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CHAPTER 7: Squids and Phantasms


It was chaos at the Mion River as the huge monster of flesh and mana sat gatherings energy while the other servants were attacking it.

Virgil was distracting the beast the best he could while helping to carve a path to the shadow servant but so far they were having little luck with how fast the monster regenerated. The royal mage growls as he ducked a swipe before yelling as four tentacles shot out and grabbed him, Virgil used his magic to destroy them with blades of wind and fire. This freed him and allowed him to jumped back and land on a magic circle in the air.

"The longer this goes on, the more energy this thing gathers if it reaches the shore then there will be no stopping it," Virgil said as he felt another servant arrive, looking up he saw his kings ship, Vimana.

Virgil nods before looking back at the beast and shoots back down to fight it.

Meanwhile, upon his ship, Gilgamesh sat on his ship's throne watching the monster below. He could see the servants down below fighting the monster, it turned his stomach and worst of all his mage was down there fighting it he could sense Virgil's magic and mana in the air.

Looking closely he could see Virgil in the air using his magic to stand and fight on the air itself, Gilgamesh wanted Virgil by his side but that would cause problems right now with the other servants around. He glanced at Tokiomi who was watching the ground.

"This sight has begun to turn my stomach, even being this far away I can smell that beasts stench," Gilgamesh said before looking at Tokiomi.

"My king, this vermin is ravaging your garden, I humbly beseech to slay it yourself," Tokiomi said which annoyed he king.

Gilgamesh was about to comment on Tokiomi insulting his noble phantasm when a yell got his attention he looked down below and felt a spike of panic shoot through him as he saw Virgil cut down one of the beasts attacks only for five tentacles to catch him off guard and grab the mage. The four tentacles grabbed his limbs the last one wrapped around his throat, from here Gilgamesh could see Virgil struggle as his breath was cut off as the beast dragged him closer with the intent on consuming him.

'No!' Gilgamesh thought with a growl.

He summoned five gates and shot five swords down which destroyed the beast's grip on Virgil letting him breathe and jump away to a safe distance, Gilgamesh released the breath he was holding before sending a small glare at the beast. How dare it try to consume his mage! He glanced at Tokiomi and calmed, he needed a level head and to keep his pest of a master off his back about the beast.

He summoned five of his more powerful weapons and shot them at the beast creating huge holes in its head making it screech as it regenerated.

"There, I have done my part, I will not sully anymore of my treasures on such a foul beast," Gilgamesh said as he closed his gates, he glanced down to see that his mage was at a safe distance now and appeared to be recovering.

Virgil was indeed recovering, when the beast had grabbed him it had proceeded to drain some of his magic and mana. He was winded and a little drained but he could still fight. The problem is that now he couldn't get any closer lest he gets grabbed and drained again thus making the beast more powerful, he growls as he decided to use Enki in bow mode.

He snapped the blades handles together making the blades tilt and a bowstring forms, Virgil took aim and pulled the string back but instead of a normal arrow, he made one of fire and shot it at the beast which caused it to catch fire making an ungodly screech ring out.

"Saber! To your left!" Virgil yelled making the knight dodge to the side just in time to avoid a strike.

"My thanks!" Saber yelled back before rushing forward to attack.

A strange noise the got Virgil's attention, he looked to see two fighter jets. This was not good, his master confirmed it by cursing over their link.

Virgil could only watch as one jet got too close and was caught by the beast, he was about to fire another arrow to help the jet but it was too late as it was consumed.

'Rest in peace, young pilot' Virgil thought with a frown sending a small prayer up for the pilot's soul.

He then looked over as he spotted the other fighter jet heading over to them but with an extra passenger, it seems in the form of Berserker, who roars as he used his noble phantasm to take over the jet and control it turning the vehicle red and black.

The mad servant then roars as it flew past Virgil and went after Gilgamesh, the king was not pleased in the least and began an aerial dog fight that leads up high into the clouds.

"Have fun, Gil," Virgil mutters before firing another arrow at the monster stopping it from grabbing Riders chariot and freezing the tentacles which Rider destroyed.

Virgil then heard the beast screech as it began moving, he felt a twinge from his familiar Alvis. He lets the familiar connect with him as it relays what it saw, the crow had witnessed the death of the shadow servants master. Virgil sent a quick command to his familiar before focusing back on the beast.

"I see, without his master the shadow servant will go after a new mana source to sustain it," Virgil said before Rider flew up to him.

"Caster, fall back and meet at the bank, I have an idea," Rider said making Virgil nod and teleport back to the bank beside his master who gave him a nod.

A moment later Rider came down and landed on the bank after getting Saber, who just arrived after running over, the group ran over to Rider as he spoke up.

"Listen everyone, whatever strategy we devise tonight we first need to buy some time to organize it, for the time being I will drag that beast into my Ionion Hetairoi but it will be impossible for my elite troops to slay it, even if they attack in full force the best we can hope for is to halt it's advance within the reality marble," Rider said as he glanced over at the beast as he moved and got off his chariot to stand with the group.

"And after that?" Lancer asked beside Irisviel.

"No idea," Rider said making his master stared at him in disbelief.

"After swallowing something as big as that your bounded field and it's army won't last long, it will only last minutes at best," Virgil said making Rider nod.

"Indeed, in that short time you must act, heroic spirits, I want you to find some way for us to prevail," Rider said before looking over at his chariot where Waver was.

"Boy disembark! You're staying here with them," Rider said walking over and picking Waver up.

"Hay!" Waver said in protest at being picked up when Rider spoke making him lookup.

"When my reality marble is deployed I will not know what is going on in the outside world and so if anything happens concentrate and call to me, I'll send a messenger to you," Rider said as Waver went silent before nodding a determined look in his eyes.

Rider nods back before looking and saying "Saber, Lancer, Caster, the rest is up to you,"

"Right," Caster and Lancer said together.

"Understood," Saber said before Rider placed Waver on the ground.

He then took off into the air and headed towards the beast, Virgil felt a spike and looked up at the sky. Gilgamesh was putting Vimana through its paces, Virgil could tell this since he was the one to make Vimana as a birthday present to his king and to see if he could make something that could fly as a challenge to himself.

'Be careful, my king' Virgil thought before looking at the river as Rider activated his reality marble and both he and the beast vanished.

"Incoming!" Derek yelled looking over Virgil saw Berserker about to fly past them and quickly put up a barrier.

Berserker flew past the group but thankful they didn't get drenched thanks to Virgil's shield, Virgil drops it once Berserker left their view with Gilgamesh hot on Berserker's heels.

"Thanks, Caster," Derek said making his servant nod.

"What now? I know he said he would buy us some time but if we don't think of something really fast we'll be right back where we started," Waver said as Derek glanced at Caster who nods.

"From what we've seen of that beast and it's abilities we'll need a single blow to take it out and stop it from regenerating," Caster said making Lancer look at him.

"But that would take an Anti-fortress attack or noble phantasm to do," Lancer said as Derek spoke up.

"Thankfully Caster here has one, his noble phantasm is an Anti-fortress attack but due in order for him to use I must reveal his true name due to the restrictions we set in place for our contract," Derek said as Saber spoke up.

"So you will be able to take out that monster in one blow?" She asked only for Caster to shake his head.

"If I was at full power then yes but due to using up half of my mana and magic in distracting the shadow's beast my attack will only be at half power thus it might only destroy half of the beast," Caster explained.

"It's better than nothing! Einzbern? Do you have other ideas that you can add?" Waver asked as Irisviel looked a little lost.

Then a ring was heard, Irisviel jumped a bit before pulling a phone from her pocket. She looked a bit clueless as to how to use it though.

"Wait a minute, um, I don't know how to use this," Irisviel said holding out the phone.

Waver steps forward and took the phone, he answers it.

"No I'm, wait! Who is this?" Waver asked as Virgil heard a male voice on the other end.

"Who are you?" Waver asked before he said "That's right, basically,"

"To a point, he can get within one hundred meters or so I think it should be possible, Rider has control over where he enters back into this world," Waver said as the voice said making Waver nod.

"I can, probably, I think," Waver said before he made a confused face as the phone call ended.

"Something the matter?" Lancer asked as Waver looked at him.

"Well, uh, he asked me to give you a message, Saber's left hand has an Anti-fortress noble phantasm," Waver said as Lancer gasped.

"Is this true Saber?" Lancer asked making the king nod.

"I see, do you think is capable of helping Caster's noble phantasm obliterate that monster?" Lancer asked as Saber nods again.

Virgil looked away as words were exchanged between knights, their words filled with honor and respect. Virgil admired that, he instead focused on gathering his mana and magic. He then felt a curse lifting making him look back over to see Lancer breaking his yellow spear thus lifting the curse on Saber's left arm.

Virgil felt her mana rise as she spoke: "Rest assured, Lancer, upon my blade I will prevail!"

Virgil smiled as he watched invisible air be dispelled revealing the glowing golden blade beneath it, it was a sight to see and made Virgil feel honored to witness a blade made by the myths of old.

"Now it's our turn," Derek said facing Caster who nods as everyone turns to them.

Derek held up his hand showing his command seals.

"By the power of my command seal I, Derek Ganger, release the restrictions placed upon Virgil Elymas's noble phantasm!" Derek said as his command seals glow red a seal vanished from his hand leaving him with two seals.

Virgil felt something lift from him as his mana and magic spiked hard, Waver gasped saying "So much mana!"

"Did he say Virgil Elymas? As in the first mage and magic-user in recorded history," Irisviel asked in awe before the sound of engines was heard.

Looking over the group saw Berserker flying over, Virgil growls yelling "Saber! It's now or never!"

Saber nods before jumping from the bank and running on the water with Berserker after her, Virgil sent Derek a nod before jumping up and into the air. He managed to get above Berserker and fire a simple fire arrow which the mad warrior dodged making Virgil growl, he then gasped as his king appeared behind Berserker.

Then something ejected from Berserker's jet heading right for his king! Virgil's old instincts kicked in as he quickly teleports onto Vimana beside Gilgamesh who jumps slightly at his sudden appearance.

"Virgil!" Gilgamesh yelled before he was grabbed by his mage and teleported right as the objects hit and exploded destroying Vimana sending it back to Gilgamesh's treasury.

Virgil grunts as he landed on top of the Mion River bridge, he pants before standing up as Gilgamesh shook his head getting his bearing before standing up with Virgil who looked back at the river as Lancer destroyed the jet Berserker was using making him fall but with the minigun and preparing to fire at Saber.

"No!" Virgil yelled going to prepare an arrow when three weapons shot past him and hit the minigun Berserker held making it explore and send the mad servent flying.

"Payback for destroying my Vimana," Gilgamesh said as he closed his gates making Virgil chuckle a bit glancing at his king before looking back at the monster as Saber turns to face it herself.

Taking a deep breath Virgil summoned a golden arrow, he could feel his noble phantasm starting to activate as rumbles were heard as a light was seen in the distance. The royal mage knotted his arrow and spoke.

"Look to the heavens and face their wrath," Virgil said his words activating the final stage of his noble phantasm as his arrow glows.

Gilgamesh looked at his mage feeling the energy around him as it climbed higher, he could see the strain on Virgil's face showing that he was at his limits as it was. He frowns looking down below as Saber readied her own noble phantasm, he crossed his arms and stood ready in case something went wrong.

"Alright now, Saber, show me your best I shall judge your worth as a heroic spirit with my own two eyes," Gilgamesh said as Saber held her sword and began to charge it.

Golden lights surrounded her as Virgil put as much Mana and magical energy into his final strike as he dared, he grunts as he felt Saber's attack reach its limit.

"Now! Saber!" Virgil yelled as he took aim making seals appear in front of Enki that light up as the conditions were met and fired yelling "Enki!" The arrow was released and flew towards the beast too fast for the eye to follow, the arrow hit the center of the beasts head as it screeched.

Saber took a step forward and yelled out her Noble Phantasm, Excalibur, which released a huge attack right as something came down from the sky. A huge spear pierces the heavens making red lines spread out among the sky then like an illusion it appeared to shatter across the sky like a mirror breaking as the spear hits the monster right as Saber's attack hits thus causing a huge explosion as a golden pillar of light rose up completely destroying the beast.

Virgil stood tense panting lightly as the light fades to show that nothing remained letting Virgil relax and de-summon Enki, he felt something wet on his face making him reach up and touch his nose only to pull his hand back to see blood on his fingertips.

"Ha, I'm at my limit," Virgil mutters making Gilgamesh look at him only for his king's eyes to widen slightly as he saw the blood coming from Virgil's nose, a sign that he had overdone himself.

"Virgil, you idiot you've overdone yourself again," Gilgamesh said tensing up as his mage sways lightly.

"It appears I have, sorry Gil," Virgil said as he almost fell backward if not for Gilgamesh catching him, the king placed Virgil's arm over his shoulder and wrapped his right arm around Virgi's waist keeping him upright.

"Rest, let your master know I've taken you back to your safehouse it's the least I can do," Gilgamesh said as Virgil hums closing his eyes and talking to Derek.

'Derek, Gilgamesh is taking me back to the safe house I'm at my limit and exhausted, tell the others that Archer is returning me in thanks for saving him also give my congrats on a victory well earned' Virgil sent and smirks when he got a reply that was filled with relief and gratitude.

'Will do Virgil, make sure you rest! Or I'll ask Gilgamesh to pin you down to make sure you rest!' Derek said making Virgil chuckle before he felt a pull.

Opening his eyes he saw himself at the safe house, he guided Gilgamesh inside until they reached his personal room. There Virgil let his armor be replaced by a simple pair of black sleeping pants as Gilgamesh changed into his own casual clothing, the king lay Virgil on his bed and sighs.

"What an evening this has been, it almost brings back memories of our adventures," Gilgamesh said with a smile.

"It did? Didn't it, ah, at least the monsters of our time didn't regenerate like that," Virgil chuckled before wincing and holding his head.

Gilgamesh frowns before climbing on the bed and leaning over his mage, he then leans down and pulled Virgil into a gentle kiss. It lasted for a few minutes before both pulled apart, the king hums.

"Better?" He asked making Virgil nod.

"Thank you, Gil," Virgil mutters before his eyes slowly closed as sleep claimed him.

Gilgamesh nods as he got up and went over to Virgil desk in his room and picked up a cloth, he used a simple spell and wetted the cloth before going back over and cleaning Virgil's face of blood. When done Gilgamesh tossed the cloth into the waste before glancing back at his mage, he smiles satisfied that he was in a deep sleep and resting.

'Rest well my mage, I look forward to seeing you again soon' Gilgamesh said before vanishing as that annoying Tokiomi called him.

While Gilgamesh went to deal with his master, Virgil slept on with dreams of past adventures filling his dreams making him smile in his sleep.

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