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-Fire Capital-

Naruto, mabui and sakura appear in his warehouse, "You two stay here.. I'll head to Heavenly Moon" he explains and both nod. Mabui wears her original outfit but now black with white stockings.

"Be careful Naruto-kun" mabui says and naruto waves his hand, as they head to the office upstairs. Naruto finds a secluded alley and henges into a beautiful woman with a revealing kimono and long blonde hair, several men and women gawk at her beauty. Naruto continues on and soon arrives at the brothel, "Kurama-sama.. Welcome back" one of the girls says. Naruto sweat-drops and follows the girls inside, "Kurama would kill me if he knew I used his name in such a manner" he thought. They lead naruto to yumi's room and she was waiting for him, "Kurama.. Please enjoy" yumi says. Naruto activates his barrier and drops his henge, taking a seat. Yumi lights her kiseru with a slow pull and exhale, "Her name is Murasaki.. She's the youngest child" she starts and slides over a photo.

"Hmm she's a slimmer version of his wife.. Why was she exiled" naruto states. Yumi pours naruto some sake, "She's more vain than her mother and ambitious.. She uses her sex appeal to get what she wants.. This put a fear in the Son and nephew.. So she was exiled.. However now that the Daimyo's hand in Uzushio's fate and his blind eye to Danzo's actions.. She has the means to seat herself as the new Daimyo" she explains.

"Is she even remotely trustworthy" naruto asks but yumi shakes her head.

"She is not different than the rest of her family but she somewhat cares about the common people" yumi replies and naruto sighs.

"I was right.. No one is that family are good people.. So what does she want" naruto comments.

"She's looking for the Ghost of Spring.. Now that its starting to be revealed that He is Naruto Uzumaki the Son of Minato Namikaze" yumi explains, pouring some more sake. Naruto downs his sake with a sigh, "So she wants Uzu's riches as well or She wants the one person who could put fear in the Daimyo" he states.

"When does she want to meet" naruto asks. Yumi blows some smoke with a sigh, "A month.. She's making sure her father won't be too much of a problem.. She's managed to seduce the Samurai General" she states.

"So that would give her the means perform her Coup easily" naruto says and yumi slowly nods.

"She also has Ninja under employ as well.. One of them made me very uneasy" yumi says. Naruto cups his chin in thought and slowly sighs, "I'll meet with her.. Give her directions to my warehouse.. All she has do is have her Ninja push some chakra into the seal on the door" he explains and reaches in his coat, handing yumi a envelope.

"You may want to get out of the Capital.. She may want to get rid of you" naruto says. Yumi slips the envelope between her breasts and burns murasaki's photo, "I'm already taking steps.. She strikes me as someone who has no need for people not loyal to her and her alone" she says. Naruto rises to his feet and reapplies his henge, "If you need help.. Head to the warehouse.. I'll get you and your people out" he says, excusing himself. Yumi bows with a soft smile, "Thank you Kurama" she says. Naruto leaves Heavenly Moon and heads back to the warehouse, "If she becomes Daimyo.. She could give me a Legal means to wipe out Konoha" he thought.

"Back already" sakura says, as naruto enters the warehouse. Naruto drops his henge and rubs his head, "Short and sweet.. The Daimyo's exiled daughter wants the throne" he says.

"Is she trustworthy" mabui comments, as sakura comes down but naruto shakes his head.

"She is no different than the rest of her family but she can be useful.. According to Yumi she wants to meet with me and use me to facilitate her Coup" naruto explains.

"Because you're the Heir Uzushio and Son of the Yondaime.. The Daimyo fears you because of the Book and she wants that ace up her sleeve" sakura says and naruto nods.

"Yeah.. She wants to meet in a month but also Yumi warned me that this daughter uses her Sex Appeal to lure men in" naruto says and smirks, "So I'll show her True Sex Appeal" he adds and both girls giggle.


Kurotsuchi sits before her adopted father and current Tsuchikage, "You've bedded the son of the Yondaime" kitsuchi says. Kurotsuchi crosses her legs with a tilt of her head, "I did.. He came to Iwa awhile back and informed Roshi and Han about the Akatsuki.. I followed him and we fought.. One thing lead to another and we Fucked" she says and kitsuchi rubs his face.

"How can you be casual about this.. He's the son of the Kiiroi Senko.. He killed one thousand of our people.. Your birth father as well.. He could be using you" kitsuchi says.

"My birth father was a Bastard and Naruto isn't you using me.. We have communicated through his summons and his clones.. I care about him and he does me.. Think about what the two of us could accomplish" kurotsuchi starts and she touches her stomach.

"Our future child could possess both the Uzumaki chakra reserves and my grandfather's Jinton.. A future Tsuchikage that can usher in a new age of peace" kurotsuchi adds. Kitsuchi leans back in his chair with a sigh but stays silent for a few minutes and look kurotsuchi in the eye, "Can you guarantee that Naruto will impregnate you" he says, her pink eyes narrow slightly.

"I can.. Naruto provided me with the Information of Jiraiya the Sannin coming to Iwa but it was too late to save Gramps and He made up for it by giving us the means to capture those three Anbu" kurotsuchi explains and kitsuchi cups his chin.

"What does he want" kitsuchi asks.

"The chance to gain a child from Naruto's bloodline is too much bait to pass up" kurotsuchi thought and recrosses her legs, "Roshi and Han or rather the Biju inside them" she says.

"What?!" kitsuchi states. Kurotsuchi mentally rolls her eyes, "Naruto's goal is taking the Biju off the board" she states but kitsuchi is skeptical.

"So his goal is to amass the Biju for what his own aim.. Revenge for his destroyed clan or Konoha for that matter" kitsuchi counters.

"While true its seems like that but he has no problems with our countries.. Konoha started this by betraying the Uzumaki clan.. His ultimate goal is free the Biju from their hosts and let them live free" kurotsuchi states. Kitsuchi stayed silent for a few minutes in a bid to understand what his adopted daughter told him, "Free them.. Free them to do what to take revenge on the countries that have imprisoned them.. They are charka creatures and can not be killed completely and this Uzumaki wishes to free them.. Does he knows what he could release" he says.

"He does and has succeeded.. The Sanbi and Rokubi are in place of protection to keep them safe and from the greed of others" kurotsuchi says and kitsuchi's eyes widen slightly but his brow furrows.

"Kurotsuchi don't lie to me but are you apart of Kuroi Yuhi" kitsuchi says and the room goes silent, as kurotsuchi closes her eyes but nods.

"Yes I am.. Naruto came to me with an offer to join his organization and I agreed.. You may see this as a betray to Iwa but it is not.. Naruto and I are working to create peace in our time" kurotsuchi says. Kitsuchi closes his eyes to mull over this bit of news as kurotsuchi was preparing to activate the hiraishin seal on her neck.

"The council will see this as a betrayal.. I can't in good conscience condone this.. I'm Sorry Kurotsuchi" kitsuchi says and pulses his chakra, as several Anbu appear.

"Before you arrest me Tsuchikage.. Know this Naruto knows the Hiraishin and the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.. Imagine what he could do with both" kurotsuchi says and kitsuchi freezes and his eyes widen, halting his Anbu. Kitsuchi rises from his seat with flickering eyes, "Is that a threat" he says.

"No I am just telling what could happen and show you the gravity of the situation.. Think of the future.. Giving up two Biju and gaining peace for Iwa" kurotsuchi says. Kitsuchi thinks for a few moments but dimisses the Anbu, "Can you contact him" he asks and kurotsuchi nods.

"There will consequences for this Kurotsuchi.. Serious ones" kitschi says.

"I understand Tsuchikage-sama" kurotsuchi says and touches the seal on her neck, "It will never surpass allowing Gramps' death" she thought, sending some chakra in it. A white flash fills the room as naruto, mabui and sakura appear with sakura in her henge, having a short white pixie cut and naruto has his hood up.

"Ghost of Spring or shall I say Naruto Uzumaki" kitsuchi says and naruto nods, removing his hood. Kitsuchi approaches naruto but suddenly punches naruto hard in the gut, staggering the two tone blond. Sakura and mabui glare at that the man but naruto raises his hand, "I-I deserve that.. I slept with his daughter" he says, coughing a bit. Kitsuchi returns to his seat with a serious look on his face, "Are you stronger as your father" he says.

"I'm stronger.. What your spies saw in Spring was only half of what I could do" naruto say and lifts his glasses, revealing his Rinnegan and kitsuchi's eyes widen.

"Kurotsuchi tells me that you convinced her to join Kuroi Yuhi and that you have liberated the Sanbi and Rokubi" kitsuchi says. Naruto shakes his head with a smirk, "More than that.. The Nanabi.. Nibi and Hachbi as well.. The Kazekage will relinquish the Ichibi soon.. Leaving the Yonbi and Gobi in your possession" he says and kitsuchi's eyes widen once again.

"You stormed into Kumogakure and took their Biju" kitsuchi says and naruto nods.

"Yes.. Yes I did.. The Raikage tried to stop me.. He was the one to leak my identity to Konoha.. We fought.. I won and I liberated both Biju.. Leaving their hosts Alive and well" naruto says.

"The more he speaks.. The more power he reveals he has in possession.. If he has surpassed his Father and Iwa would fall fairly quickly" kitsuchi thought and clears his throat, "Extraction of a Biju causes death.. You can prevent this" he asks.

"I can.. This Rinnegan eye of mine can return the recently deceased to life.. So I can extract the Biju and revive their host" naruto says, placing his hand on kurotsuchi's shoulder.

"I'm sure Kurotsuchi has explained things and I would rather speak about things.. Rather than fight like with the Raikage" naruto adds. Kitsuchi slowly calms himself down and looks naruto in his mismatched eyes, "The sheer audacity of you is impressive.. You managed to convince Kurotsuchi to betray Iwagakure.. Which is a serious offense and have the Gall to try and take Iwa's Jinchuriki but I willing to negotiate" he says. Naruto scratches behind his ear and tilts his head, "Your Terms" he says. Kitsuchi thought for a moment, "Kurotsuchi will be Banished from Iwa and Earth country.. However your first born child will come to Iwa.. When they of age of course to become a Loyal Iwagakure Ninja.. Second I will sell you the Biju.. Just as the First Tsuchikage brought them from Konoha" he states. Kurotsuchi clenches her fists and teeth with a glare, "You expect us to give up our child to Iwa.. I can handle the Banishment but.. But" she starts.

"Deal" naruto interjects, shocking his three mates. Kitsuchi maintains a blank look and rises from his seat, "I'll inform the council of these proceedings and then you can meet with a Jinchuriki" he says, holding his hand out. Naruto shakes kitsuchi's hand with a blank look but tightens his grip, "Listen very well Tsuchikage-sama.. We Uzumaki hold grudges for life.. If this deal of ours is not on the up and up.. I guarantee.. I will make what my Father did.. Look like a schoolyard fight" he says, his mismatched eyes staring into kitsuchi's black eyes.

"It will Uzumaki-san" kitsuchi says, walking pass them to inform the council. The room devolves into silence, "Naruto.. What are you Doing?!" kurotsuchi shouts and naruto glances her way, clapping his hands and making a barrier.

"You really think I'd hand over a child of mine.. To be used as some tool for Iwa" naruto says and looks into her pink eyes, "We'll do the same we did for you" he adds and makes a clone, then it promptly vanishes.

"Where's it going" mabui asks.

"Uzushio for some Riches" naruto says.

"Will a Chi-bunshin fool them" sakura says and kurotsuchi scoffs.

"Its fooled them all this time.. I can't believe he'd pull this.. Those fucking old men are in his ear" kurotsuchi says and naruto hugs her from behind.

"Don't worry Girl.. Our future kids will not be used as some tool or breeding stock" naruto says and kurotsuchi touches her forehead to his.

"Better not Boy" kurotsuchi says and naruto brings down his barrier. The clone returns with a large scroll on his back and gives it to naruto, before dispelling.

"This outta appease them" naruto says and folds his arms with a cross of his legs, "We have a month" he says.

"The Princess" kurotsuchi asks and naruto slowly nods.

"I'm bringing Everyone.. Lava too.. The time to deal with the Roots is coming" naruto says and the door opens, revealing akatsuchi.

"Follow me-dani" akatsuchi says. The foursome follow the rotund man to the council room and kitsuchi sits at the head of a long table with the council of old men.

"The council is willing to accept your terms" miroku says, the oldest of the group. Naruto pushes the chair opposite kituschi and unfurls his scrolls, channeling some chakra the contents are revealed. The greed of these old men were obvious at seeing the horde of gold and precious stones.

"Will this surfice.. Tsuchikage-sama" naruto says, as kurotsuchi slips off her iwa hitai-ate.

"It'll be some time before we try for a child but we will send them" kurotsuchi says. Miroku looks over naruto and kurotsuchi, "That will suffice but it will be preferable to have a Son rather a Daughter" he says and kurotsuchi glares.

"Can we meet with Han and Roshi now" naruto says and kitsuchi rises from his seat.

"Follow me.. We will be accompanied by Akatsuchi and a Squad of Anbu" kitsuchi says and the group follows him.


Kitsuchi leads naruto and his group towards the eastern outskirts of iwa into the mountains, while akatsuchi was behind them and the Anbu surrounding him. The group soon as arrive a small home with in the forest, "Roshi.. Han.. Its Kitsuchi" kitschi declares. The door slides open as roshi exits followed by imposing han but his eyes narrow seeing naruto.

"He's changed dramatically.. I sense the Chakra of the others and he possesses Father's eyes but altered" kokuo comments. Naruto steps forward with his hands pocketed, "Lets talk elsewhere" he says.

"Follow us" roshi says and the three shunshin away. They reappear in a large clearing with a cliff edge behind them, "Why have you returned" roshi says.

"I came for Son Goku and Kokuo.. To free them as I did the others.. You'll still be able to commune with them through the shared mindscape" naruto states.

"Screw him Roshi.. The kid killed Kurama" son shouts.

"The Yonbi does not trust you.. His answer is still the same" roshi says. Naruto sighs and roughly ruffles his hair, "You actually think that" he starts, as red chakra explodes from his body. Roshi and han go one guard as naruto transforms into his full fox form, "You think I asked Kurama to do this.. I didn't want this.. Kurama saved me from a life of slavery.. Kurama chose to save a innocent soul and I will live with the burden for the rest of my life.. I made him a promise to kill the one who enslaved him and I did.. Now I am freeing his Siblings.. Shukaku.. Matatabi.. Isobu.. Saiken.. Chomei and Gyuki.. They are free and safe to never be used as weapons.. So Why.. Why fight me on this?!" he shouts. The four stayed silent but naruto raises his paw, "Bump fists with me and see my life to make your choices" he says and the two comply. The four are bombarded by naruto's early life through kurama's eyes and his willingness to sacrifce himself.

"You are the one Father spoke of.. The child who would bring us back together" kokuo says.

"We were wrong about you Kid.. Kurama gave his life to save a truly innocent.. You don't see us as tools but as friends.. Family even" son says. Naruto bows his head but he feels a surge of his chakra as his seventh and eighth tail turn burning red and silver respectively. Roshi and han open their eyes as naruto returns to normal, "Yonbi could we have gone down a different path" roshi asks.

"We can if you can remember my name" son says. Naruto rolls his neck and creates four clones to make the barrier, "We should get started" he says and both men nod. Naruto starts with roshi with extraction and revival, "I left some my chakra for you" son states. Naruto then moves onto han as son looks on, "So where will we be living" son asks.

"Uzushio.. The island is big enough for you all.. I even set a large barrier seal powered by Natural energy to keep the island hidden" naruto explains, reviving han.

"It should suffice" kokuo says, getting use to being outside. Two more clones appear, "They will take you to the Island" naruto says and both biju nod, before vanishing in a white flash.

"So you are the son of the Kiiroi Senko" han says and naruto slowly nods, as the barrier comes down.

"I am but as you saw.. I lost them mere minutes after my birth" naruto says, as they return to the others. Kitsuchi stood with his arms folded as naruto returns with roshi and han, "No complications" the yondaime asks and naruto shakes his head.

"None.. Now we'll take our leave" naruto says. Kitsuchi curtly nods and returns to iwa with akatsuchi, leaving the two former jinchuriki and kuroi yuhi members.

"You'll still be able to commune with Son and Kokuo through the Biju shared mindscape and I ask that you keep their location secret" naruto says.

"Though we are opposing sides and countries.. We Jinchuriki share a bond that should not be broken" han says and both men vanish into shunshin.

"So what now" sakura asks and naruto cups his chin in thought.

"We should lay low a bit and prepare for meeting this Princess.. This will be our first full group mission" naruto says.

"I doubt Konoha will be idle.. We won't be able to take missions in Fire country or Lightning and Earth for that matter" kurotsuchi states.

"We have enough saved up to lay low.. Konoha will more than likely release that we are alive and put bounties on heads and increase Naruto's" sakura comments and naruto ruffles his head.

"Won't matter.. Now lets go home" naruto says and each grasp his shoulder and they vanish into a white flash.

-One Month Later-

Naruto and all the members of kuroi yuhi were inside his warehouse awaiting murasaki, all of them except naruto were wearing their cloaks and a black shozoku, of various degrees of revealing. Mei, itachi and kurotsuchi were hidden in the office to keep them a secret for the moment. None of them wear their henges as konoha had indeed revealed that they were all still alive and wanted as S-rank Missing-nin but naruto having an SS-rank like his father. Naruto leans on a box into hinata's lap with a hiraishin kunai dangling from his neck. The warehouse doors open as a clone brings murasaki and two more people, one man and young diminutive women. Naruto could see plain as day that murasaki gives of an air of entitlement and sex appeal with a revealing kimono and a fan covering heaving breasts. He internal snorts as the woman was obviously trying to entice him but was failing miserable.

"The Ghost of the Flash.. Ghost of Spring or shall we call you.. Naruto Uzuamki" murasaki states. Naruto pushes out of hinata's embrace with a small bow, "Naruto is fine Murasaki-sama" he says, the other bowing as well. Murasaki moves her fan to hide mouth as she gazes at the members of kuroi yuhi, "Tsunade Senju and other supposedly dead Ninja of Konoha" she says and glances to her ninja.

"They are Fushin and Chino Chinoike" murasaki says. Chino has short, neck-length, spiky light-blond hair. Two thick strands reach onto her rosy cheeks and violet eyes with small brows. She wears a black high collared sleeveless undershirt, a sleeveless pink kimono like shirt, long light grey pants, black fingerless gloves that reached her upper arm, brown pouch wrapped around her waist white bandages wrapped up to his knees on both legs, brown belt, and grey sandals.

"Its a pleasure to meet the Son of the revered Yondaime Hokage" chino says. Fushin has long green hair and yellow eyes with a tall and muscular frame. He wears a sleeveless light grey shirt, long light grey pants, black stockings, light grey sandals, red headband, and a beige belt. Murasaki snaps her fan closed, "Shall we get down to business.. Due to recent events.. We now have means to oust our Father from the throne" she starts.

"Indeed.. The current Hokage betrayed their Ally Uzushiogakure among other unscrupulous acts and forgive me.. Your father.. Brother and cousin are complacent as well" naruto states.

"We forgive you.. Yes they have brought Shame to our country.. We have spent years in exile planning our revenge and this book was the final piece we needed" murasaki says, with a dark smirk and naruto nods.

"So how shall I assist you in this" naruto asks and murasaki's smile becomes more dark.

"We simply need your presence.. My Father fears you and the Fact that Konoha has yet to capture and bring him Uzushio's trove of riches and the like.. We have the Samurai General and his forces as well as former members of the 12 Ninja Guardians" murasaki explains. Naruto lifts his glasses and shows off his Rinnegan, causing chino and fushin to silently gasp.

"I see.. Well then I will assist you Murasaki-sama" naruto says and murasaki snaps her open her fan.

"We are pleased and we will reward you" murasaki says. Naruto glances back to his mates, "I am honored but I simply want one thing" he says and murasaki furrows her brow.

"When you become Daimyo.. I would like Konoha stripped of their status as a Shinobi village and Kuroi Yuhi be hired to deal them as Missing-nin" naruto says, shocking his mates. Murasaki raises her fan to her mouth, "Ufufufufufu.. You are intresting Naruto-kun.. We accept those terms.. Follow us and we'll begin my ascension" she states. Naruto bows again and turns to his kuroi yuhi members to make some hand-signs, before pulling up his hood and following the small group. Once they were gone itachi, kurotsuchi and mei come down from the office, "This Chino is off" itachi says.

"Indeed.. She has a Dojutsu.. I could sense Genjutsu being cast" hinata says.

"Well Naru-kun has given us legal means to Crush Konoha" tsunade comments, her arms under her 106cm bosom.

"Hahahaha.. Konoha's ruling body will not take this lightly and it push them corner" tsume says, running her hand along kuromaru's head. Tsunade claps her hands, "Alright ladies.. We have our orders.. We'll head to the compound in Chizaku town and prepare for the influx of children" she says and all them nod, vanishing in puffs of smoke to reveal they were clones.

-Fire Capital-

Fire Daimyo Yatsu sits on his throne as his advisors bicker and bicker over the events of the last few months. In the world stage his standing among his fellow daimyo was falling and continued to be tarnished. The earth daimyo still held over his head that jiraiya one of the sannin had murdered their Tsuchikage and his current Hokage sent his men to save the man. A colossal blunder as all three were caught and executed, presenting all four heads at the Chunin exams. His decision to side with danzo and sell out the uzumaki lead to the deaths of thousands but the riches he was promised were never given. Sixteen years have passed and danzo's promises have yet be fulfilled as naruto uzumaki is not in possession nor the uzumaki's riches. The door slamming open stops the bickering as yatsu looks to see his exiled daughter with several people but one made him outright gasp in horror.

"N-naruto Uzumaki" yatsu says. Naruto stayed silent with his hood down as murasaki steps forward, with her fan tap her gloved hand.

"We have returned Father" murasaki starts. Yatsu orders his guards forward but none of them move, "What are you doing?!" he shouts.

"They no longer take your orders.. Daimyo-sama" a deep voice says. Yatsu gasps as his samurai general kurokaras was walking in with several of his men and standing next his daughter.

"What is the meaning of this?!" one of the advisor shouts but soon found his head off his shoulders. The others advisor shirk in fear as fushin was now behind the man with a kunai coated in wind.

"You have disgraced our country Father.. We have seen your foolish actions and they have tainted our standing on the world stage.. You conspired with Danzo Shimura.. Yet you have Nothing to show for it but making our country a Laughing stock.. We have decided you must step down" murasaki states. Suddenly an explosion rocks the throne room and yatsu bolts up from his throne, "Murasaki you would lead a Coup against me" he shouts.

"We would Father" murasaki starts and a dark smirk forms, "That explosion just now was Mother killing my brother and cousin" she sneers and yatsu's eyes widen.

"Shijimi would never do something like that" yatsu shouts but chino laughs with sneer on her face.

"She would now" chino says and her eyes turn blood red, "This is the Ketsuryūgan.. It can be spoken in the same breath as the three great Dojutsu" she adds. Chino steps forward and touches one of the advisors, suddenly he screams as blood trickles out of his visible orifices and turns into spikes to kill the remaining advisors. Yatus falls back into his throne with a terrifed scream as murasaki laughs with her fan covering her mouth.

"Murasaki-sama forgive me for speaking.. But I wish to ask the Daimyo a few questions if permitted" naruto interjects. Murasaki glances back to naruto, "Good ahead.. We allow it" she says. Naruto bows and blinks in front of the yatsu, "You know who I am" he asks and yatsu nods.

"Good.. I am curious about one thing.. Why did you betray the Uzumaki" naruto says, his mismatched eyes boring a hole into yatsu's soul.

"D-danzo assured me that it was best.. Uzushio would upset the Balance of Five Great Villages" yatsu says and naruto's eyes narrow.

"So he simply took advantage of your weak willed natured and played you like a puppet" naruto say and shakes his head, "Pathetic" he adds, walking towards murasaki.

"If you have no more need of me Murasaki-sama.. I will take my leave" naruto states. Murasaki snaps her fan close with a seductive smile on her face, "We allow it.. Your reward will be allowed" she says. Naruto bows and pockets his hands as he heads for the door but stops, "Oh one more thing.. If you or your pets decide to turn against me.. You won't have time to Blink" he says. Murasaki whips around to naruto but the new kyubi flares his KI and all of them gasp in horror.

"I-its like standing in the presence of a Demon" murasaki thought. Chino and fushin were no better as naruto's Rinnegan bares into their souls. Naruto cancels his KI with a small smile on his face, "Thank you for understanding" he says, leaving the throne room.

"S-shall we pursue Murasaki-sama" kurokaras says. Murasaki shakes her and regains her composure, "We will leave him alone.. He contains the most powerful Demon" she says.

-Fire Temple-

Naruto walks up the steps towards the temple to deal with something once again he put off. His senses could decipher a battle or slaughter was going from the malicious chakra ahead. A swirl forms ahead and from it emerges a certain redhead but no longer one of his paths. Naruto cursed his temper at the possiblity of restoring his cousin to life, chalking it up to his scatterbrain but recalled karin's soul using edo tensei and used rinne rebirth. Karin was needless to say shocked to alive once more but to learn she had living family. Naruto explained things and in turn she did the same about she fell in love with sasuke, only for him to kill her for his Mangekyou.

"How many" naruto asks. Karin adjusts her glasses with obito's Sharingan in her right eye, "Five but one has foul ckakra" she states.

"So I was right" naruto says, ruffling his hair as they continue up the steps.

"Has the daimyo been Dealt with" karin asks and naruto nods.

"Murasaki will probably have him executed publicly but I did put the fear of Kami in her.. In case she decided to cross us" naruto explains. The pair reach the top of the steps and the gate of the temple were ripped open and several monks were dead. Inside an older man with white and long hair in worn-out in texture. He also had a pale long scar stretching diagonally across his face, dressed in a purple qípáo-like garment that was lined with yellow, blue, and grey and straw sandals.

"Furido.. We have two intruders" one of the women of the group says. She has long and straight dark brown hair, blue eyes with red lipstick and an orange-based smoky eye. She wears a magenta qípáo, the cloth of which being decorated with black and tan stripes with light purple stockings.

"Must be that guy Murasaki-sama hired Fuen" the other male of the group. He is tall muscular man with short messy black hair and a very distinguished face including a broad jawline, pronounced forehead, and noticeable creases under his eyes. He also has black triangular markings on each of his cheeks, dressed in a qípáo-like outfit of green and sleeveless with yellow, blue, and purple stripe going down the edges and brown pants. He also has a brown undershirt and black elbow-bands covering from his biceps to forearms.

"Mmm.. I heard he was handsome" states a beautiful woman. She is fairly tall and has a light-complexion sporting a slender frame and a shapely figure. She has noticeably beautiful, with blue-eyes and a beauty-mark under the left side of her lips, with flowing maroon-coloured hair that reached her hips with bangs that parted slightly to the right of her forehead and framed the sides of her face. Like her comrades she wears a qípáo-like garment but hers is lose and full-bodied. It is scantily-clad, revealing her shoulders and upper back while the rest is form fitting of a dark-pink coloring with a lining of purple, grey, and yellow, and a matching disconnected arm warmers that reached down to her light-purple spandex shorts and black low-heeled boots that reached her calves. Furido turns as naruto and karin enter through the destroyed gate with his staff jingling.

"You must be Naruto Uzumaki" furido states. Naruto keeps is hands pocketed with a tilt of his head, "I am and you are Furido or Kazuma former and disgraced member of the 12 Ninja guardians" he says and furido's eyes narrow.

"You are quite perceptive" furido or kazuma says. Naruto shrugs his shoulders and slips off his glasses, "I am.. So I'll skip the point.. I have come for what belongs to me" he says.

"Belongs to you" fuen questions. Karin adjusts her glasses, "The Chakra of the Kyubi.. My cousin is the Kyubi's Jinchuriki and he wants his chakra returned to him" she says. Kazuma was guard on seeing both a Sharingan and Rinnegan user before him but he has the backing of murasaki, "You do know who we work for and who you work" he says.

"I do and I have performed my job.. Now the contract is void.. So stand aside and give me the boy.. That chakra is not his have" naruto says. Kazuma grips his staff with a glare, "Fudo.. Fuka.. Fuen.. Kill them" he shouts. Fudo cracks his knuckles and rushes naruto as karin rushes fuen and fuka. Naruto reaches for his hiraishin kunai and flings it as fudo, "That won't stop me" he shouts, activating his Iwa no Yoroi. However a white flash fill his vision as naruto appear with his flaming Rasengan forming, "Doesn't need to" naruto says, slamming the Rasengan into fudo's body and drilling him into the ground. Kazuma's eyes widen as were fuen and fuka, allowing karin to ensnare them with her sealing chains.

"What.. Huh My Charka" fuen and fuka shout. Kazuma back jumps towards the temple, "Sora I need your Help" he shouts. Footsteps start to echo as a young man exits the temple surrounded by a red aura with a bald monk in his clutches. He has straight shoulder-length, dull blueish-grey hair in an asymmetrical style with a single lock of hair falling into his face, and brown-coloured eyes. He wears sandals and the standard monk uniform with a long right sleeve but a large claw like hand was emerging.

"Sora Kill Him" kazuma shouts and sora drops the monk with a growl, his teeth bared. Naruto rolls his neck as sora lowers his stance and launches towards naruto as kazuma smirks. However that smirk quickly leaves his face as purple chains shoot from naruto's body and capture with ease. Sora struggles but it in vain as naruto approaches the bound boy and uses his preta path to drain of his stolen biju chakra. Slowly sora calms down and passes out as kazuma launches at naruto. He acts quickly and drops sora drive a chakra rod through kazuma's chest and disrupting his chakra, before ripping out his soul. Karin approaches and lays fuen and fuka at naruto, one shaking in fear and the other defiant.

"Her chakra feels similar to ours" karin comments, pointing to fuka. Naruto rubs his chin in thought with his eyes on fuka, hers keeping from his gaze.

"We're Uzumaki.. Are you one as well" naruto asks. Fuka remains quiet but naruto could sense her emotions and turns his attention to fuen but she remained defiant.

"Are any Monks still alive" naruto asks but fuen only glares and naruto rips out her soul. Several clones pop to life and rush inside as karin lets fuka go, "A few are alive" naruto says.

"You are an Uzumaki" fuka says, getting to her feet. Naruto rolls his neck with a nod, "My mother was Kushina Uzumaki" he says and fuka's eyes widen.

"You're the son of the Aki-no-shi" fuka says, with a shuddering breath.

"I am" naruto says, as karin starts to heal the monks. Naruto then jerks his head to the gate, "You can be on your way" he says and fuka furrows her brow.

"You're letting me go" fuka asks, incredulously.

"You're Uzumaki.. So you get a chance to do better" naruto says and fuka gives him a look, before shunshining away. Naruto heads toward karin as she heals the monks, "Is it wise to let her go" she asks.

"She only gets one free one.. Just heal them enough.. Then lets be on our way.. Murasaki will more than likely send Samurai or her pets to deal with the monks" naruto says and karin nods.

-One Week Later-

Danzo convenes a meeting with the councils of konoha over the recent coup in the capital and the ascension of murasaki as the new daimyo. Both sides were weary of this change but danzo was undeterred by this news.

"Should we send an envoy to introduce ourselves to the new Daimyo" koharu says and the council murmurs.

"Kukuku.. Murasaki is an ambitious young woman" orochimaru comments and danzo glances his way.

"She uses her Feminine Wiles to ensnare men and women in her web.. She uses the Coliseum on occasion and has several Kekkei Genkai users in her employ" orochimaru adds.

"Will she be different than Daimyo-sama" hiashi asks.

"She is ambitious but she will align with our thinking" orochimaru states.

"I would have to disagree with that.. Orochimaru-san" a velvety voice says. Everyone looks around but danzo's eye narrows as arachne descends from the ceiling, "Who are you" he says. Arachne curtsies with a smile on her face and her eyes glowing, "I am Arachne.. A summon animal" she greets.

"You're a Summon" sasuke says but smirks, "Submit to me then" he adds. Arachne opens her spider theme fan with a blank look, "My Summoner is more pleasing than you Uchiha" she says, angering sasuke.

"What summon are you" danzo questions. Arachne smiles as her eyes glow to show spider webs, "I believe my dress should suffice for an anwser" she says. Orochimaru's narrow with a scowl, "The Spider.. I thought that contract was lost" he says, shocking the councils and the civilians recoil in disgust.

"Correct Orochimaru-san and my summoner is someone you all know So well" arachne says, smiling behind her fan.

"Why have you come here Summon" danzo interjects and arachne frowns, reaching into her sleeve and tossing a scroll to the rokudaime.

"It is a message from your new Daimyo" arachne says and murmurs echo. Danzo opens the scroll and reads the contents but his eye widen, causing his KI to erupt.

"What happened Hokage-sama?!" homura says, taking the scroll but his eyes widen.

"T-this is impossible" homaru shouts. Arachne chuckles ominously, "Oh but it is Councilor-san.. Murasaki the new Daimyo has stripped Konohagakure no Sato of its status as a Shinobi village and declared complete Liquidation of the village" she says.

"WHAT?!" sasuke roars, vaulting over the table. Sasuke draws his chokuto and slices off arachne's head, "Ara.. Naruto-kun was correct.. You have no control over your emotions" she says.

"WHERE IS HE" sasuke roars. Arachne starts to break down into small spiders, "He's currently sitting on his Father's stone head with his Kuroi Yuhi.. Konoha's Final.. Sunset has appeared" she says. Sasuke immediately rushes out the room as danzo sits with a look of anger on his face.

"Your orders Hokage-sama" orochimaru says and danzo rises from his seat.

"All forces Annihilate Kuroi Yuhi.. Every person ninja and civilian will fight.. Deserters will be killed on sight" danzo orders, shocking the civilan council.

[song playing: Bleach: Hell Chapter OST- Cometh The Hour (Part A_Opus1)]

Naruto sits on minato's head with lucas on his shoulder and his mates and kuroi yuhi members except shizune and mabui, who were watching the saved children.

"All the kunai are in place" naruto asks.

"Yep and Mama has delivered the message" lucas says and naruto rises to his feet, popping his joints and rolling his neck.

"Now then.. Let us begin Konoha's Sunset.. Kurotsuchi start us off" naruto says and lucas dispels. Kurotsuchi smirks and lifts off of the ground like her grandfather, weaving several signs as she does.

"Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu" kurotsuchi says, forming a large cylinder. The blast carves away a large section of konoha as naruto reaches the edge of minato's head, "The innocent are gone.. Don't hold back" he says and all of them nod, tossing off their cloaks. Naruto steps off the ledge with his hands in a cross formation, "Taijuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" he thought, creating hundreds upon hundreds of clones. Hinata and the other's eyes widen as white fills the village as naruto and his clones vanish enmasse.

"I never saw Minato use his Hiraishin but this is mesmerizing" tsunade says.

"Come one we can let him have all the fun" anko shouts, leaping down as konan explodes into paper. The others leap off into the fray as well as karin appears in the middle of the village, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu" she thought, slamming her hand. A large array forms as several konoha ninja and civilians appear but all of their eyes widen in horror as a humongous spider appears with a loud screech.

"Meet Kumonga" karin says, leaping atop the spider. Kumonga starts rampaging but konoha has no large summons to combat the spider but members of akimichi clan join the fray. However karin and kumonga counter with acid and amaterasu, making the akimichi retreat to either burn or melt. [song ends]

-Hyuga Compound-

Chaos rocks the proud clan as naruto clones tear through them like white blurs, "Curse that Demon brat" hiashi shouts.

"That Demon brat as you call him.. Is to be your Son-in-law" hinata says, landing behind her father. Hiashi whips around to see hinata and his face fill with rage, "Kill her" he shouts. Several main and branch members attack but hinata acts quickly with her vacuum palm, crushing chests and snapping necks.

"You ungrateful child" hiashi says, readying to strike hinata down.

"Hiashi-sama let me handle this Traitor" neji says, appearing with ten-ten. Hinata stares at neji with a blank look on her face, "So the Hyuga have become no different than any other clan.. Taking the eyes of others for their own gain" she says.

"You took his eyes" ten-ten shouts. Hinata shakes her head and pulls off her gloves, "It doesn't matter in the end.. None of you will see tomorrow" she says.

"Foolish girl" hiashi says but his eyes, widen as hinata reveal her fox features. Hinata's eight tails swish behind as her father, cousin and fellow rookie look at her in shock.

"What abomination is this?!" hiashi hisses. Hinata extends her fingernails, "Naruto-kun blessed me and my future sister-wives with power.. We have become pseudo biju and our power is comparable to the Ichibi Shukaku" she states.

"You're Lying" ten-ten shouts. Hinata activates her Byakugan and slips into her juken, "Come and see" she says. Ten-ten summons a pair of kunai swords and launches at hinata but the lavender beauty dodges and back jumps. Neji and hiashi join the fray but hinata leads them out of the compound. Ten-ten back leaps as she fires numerous kunai but hinata counters with kaiten, sending the kunai flying. Hiashi and neji press hinata with their juken but she dodges like flowing water, actually infuriating them. Ten-ten summons a large scroll but her breath hitches as hinata appears in front of her, "Hakke Kūshō" she says, slamming her palm into ten-ten's chest. Her chest caves in and blood spews from her mouth as she slams into a wall, her eyes lifeless.

"Ten-ten?!" neji shouts, rushing hinata as she lands but she counters with another kaiten.

"You're in my Field of Divination" hiashi shouts. Hinata lowers her stance and clenches her fists as chakra erupts furiously, halting hiashi and neji from behind. The blue chakra slowly forms a pair of guardian lion heads, "Jūho Sōshiken" hinata says, rushing hiashi. She closes the gap and hiashi narrowly dodges her attack but gasps as his chakra was being taken, "Hakke Sanjūni Shō" hinata shouts, her speed picking up speed. Hiashi's body ragdolls as hinata strikes him with the combined attack, his tenketsu exploding and spraying blood but his body slams into an iron wall of sand. Neji uses hiashi's death to rush hinata from behind with the Hakke Rokujūyon Shō but a hand grabs his outstretched arm, "You will not lay one hand on her" naruto says.

"Naruto-kun" hinata says but naruto shakes his head, pushing neji back.

"Bunshin.. Do you want to use that Jutsu to finish things off" the clones says, forming a Rasengan. Hinata approaches naruto and combines his rasengan with her Jūho Sōshiken, "Neji-niisan.. I do not do this out of hate.. I am freeing you from Konoha's Stigma" she says and shoots forward with naruto.

"Jūho Rasen Sōshiken" both shout, slamming the combined attack into neji. The attack caves in and tears into his chest, ending his life and destorying what remains of the hyuga in konoha. The clone dispels as hinata is left alone but she looks to the sky, "Forgive me Kaa-sama" she thought, tears in her eyes. Hinata makes her way out of the compound but stops as flower petals surround her, "Kurenai-sensei" she says. The Genjutsu mistress appears with a blank look on her face, "How could you" she hisses.

"How could I what.. Free myself from the Hate choking this village" hinata says. Kurenai's brow creases in anger and charges the former heiress but hinata weaves around the blind rage filled swings of her former caretaker.

"You've become no different that Demon" kurenai shouts, preparing her Genjutsu but hinata flares her biju chakra and hamura's chakra. Kurenai felt her heart skip a beat as hinata levels a dark glare, "Naruto-kun was never a demon" she says and closes the gap.

"Sorry" hinata says, collapsing kurenai's lungs and shredding her heart. Kurenai staggers back with a shocked look on her face, before collapsing in a heap.

-Hokage Tower-

Tsunade arrives at hokage tower as danzo and orochimaru were waiting for her, "I thought you would run away.. Danzo" tsunade says. Danzo had his hidden arm visible and all ten Sharingan but one was closed, "The Boy is quite clever.. His summon spewed poison after sasuke was gone" he says.

"Kukuku.. Indeed everyone else died.. He's so ruthless" orochimaru says but suddenly his body freezes. Itachi lands next to tsunade and levels a serious glare as her Sharingan spins, "You have turned my precious little brother into a monster.. You drove my clan to bring about a Coup" she says.

"The Uchiha were always a threat to my Konoha" danzo says. A red aura engulfs itachi as her susanoo starts to form, "No Danzo.. You were a threat to Konoha.. You conspired with Jiraiya and Orochimaru to wipe out the Uzumaki.. You poisoned the village against the Uchiha and Naruto-kun.. You will die this day but not by my hand" she says.

"It will be by Me.. The child of two clans that you betrayed.. You were party to the genocide of my grandmother's clan and you betrayed the teachings of grandfather and granduncle" tsunade shouts. Danzo's eye narrows as he opens his top to reveal a face on his arm, "Your Grandfather was a fool.. All the power he possessed but Gave it away.. Tobirama chose Hiruzen as Hokage instead of me.. Konoha should be ruling over all other nations" he shouts. The upper half of itachi's susanoo forms with a large mirror and a large gourd, slowly the avatar draws a sword of liquid and orochimaru's eyes widen.

"Impossible?!.. The Sword of Totsuka.. How do you have It?!" orochimaru shouts. Itachi ignores orochimaru and drives the ethereal sword into him as danzo back jumps to avoid it. Orochimaru screams in agony as he is absorbed into the gourd and sealing him away forever. Itachi quickly moves for danzo but tsunade beats her to it with a punch, separating his head from his body.

"Careful Tsunade-sama.. He can use Izanagi" itachi says. Danzo's body fades away and he appears not far from them, "Konoha will not fall.. The Great Tree will remain" danzo says. Numerous Ne and ninja try to swarm itachi as tsunade charges danzo, "Orochimaru-sama" guren shouts. Itachi sends a wave of amaterasu but guren escapes and fires several crystal shards.

"Yasaka Magnatama" itachi shouts, countering with the yasaka mirror. Guren breaks right as jugo lands next to her, his body already starting to change. Itachi dispels her susanoo with her Mangekyo boring a hole into both, "Your master is dead.. Surrender or Perish" she says.

"Perish.. You will die for killing Orochimaru-sama" guren shouts. Jugo lowers his body as it continues, "AHahahaha.. Who's ready to Die" he howls. Itachi shakes her head dismissively but shocks guren by reveal her fox features, "You can not defeat me.. I am offering you a chance to redeem yourselves.. Konoha will fall today.. Naruto-kun is using his Father's Hiraishin and Shadows clones.. No one will be spared" she says, her tails swishing. Jugo launches at itachi but is slammed into the ground by a naruto clone, "Karin wants him alive" he says and vanishes with jugo. leaving guren and itachi.

"You think I care about this Village.. I only tolerated this place for Orochimaru-sama" guren says but her eyes widen and her body freezes.

"Tsukuyomi" itachi says and the sky turns red, "For the Next seventy-two hours.. You will see the futility of your actions and pain you caused" she adds. Several minutes later guren collapses with a dead look in her eyes. Itachi approaches and checks for a pulse and finds a weak one, before picking up guren and vanishing into black crows.

[song playing: Naruto Shippuden - Danzo's Theme]

"Futon: Shinkūgyoku" danzo thought, inhaling deeply and firing several blasts. Tsunade leaps skyward and takes a few but she presses through to punch the ground. It fissures toward danzo but he breaks right and tsunade is on him with a punishing kick to the ribs. Danzo careens into a wall with spew of blood but tsunade is on him with a spear kick and again danzo fades away.

"You can only use that trick so many times Danzo" tsuande says, turning to danzo. However a smirk forms on tsunade's face and causes danzo to narrow his eyes but they widen a fraction as tsunade has eight golden tails and fox ears.

"What have you become" danzo says.

"Naru-kun gave me and all the members of Kuroi Yuhi this power.. He made us all pseudo biju.. Konoha never stood a chance against us.. We are comparable to the Ichibi Shukaku" tsunade says and flashes several signs.

"Suiton: Teppodama" tsunade thought, firing a blast of water. Danzo dodges and flings several kunai, "Kage Shuriken no Jutsu" he thought. Tsunade uses her tails to block the shuriken but several finds the mark.

"Futon: Shinkū Taigyoku" danzo thought, firing a larger blast and sending tsunade through a shop. A debris cloud erupts as tsunade emerges with blood running from various wounds but her Byakugo was glowing and spreading, healing her wounds with ease.

"Fūton: Shinkūjin" danzo thought, creating a scimitar of wind with a kunai. Tsuande simply raises her arm to block and the blade wind digs into her arm but she connects with a left straight, caving in danzo's face but yet again izanagi comes into effect.

"Its seems you are afraid of death Danzo" tsunade starts, healing her wounded arm.

"You fear it so much that you have become this Abomination to keep cheating death" tsunade adds, hiding her tails but keeping her ears.

"Everything I have done is for Konoha.. Konoha must remain strong" danzo shouts but spews blood from his mouth as two chakra rods erupt from his stomach and shoulder.

"Yes everything you do is for Konoha and you have brought about its annihilation" a naruto clone says.

"Y-you should've been mine.. F-from the beginning" danzo says, trying to use izanagi.

"Don't bother.. These Chakra rods disrupt chakra flow" naruto says and grasps danzo's head.

"You have been a blight on Konoha and now I cleanse that blight" naruto says, ripping out danzo's soul. The clone forms the flaming Rasengan and burns danzo's body to ash, "Link up with Karin on Kumonga" he says and dispels.

"I hope The Great tree can be reborn someday" tsunade thought and vanishes. [song ends]

-Chunin Stadium-

The real naruto stands with a blank look on his face, his boot currently crushing an Anbu named yamato into the ground. Around him were the bodies of ibiki, the hokage guard platoon and the eternal gate guardians but naruto could sense his clones rampaging through the village along with kumonga and shockingly finding some good people.

"Mokuton.. Orochimaru and Danzo had one more trick up their sleeve" naruto notes, raising his boot off of yamato and ino crushes it under her fist. Several white flashes fill the staduim as his clones brought sasuke, choji, kiba, konohamaru, meogi and lee.

"DOBE" sasuke roars, launching forward but is shot into the far wall with a shinra tensei.

"How good of you all to come and witness Konoha's demise" naruto says. The remains of the konoha rookies prepare themselves but naruto starts laughing, "What the hell are you laughing about?!" kiba shouts.

"Just thinking about the past.. I defeated Neji here.. When no one but a handful gave me a chance.. I loved Konoha.. I wanted to be Hokage" naruto starts but sighs, "But that Never would have happened.. Konoha's ruling elite would never let a Demon be Hokage" he adds.

"You are Demon" choji shouts, his face contorted in rage and insanity. Naruto shakes his head as his nine tails erupt, "Yes but a Demon of Konoha's creation.. If Jiraiya wouldn't have tried to highjack a prophecy and the people of Konoha would have listened to my father's wishes.. I would be the Strongest protector of Konoha but now I am its Destroyer" he says. Sasuke staggers to his feet with a look of pure and unadulterated rage, "DOBE WHERE ARE YOU?!" sasuke shouts. Naruto twirls his hiraishin kunai in his hand, "I was going to give you a fighting chance at redemption" he starts. All them except sasuke gasp as they see a Hiraishin seal on their hands, "Naru-Nii..." konohamaru starts but a white flash erupts and all their lives silenced. Naruto flashes in front of sasuke and rams his kunai into his stomach, "Here I am Teme but I don't think you can see me" he says. Sasuke spits up some blood with a glare but naruto places his hand on sasuke's eyes, "This will help" he says, fixing his eyes with his six-path power.

"What have you done?!" sasuke hisses, his vision now clear. Naruto smirks as pulls his kunai free and back jumps, "I healed your eyes.. Itachi told me that those who attain the Mangekyou eventually go blind from overuse" he says. Sasuke draws his chokuto with a fierce glare and tries to activate his Sharingan but nothing happens.

"What.. WHAT?!" sasuke shouts and naruto laughs with a fox like grin.

"I healed your eyes but I took away your Sharingan" naruto says and sasuke launches at him but naruto unleashes his chains.

"Let me go Dobe and fight me" sasuke shouts but naruto shakes his head.

"Sasuke.. I pity you.. What Itachi did to you was all kinds of fucked up.. Because she believed you could overcome the Curse of Hatred but you Failed her" naruto states.

"That Bitch killed our clan" sasuke shouts, struggling with the chains.

"Danzo drove your clan to seek a Coup that would have divided the Village and caused another Shinobi War" naruto shouts.

"So What.. Uchiha are destined to rule.. Hashirama stole it from Madara" sasuke roars and naruto shakes his head. A swirl forms behind naruto as karin and itachi arrive, causing sasuke to gasp in shock and slipped back into rage.

"Do you remember me Sasuke" karin starts and adjusts glasses, "How you cared about me.. Right until your drove your Chidori through my chest and gained your Precious Mangekyo" she hisses.

"He's a void Karin.. He can't steal enough.. He can't kill enough to fill it" naruto says. Karin removes her glasses to focus her Sharingan, causing sasuke to struggle even more.

"HOW DARE YOU HAVE THAT" sasuke shouts and turns to his attention to itachi, "I'll kill you Bitch and avenge our clan.. Hell I should use you as a means to repopulate it" he shouts. Naruto blinks towards sasuke and grabs him by the throat, "Enough Teme" he says and but smirks, "Oh one more thing before you die.. This Rinnegan belonged to you.. You had very special Chakra inside you but I took it from you just like your Sharingan" he sneers.

"Amaterasu" karin says, setting sasuke ablaze with the black flames. Naruto releases his chains as sasuke tries to extinguish the flames, "I Hate YOU" he howls, his eyes filled with rage. Tears run down itachi's face but naruto holds her from behind as sasuke finally stops moving, "This had to be done" she whispers. Karin slips her glasses back on with a sigh.

"You guys head to the Hokage monument.. The others are there.. Its time to end this" naruto says and both shunshin away. Naruto sighs with a tilt back of his head and his body erupts with red chakra, turning into his full fox form with a deafening roar.

"Perhaps from this Konoha can rise from these ashes and be a better place that Jiji.. Dad and Hashirama Jiji wanted" naruto thought. From the hokage mountain the members of kuroi yuhi and shikamaru watch as naruto charges a bijudama. It explodes and destroys a large portion of the village, followed by numerous other explosions.

"Damn Naruto is not messing around" anko comments. Shikamaru is on his knees with a few tears his eyes, "Choji.. Mom" he thought.

"This is started with the arrogance of one man and his need for Validation.. Jiraiya took a Prophecy that should not have been seen as face value.. He took that prophecy to Danzo and Orochimaru.. Then they set out to use it their advantage.. This is the result of their arrogance" tsunade states. Naruto appears behind them, "My Clones will continue to rout the village.. Lets head to Chizaku town and deal with the suvivors" he says and pins his gaze to shikamaru, "Your mother is waiting" he says touching his shoulder and they grasp him, before they all vanish.

-Epilogue- First Person View-

After the fall of Konoha and we dealt with danzo's bases around the country, news spread like wildfire. About two days after the fall murasaki and sent her forces to survey the damage and all they found were the hokage mountain but the village was destroyed completely, leaving a barren crater and some debris. This frightened the new daimyo and she raised my bounty, giving me a do not engage order. However after finding out about the complete and utter destruction of konoha, the strongest village deterred a great many bounty hunters. We stayed in chizaku town for about two months to take care of the survivors which were children and toddlers. About a hundred adults were spared as well mainly from using my negative sensing to get them out. A combination of karin and itachi's Sharingans made them care for the children, rather than konoha's idealism. Shikamaru, his mother and a reformed guren were tasked to take care of the konoha refugees, seeking aid from murasaki to test her and she proved me wrong. The refugees were taken in and treated very well, more than likely out of fear. The fall of konoha also put iwa and kumo on notice, the former even coming off the idea of having the first child kurotsuchi had come to iwa. Kumo tried to give me trouble or rather ei was making trouble but nothing came from of it. I headed to suna and retrieved shukaku from gaara. We stayed another few months in wave country but returned to spring country permanently.

It was hinata and tsunade to announce they were pregnant and it came a total shock to me but I was absolutely thrilled. This also spurred the others except tsume to want a child of their own. The next year saw the births of my first daughter himawari and first son minato and hinata was so happy. Tsunade had triplets named mito, nowaki and kushina in honor of her family members. Sakura was next to have a baby girl we named hanako for flower child, quickly followed anko having a son we named boruto. Shizune had a son she named after uncle dan. Itachi eventually gave birth to a daughter we named sarada and kurotsuchi gave birth to a daughter named nemu. Mei managed to rangle another daughter named mai from me to ensure kirigakure's future. Mabui and I were the last to have children and it was son named tarui. I learned gaara and fu hooked up but haven't had kids yet. Karin and a healed jugo hooked up as well, eventually having a daughter named naruko after me.

The biju are living peacefully on uzushio and the seal is holding up strong to keep them safe. I even made the island a bit larger with my Rinnegan to give them more room. We converse regularly and their former hosts as well. I go to the island every few months to fight gyuki and train with my adopted siblings. About three years after the fall of konoha a new village sprung up in its place but with of all people shikamaru as the nanadaime. He contacted us in bid to gain our support but we turned it down as we are ghost of spring and protect her from the shadows. Life is good, I am happy and have so many kids to spoil. My ladies often call me the most doting father they have ever met. I may not have become hokage but I became something better a Father.


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