I thought I'd give the Fate series a go with my version of a Harry Potter crossover!

SUMMARY: What if Gilgamesh had another friend? What if this friend was the royal mage of Uruk of Gilgamesh's court, what if he was a misplaced wizard who just wanted a friend? Meet Virgil Magnus, the royal mage of Uruk and friend to Gilgamesh and Enkidu, he is also the missing boy-who-lived.

Now, I will mostly be doing this based on the Fate Zero and Stay night animes. This story is also Inspired by Sakurademonalchemist's story Queen of Conquerors (I love that story and wished it would update).

So, sorry if some things are not very accurate or if someone's personality is not fully correct but I will try my best to stick close to someones original personality as I can but I can't make any guarantees.

LOOKS and other stuff:

What Virgil/Harry will look like will be on the cover, he will also have the armor of Fate/Prototype Archer(Gilgamesh) only change the red fabric to emerald green and add in a white shirt with golden details and a white hood with a golden rim that when up hides his upper face. The armor is also what he will be summoned in when he is chosen for the grail war.

His staff is The Priestess Staff from Goblin Slayer only change the blue gems to green and he has Prototype Archer(Gilgamesh) weapon Enki which were gifted to him by Gilgamesh after mastering the art of the blades and bows.

He can be summoned as any class except for

WARNINGS: Messing with ages, timelines, bashing of Dumbledore, Ron, Molly, Ginny, Protective Gilgamesh, violence, sexual themes, swearing,

PAIRING: This will be a three-way pairing between Enkidu/Virgil/Gilgamesh, it's a pairing I wanna try.

I do NOT own Harry Potter or the Fate series, I only own my Oc's that I make and my story idea!

Off we go!

Chapter 1: Prologue


It was the early morning as the sun rose over the land, the people o the city began to rise. Among them the king of the city, Gilgamesh also awoke. The king lay upon his bed of the finest quality, he groans before opening his ruby eyes as the sun hit him. He yawns before sitting up, the silk sheets pooling around his waist as his naked upper half soaked up the sunlight that greeted the room.

The king was about to get up when a knock was heard, Gilgamesh growls and was about to yell when a smooth almost soothing voice spoke up.

"Rise and shine my king, it is a busy day today," The door opens as a person enters the room.

The person was a male, he looked to be 25-years-old with exotic feathers such as fair skin that seemed to hold a hidden glow to it. His hair was as black as a raven feather and currently held in a small ponytail with a thin bit of fabric, his eyes were a stunning emerald green that seemed to put the gem to shame that also glowed with the hidden power that his skin held. His outfit was a simple white cotton top and pants with a golden moon cycle necklace and small crescent earrings that hung from his ears, his knee-length white pants were held up by a high-quality rope as his feet were covered by knee-length brown sandals. (Think knee length Greek style shoes)

This was Virgil Elymas, Gilgamesh's mage, and childhood friend. The mage was the only one who could talk Gilgamesh down from a rage apart from their other friend Endiku who was around somewhere at the moment.

"Hm, busy? Remind me of what is happening in my kingdom today," Gilgamesh said as Virgil walked closer to the bed.

"Today there is a festival to celebrate the harvesting season, everyone is preparing the kingdom as we speak," Virgil said as he held up his hands and in a blue glow, a piece of parchment appeared in his hands.

"We have some nobles coming to celebrate as well as priests bringing the best dancers he can find, the food is slowly being prepared for tonight's feast, there are other forms of entertainment but I have yet to collect the list of them yet," Virgil read as he spoke and in doing so missed the figure sneaking into the room.

Gilgamesh did and sent the figure a nod as he leans back looking back at Virgil with a glint in his eyes as the figure moved until it was directly behind Virgil.

"And then we-Ah!" Virgil yelled as he was suddenly tackled to the bed next to Gilgamesh.

Virgil quickly rolled around to look at who tackled him only to sigh when he saw Enkidu above him, the green haired male smiles as he sat on Virgil's legs pinning him to the bed.

"Must you tackle me Enkidu?" Virgil asked as Gilgamesh moved and sat behind him as he sat up.

"Hmm, it was too good to pass up and I finally finished mastering that spell you've been teaching me," Enkidu said as he canceled the silencing spell he had been using.

"Well done with the spell but next time show me without the added tackle," Virgil said with a small huff as Enkidu chuckles.

Virgil then gasped as arms wrapped around his chest and pinned his upper arms, he looked over his shoulder at Gilgamesh as the king smirks before capturing Virgil's lips in a kiss making the royal mage groan before kissing back as Enkidu moved and began undoing his clothing.

"Ah! Wait!" Virgil said only to grunt as Enkidu claimed his lips this time.

"We have missed our session together, we are making up for it now," Gilgamesh said as he kicked the sheets off himself.

"Yes, we can deal with the tasks later," Enkidu said as he pulled back to admire his lovers as he rid Virgil of his clothing.

"You two can be such trouble makers I swear," Virgil said but with a smile as no real bite in his words as Enkidu rid himself of his clothing.

The morning was spent between the three lovers in Gilgamesh's room as the other servants went about their business, they already knew of the relationship between their King, his friend and the royal mage so it was no surprise when Virgil was seen in casual white robes later on with a small limp but he did look a bit smug at the bite mark left on Enkidu's neck.

When the evening rolled in the festival started as Gilgamesh now dressed sat on his throne at the front of his temple watching his people celebrate, Enkidu was to his left in his own clothing but with some added jewelry and Virgil to his right in his armor and clothing watching on with a smile his staff and weapons were absent.

The dancers came out and put on a show for the king as Virgil ordered for some wine to be brought to them, he then turns to Gilgamesh who was watching the dancers with mild interest.

"Are the dancers not to your liking my king?" Virgil asked as Gilgamesh looked over at him.

"Hm, they are mildly entertaining, but I am growing bored of this festival," Gilgamesh said as he looked back over the festivities.

"I see, if so then I will ask the servants to prepare your chamber," Virgil said as Enkidu chuckles.

Gilgamesh smiled as he waved his hand a clear sign to Virgil for him to continue and carry out that task, Virgil bows before leaving as his king and friend watched the festival.

The royal mage smiled as he walked towards the king's chamber, he paused by a window to look out at the ground below. He could still remember how he became the royal mage and how he met his king.

He had once been a child living on the edge of the city of Uruk, he had lived in a simple home with an old woman who was a mage herself took him in. She treated him like her own grandson, he treasured his time with her since she found him.

She had found him one morning out in a field of crops, he had been in strange ripped up clothing with cuts and bruises and a bleeding cut on his forehead that had bled a black liquid. She took him inside with the help of her friends and began treating his cuts and changing his clothing when he awoke the lady and her friends discovered that he lacked memories with the only exception being the memory of how old he was.

The lady who later became his grandmother, Eilina, was the one to name him Virgil and give him her last name. She was the first to spot the evil spirit that was anchored in the healing cut on his forehead, she used a cleansing ritual to banish the evil and this let his head heal.

He lived and studied the art of magic and it's many forms after Eilina discovered his strong magic, it only grew stronger as he practiced and studied. He could still remember the day his grandmother gave him the staff he now uses, of course, it went through some upgrades since then but at its core, it was still the same staff she gave him.

It was when he met Gilgamesh that his life changed, he had been in the forest near his home practicing his magic when he felt a flare of energy. At the time he thought it was someone in distress and had raced over to help, he was shocked to discover a young Gilgamesh slaying some assassins but he had missed one that was sneaking up behind him. Virgil quickly took action and used a fire spell to hit the assassin behind Gilgamesh thus alerting the young prince to the threat and letting him slay the assassin.

Gilgamesh then turned to Virgil his look of anger changing to one of curiosity, Virgil introduces himself before using his magic to heal the minor cuts Gilgamesh gained. Gilgamesh later followed Virgil back to his home and met his grandmother, she made a good impression on Gilgamesh since while she was old she was still powerful enough to give any youngster's a good thrashing and beat down.

After that Gilgamesh visited twice before he decided to make Virgil his royal mage once he finished his apprenticeship under his grandmother. Which took 5 years to do, he then with his grandmother's blessings went to stay with Gilgamesh.

He shared many trials and adventures with Gilgamesh as they grew into adulthood with Gilgamesh being king and he being his royal mage, he learned how to wield weapons and expanded his knowledge of magic and abilities.

Virgil blushed a bit as he remembers when he started to fall in love with his king, it had started as a childish crush as kids but it later grew into stronger feelings as he got older. When Enkidu joined them his feelings for the green haired male also grew, it confused him since he did not know who to love but in the end, he decided to put his feelings aside until he was sure on what his heart wanted.

It wasn't until an assassination attempted on Gilgamesh's birthday that things changed, it had been a nice day with Gilgamesh being entertained by dancers at the celebration as Virgil was showing Enkidu some magic spell that he could learn when a group of five cloaked people arrived and caused panic. Gilgamesh reacted quickly and took out two of them while Virgil and Enkidu managed to kill the last three only to learn that there was a sixth assassin, this assassin had snuck up behind Virgil in the panic and stabbed the mage but ended up hitting his shoulder since Virgil at the last minute sensed someone behind him and move just enough to avoid a lethal blow.

Of course, the blade caused some damage and was poisoned, Enkidu was the one to kill the assassin as Gilgamesh shouted out orders while summoning the healers as Virgil passed out from the poison. It was thanks to a combined effort of Enkidu's new healing magic and the resident healers that Virgil survived, he later awoke in his king's room.

This lead to both Enkidu and Gilgamesh confessing to the royal mage who was a bit tired from the healing but awake enough to return their feelings, he made a full recovery but was stuck in bed for a few days but this time for other reasons.

Virgil sighs as he moved away from the window to continue with his job, he found the servants and told them of their new task to which they quickly left to do.

The royal mage then checked on the bedchamber after it was complete and found it to be up to his king's standards. He was about to turn and leave when arms wrapped around his waist, he gasped feeling hands sneak under his top and trace his muscles.

"Such a tempting yet powerful sight you are, my mage," Gilgamesh said as he whispered into Virgil's ear.

"Ah, Gil, your still not satisfied after this morning are you?" Virgil said as a hand went lower and into his pants making him grunt.

"No, I need more and Enkidu has already retired to his chamber for the night," Gilgamesh said as he moved to nip at Virgil's neck.

"I see, ugh, let me get my armor off I don't want it being damaged like last time," Virgil said making Gilgamesh huff but pull away.

The last time Gilgamesh got like this it ended with his armor being partly ruined and his clothing ripped up, it was a pain to fix afterward.

After taking his armor and clothing off Virgil was pushed onto the bed as both the king and royal mage kept themselves entertained through the night, both unaware of the futures to come or the trails they would face.

They would be unaware of the goddess Ishtar trying to make Gilgamesh her husband only to be rejected since he had his lovers, angered by this she discovered who his lovers were and killed Virgil with a poisoned arrow as he was teaching some young magic users. This would enrage both Gilgamesh and Enkidu who went after Ishtar as she unleashed the Bull of Heaven upon Gilgamesh's people, this would lead to them defeating the bull but the gods taking Enkidu in retribution and setting Gilgamesh off on his long quest.

But for now, the king of Uruk and his mage lost themselves in each other as the night went on with only the stars and moon as witnesses to this active night.


I hope you like this because it's gonna be a first for me, also, be ready for a possessive Gilgamesh in the future. Also, how does the idea of Enkidu being rebirthed as Luna Lovegood's sibling sound?

Until the next chapter my fellow readers and writers!

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