Chapter #1: Knight in Shining Camel Hair Coat (1973 with a 4 year old Sam Tyler and 10 year old Gene Hunt)

When Little Sam and Gene Hunt call to fix a problem everyone's favourite Guv in Manchester steps in with a solution, for they were strictly forbidden from using their mums telephones unless it was an emergency. Sam watched as Gene broke one of their Mummy's rules and didn't say anything. The skinny 10 year old boy wasn't actually breaking the rule - Mrs. Hunt and Mrs. Tyler had told their boys the phone was off limits unless it was an emergency.

This was an emergency, Sam Tyler thought as he paced back and forth across the parlor worriedly as the two boys thought there would be a murder happening in their street.

"Hello?" Gene said into the receiver. "Can I speak to DCI Hunt please? It's an emergency. Who's calling? Can you tell him it's his son, About? Tell him there's a murder about to take place and we need him here right away! Thank you," Gene said politely he wasn't yet the funny, brash and apparently tough policeman he became even though he was normally scared of the wrath his old man would bring if he was interrupted at work in the Salford and Manchester 'A' Division.

Even in an emergency Gene and Sammy could use good manners. "Don't worry, Sammy." Gene said as he was playing with his toy bronze Ford Cortina Mk3 "My dad, DCI Hunt will be here soon and he'll stop Mr. Wittlow. Everything will be all right. You'll see."

DCI Hunt and Big Sammy would come take care of everything. They'd lock away Mr. Wittlow and maybe if Sam acted properly they'd take Mrs. Tyler as well - she certainly deserved it for the role she'd played in this. Little Sammy and Ruth Tyler could move in with Gene's mum, DCI Hunt and they could quit moving so much.

Gene was even agreeable to sleeping between Big Sammy and the big tall one known as DCI Hunt his father if it would help matters, it allowed his best friend Sam Tyler to sleep on the pillow instead of the lumpy mattress. He wondered if his father DCI Hunt thought it was a fair trade as well.

Gene's ears perked up at the sound of squealing tires and slamming doors. That would be Big Sammy and DCI Hunt here to the rescue. He bounded off leaving his toy Cortina on the coffee table and to the door as someone beat on it urgently. "Sammy? Eugene? Mrs. Tyler?" The voice called worriedly.

Gene rushed toward the door and jerked it open eagerly. "DCI Hunt I'm so glad you're here!" Sammy cried out as the Gene Genie wrapped himself around his big father's legs.

"DCI Hunt?" She asked in surprise. "Can I help you with something? I'm afraid your son's been playing prank calls on my telephone."

"Um," Big Sammy broke in.

"DI Tyler," Ruth Tyler said coldly.

"Mrs. Tyler," DCI Hunt interceded. "Sammy and me Eugene here called the station and said there was an emergency. Said they needed to report a murder. We came right over."

"A murder?" Ruth Tyler's voice raised alarmingly. "Samuel Christopher Tyler and Eugene Stephen Michael Hunt what do you think you're doing playing games with the Detectives?" Turning she looked in distress at DCI Hunt and Big Sammy. "I am so sorry about this. Sammy and your Eugene have quite an active imagination."

"Mrs. Tyler!" Little Gene Hunt cried out indigently. "It's not our imaginations! There really is a murder going to take place. Four of them!"

"Four of them?" Big Sammy asked. "Where Sam? Do you know who's going to be murdered? It's very important."

"Mr. Wittlow!" Sammy shrieked. "Mr. Wittlow's going to kill them."

"Oh dear," Ruth Tyler sighed. "Officers I am so sorry about this."

"Who's Mr. Wittlow going to kill Sammy and Eugene?" DCI Hunt asked gently. "Where do I need to go and find him at?"

"He said that he wasn't going to keep any of Ivanhoe's bastards -" Little Gene had just learned how to swear, it was part and parcel of having a tough DCI for a father in his house in Lancashire, around Central Manchester. "The kittens!" Sammy shrieked.

"Sam!" Ruth Tyler said sharply to both boys. "Eugene watch your language!"

"Sorry, but that's what he said," Sammy sniffled before rubbing his nose with his sleeve.

"Said he wasn't going to keep any of Sam's Ivanhoe's bastards when his Priscilla was a pure bred Persian. Said he was going to put them in a bag and toss them in the canal." Little Gene Hunt wanted to prove himself and help his Dad save some young kittens from being harmed.

"Officers," Ruth Tyler said again. "I'm so sorry about this. Mr. Wittlow came by earlier and your son was upset and he's upset Sammy. I'm so very sorry your son and he disturbed you at work."

"Four kittens is it?" DCI Hunt asked gruffly. "Just the four?"

"Yes," Mrs. Tyler nodded. "Four kittens. He wanted us to take them but," she motioned around the newest abode they were living in. "It's much too cramped here for five cats."

"So if we find homes for them," DCI Hunt suggested.

"Then he won't put them in the canal!" Sammy clapped excitedly, at four years old he always tagged along with ten year old Gene Hunt, despite their age gap of 7 years they were almost like brothers especially in their favourite games of Cops, Robbers and Detectives.

"Where's this Mr. Wittlow live?" asked the Detective Inspector, kneeling down to the ten year old boy's level, he was a mini version of DCI Hunt in every way down to the blue eyes.

"Two houses over," Little Gene Hunt pointed.

"Sam," DCI Hunt turned to Big Sammy. "You go over and talk to Mr. Wittlow. See if we can't come to some arrangement. If he's not agreeable arrest him for animal cruelty and upsetting two of Manchester's finest junior coppers."

"Guv?" Big Sammy asked warily.

DCI Hunt waved Big Sammy away impatiently and then kneeled down again in front of Sammy and his own son Gene. "I am going back to my Cortina and radioing the station. DC Cartwright was just telling me the other day that she very much wanted a kitten just like Ivanhoe. Do you think it would be all right to give her one of Sammy's kittens?"

"Yes," Gene agreed solemnly. "I like DC Cartwright. She can have one of Ivanhoe's bastards."

"Eugene!" Ruth Tyler shrieked.

"Sorry, Mummy." Sammy hung his head in shame. "Guv, don't use naughty words around grown ups." referring to Gene's future title strangely enough even though they were children.

"You know who else would like a kitten?" DCI Hunt suggested.

"Who?" Sammy asked excitedly.

"DC Skelton. He likes cats. Always wanted to be a zoo keeper when he was a boy. Do you think he could have one?"

Sammy nodded. "What about the other two?"

"Well," DCI Hunt shrugged his shoulders. "My DI is looking for a cat and you know, I could use someone like Ivanhoe around. Help with the cases and the like. Do you think one of the kittens could do it?"

"I know just the one DCI Hunt," Sammy agreed cheerfully.

An hour later found Ivanhoe sitting in the window as DCI Hunt, Little Gene and Big Sammy loaded a basket full of kittens into the Cortina. The yellow long haired male had been named Georgie Best and was going to live with Big Sammy.

The male that looked like Ivanhoe had been named John Wayne was going to live with DCI Hunt. DC Skelton would be receiving a yellow and white fluff ball and the pure white Persian would be going to DC Annie Cartwright at Sammy's request. "Cause she's a girl's cat," Sammy had insisted. Ivanhoe had to agree - the white fluffy kitten looked just like Priscilla and was very much a girl's cat for DC Cartwright to love. She'd be good for cuddling. Little Gene Hunt yawned in the back of the Cortina, holding his toy one; it had been a very long day and he was sure DS Carling and WDS Dobbs would be manning 'A' Division CID as usual.

This was my little idea on Gene Hunt and Sam Tyler as youngsters using their junior detective skills for the storyline of what originally was thought to be a prank call to Manchester and Salford Police, has the two boys proving themselves to the Guv in order to rescue some kittens! Will their childhood friendship shape Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt's future as Manchester's top police officers? Hmmm, tantalising...