from the trip. Tsunade was the first to recover and first to see the ruins of grandmother's clan, "The source of the Third Shinobi War" she says.

"Indeed Three whole villages.. No Four villages to topple one small country" naruto says.

"Four?!" tsume questions and tsunade sighs.

"Danzo.. Orochimaru and Jiraiya sold out the Uzumaki to Iwa.. Kumo and Kiri" tsunade replies, shocking the all.

"She's right.. I found a journal in the ruins.. Danzo contacted the three Kage and had Jiraiya give them the tools to bypass the seals on the island and the rest is history" naruto states.

"Did the Sandaime know" sakura asks but naruto shakes his head.

"Jiji had no idea that his former teammate and two of his students betrayed him until after the deed was done and the Uzumaki scattered to the winds" naruto replies. The group grows quiet and sullen as naruto leads them through the ruins, "Follow me.. I found a bunker to bed down.. We'll head out tomorrow" he says but pops his forehead.

"Shit I forgot.. I have proposal for all of you" naruto adds.

"What proposal Naru-kun" tsunade asks. Naruto shifts the large scroll, "I want to make you pseudo Biju" he states, shocking them.

"What?!.. How?!" they shout. Naruto gives them a foxy grin, "Pretty much.. I'll fuse my chakra to yours.. You'll have power like mine but the number of tails you gain is dependent on your reserves.. It's pretty much what Kurama did for but no loss of life" he explains.

"You don't have to if you don't want to.. You'd pretty be giving up your humanity.. Think about it tonight" naruto adds and they follow him to the bunker in thought.

"Gaki what's that big scroll" anko asks and naruto glances back.

"The Sacred Scroll.. I wasn't gonna let them keep it" naruto replies.

"Take any room you want.. We'll talk in the morning" naruto says, heading to his room. The group picks their rooms but all meet in tsunade's room, "So what do you think" she asks.

"Its hard to say.. The kid essentially wants to make us pseudo biju for reasons we don't know or how he became the Kyubi" tsume starts.

"I trust Naruto-kun.. He came back to help us" hinata states. Shizune sighs and pets tonton, "If we knew his plan.. We could better decide" she says and tonton oinks.

"He may want revenge on Konoha" hana states but anko scoffs.

"Can you blame him.. The village has done everything to bring him down.. His supposed friends betrayed him for flippant reasons.. Hell that Bastard Iruka was ordered to befriend him" she says.

"How do you know that" sakura questions and anko scowls.

"He tried to sleep with me.. He got drunk and blurted it out" anko replies.

"Anyway tomorrow.. We'll ask him and go from there" tsunade states.


Naruto drops the large scroll next to the chair and tosses his coat on it. The new Kyubi plops on his cot with a sigh and pulls off his glove to reveal a sun mark on his hand.

"Hagoromo-jiji.. I got some of my Precious people out except Iruka" naruto thought but his ears twitch and growl escapes his mouth. This causes a white blur to bolt out from under the cot. Naruto blinks and calms down, "Sorry Haru" he says, as a small white fox jump onto him. Haru yips and naruto scratches her ear causing her to purr as his mind drifts.


Naruto struggles and stumbles to stay standing and run as multiple red seals glow on his body, his face contorted in rage, pain and sadness. Behind naruto was his Sensei, psuedo grandfather and his trusted friend but now a traitor.

"Enough running Naruto.. Its time you take your proper place as Konoha's weapon" jiraiya states. Inside the seal the Kyubi no Kitsune was ramming his head into the gate, "I can't let the boy be their pet.. I refuse to be subjugated again" he roars. Kurama halts and looks down at the water to his reflection, "Old man.. I guess you were right.. A truly innocent will need me" he thought and looks at the gate with resolution.

"Naruto.. I'll save you but you better get Revenge on Madara for me in return" kurama shouts. Naruto collapses to his knees but suddenly lurches up with a burst of red chakra, shocking jiraiya.

"Is the Kyubi breaking free" jiraiya shouts. Naruto slowly rises to his feet and slowly turns with glowing red eyes, "Know this Toad.. Konoha will not have this boy.. You and that one eye man will Rue this day.. Because you have created your Destroyer" kurama declares, vanishing with inhuman speed.

-Flashback End-

Naruto opens his slitted blue eyes, "You were right Kurama.. Konoha has created their own destroyer.. Oh the Irony" he thought, drifting off to sleep. The next day naruto headed to the surface for a light workout but was stopped by tsunade and the group, "Have you made up your minds" he asks.

"Naruto we would like to hear your intentions before we make our choices" tsunade says and naruto slowly nods, "Sure follow me" he says, leading them to a large chamber.

"Well my intentions are a series of objectives but to learn it.. I need to explain several things" naruto says and turns to face them, "You've heard of the Sage of Six Paths" he says and all of them nod.

"Well its starts with him.. His name was Hagoromo Otsutsuki but it truly starts with his mother Kaguya the Usagi no Megami.. She was the manifestation of a sacred tree known as the Shinju.. To be its guardian but She met a man named Tenji and fell in love with him.. She also gained a friend named Aino.. However as time passed Tenji began to fear Kaguya's power and let others poison his mind against her.. She and Aino were forced to seek refuge from the Shinju" naruto starts and pauses for a moment.

"Aino learned Kaguya was pregnant and tried to stop Tenji but died in the process.. In her Grief.. Kaguya ate the fruit of the Shinju and became the first user of chakra" naruto adds, shocking them.

"Kaguya was driven mad by the power and slaughtered Tenji and his co-conspirators.. Time passed and she had two sons.. Hagoromo and Hamura but eventually the brothers turned against Kaguya for her actions in enslaving the world.. Hagoromo possessed the Byakugan.. Sharingan and eventually the Rinnegan" naruto states.

"He possesed all three of the Legendary Dojutsu" yugao states and naruto nods.

"How do you know this Naruto" hana asks and naruto removes his glove, revealing the sun mark on his hand.

"When Kurama used a forbbiden Jutsu exclusive to the Biju He dubbed Sosei.. I technically died and met Hagoromo-Jiji who told me the story.. So to cut down on a long winded explanation.. Hagoromo had two sons.. Indra progenitor of the Uchiha and Asura progenitor of the Senju and Uzumaki.. Indra believed in power and Asura believed bonds were important.. Remind you of someone Baa-chan" naruto states.

"My Grandfather.. He always preached our bonds make us strong" tsunade says and naruto nods.

"Yep.. Indra and Asura both refused to let their rivalry end.. Indra hated Asura for taking over their clan after Hagoromo's passing.. Asura refused to let his brother's madness spread.. So their souls reincarnated over the years.. One major set were Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju.. The current incarnation of Indra and Asura is myself and Sasuke" naruto says, shocking all of them again.

"This is seriously Fucking wild" anko comments. Naruto folds his arms and stares at his hand, "No kidding.. Now my objectives are simple.. Stop the Akatsuki.. Kill Black Zetsu to prevent Kaguya's rebirth.. Take the Six Path power from Sasuke to end Indra's legacy.. This last one is personal one.. Destroy Konoha" he says.

"So you do want Revenge on Konoha" shizune states but naruto shakes his head.

"Not Konoha as a Whole.. Just Danzo and all who follow him" he replies and looks them in the eye, "So you will undergo the transformation to help me" naruto asks.

"I will Naruto-kun" hinata blurts. Naruto smiles warmly with a nod, "Thank you Hinata.. I'm sorry I didn't realize your feelings for me sooner" he says, shocking hinata.

"So you finally realized it huh and I'll take the change" sakura says and naruto rubs his head.

"Yeah.. Merging with Kurama helped" naruto says.

"I'll help you Naru-kun.. Konoha has taken so much for me.. Its high time they pay me back" tsunade states.

"Hana and I will opt out.. It could affect our dynamic with our Nin-ken but we will help you" tsume says and naruto nods.

"That's fine.. I can't force you to make this choice and your help is appreciated" naruto says.

"If this change lets me Kill Orochimaru.. I'm in" anko says.

"Shizune-nee.. Neko-nee" naruto asks.

"I will help you Naruto-kun but decline the Sosei" yugao comments and naruto nods, scratching his ear.

"I'll help you too Naruto-kun.. I am your Big Sister and I need to help my little brother" shizune says and several yips echo. Naruto looks back and haru was trotting up, "Morning Haru" he says, picking her up.

"Oh this Haru.. I found her on the island.. She is actually the first to receive my chakra.. Giving her two tails" naruto says and haru climbs onto his head.

"Ok Everyone form a circle in the center" naruto says and the group complies, as hana, tsume, yugao, kuromaru and the triplets stand next to him. Five seal-less clones pop around naruto and stand behind each of them, "Alright these Clones are pumped full of my Biju and Six Path chakra.. They will transfer it your own and facilate the change.. Don't fight it just let it happen" he says, as the clones place their hands on each of their backs.

"Ready" naruto says and all of them nod. The clones bring forth their chakra as their hands glow a bright red, before seven small domes of energy engulf the five of them. Hana, yugao and tsume's eyes widen at the amount of oppressive charka erupts but naruto stands in front of them to channel his own, which was bright and warm. Five minutes pass as the domes die down, revealing them changed but reborn. Hinata was the first to move with seven lavender tails swishing behind her, her form was now of an adult with her hair now to her waist.

"This is too weird" sakura says, seeing her six pink tail tails with black tips and like hinata more mature.

"Finally they're big" sakura thought, seeing her larger breasts. Tsunade gets to her feet with eight blonde tails with black tips but her form now in her early twenties. Shizune staggers to her feet with six black with white tip tails but she gasps as her breasts were much larger than before, while anko has five purple tails.

"So how do you all feel" naruto says. Each of them test their bodies, "Hell of a lot stronger and that Fucking mark is gone" anko shouts.

"Hinata and Ino look in her early twenties" shizune says.

"It seems to push her body to peak condition like me" naruto says.

"So what now Naru-kun" tsunade says, her new ears twitching. Naruto pulls haru off his head, "We pack up and head to my Base but before we go.. I want you to get used to your new bodies.. You are immensely stronger than before" he explains.

"How do we make our tails and ears go way" sakura asks and naruto smirks.

"Just think about it" naruto says and they comply, returning to normal.

"Where's your Base Naruto-kun" hinata asks and naruto smiles.

"Snow country or Rather Spring Country" naruto says.


A/N-2.. Chapter one is in the Books.. Next chapter picks up with them heading to Spring and Naruto starting to make his moves. Sakura and Hinata look like their appearance in Naruto the Last. Now Naruto is OP because not only is the Kyubi but he has his Six path Yang power as well. Now the Bashing is from Danzo and the Council proclaiming Naruto is a Demon and the repealing of the Law. If you are told a Lie long enough.. You start to believe it and they have had almost Three years to corrupt everyone, except those above and the Ichiraku. Thank you for Reading and Stay Frosty.