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Baro walked down the solitaire hall. It was afternoon and the red sky painted every palm of the tall walls of the third floor.

It was Chuseok.

He felt nostalgic.

It was Chuseok and as usual he went back to his hometown to spend the holidays with his family. His mother cooked his favorite plates and his father didn't stop talking about his shop. As usual he only thought about his family. Until dinner...

Last night during dinner his little sister invited a friend of her and both girls kept talking about school, their friends, their teachers and, of course, the boy they like.

Baro hadn't thought about the time he was in highschool for long time. He's twenty eight now. He's an independent man owner of one of the most popular bars back on Seoul. He didn't have time to daydream about his teenager years.

But that day he couldn't help it. He went to his long forgotten yearbooks and looked at them with a smile. He had kept good friendships from that time, he thought looking at the pic where he and his four best friends were standing in front of their club's classroom. Music? He hadn't tried to make music after he graduated!

Then his smile disappeared for a second when he found an empty space. Someone cutted that pic. He did.

He left the bed and went to his little bookcase again. He didn't want his mother to see her. So he hidden it where she never would look, his old arithmetic book. Thanks God, Sunah's teachers thought the books he used were not worthy now. They were too old.

He flipped through the pages until he found some colorful origamis and the pic. A precious girl with a beautiful smile looked at him, her long black hair tied up in a ponytail that left some rebel locks scape here and there. He smiled again.

That's how he ended in his old highschool.

So lucky Sunha didn't got in there.

He drove the girls to their school where everyone was working on their clubs like it wasn't on break, and then headed to the place where his memories could be free again.

It was empty. Silent. Like inviting him to get lost in there.

The guard didn't want to let him in but after checking he was a ex-student he opened those heavy doors of the entrance where he and his friends used to got punished if they were late for classes.

He didn't have too much time so he walked directly to his old junior classroom on the third floor. The light of the window reaching every spot of the place.

Even the smell was the same. Like time had stopped in that building. He stepped in and his gaze flight to where his desk was. Almost in the middle of the room. He suspected the table and the chair weren't the same now, but they looked identically. He didn't get close to see it though.

He stopped by the sight of the green board. Will they never change to those marker boards?

'Happy Chuseok!'

It was written on it with big colorful letters. A lot of children draws on everywhere.

He stood in the middle admiring it.

A paperplane hit the board next to him and landed on the floor.


Baro looked at it.

His hand stopped in the air lifted to the big green board he had just started to clean.

He turned to see who was still there.

It was her.

She giggled sitting on his desk. Her beautiful black hair falling to her shoulders like a marvelous waterfall. "I can't believe you, Cha Sunwoo-Oppa." She said whilst she stood up and fixed her dark blue skirt.

Baro knew that was just the uniform skirt, but he always thought it looked good only on her.

He gulped. He was alone with her, he realized.

Hi heart was running fast.

"Not only you are the one who stay this late to clean everything when everyone is enjoying the holiday since this moment." She walked until could face him. She was short. Her eyes reading the board.

'Happy Chuseok'

It was written on white. A lot of messages wrote by his classmates.

She sweetly smiled taking the board eraser from his hand. "You're also the one who cleans it without reading what people wrote to you." She said making disappear the words with some hurry.

He looked at her blanket until he understood. His eyes from her to the board and back.

"What?!" He asked. "What are you saying?!" His hand tried to stop her but when his fingers touched her soft skin he left her.

She stopped. Half of the board green again.

Both wide eyes.

"Jieun-ah." Baro let out the air in his lungs. To this point his heart was hitting his chest with such a strength he thought he would die. "What... What was written there?" He asked and a playful smile light up her beautiful face.

"Nothing." She answered hitting two of those erasers on his face. The white dusk flying between them.

He wanted to cough. His hand trying to disperse it.

She left his side and went back to his desk to take her bag. "I think we'll meet again when classes start. Have good holidays, Oppa."

With that she started to walk to the back door. She entered using that door, Baro could tell.

He looked at the board one more time and then her delicate back, her precious black hair. "Jieun!"

She stopped.

"What did you write on the board? What did you want to tell me?" He firmly asked. His heart stopped.

She doubted. Took a step forward before turning to face him one more time.

"Sunwoo-Oppa..." Her face was red and he thought she had never looked so beautiful. "Let's go on a date on Chuseok."


Baro looked the empty spot.

She was really beautiful on that moment. She still does. At least on his memories she will always be that beautiful.

He sighed.

How silly from him.

After ten years he is wondering about where she is.

She's surely married.

His smile faded. That didn't sound good.

No. She's surely single.

That's better.

She's happy and single.

He looked at the teacher desk. There really was a paperplane on it.

He softly smiled.

Some boy was playful the last day, eh?

He took it and let it fly on the classroom.

He was nostalgic today.

The red light from the window was becoming purple when he stepped out the classroom with his hands on his pockets.

He contempled the football field from the window. He had the best free times there with his friends. Maybe he should take a pic and send it to them.

Also he should take a pic of his classroom. But just for him.

He turned with his phone on the hand when heard it.


His heart stopped. Was it possible? Was he going crazy?

His eyes looked at the end of the hallway.

She was beautiful.

The girl. No. The woman in front of him was beautiful. Was stunning.

She was still short but she was using a pair of glamorous heels, her blue skirt was replaced by skinny jeans and a long jacket, her skin looked soft and the make-up just made it more obvious, her long hair wasn't black anymore, now it fallen on her shoulder like a pink marvelous waterfall... She looked more beautiful than before.